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Included are news items that pertained to Gove County with the primary area of interest being Jerome Township and the"Jerome Pickups" section of the newspaper.

I've been over the spelling, and I know there are typos, but that is how they were originally printed, so I kept to the original. If the news came from a certain section (like "Jerome Pickups"), I kept those together under the appropriate heading.

Graciously transcribed and contributed by Sheri Stittsworth Huerta in August 2004. THANK YOU Sheri for sharing and taking your time in transcribing so we all can enjoy and benefit from what you have.

Gove County Republican Gazette - January 13, 1921
Republican Gazette Vol. 32, No. 40
Gazette Vol. 35, No. 40
Kansas State Historical Society Microfilm G747


Salina, Kan., Jan. 8. - The town of Jerome, at one time a thriving village in Gove county, which supported a newspaper, built several railroads thru the newspaper, aspired to be the county seat, and had two big building booms, has just passed into history as a defunct town.

In the early eighties, the town was laid out on a quarter-section of land owned by a family that had deserted it because of crop failures. The land apparently belonged to no one. Many town lots were laid out and sold. The village had a population of several hundred.

Free rural deliveries came. Later the motor car made its advent. The rural telephone came along.

All of these improvements sealed the fate of Jerome. It is now an abandoned village. One of the citizens of Gove has paid the back taxes on the original quarter section.

A petition in the district court is pending to decide the title to the quarter section. No one contests the petition. So all former owners of lots will be barred from any claims to the property. - Topeka Daily Capital.


The following paragraphs are taken from a recent issue of the Kansas Stockman:

J. F. Mendenhall, of Gove, was busy and I had to talk into one ear while he transacted business with the other. He has a ranch of 8,000 acres near the town of Gove, but he is allowing his boys to do the active part of the work, as he says he has done his portion of time. They have over 500 cattle and 100 hogs, which is their average quota. Mr. Mendenhall is not very strong for a new branding system unless it is coupled with an efficient inspection system. Like all men in the western part of the state he favors inspection at the point of loading rather than at the point of unloading. This seems to me to be the more effective method.

George D. Royer, together with his brother, J. C. Royer, are the largest stockmen in their vicinity. Each owns large tracts of land, but they have many interests in common. One tract of 4,000 acres they use in keeping 400 head of cattle. In talking with each of them they reported sanitary conditions satisfactory, and both favor a new system of branding in Kansas, coupled with inspection. Geo. D. Royer is president of a bank in the town of Gove.

V. S. Bentley, of Jerome, is one of our enthusiastic executive committee members in Western Kansas. While Mr. Bentley has only recently been appointed on the committee he can always be depended upon to assist in all matters dertaining to association work. He is taking a keen interest in our Boy's and Girl's Membership Contest and is boosting for Fred Beesley, of Gove.

Gove County Republican Gazette - Thursday, March 10, 1921
Republican Volume 32, Number 48
Gazette Volume 35, Number 48
Kansas State Historical Society Microfilm Reel # G747

All Around Jerome News by Consuella Fullmer

We are sure now that Mr. Groundhog came out Feb. 2nd and although seeing his shadow found the weather so nice he concluded to stay out and let it continue nice.

Miss Verna JOHNSON who is teaching in Ellis county, was out on a few days visit with home folks the past week.

Mrs. Oley DAVIDSON and Mrs. Marvin DAVIDSON spent a few days shopping in Great Bend the past week.

Rev. Vint BOWMAN made a trip to Dighton Wednesday of last week to consult Dr. GREEN and get a new supply of medicine. He was autoed by Mrs. W. C. FULLMER.

Mrs. YOUNG of Pratt county is out visiting with her son Clarence and Mr. George SMITH and family.

County Engineer EARLY and his assistants were surveying roads the past week, preparatory to grading a mail route in our township.

The Jerome basket ball boys vs Shields basket ball boys played on the Dighton courts Tuesday of last week. Score 13 to 56 in favor of the latter.

Dr. GREEN of Dighton was called to Earl STRATTON’s Sunday. Earl was suffering from a bad case of measles.

The Cheerful Wiggler class met as scheduled Tuesday evening of last week at W. C. FULLMER’s. There were 18 members present and 12 visitors. After the business session a pleasant social evening was spent. The menu consisted of cake and jello fruit salad and home made chocolate candy.

The MILLER Bros., Shorty KANAURER, Mrs. Henry YORK and Fordie BROWN have been housed up the past week with an attack of the lagrippe.

Several of the young folks spent Sunday with the SMITH’s.

Miss Josephine MILES and Mr. Arlie BOLTZ, both of Dighton, visited with Miss Millie SMITH Sunday.

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