Greenwood County, KS
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Aagaard, Chris Andrew, D.P.
Andrew, Will Barnard, Frank L.
Barnes, Edward Bell, H.O.
Bell, Joseph Blake, Emory
Blake, L.R. Borger, George E.
Borton, S. Brinkerhoff, Horatio L.
Brinkler, Stephen Bunch, C.W.
Bunnell, Edward Campbell, Harry N.
Campbell, John Chapman, Robert
Chapman, Sanford D. Collins, J.R.
Collins, James Courtney, J.L.
Courtney, William Cummins, Charles W.H.
Cummins, Clement C. Day, John J.
Day, P.M. Donaldson, Homer C.
Donart, Alfred Early, Leslie S.
Earnest, C.C. Estes, James A.
Estes, S.M. Flinn, Wm.
Florell, Lawrence H. Fuqua, Charles B.
Fuston, Leroy Glasgow, Frank
Glass, Robert W. Greenwood Jr., Otis
Gregg, Alexander Hall, Frank
Hall, G.W. Harrison, Howard
Harrison, Robert E. Helwick, Merrett V.
Hemphill, Jacob R. Hilyard, Edgar B.
Hilyard, Geo. M. Hoover, Lawrence S.
Hoover, Lorenzo D. Huston, Clyde J.
Hutchinson, C.L. Johnson, James W.
Johnson, John Karraker, A.L.
Karraker, Alonzo King, Orval M.
King, Rufus Landon, Andrew
Lane, Charles Lewis, James
Lewis, John H. Lozier, Ernest L.
Lozier, Ernest L. Marhenke, Julius H.
Marhenke, Otto L. McCaslin, Verna J.
McCaughan, C.F. McMurray, Eustace K.
McMurray, Fred Miller, Harry B.
Miller, J.E. Moore, Johnathan B.
Moore, Leroy B. Murphy, Daniel
Murphy, Edwin Noble, Eugene
Noble, Lafayette Osborn, M.G.
Osborn, M.G. Peck, Fred
Pedigo, George W. Potter, Francis
Potter, Henry E. Ramsey, Forrest A.
Ramsey, Ira Rice, William H.
Richard, Floyd E. Rodenbaugh, Joseph
Rodes, John Samuels, Hiram
Samuels, Hiram R. Sellers, S.B.
Sellers, S.S. Shrock, Amos C.
Shuck, Samuel Smith, Geo. F.
Smith, George W. Spain, James
Spain, William O. Stine, Charles
Stine, Charles A. Swann, Geo. W.
Swanson, William H. Thornton, Talbert O.
Thornton, Thomas Vanderventor, G.D.
Vandeventer, W.B. Ward, Archie W.
Ward, Edward Welsh, Wallace
Welsh, William P. Williams, Fred
Williams, G.T. Wood, John A.
Wood, John B. Zollinger, William V.

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