Eureka Herald

October 12, 1887

Civil War Veterans Reunion

Anderson, T.N., K, 6th Indiana
Bailey, H.W., A, 142d Illinois
Baker, N., 121st Ohio
Balos, J.H., F, 45th Missouri
Barger, William H., C, 4th Ohio
Barker, William, I, 62d Illinois
Barrett, A.J., 29th Indiana
Beb, M., Indiana cavalry
Beedles, Edward, H, 148th New York
Bell, A.L.,  Indiana
Beranger, M., G, 82d Indiana
Black, William, C, 154th Ohio
Blackmore, W.C., F, 8th Missouri cavalry
Bosworth, C.C., M, 2d Connecticut
Bowen, J.H.,  D, 41st Illinois
Bowers, D.H., H, I, 10th 18th Pa and NY
Boyl, John G., A, 9th Indiana
Brees, C.B., I, 54th USI.A 4th NYHA
Bressner, Jno, 14th Illinois cavalry
Brothers, F.W.W., C, 47th Indiana
Brown, Levi P., M, 9th Iowa
Brownson, S.J., E, 3d Minnesota
Buck, George W., B, 120th Indiana
Bullon, J.W., G, 54th Indiana
Burk, John W., F, 98th Illinois
Burrit, J.W., C, 1st Missouri cavalry
Challacomb, J.R., H, 2d Ohio cavalry
Chambers, J.A., G, 12th Kansas
Chenoweth, Dr. W.S., A, 150th Indiana
Chileott, E., D, 8th Illinois
Conger, T.S., I, 15th Kansas
Crail, Geo. B., A, 19th Iowa
Crason, J.C., B, E, 1st 2d W.Va.
Crofut, J.M., D, 8th Pennsylvania
Crow, W.H., D, 77th Ohio
Cullison, Annitas, D, C, 14th 147th Indiana
Culter, Ross, H, 23d Indiana
Cunningham, F.M., F, 3d W.Va.
Davis, J.O., F, 17th W.Va.
DeFord, C.H., A, 6th cavalry Tennessee
Dentson, W.W., I, 11th Kansas
Dittemore, J.W., I, 19th Indiana
Dittsmore, T.E., D, 149th Indiana
Dixon, J.W., F, 29th Ohio
Doud, W.F., F, Indiana
Dryden, J.G., K, 91st Indiana
Dryden, John C., K, 91st Illinois
Eastwind, J.S., 48th Illinois
Emmerson, N., F, 152d Illinois
Estes, S.T., C, 44th Missouri
Foster, B.H., K, 66th Illinois
Fowler, J.B., H, 2d Iowa
Fowler, J.W., C, 18th Illinois
Freeman, D.F., New York
Freeman, W., H, 112th Illinois
Garrison, Geo A., F, 18th Indiana
Getz, A.C., C, 79th Pennsylvania
Gifer, John, Kansas
Graham, John, E, 96th Illinois
Graham, R.F.. I. 14th Illinois
Gray, J.W., F, 11th Ohio
Hanson, A., K, 28th Wisconsin
Hard, Fred, G, 153d Illinois
Harlan, Z., H, 24th Okla
Harrison, Chas S., M, 11th Kansas cavalry
Harrison, Frank, M, 11th Kansas cavalry
Hart, C., C, 83d Pennsylvania
Hawthorne, Wm, US Navy
Hill, John H., Kansas cavalry
Hobbs, F.M., D, 81st Indiana
Hockman, Lyman H., C, 53d Indiana
Holverson, T., D, 13d Wisconsin
Hover, O.H., C, 12th Wisconsin
Howard, Abner, D, 85th Indiana
Hubbard, H.H., 20th Wisconsin
Huff, This D., F 2d Pennsylvania
Ingham, Wm H., gunboat Stars and Stripes
Irvin, Robt., D, 163d Ohio
Jones, D.F., Kansas cavalry
Jones, I., K, 63rd Pennsylvania
Jordan, Joseph, Ohio
