Greenwood County, KS
Newspaper Clippings

Transcribed by Betty Ralph

16 Nov 1894 - Eureka Herald

Township Officers Elected

Bachelor twp
Trustee - Geo. W. Burt
Treasurer - C.S. Hall
Clerk - H.A. Lovett
Justices - M.B. Wyant and W.W. Wells
Constables - C.E. McQueen and J.S. Davis

Eureka twp
Trustee James Murphy
Treasurer T.C. Williams
Clerk O.B. Nelson
Justices A.F. Nicholas and Geo. F. Boone
Constables C.C. Huntington and F.H. Clare

Fall River twp
Trustee H.L. Ward
Treasurer T.E. Wash
Clerk W.A. Batton
Justices S. Thygerson and W. Smethers
Constables James Mills and J.E. Simpson

Janesville twp
Trustee C.L. Worley
Treasurer Oliver Haight
Clerk J.J. Shook
Justices G.J. Wood and J.P. Todd
Constables J.M. Gordon and E. Reising

Lane twp
Trustee W.H. Dalton
Treasurer H.D. Dean
Clerk A.J. Osborn
Justices W.A. Hicks and I. Zeigler
Constables Thomas Dalton and S.D. Tatam

Madison twp
Trustee J.W. Maxfield
Treasurer A.C. Watrous
Clerk J.M. Butler
Justices P.S. Stoughton and J.C. Filson
Constables C.R. Day and John Stanley

Otter Creek twp
Trustee W.K. Blake
Treasurer H.K. Barg
Clerk W.J. Beedles
Justices N. Brigham and J.N. McAllister
Constables A. Futhey and D. Riley

Pleasant Grove twp
Trustee D.W. Hart
Treasurer Robert Wilson
Clerk B.F. Murphy
Justices T.N. Anderson and J.W. Zener
Constables Jesse Ludlum and J.N. Schlotterbeck

Quincy twp
Trustee W.E. Harris
Treasurer C. Hoover
Clerk E.N. Turney
Justices J.G. Nichols and J.M. Shreeves
Constables Geo. Montgomery and J. Ralston

Salem twp
Trustee A.B. Anderson
Treasurer J.E. Longabaugh
Clerk C.P. Johnson
Justices G.W.K. Bailey and Dow Wilson
Constables Kiah Reynolds and John Wilson

South Salem twp
Trustee B.F. Singleton
Treasurer Gilbert Hitler
Clerk C. Osmundson
Justices C.S. Spaulding and John Bryden
Constables J. Weirs and Win Sallyards

Shell Rock twp
Trustee W.H. Jones
Treasurer R. Wolcott
Clerk A.B. Wood
Justices K.V. Horton and R.W. Wolcott
Constables Thomas Hester and C. Bersie

Salt Springs twp
Trustee Elisha Scott
Treasurer Charles Springle
Clerk L.S. Eshbagh
Justices W.Q. Wickersham and A.W. Morgan
Constables J.D. Short and S. Jones

Spring Creek twp
Trustee Jesse Tharp
Treasurer O.H. Kerr
Clerk John Tharp
Justices B.H. Johnson and John Batchelor
Constables J.W. Forcum and S.T. Love

Twin Grove twp
Trustee A. Kinman
Treasurer George Rice
Clerk D. Gilbert
Justices A.R. Tomlinson and J.A. Rhoads
Constables M. Hillyard and R. Schultz

18 Oct 1895 Democratic Messenger

Miss Ella Hammond, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. L.W. Hammond, and at one time a resident of Eureka, is now in New York City observing the latest eastern style for the benefit of the Denver dressmaking establishment in which she is employed. After a few weeks Miss Hammond will proceed to Paris and remain there until spring. She has been very successful and enjoys the complete confidence of her employers as well as a handsome salary.

Mr. John Morris, of Butte City, Montana, was in town last week accompanied by D.W. Morris, of Emporia. They were here to visit with their brother, W.W. Morris, and he accompanied them back to Emporia Saturday and spent Sunday. The Montana brother has lived at Butte something like twenty years and is very enthusiastic concerning the beauties and advantages of the place.

