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Obituaries and death notices, especially those written years ago, are not just a valuable source of names, dates and places for a genealogist. Grouped together as they are here they become an intimate social history of a community, written by journalists who usually knew the deceased and their families.

Some are tributes to pioneers, patriarchs, pastors and parents whose life stories are the history of Graham County. Others are tender remembrances of children, women who died in childbirth or those struck down by disease, unfortunate accidents or natural disasters. There are stories honoring the supreme acts of sacrifice of local young men and women who died overseas in distant wars as well as reports of sensational crimes that live on in story for generations.

As a Graham County researcher this is your chance to contribute to the history of Graham County online. Please consider contributing your own family stories from obituaries and death notices you have of Graham County residents. They don't have to be from an obituary. You can write a tribute to your Graham County relation and submit it as well.


If you'd like to contribute an obituary or death notice to this page
check out the GUIDELINES at the bottom of this page.


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·  Marjorie E. HAHN

·  Chris HALL

·  Virginia E. HARDMAN

·  Velma L. HARPER

·  Jae Dean HARRELL

·  Arlie Elwood HARRIS, Jr.

·  Philip R. HATCHER

·  Ruth K. HAUDER

·  Clarrence H. HAYNES

·     Oda LoRee HAYNES

·  Ethel L. HAZEN

·  Agnes HERBERT

·  Richard HERMAN

·  Leonard H. HESKETT

·  David Lee HICKERT

·      Mildred HILDEBRAND

·  William Eugene "Bill" HIXON

·  John Stephen HOAR

·  Gertrude (Lynd) HOBBS

·     Darrol HODGE

·  Fred C. HOFF

·  Venetia Fay HOLMES


·     Dolleita Joy HUNTER

·     Kent HUNTER

·  Harry Carl HYDE

·     Gilbert E. "Gib" INLOW

·  David Eldon JACKSON

·  Everett "Chuck" JACKSON

·  Isabel F. JACKSON

·      Lilbern C. JACKSON

·     Lyle L. JACKSON

·  Mary Lou (Garrison) JACKSON

·  Pauline O. (Bates) JACKSON

·  Thelma (Cook) JACKSON

·  Betty Lee JOHNSON

·  Eugene V. JOHNSON

·  Rosalie M. JOLLY

·  Irene LaVonne "Vonnie" JONES

·      Merle C. JONES

·  Richard D. JONES

·  Z. Arlene JORDETH

·  Hazel Belle KARNS

·  Fred L. KEITH

·  Howard R. KEITH

·  Marie KEITH

·  Marvin Lewis KEITH

·  Robert Lloyd KEITH

·  Ivan R. KENYON

·  Freda L. (Senger) KETCHUM

·  Beth Ann KIMBREL

·  Michael Allen KIMBREL

·  Angela "Angie" KINDERKNECHT

·      Alfreda KLAUS

·      Matilda KLEYMANN

·  Hannah BOYD KLINE


·  Agatha KNOLL

·  Ambrose KNOLL

·  Barbara Irene KNOLL

·  Jake P. KNOLL

·  John J. KNOLL

·  John P. KNOLL

·  Mike J. KNOLL

·     Rose KNOLL

·  Dorothy L. (Cox) KNUDSON

·  Raynod L. KOBLER

·  Shirley M. (Fitzhugh) KOHART

·  Cecil D. LANTZ

·  Ray Lewis LaRUE Jr

·  Albert [Thomas] LAWLIS

·  Ida Eoline LAWLIS

·  James Thomas LAWLIS

·  Reubin LAWLIS

·  Mabel F. LAW

·  Don R. LEGERE

·     Dale E. LEIDIG

·     Clara LEIKAM

·     Lottie LEMON

·  Riva Bell (Emmons) LINDEN

·  Robert Norman LINDLEY

·  Russel A. LINDLEY

·     Wilbur C.LLOYD

·  Verna Lee (Cocran) LOOMIS

·      Elsie LOTT


·  William John "Bill" LUCK

·  Dale L. LYON

·  Eugene E. MADDEN

·  Dora M. MAGEE

·  Katherine (Richmeier) MALSOM

·  Mary (Lichtsinn) MANNERS

·  W. H. "Dub" MARTIN

·      Liddie Cecila MASSEY

·  Wyn MAY

·  Alberta F. McCALL

·      Ruth Siegrist McCALISTER

·  Evelyn M. McCLAIN

·  James LeRoy MCCLAIN

·  John Ochiltree MCCLURE

·  Roger MCKAIN

·  Susan Elizabeth MEANS

·      Sam METCALF

·  Ruby Josephine MEYER

·      Dorothy Miller

·  Ellen "Bonnie" MILLER

·  Katherine MILLER

·  Kenneth V. MILLER

·  Harry C. MINIMUM

·  Andrew Taber MITCHELL

·  Mary Ann (Fritts) MONG

·  George Emanuel "Dusty" MOORE

·     Juanita MOORE

·  Nathaniel Dewayne MOORE Jr.

