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History of Gove County, Kansas
by W.P. Harrington



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We would like to thank Clark Benson for compiling an index to the book History of Gove County, Kansas written by W.P. Harrington. Part I was written in 1920 with Part II written in 1930. The history was reprinted for the Gove County Historical Association by News Chronicle Prtg. Co., Inc. of Scott City, KS in 1973.

PageSurnameGiven NameLocationDateActivity
66NationWalter E.Gove County World War I from Gove County
66NaylorEddGove County World War I from Gove County
39NelsonLennieGove county grade schools1914Salutatorian
37Nelson Lewis and Jerome1886Swedish families
66NemeyerClaude E.Gove County World War I from Gove County
18NicholsCharles A.Grainfield1882Soldier who died in Grainfield while visiting
63NicholsCharles A.Gove County1930Post of the Grand Army of the Republic
63NicholsCharles A.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
63NickersonBenjaminGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
64NobleCharlesGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
44NordellNelsGove County County High School Trustee
37Nordell Lewis and Jerome1886Swedish families
37Norell Lewis and Jerome1886Swedish families
64NorthSamuel B.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
66NortonCharles W.Gove County World War I from Gove County
36NortonJohnGove County1887Census of 1887
59NortonJohnGove County County Courthouse Fight
13Notenboom Township 11-291878Hollanders from Iowa
43OblingerU. W.Gove County Clerk of the Court
64OblingerU. W.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
66OchsKasperGove County World War I from Gove County
38Ochs Park and Grainfield1900Catholic Germans from Russia
66OhlsLester H.Gove County World War I from Gove County
37Old Swede Church Lewis Township1887 
21OliveI. P.Southern Gove Co.1884Forrester cattle pool
37Olson Lewis and Jerome1886Swedish families
64OrrStewartGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
66OrtenCharles A.Gove County World War I from Gove County
69OrtenJ. C.Grinnell1903Highest Wheat Yield
43OrtenJ. H.Gove County Probate Judge
43OsbornA. E.Gove County Register of Deeds
46PapesJ. L.Jerome Smoky Globe
66ParishRobert J.Gove County World War I from Gove County
64ParsonsE. H.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
43ParsonsJohn R.Gove County County Attorney
13Pas Township 11-291878Hollanders from Iowa
28PayneDavid L.Oklahoma1886Oklahoma boomer
66PeaceWilliam L.Gove County World War I from Gove County
39PearceBryoniaGove county grade schools1919Valedictorian
64PeardeLlewelynGove County1898War with Spain
43PeckI. B.Gove County Probate Judge
64PeckI. B.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
64PeckJeremiahGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
51Peck Shiboleth Store and Post Office
43PeirceC. E.Gove County Register of Deeds
64PeirceC. E.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
39PeirceL. G.Gove county grade schools1900Valedictorian
64PeirseeAndrewGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
22PerkinsC. E.Gove1885Land developer
23PerkinsC. E.Gove City1885Gove City Improvement Co.
64PerryJ. N.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
15PetersonGusGove County1880Appear in first census
43PetersonGusGove County Probate Judge
44PetersonGusGove County County Commissioner
64PetersonGusGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
13Peterson Buffalo Park1879From Bucks Co., PA Bristol Colony
37Peterson Lewis and Jerome1886Swedish families
39PhelpsFrankGove county grade schools1918Valedictorian
66PhelpsRay B.Gove County World War I from Gove County
64PhillipsLeviGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
37Pierson Lewis and Jerome1886Swedish families
64PilcherE. R.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
39PittingerDorothyGove county grade schools1925Valedictorian
64PlattGeorgeGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
17PlatzGeorgeGrainfield1882County trustee
25PlatzGeorgeGove County1886Organization meeting
26PlatzGeorgeGove City1886Census taker
13Platz Township 11-291878Hollanders from Iowa
44PooleT. F.Gove County County Commissioner
66PoormanG. W.Gove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
66PorterDonald L.Gove County World War I from Gove County
66PorterJay D.Gove County World War I from Gove County
46PotterA. F.Buffalo Park Buffalo Park Pioneer
43PratherE. C.Gove County Representative
44PratherE. C.Gove County County High School Trustee
66PriefertAugust E.Gove County World War I from Gove County
20PrindleE. M.Southern Gove Co.1882Smoky Hill Cattle Pool
46PrindleE. M.Grainfield Cap Sheaf
22Prindle Southern Gove Co.1886Smoky Hill Cattle Pool
39PritchardPaulineGove county grade schools1908Valedictorian
66ProbascoUriahGove County1930Deceased Civil War Veterans
43PurcellI. T.Gove County County Attorney
43PurcellI. T.Gove County Representative
46PurcellI. T.   
46Purcell Grainfield Editor
66PurdumGlen I.Gove County World War I from Gove County
36PurdumJ. W.Gove County1887Census of 1887
44PurdumJ. W.Gove County County Commissioner

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