Mr. Tom M. Harlan, of the Eureka Herald, and Miss Hattie Everhart, of Cincinnati, were married at the bride's home on Wednesday, October 9th. Rev. O.F. Sellers, of Lynchburg, Ohio, officiated. Tom and his bride will visit among relatives for a few weeks and then come to Eureka to live. They have the Messenger's best wishes.

The house on one of George Redmond's farms southeast of town was burned just before midnight last Wednesday night. It was occupied by Mrs. Bradshaw and her four children who lost all of their personal effects and are almost destitute. The housed was insured for $400. No clue to the origin of the fire.

A party was given at the home of Miss Myrtle Hurn last Friday night, to a few of her friends. Games and dancing were the amusements. Those present were Misses Marvan Mock and Laura Mock, Zoe Chandler, Myrtle Walk and Florence Walk and Nora Bailey, Messrs. Henry Dunlap, Lewis Mock, Grant Whipple and Ira Whipple, Will Bailey and John Wilson.

Mrs. M.J. Smythe and daughter, Mamie Smythe, returned last Tuesday morning from St. Louis, Missouri, and Duqoin, Illinois, where they had been on a business and pleasure trip.

Probate Judge Evay performed a marriage ceremony, Monday, the groom being F.M. Keller and the bride Mrs. Sarah J. Malone, both of Fall River.

W.S. Hinds and family moved down from Madison this week. Mr. Hinds has rented Mrs. Ware's farm southeast of town for the coming year.

Clark Jones, who lives a few miles southeast of town, accidentally made a small wound in his left hand last Thursday with a rusty nail. Blood poison followed and Mr. Jones is now in a precarious condition. His whole arm is swollen to an enormous size and he suffers the most excruciating pain. Amputation may be attempted.

John Holton left yesterday morning for a visit in the western part of the state. He was accompanied by his niece, Miss Ella Straley, at whose home John will visit.

Mrs. Belle Hubbard, wife of F.W. Hubbard, died at the family home in this city, Saturday, October 12th. The funeral was held Sunday at the Methodist Church.

Miss Annie Norris, of Salem, aged 25 years, died Sunday, October 13th, of consumption. Funeral services were held Monday.

25 October 1895 Democratic Messenger

Married, at the home of the bride's parents in Fall River, on Wednesday, October 23d, a 8 p.m., Miss Lucrecetia Sweet, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Sweet, to Mr. Bert Mills Brown. Elder J.W. Butler, of Fall River, officiated. The parties to this marriage are among the best known and most highly respected young people in the southern part of the county. They begin wedded life under unusually favorable circumstances, and the Messenger hopes that the future may prove to be in reality all that it now promises to them. They will be at home to their friends on Brown's ranch five miles north of Fall River, after November 1st.

Between one and two o'clock last Monday afternoon the residence of Chas. A. Walker was discovered to be on fire. A prompt alarm brought out the fire department and the flames were subdued, but not until the building had been badly damaged as well as much of the furniture. It is believed that the fire started from the kitchen flue. Mr. Walker had $250 insurance on the building and $275 on the furniture and it is thought that those sums will fully protect him from loss.

Master Kirk Shinn, son of Judge C.W. Shinn, was given a surprise party by a number of his schoolmates last Friday, it being his eleventh birthday. Master Burge Mason managed the affair; he gathered the party together and marched them into the Shinn residence while Kirk was down town on an errand for his mother. The surprise was completely successful and the occasion proved quite enjoyable for the young people.

Miss Annie Giffin, who had spent a month or six weeks visiting relatives in Valpariso, Nebraska, returned home yesterday accompanied by her cousin, Miss Gertie Giffin, who will visit in this vicinity for an indefinite length of time.

Mr. E. Melbourn, who has been confined to his room for a week by serious illness, is now slowly improving. His friends hope to see him on the streets in a few days.

Mr. Frank G. Thrall was in town Monday. He still suffers some inconvenience from the injuries received by being fallen upon by a horse two weeks ago.

