Gove County Kansas

History of Gove County, Kansas
by W.P. Harrington



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We would like to thank Clark Benson for compiling an index to the book History of Gove County, Kansas written by W.P. Harrington. Part I was written in 1920 with Part II written in 1930. The history was reprinted for the Gove County Historical Association by News Chronicle Prtg. Co., Inc. of Scott City, KS in 1973.

Table of Contents

 Part OnePage Part TwoPage
Chapter IThe First Inhabitants1Chapter IThe Ups and Downs of a Frontier County33
Chapter IIThe Indian Occupancy2Chapter IIThe Shifting Population36
Chapter IIIFremont in Gove County3Chapter IIIThe Schools38
Chapter IVThe Overland Trail5Chapter IVPolitics in Gove County42
Chapter VThe Butterfield Trail7Chapter VThe Press44
Chapter VIIndian Depredations9Chapter VIThe Gove County Advocate47
Chapter VIIFirst Settlements10Chapter VIIReminiscences of Early Days50
Chapter VIIIThe Effort to Organize14Chapter VIIIThe Fight for the School Lands53
Chapter IXThe State Aid15Chapter IXThe "New Court House" Fight58
Chapter XThe Texas Cattle Trail17Chapter XWar Record63
Chapter XIThe Smoky Hill Cattle Pool19Chapter XIFarming in Gove County67
Chapter XIIThe Boom of 188622   
Chapter XIIIOrganizing the County24    

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