District #44-Sleepy Hollow

By Carolyn Mense


The name of my school is Pleasant Vale or Sleepy Hollow.  The school was perfected on June 24, 1888.  Its location is 16 miles south, 8 miles west of Grinnell.  At this school, no black people attended this school.  In 1896, the length of term (in days) was 80 days, each year the number of days in the term went up.  The school house was insured for $1050.00.  At their playground, they had a merry-go-round and swings.  The students faced west in the school house.  The school house was gray and they had six windows. The school also had a set of encyclopedia.  It was disorganized on March 1, 1947. (Gove Co. Register of Deeds)