1 Jan 1897 - Eureka Herald


There was a shooting match at Mr. Logabaugh's last Wednesday. Did not learn the results.

M.J. Hellums dismissed school until Monday after New Years, and went home Thursday evening.


H.C. Stephenson has returned from Pittsburg.

R.W. Service bought two car loads of two-year-old cattle last week.

R.W. is a rustler, and we wish him success.

Upper Slate

Ravenscroft is moving part of his cattle to Upper Willow creek, to be cared for by Andy McKesson.

J.V. Nuckols is home from visiting in Missouri, and he and the boys spent Christmas with his daughter, Mrs. Tom Bailey, on Bachelor creek.

Lee Howard will soon moved to his Highland farm, and the place he leaves will be occupied by Jim Perkable and family.

Gus Freeman is in the lead on skunk pelts, and Bert Wood on coon and mink.


Mrs. Mamie Dickens visited with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. John Bennett, from Thursday to Saturday, last week.


John Clark and Myrtle Leming were married Thursday, December 24. They gave him a charivari on Christmas night. After the boys had their fun, John called them in and treated.

Mrs. James Bland and children are visiting her parents in Eureka, Mr. and Mrs. Lillie.

Miss Laura Wheat, of Yates Center, is visiting her grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Landers.

Mr. Seymour came home Sunday morning from Kansas City, Missour, where he was called by the sickness of his mother.

5 Feb 1897 - Eureka Herald

Ed Reising says - don't buy any hogs from L.N. Peeples, of Hamilton.


The literary was well attended Friday evening, last week, considering the bad roads. The following officers were elected: President, Fred Hutton; Vice-President, Wm. Foster; Secretary, Mrs. Wm. Stewart; Treasurer, Frank Fritz; Sergeant-at-Arms, Ed Fowler; Janitor, Geo. Vollmer. The debate was spirited - the program fair.


Douglass Jones was at church Sunday. We have not looked through Revelations to find out what particular sign it is, but we feel uneasy.

We missed David Martin from his place in church Sunday, and, upon inquiry, learned that he, together with his children, had gone to Peterton, Kan., to attend the funeral of his mother-in-law, Mrs. O'Neil. Mrs. Martin was at Peterton at the time of her mother's death.

High Valley

B.D. Freeman and family will move to Madison on Wednesday, February 3.

We understand that Mr. Deming and family will soon move to their new home in Oklahoma.


Miss Lucy Cheever has gone to Eureka to work for Mrs. Clyde Warner.

Geo. Wasson left last week for Janesville, Wisconsin, to attend Valentine's school of telegraphy.

We understand that Mr. Hibbard will move back to his farm next week. We has had enough of city life. He has rented his Eureka property to Judge Worley.


Born - to Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Love, January 29, a daughter - number thirteen.

About thirty of Miss Floy McMains' young friends went to her home last Monday night, to remind her that it was her 15th birthday. All report a splendid time.

Mrs. J.L. Barrier's sister, Miss Loy, from Fall River, is visiting with her. She came over last week.


The grippe! We have it.

Quite a number of people are complaining. The Broddle family are getting some better.

Matthew Mills and wife are up this week from their home near Ingalls, Oklahoma, to make their relatives and numerous friends a lengthy visit. Uncle and Aunt Mills are enjoying good health. The serious illness of John Mills was the cause of their coming at this time.

Elmer Ward returned Wednesday from a trip to West Virginia.

18 Mar 1898


To Mr. and Mrs. Will Cutmeyer, of Eureka, Saturday evening, March 12, a daughter.

To Mr. and Mrs. I.N. Duke, at their home in Spring Creek township, Friday, March 11, 1898, a son.

County Attorney Johnson caused a warrant to issue Wednesday evening for the arrest of Clayton Sumner on a charge of disturbing the peace. He quarreled with his wife Tuesday and threw a brich at her through a North Main street house.


Mr. Smith is building a house on his farm, as he lost his home by fire last fall. W.E. Harris is helping him.

