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1930 Federal Census - Haskell County, Kansas
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Last Name First Name Initial Age Race Birthplace Haskell County Township
Achilles Arval   6     Lockport
Achilles Bertha E 38     Lockport
Achilles Chas   42 W Kansas Lockport
Achilles Loris M 3     Lockport
Achilles Myrtle   16     Lockport
Achilles Opal   14     Lockport
Achilles Vergil   11     Lockport
Ackers Barbara   62     Sublette
Ackers Corinne   31     Sublette
Ackers F T 60 W Kansas Sublette
Ackers Franklin T 25     Sublette
Ackers Leo F 28     Sublette
Adler John J 6     Satanta
Adler John L 29 W South Dakota Satanta
Adler Marilyn T 0     Satanta
Adler Philomena B 28     Satanta
Akins Amos L 49 W Oklahoma Satanta
Akins Carl   5     Satanta
Akins Claude   17     Satanta
Akins Josephine   39     Satanta
Akins Loyd   11     Satanta
Akins Thomas   60 W Indiana Satanta
Akins Veta P 8     Satanta
Alexander Dora   16     Dudley
Alexander Dora   16 W Kansas Sublette
Alexander Elsie   19     Dudley
Alexander George W 65 W Iowa Satanta
Alexander Hettie L 52     Dudley
Alexander Johnathan O 59 W Iowa Dudley
Alexander Leslie A 6     Dudley
Alexander Lester W 29 W Iowa Dudley
Alexander Milduda   13     Dudley
Alexander Nora   16     Dudley
Alexander Nora   16 W Kansas Sublette
Alexander Rose E 27     Dudley
Alexander Wilma   12     Dudley
All Chester   8     Lockport
All Ellsaesser Gean 44 W Kansas Lockport
All Evelyn   9     Lockport
All Gertie   40     Lockport
All Gerturde   1     Lockport
All Raymond   12     Lockport
All Russell   12     Lockport
Allen Charley P 65 W Illinois Dudley
Allen Daniel D 14     Satanta
Allen Day M 16     Satanta
Allen E R 47 W Iowa Haskell
Allen Elbert V 42 W Illinois Satanta
Allen Ethel V 42     Satanta
Allen Jennie W 18     Dudley
Allen Lemuel W 21 W Kansas Satanta
Allen Mary J 8     Satanta
Allen Paul D 18     Dudley
Allen Richard V 18     Satanta
Allollo Antonio   11     Satanta
Allollo Biola   33     Satanta
Allollo Florentino   36 Mex Mexico Satanta
Allollo Matoleo   8     Satanta
Allollo Remigio   4     Satanta
Anderson Margaret   48     Sublette
Anderson Richard   58 W Illinois Sublette
Angell Frank R 32 W Kansas Satanta
Angell Grace J 26     Satanta
Angell Loretta J 0     Satanta
Angell Raymond C 3     Satanta
Angelley Nina   24 W Arkansas Sublette
Angelley William H 1     Sublette
Anthony Earnest T 18     Dudley
Anthony Elwin E 16     Dudley
Anthony Lena M 36     Dudley
Anthony Zackary T 44 W Iowa Dudley
Anton Charles   24     Haskell
Anton Georgia   22     Haskell
Anton Lattie   40     Haskell
Anton Marie   19     Haskell
Anton U V 50 W Kansas Haskell
Archibald Elza   26 W Kansas Satanta
Archibald John   22 W Kansas Satanta
Ardery A S 46 W Asia Lockport
Ardery Alberta   10     Lockport
Ardery Edna   33     Lockport
Ardery Eldorah   8     Lockport
Ardery Russell   5     Lockport
Ardery Sadie   12     Lockport
Arnold Mabel   26 W Missouri Sublette
August Albert   33 W Kansas Dudley
August Dessie N 2     Dudley
August Donald L 11     Dudley
August Elwood C 13     Dudley
August Helen L 2     Dudley
August Ida   41     Dudley
August Joe K 4     Dudley
August Lillie M 8     Dudley
August Merle R 4     Dudley
August Peggy J 7     Dudley
August Velma A 29     Dudley
August Velma J 0     Dudley
August William H 41 W New Mexico Dudley
Axton Ferne   17 W Colorado Haskell
Axton Merrit   24     Haskell
Axton Stanton   20 W Kansas Haskell
Bacon Florence   24     Dudley
Bacon George   20     Dudley
Bacon Harris   22 W Kansas Dudley
Bagge Anna R 13     Haskell
Bagge Elnora R 17     Haskell
Bagge Fredrick   22     Haskell
Bagge John G 56 W Germany Haskell
Bagge Minnie L 55     Haskell
Bailey Cannie   7     Lockport
Bailey Charles E 43 W Texas Satanta
Bailey Edward   13     Lockport
Bailey Elden   7     Haskell
Bailey Elzie   42     Haskell
Bailey Emel   4     Lockport
Bailey F D 14     Haskell
Bailey Floyd   3     Haskell
Bailey Hubert   44 W Kentucky Haskell
Bailey Keo   9     Lockport
