District #25-Plum Creek

By Mackenzie Weiser


The name of the school is Plum Creek.  Plum Creek is located 19 miles south of Grinnell.  The school was formed April 20, 1887.  It was disorganized March 1, 1947.  Gladys Benson Saindon was one of the students that went to school at Plum Creek with her sister and brothers around 1913.  A small boy pony named Topsy carried them to school every year because it was too far to walk.  Later they started riding horses instead.  Their dad would bring Topsy hitched to a buggy up to the house and he would bundle the kids in blankets making sure to tuck them in.  They would tie the lines in a knot, place them over the dashboard of the buggy and start Topsy on their way.  Topsy would stop at the schoolhouse door and the teacher would help them out of the buggy. (Gove Co. History)


            The school took attendance of white and black females and males.  There were no black students at all.  The teachers would list the names of students crippled and their disabilities.  The school library had 3 volumes in it. (Gove Co. Register of Deeds)