Mr. Veach has moved into the John Boone property.

12 Jul 1906 - Eureka Herald

William Patrick Peyton, 68 years old whose home is in Piedmont, Kansas, today surrendered to the military authorities at Ft. Logan his 19 year old son, John Peyton, who enlisted in the army at Wichita, Kansas, last January and later deserted from the Presidio in San Franchico. The boy was locked in the guard house. Peyton is a veteran of two wars. His act met with an ovation.

Albert Petterson of Eureka was adjudged insane in probate court here yesterday. About six weeks ago Petterson opened up a carriage and repair shop in Eureka and shortly afterward his friends noticed his peculiar actions in connection with business affairs. Two weeks ago he went to Wichita and opened up a similar shop. He was arrested there last Friday and brought to Eureka Saturday on a charge of fraud in a business transaction. He seems entirely unconscious of having done any wrong and maintains that everything will be all right. Albert is a bright young man and his friends would be glad to learn of his speedy return to health. The jury before whom he was tried was composed of Dr. Dillon, T.G. Mallicoat, C.M. Cheany and Elwood Marshal. Nine witnesses were examined and all told of deals and talks with Patterson which would indicate that his mind is affected.

12 Nov 1907

Will Hatton of southeast of here had a fair sale last week and had now moved to Emporia to engage in the teamster business.

John Kipper and wife returned from Wichita last Saturday where John had undergone a second serious but successful operation for a maliginant growth.

A.D. Heidrick has gone to Kansas City to see his father.

Al Black is wearing one of those smiles that indicate a successor to the family name.


Ed Hammer and sister, Mrs. Bert Seymour visited with relatives in Rosalie Friday.

Frank Fowler, the youngest brother of Ed Fowler, was thrown from a pony last Friday morning receiving a serious fall which made him unconscious for a short time. The pony was running and ran into a wire gate. We hope this fall will not prove serious.

District 66

Joseph Applegate who lives up near Madison, was down this way two or three days last week and visited his brother John Applegate. He is looking after a farm for next year.

2 May 1907

John Crump, a rural route carrier of Madison, was adjudged insane before Probate Judge Mills last Wednesday. Mr. Crump has been carrying the mail on one of the routes out of Madison for the past five years and is one of the community's most respected citizens. He has been sick much of the time of late and to this is assigned the cause of his mental condition. He will be taken to the state hospital at Osawatomie as soon as the proper arrangements can be made.

Academy Notes

Olive Faught, Chas. Faught and Nellie Faught left Thursday for Madison. From there they will go to Oregon, where they will live with their father.

Walter Glasco left last week for Kansas City, where he has a position as stenographer for a lawyer.

Claud Ruggle is taking the normal course. He expects to teach school next winter.

Clark Nye, who is in a hospital in Topeka, is getting along very nicely.

Marriage Licenses
Ona M. Casto, Toronto, 22
Mattie Clark, Toronto, 18
C.C. Cheney, Howard, 56
Annie W. Hughes, West Union, 46

At the examination for common school graduates held Saturday, April 27, 1907 the following persons were graduated and awarded diplomas:

Eureka - Ethel Jones

Madison - Hattie Moxley, Eunice Scott, Ruth Newbury, Grace Smith,
Lola Rodman, Eugene Ragle, Roy Gilman, Leona Standley,
Alta Filson, Enola Long, Nora Cook, Grace Hahn

Severy - Charles Bowlin, Clifford Butcher, Bertha Clover, Nina Shell, Gertrude Hilyard, Stella Rice, Ruth Hayes, Lulu Holmes, Hazel Michaelson, Otta F. Ullman, Frank Blecha, Effie Lyster, Cecil Slater, Dayrel Dove, Rae V. Maben

Piedmont - Olive Jewell

Hamilton - Lillie Edwards, Lulu Edwards, Blanche Beavers

Fall River - Nettie Sexton, Margaret Morton, Mary Brown, John Gardner, Effie Mann, Ina Bernard

Hilltop - Ann Souder


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