Gove County Kansas sections

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1912 Polk's Kansas State Gazetteer
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(town sections from Gove County taken from the directory)

ALANTHUS....... A farmer's postoffice in Larrabee Township, Gove County, 25 1/2 miles southeast of Gove, the county seat and banking point, and 12 from Utica, the nearest shipping point. Mail, tri-weekly. W. J. CHENEY, postmaster

CAMPUS......., Population, 30. On the U. P. R. R., in Grinnell Township, Gove County, 21 miles nothwest of Gove, the county seat, and 6 from Oakley, the nearest banking point. Has a Lutheran church. Exp., Am. Amelia RICKLEY, postmaster.

  • BERTSCH, C. G., general store
  • Chicago Lumber and Coal Co.
  • HOFFMAN Elevator
  • MALLORY, D. J.
  • RICKLEY, James, general store

    CATALPA....... A country post office in Larrabee Township, Gove County, 18 miles southeast of Gove, the judicial seat and banking point, and 10 from Pendennis, the nearest shipping point. Mail, daily. A. C. MENDENHALL, postmaster.

    GOVE....... Population, 196 (U.S. Census, 1910). The county seat of Gove County, is an incorporated city on Hackberry Creek, 11 miles south of Grainfield, its shipping point. Has a Methodist Episcopal church, a bank and a weekly newspaper. Telephone connection. A.J. MITCHELL, postmaster.

  • ADAMS, Henry, livery and feed
  • BENSON, O. J., drugs and general store
  • COOK, H. A., stock dealer
  • Exchange State Bank (cap $10,000), G. A. JONES, pres, G. D. ROGER, cashier
  • Gove County Republican Gazette, A. K. TRIMMER, publr.
  • Gove County Telephone Company
  • JONES, O. B., lawyer
  • McNAUGHTON, J. H., phys and mayor
  • McNAY, R. B., meats
  • MITCHELL, A. J., postmaster
  • MITCHELL, Mrs. S. A., milliner
  • ORTON, J. H., drugs and general store
  • SHAFER, A. H., restaurant
  • SIMPSON, E. W., hdw and implements
  • STURMAN, T. L., general store
  • THOMPSON, R. H., lawyer
  • TRIMMER, A. K., publr Gove County Republican Gazette

    GRAINFIELD....... Population, 309 (U.S. Census, 1910). Incorporated city on the U.P.R.R. in Grainfield Township, Gove County, 12 miles north of Gove, the judicial seat. Has 2 churches, a newspaper, and a bank. Exp., Am., Thomas F. POOLE, postmaster

  • BACON, B. B., machine shop
  • BIRRER, George, undertaker
  • BLACKBURN, C. H., livery
  • Chicago Timber and Coal Co.
  • Citizen's State Bank (cap $10,000), Levi H. JOHNSON, pres, J. E. SMITH, cashr.
  • ENGEL, A. P., harness
  • GISER, H. A., publr, Grainfield Cap Sheaf
  • Grainfield Cap Sheaf, H. A. GISER, publr
  • HEINEY, W. J., agrl implts and mayor
  • HIMES, A. H., carriages
  • HOFFMAN Elevator Company
  • Home Drug Co.
  • HOPKINS & CHERRY, General Store
  • POOLE, Thomas F., General Store and Postmaster
  • REYNOLDS, S. S. & Son, agrl implts.
  • SMITH, George W., agrl implts
  • SPERRY, F. D., grain dealer
  • STIMITS Mercantile Co.
  • Western Star Elevator Co.

    GRINNELL....... Population, 200. On the U.P.R.R., in Grinnell Township, Gover County, 17 1/2 miles northwest of Gove, the county seat. Has Catholic and Christian churches, a bank and a newspaper. Tel., W.U., Exp., Am. D. A. BORAH, postmaster

