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Local newspapers offer a wealth of information and insight into the lives of our ancestors. The "news" includes the comings and goings of residents: who visited whom, farm events like cattle purchases, field work, out of town visitors, the occasional birth or death, marriage, sicknesses, departures, arrivals, special celebrations, tragic accidents, etc. The reading is interesting because it contains such everyday news. Most newspaper death notices or obituaries are located on our Gove County Obituaries page.

This page is devoted to newspaper articles or clippings from different newspapers of Gove County. Included is only the information pertaining to Gove County. The newspaper articles entered here come from newspapers available on interlibrary loan from the Kansas State Historical Society. You can view a listing of Gove County newspapers on microfilm available from the Society by clicking HERE. (Note: When you get to the Society's newspaper collection page keep in mind that the numbers off to right of the list are the reel numbers at the Society). For more information on borrowing these newspapers go to the Society's Interlibrary Loan page or visit your local public library.

If you have old newspapers or copies from them and would transcribe them, this would make wonderful information for all those who are doing research in the county. Include only information concerning Gove County, and please list what paper it was taken from and the date of the paper. The more that is shared, the more valuable this web site will become. This is NOT for obits unless they are a small part of the paper that is being transcribed.

Articles taken from old Gove County Newspapers

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