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Included are news items that pertained to Gove County with the primary area of interest being Jerome Township and the"Jerome Pickups" section of the newspaper.

I've been over the spelling, and I know there are typos, but that is how they were originally printed, so I kept to the original. If the news came from a certain section (like "Jerome Pickups"), I kept those together under the appropriate heading.

Graciously transcribed and contributed by Sheri Stittsworth Huerta in August 2004. THANK YOU Sheri for sharing and taking your time in transcribing so we all can enjoy and benefit from what you have.

Gove County Republican Gazette - June 15, 1911
Republican Gazette Vol. 23, No. 9
Gazette Vol. 26, No. 9
Kansas State Historical Society Microfilm G744

"Jerome Pickups"

- The PHELPS Bros. received a load of freight from Shields, Monday.

- J. H. DOWNING is working for F. L. BENTLEY nowadays.

- Ragar WEEKLY returned home from Nebraska Saturday:

- Ralph STITSWORTH traded his ginnie, to Mr. JENKINSON for a pony mare and colt.

- Mr. MADDY and family spent Monday in the Farnaworth grove and partook of fresh fried fish for dinner.

- Born: June 9, 1911, to Willard CHEENEY and wife, a fine baby boy. Mrs. Rosa JEHNSON was in attendance.

- Preaching services were well attended and the sermon very interesting. Text, "Take the bitter with the Sweet."

- Oliver WEEKLEY and wife, also Mrs. JASPER and Charley WEEKLEY spent Saturday and Sunday with the home folks.

- Sunday dinners were given as follows Rev. Sites to J. J. WEEKLYS, STAPLES and family to HINCHLIFFS, N. S. NELSON and family to J. A. NELSONS, F. L. BENTLEY and family to Arthur SCOTTS.

Gove County Republican Gazette - Thursday, 23 NOV 1911
Republican Vol. 23, No. 32
Gazette Vol. 26, No. 32
general news
Jerome Pickups

...Dr. Newton called on John Munson Tuesday. He is getting along very well but at times suffers with his broken limb considerably....

Gove County Republican Gazette - Thursday, 7 DEC 1911
Republican Vol. 23, No. 34
Gazette Vol. 26, No. 34

Jerome Pickups

...Guy and Willie Fullmer trapped each a coyote last week. Guy's coyote took trap and all and started to elope, but as luck would have it Frank Stittsworth and dogs chased him down....

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