  • BARCLAY, J. J., physician
  • BECKMAN, C. W., general store
  • BORAH, D. A., real estate, cashier, Grinnell State Bank and postmaster.
  • BORAH & BEOUGHER, grain, coal and implements
  • BUSER, J., hardware and implements
  • CHENEY, H. O. & Son, blksmiths and wagonmakers
  • Chicago Lumber & Coal Co.
  • EASTLACK, C. D., auto livery
  • Gove County Record, PETERSON & CARROLL, publrs
  • Grinnell Band
  • Grinnell State Bank (capital and surplus $20,000), John F. JONES, pres, D. A. BORAH, cashier
  • HANSON, John P., restaurant and meats
  • HOFFMAN Elevator Co.
  • LINGEL, Samuel, confr and cigars
  • LYNCH, George C., hay
  • MARTIN, M. M., auto livery
  • MEIER, P. J., insurance
  • PETERSON & CARROLL, publrs, Gove County Record
  • ROBBEN, George, hay
  • SHELLABARGER Mill & Elevator Co.
  • SIDLES, C. A., prop., Western Hotel
  • SPRAGUE, A. J., general store
  • Western Hotel, C. A. SIDLES, propr.
  • WILLIAMS, E. C., livery
  • WILSON, G. F.
  • WISE, J. V. & Co., drugs

    HACKBERRY....... A country postoffice in Baker Township, Gove County, 18 miles east of Gove, the county seat, and 12 1/2 miles south of Quinter, its nearest banking and shipping point. Mail, tri-weekly, J. M. TUTTLE, postmaster

  • BLACKWILL, J. O., stock breeder
  • BONK, Conrad, meats
  • HARGITT, George T., live stock
  • PUGH, M. S., live stock
  • STONE, Z. W., live stock
  • TUTTLE, J. M., jeweler

    JEROME....... A country postoffice in Jerome Township, Gove County, 16 miles south of Gove, the county seat, and 16 from Healey, its nearest banking point. Stage daily to Gove, fare 50 cents. Fankie A. PHELPS, postmaster.

  • COURTNEY, H. E., grocer
  • COOK, John L., general mdse
  • MERRIT-SCHWIER Creamery Co.
  • PHELPS Bros., general store
  • Great Bend Creamery Co.
  • PHELPS, Mrs., hotel

    ORION....... Population, 28. In Gove County, 12 miles west of Gove, the county seat and nearest banking point, and 16 from Grinnell, the nearest shipping point. Mail, daily. Lewis E. SEATON, postmaster.

  • MYERS, B. A., blacksmith and implts
  • SEATON, L. E., general store and hardware
  • SEATON and Son, agrl implts

    PARK......., Population, 100. On the U. P. R. R. in Payne Township, Grove [sic!] County, 18 miles northeast of Grove [sic!], the county seat, and 6 from Granfield [sic!], the nearest banking point. Has a Catholic church. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. James J. RYAN, postmaster

  • BESSIE, E., meats
  • Chicago Lumber Co, lumber and coal
  • HIBBARD, George, notary
  • HOFFMAN Elevator Co.
  • KANE, J. C., general store
  • LIGLEITER, J. C., general store
  • RYAN, James J., hardware and furniture
  • SCHULTE, Anton, feed barn
  • Wheatland Elevator Co.
  • YOUNGER, Joseph, hotel and livery

    QUINTER......., Population 450. On the U. P. R. R., in Baker Township, Gove County, 20 miles northeast of Gove, the county seat. Has Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Reformed churches, a bank and a newspaper. Tel., W.U. Exp., Am. E. S. McKIM, postmaster.

  • BISSELL, A. E., meat market
  • CHURCHILL, D., livery
  • CLEMONS, V. E., well borer
  • DRAGOO, J. L., general store
  • EISENBISE, J. M., physician
  • Farmers Implement Co.
  • Farmers' State Bank (capital $25,000), W. H. WIGINGTON, pres., E. L. WICKIZER, cashier
  • Gove County Advicate [sic!], Wm FIELD, publr.
  • JONES, J. F., grain dealer
  • McKIM & WICKIZER, real estate, loans and insurance
  • Quinter Hardware Co., hardware
  • Quinter Lumber & Supply Co.
  • PORTER & Sons, general store
  • RUCKMAN Bros., livery
  • SAMSON, R. H. & E. D., lumber and implts.
  • SPRENGER, J. H., tinner
  • STONER, D. R., physician
  • WALL, Dr D. S., drugs
  • WICKISER, Asa M., hotel
  • WICKISER, E. L., optician
  • WURST Bros., general store
  • WYLIE, Oliver, meats

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