John Hunter HILL

     Birth*	  18 Aug 1828 
  Marriage*	  26 Jun 1853 	Parke county, IN.
     Death*	  27 Feb 1922 	at the home of his son, John, in Ellis county,
    Father*	              	Jess Pendegast HILL (1798-    )
    Mother*	              	Martha M. HADLEY (1800-1839)

Spouse*	              	Amanda M. PAINTER
     Birth*	  15 Jul 1832 	MD.
     Death*	  12 Dec 1919 	OK.

 William F HILL
     Birth*	  26 Apr 1854 	Rockville, IN.
     Death*	  01 Mar 1937 	CA.
  Daughter:	              	Gertie HILL
  Daughter:	              	Emma HILL
       Son:	              	Arthur HILL

 John Howard HILL
     Birth*	  24 Feb 1856 	Brazil, IN.
  Marriage*	  23 Oct 1884 	Emma May OLSON (1866-1949), daughter of Andrew
OLSON and Johanna "Hanna" INGLEBORG; KS.
  Daughter:	  28 Mar 1888 	Clara HILL
  Daughter:	  28 Sep 1891 	Ruth L. HILL
       Son:	  22 Dec 1893 	Ashford H. HILL
  Daughter:	  05 Mar 1896 	Cena A. HILL
  Daughter:	  23 Oct 1898 	Grace Evelyn HILL
       Son:	  19 May 1901 	Quimby Hayward HILL
  Daughter:	  07 Mar 1904 	Myrtle Beatrice HILL
     Death*	  30 Nov 1928 	OK.

       Charles Wilson HILL
     Birth*	  02 Nov 1858 	Brazil, IN.
     Death*	  07 Oct 1941 	Gage, OK.
Never married

      George M HILL
     Birth*	  01 Mar 1860 	Brazil, IN.
     Death*	  __ ___ 1938   migrated to Canada and the family lost track of

        James Frederick "Fred" HILL
     Birth*	  02 Mar 1862 	Olathe, KS.
     Death*	  __ ___ 1942 	CO.
       Son:	              	John HILL
       Son:	              	Harry HILL
  Daughter:	              	Meta HILL

        Mildred Virginia (Jennie) HILL
     Birth*	  02 Sep 1865 	Lennoxie, KS.
  Marriage*	  12 Dec 1886 	William James BEEDLES (1865-1925), son of 
                                Edward BEEDLES and Anna MARTIN; KS.
       Son:	  01 Aug 1888 	Harold Harrison BEEDLES; Otter Creek township,
       Son:	  23 Dec 1889 	Glenn BEEDLES; KS.
       Son:	  09 Feb 1891 	Walter William BEEDLES; Otter Creek, KS.
  Daughter:	  13 Nov 1903 	Florence BEEDLES; Otter Creek, KS.
       Son:	  16 Sep 1908 	Bertrum Hill (Bert) BEEDLES; KS.
     Death*	  31 Mar 1956 	KS.
    Burial*	  02 Apr 1956 	Eureka, KS.
       Son:	  __ ___ ____ 	Ralph BEEDLES; KS.

 Bert HILL
  Marriage*	  22 Jan 1868 	Millicent ENGLISH
     Birth*	  18 Apr 1868 	Olathe, KS.
     Death*	  10 Mar 1938 	TX.
  Daughter:	              	Helen HILL
  Daughter:	              	Hazel HILL
Served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  Farmed, then had B.R. Hill
General Merchandise, firm which was lost during the depression

 Frank S. HILL
     Birth*	  18 Aug 1871 	Olathe, KS.
     Death*	  14 Oct 1957 	Gage, OK.
Never Married

 Clifton HILL
     Birth*	  11 Feb 1876 
     Death*	  17 Jan 1878 	KS.

In the 20 September 1850 census for Parke county, Indiana, Amanda Painter was listed as age 19, born in Maryland, and living with the James Moyars family. John had been married, but the name of his wife and date of death are not known. His second wife was Amanda, the ceremony performed by Rev. Cummins in Parke county, Indiana. The other males in his family worked in the lime kill and all died of TB.

They lived in Brazil, Indiana, for several years, then migrated to Olathe, Kansas about 1861, where John had a lime kiln and made brick, etc. He was blind in one eye and did not have to serve in the Civil War but was in the home guard.

Jennie remembered traveling from Johnson county to Greenwood county, Kansas, in a covered wagon. They had a farm and John carried the mail to and from the Star Post Office to Eureka for many years.

Two of their sons, Charles and Frank, filed on homesteads in Woodward county, Oklahoma, and after a few months returned to Kansas to move their parents. John said he wasn't leaving, but was the first one in the wagon the morning they started in May, 1901.

He homesteaded eight acres four miles east of Gage, Oklahoma. Although 73 years old, he milked cows, had a garden, and raised turkeys. He had muzzle loading gun made by Peter Neff and Sons prior to 1820 with an octagonal barrel which was given to him by his father - he could shoot the head off a turkey with it, then it was carefully cleaned and polished. He spent many hours of the day herding, as the livestock had full range of the prairies. One grandson remembers that in 1905, John had a long gray beard and very gray hair, whereas Amanda at 73 still had very black hair. By tradition, she had English, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Carlyle Indian ancestors.

The Hills were staunch Methodists and took an active part in the church activities at the nearby small school house. He always prayed aloud in church, asking the Lord to take him anytime so he could be with his wife in heaven. Amanda, his second wife and mother of his nine children was still alive at the time.

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