Kendrick, N.H., A, 16th Illinois
Lary, Andrew, C, 100th Pennsylvania
Lawhon, I, H, 79th Indiana
Lynch, J.J., I, 60th Illinois
Lyneh, M., C, 50th Ohio
Mansfield, C.A., K, 83d Pennsylvania
Marsh, J., E, 5th Pennsylvania
Massey, Chas C., B, C 1 A Illinois
McCollum, James, K, 31st Indiana
McCoy. A.F., B 2d Missouri
McKean, A.R., C, 41st Illinois
Miller, I.W., Battery B, KS (?) Artillery
Miller, John J., C, 82d Indiana
Mills, James, D, 87th Illinois
Mills, John, D, 87th Illinois
Mitchell, Geo I., 29th Illinois 
Moran, J.W., E 10th Kansas
Morris, George, 16th Indiana
Morris, W.M., G, 28th Indiana
Mulinex, H.H., F, 175th Ohio
Mussell, Jno H., B, 87th Illinois
Nauce, A.M., H, 17th Iowa
Nelson, N.M., H, 27th Wisconsin
Nelson, Thomas, F, K, 6th 13th cal Mo
Nicholas, J.G., Minnesota
Nye, Ira P., B, 2d Wisconsin
O'Neill, Wm O., D, 2d Kansas cavalry
Orr, George, A, 13d Tennessee
Owen, H.P., K, 61st Illinois
Parker, J.J., B, 11th Kansas
Peairs, John S., A, 90th Ohio
Pietee, J.B., D, 18th Michigan
Pinnutz, P.H., 11th Kansas
Pixley, J.E., Illinois
Potter, D., F, 2d Ohio
Powell, W.W., 11th Ohio
Powell. S.R., M, 2d Artillery Ohio
Reich, Chas W., C, 1st Indiana cavalry
Reynolds, Oscar, B, 137th New York
Riley, T.O., 8th Kansas light artillery
Riney, Thos, H, 63d Indiana
Robb, J.C., B, 7th Illinois
Roberts, H.F., B, 11th  Infantry
Robertson, W.S., F, 127th Indiana
Sample, Joseph, 3d Kansas Calvary
Scofluer, Sebastian, H, 2d Iowa
Seats, C.L., A, 5th Michigan
Shearer, N.F., A, 95th Illinois
Simcox, Jacob, C, 55th Illinois
Sipe, N., H, 1st artillery W.Va.
Smethers, W., 15th Kansas
Smith, B., G, 18th Ohio
Smith, David B., C, 13th Iowa
Smith, Henry C., C, 1st Maryland
Snider, John, K, 12th Kansas
Stevens, T.B., 22d New York
Stratton, J.C., D, 15th Missouri
Stremple, A.E., F, 5th Illinois
Sutton, A., D, F, 13th 35th Indiana
Switt, Geo D., D, 14th Michigan
Tharp, O.W., F and D, 2d cavalry Kansas
Tubbs, S.P., C, 23d Michigan
Turner, J.H., F, 17th Illinois
Tuttie, Perry M., E, 92d Ohio
Vollmes, Jacob, K, 82d Indiana
Walker, D.S., 63d Wisconsin cavalry
Wantland, B. J., E, 18th Indiana
Welch, W.H.H., F, 21st Indiana
Welsh, Joseph, 152d Illinois
Wendell, Charles, D, 1st Missouri
West, G.W., E, 115th Indiana
Wickersham, W.Q., G, 12th Kansas
Wiggins, W.H., Ohio cavalry
Williams, F.C., I, 9th Kansas
Willis, Henry, Missouri
Woodland, G.W., D, 14th Ohio
Woods, H.L., B, 3d Kentucky
Wyant, Isaac, D, E, G, 28th, 34th, 55th Ind.
Wyant, M. H., 52d Ohio

Submitted by Betty I. Ralph

veterans since 15 June 1997

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