·  Marjorie E. (Steed) LIBHART MOSS

·  Thomas D. MOWRY



·  L. Grace NAYLOR

·  Ferdinand "Ferd" NEMECHECK

·  LeRoy NEVINS Jr

·  Orpha S. NEWKIRK

·  Idella NICHOL

·  Oren Dean NICKELSON

·  Raymond Joe OCKENFELS

·  Carl Johannes OLSON

·  Chester W. "Chet" OSBORN


·  Sophia A. OTTER

·    Gunner Dean OWEN

·  Helen E. PARKER

·    Terry L. PAXSON

·  Alvin A. PFEIFER

·    Anna PFEIFER

·  Phyllis PFEIFER

·  Alpha C. POST

·  Mary A. "Grant" POTTERF

·  Carolyn Kay POWERS

·  PUCKETT Infant

·  Louis Franklin QUINT

·     Leola RADCLIFFE

·     Robert RADCLIFFE

·  Ray Arthur REASONER


·      Jacob RICHMEIER

·  Josephine RICHMEIER

·  Mabel Cecil RIGGS

·  Ralph W. RIGGS

·  Eloise M. ROBERTS

·  Eugene "Beano" ROBERTS

·      Anna Mary ROHLEDER

·  Celestina "Sally" ROHR

·  Charles ROME

·  Genevie ROME

·  Andrew Bryan RULE

·    Marilyn RYAN

·  Cyril H. SADDLER

·    Irene SALLADAY


·  George Irvin SAYERS


·  Julie (Hickert) SCHINDLER

·  Clifford "Cliff" L. SCHROEDER

·  Alta SCHUCK

·  Virgil A. SCHULTE

·  Wanda Colleen SCHULZ

·  Belva M. SCHWARZ

·     Arthur M. SCOTT

·  Ivan SCOTT

·  Raymond Lee SCOTT

·  Kathryn (Law) Seely

·  Milford SHELTON

·  Stella SHELTON

·  Lee Richard SHEPARD


·  B. Pauline (Jackson) SHOEMAKER

·  Kenneth W. SHOWERS

·  Bernice Evelyn (McCoy) SIEMERS-CARTER

·  Henry SMIES

·  J. W.(Jackson) SMITH

·  Mary Ellen SMITH

·    Winifred SMITH

·    J. Harold SONNTAG

·  Florence A. Tilton SPARKS

·  John C. SPARKS

·  Viola SPARKS


·    Clarence Ora SPENCER Jr.

·  Dorothy D. (Toll) SPENCER

·  William Rex SPENCER

·     Celestine A. SPIES

·  Janet M. SPORING

·  Hazel Lesta (Anderson) SPRATLING

·  Serena M. STABB

·  Ramona R. "Monie" STEEPLES


·  Nelda I. (Huntington) STEWART


·    Thelma STITES

·  Tiny STITES

·  Ronald D. "Ron" STITHEM

·  Wendell P. STULL

·  Clara (Evans) SUPER

·  David L. SUPER

·     Max SUPER

·  Catherine Marie (Rath) TABER

·  Vada Fay TALLMAN

·      Brent Alan TANNER

·    Lorene TEBO

·    Doyle THOMAS

·  Ralph L. THOMAS

·  Marvin R. THRUSH

·  Marjorie E. (Keith) TOLL

·  Charles Dennis TOWNS

·      Duane TOWNS

·  Hiram TRAVASS

·  Dorothy TREMBLAY

·    Lucielle TRIPLETT

·  Freland TROXEL

·  Lilly "May" TROXEL

·    James Ray TUDOR

·  Ernestine C. VAN DUVALL

·     Frank H. VINCENT

·     Marie Hannah WAGGONER

·  Dana WALKER

·  Francis WELTY

·  Roger L. WELTY

·  Anna WHITE

·  J. Emanuel WHITE

·  Virgil "Gene" WILCOX

·  Gladys Irene (Hilburn) WILLIAMS

·  Dwight Ara WING

·  Iris (McQueen) WING

·  Beverly WINKEL

·     Elmer WITTMAN

·  Annette Pearl (McBride) WOOD

·  Dorothy L. WORCESTER

·  Lola M. (Lowary) Worcester

·      Cleo YOUNG

·  Keziah Elsie CAMPBELL YOUNG

·  Elizabeth YOUNKER

Note....... Permission has been given by The Hill City Times to put recent Graham County obituaries
from that newspaper up online on Graham County KSGenWeb


Guidelines for submitting a Graham County
obituary or death notice

Do you have an old obituary or short death notice of a Graham County resident tucked away in a scrapbook, trunk or file. Take it out and share it with the rest of us! Type up your obituary and email it to us and we'll post it here. Just observe the following guidelines...

To enter your Graham County obituaries:

  1. Put GRAHAM CO OBITUARY in your subject line &. email them to Bernice
  2. On first line put name of deceased. Use the name in the obit. If you want to rename the individual to clarify who they are add that name in parenthesis after the obit name. Look above for examples of this. Do this to include maiden names or full names for individuals given initials only in the obit.
  3. On the second line put the name of the newspaper, newspaper's town, date of issue where obituary is found, page, column, if known. PLEASE.... Graham County residents only... A resident is defined here as an individual who lived in Graham County for part of his/her life. Type out the obituary capitalizing all SURNAMES. Don't put given names or locations all in caps, just the surnames.
  4. Put "submitted by [your name and email address]" at the end. If you want to, include your postal address as well.
  5. It's ok to edit the obits you submit. If you want to add maiden names, correct/add dates or other information do so. Just put any added information in [brackets]. That lets the reader know that this is something not in the original obituary.


It's as simple as that!

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