A Century of Greenwood County, KS History - Eureka Herald, 1968


as published in the centennial issue of
The Eureka Herald
July 4, 1968

Permission to reprint this history was graciously given the Greenwood County Historical Society by editor-publisher Edwin Tucker Wood, grandson of one of the founders of Eureka. Mr. Wood was born in Eureka, attended school there, and later went to Washburn University at Topeka.

He served in World War II in the Army Ordinance. While in Eastern Germany, his father, George Wood, then editor of the Eureka Herald, passed away. He received a discharge and returned home to assume editorship.

In 1942 he married Adalia P. Dicke, Newton, who was working as a nurse at the Basham Hospital. To this union was born two children, Madeline Anderson, who is presently working at the Herald, and George S. Wood, who is at home after spending the past three years in Florida.

The family lives in the old Tucker residence at the south edge of town and maintain the stone house built in 1861 by Edwin Tucker as a memento of pioneer days.

The Eureka Herald is the official Greenwood County newspaper.

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