District 32 Union



The Union School was located in Townships 12 & 13, Range 31, 11 miles south & 8 miles west of Grinnell.

The school was formed on June 17, 1887. The first officers were Director A.S.Stansbury, Clerk J. A. Beougher, and Treasurer G. F. Scott. The different locations of the schools were:

1. Sod house on SE corner of the NE of Sec.5-T13-R31.

2. Second sod schoolhouse on SE of Sec.33 T12-R31

3. Frame, on SE corner of SE of Sec.33-T12-R31


Some of the early teachers were Jenny Roban (1887), Samuel Beason , M.A.Lohr, and Fannie Hannaford. Merlyn Beougher said there was a barn there in 1909 as a number of pupils either rode or drove horses to school. Also, there was a water well at the school. The school was combined with Orion on April 26, 1954, and school was held in Union. It was disorganized on June 14, 1958. The school was sold in 1960 for $380.15. It became the Gaeland Township Hall. The building is still standing as of this year.


Some of the subjects taught were Geography, Social Studies, History, Reading, Language, Writing, Citizenship (History and Heritage of Gove County). Back to Home


By Jay Rietcheck