Bailey Magie C 35     Lockport
Bailey Mary C 37     Satanta
Bailey Maxine   16     Lockport
Bailey Norman   12     Haskell
Bailey O T 58 W Illinois Lockport
Bailey Otus   15     Lockport
Bailey Vida   15     Haskell
Bailey Virgina   11     Lockport
Bailey Vivian   2     Lockport
Bair Daisy E 22 W Kansas Satanta
Baker Bessie   34     Sublette
Baker C C 57 W Indiana Lockport
Baker Cecil   27 W Kansas Sublette
Baker Charles   1     Sublette
Baker Claude   35 W Kansas Sublette
Baker Earle   33 W Kansas Sublette
Baker Forest   14     Lockport
Baker Joe   19 W Oklahoma Satanta
Baker Lila Marie 3     Sublette
Baker Majorie   3     Sublette
Baker Mamie   23     Sublette
Baker Oneta May 3     Sublette
Baker Vesta Faye 2     Sublette
Baker Viola   30     Sublette
Baker Walter F 6 W Colorado Dudley
Baker Zora   19 W Kansas Sublette
Balco Charles C 7     Satanta
Balco Doris M 1     Satanta
Balco George F 48 W Kansas Satanta
Balco Lorie H 9     Satanta
Balco Mary S 4     Satanta
Balco Sharlot E 38     Satanta
Bales Charles   26 W Kansas Sublette
Bales Elizabeth   23     Sublette
Ballantine Nellie E 53     Satanta
Ballantine Thomas   54 W Northern Ireland Satanta
Barbee Helen   6     Sublette
Barbee Natalia   37     Sublette
Barbee Robert E 38 W Illinois Sublette
Barham Clarance   24 W Tennessee Lockport
Barkman Elizabeth   5     Dudley
Barkman Helen   0     Dudley
Barkman Jacob   9     Dudley
Barkman John G 42 W Canada Dudley
Barkman Katie   3     Dudley
Barkman Margaret   7     Dudley
Barkman Nettie   15     Dudley
Barkman Peter   13     Dudley
Barkman Sarah   11     Dudley
Barkman Sarah   42     Dudley
Barlo Bamena   37     Haskell
Barlo Budah   12     Haskell
Barlo Cledith   8     Haskell
Barlo Edith   8     Haskell
Barlo Elmer T 42 W Kansas Haskell
Barlo Frank   10     Haskell
Barlo Gerald   15     Haskell
Barlo Leona   5     Haskell
Barlo Leroy   2     Haskell
Barlo Merole   17     Haskell
Barlo Thelma   19     Haskell
Barlow Bertha   23     Sublette
Barlow George   33 W Kansas Sublette
Barlow Majorie   4     Sublette
Barlow Mary F 2     Sublette
Barlow Thelma   19 W Kansas Sublette
Barnes Eugene   14     Sublette
Barnes Frank   44 W Kansas Sublette
Barr Lester T 20 W Kansas Satanta
Basket Geroge   23 W Kansas Lockport
Baxter Minnie   18     Sublette
Baxter Ted   22 W Kansas Sublette
Bechner Geo W 67 W Indiana Haskell
Beck Anna   41     Lockport
Beck Fannie   13     Lockport
Beck John H 67 W North Carolina Satanta
Beck Rae   9     Lockport
Beck W M 46 W Kansas Lockport
Beck William   11     Lockport
Becker Anna   39     Sublette
Becker Elsie   21     Sublette
Becker Melba   19     Sublette
Becker Peggy   7     Sublette
Becker Wm H 42 W Kansas Sublette
Belden J E 59 W Canada Sublette
Belden Maude   50     Sublette
Benbow Ed   50 W Indiana Sublette
Benbow Grace   14     Sublette
Benbow Pearl   35     Sublette
Bennett Crystal V 20 W Kansas Satanta
Berney B C 38 W Kansas Haskell
Berney D T 52 W Iowa Haskell
Berney Earl   18     Haskell
Berney Jessie   30     Haskell
Berney Mildred   8     Haskell
Berney Orville   13     Haskell
Berney Pearl   39     Haskell
Berney Russell   19     Haskell
Berry Elsie   47     Sublette
Berry W R 48 W Ohio Sublette
Berry William C 22 W Kansas Satanta
Bethel Agnes   6     Sublette
Bethel E C 72     Sublette
Bethel Eldon   4     Sublette
Bethel Harry   16 W Kansas Dudley
Bethel June   6     Sublette
Bethel Lena   31     Sublette
Bethel Leon   32 W Kansas Sublette
Bethel Lucille   32 W Illinois Sublette
Bethel Lyman   45 W Missouri Sublette
Bethel Mamie   44     Sublette
Bethel V L 82 W Pennsylvania Sublette
Bethel V L 4     Sublette
Bethel Wendel   2     Sublette
Beymar Claris   11     Haskell
Beymar Edith   13     Haskell
Beymar Geo   39 W Missouri Haskell
Bird Erma Lael 1     Sublette
Bird Irene   22 W Kansas Sublette
Bird Mildred   26     Lockport
Bird Opal May 20     Sublette
Bird Randal   2     Lockport
Bird Raymond   26 W Kansas Lockport
Bird Robert   20 W Kansas Sublette
Birney Bobby   1     Haskell
Birney Claude   22 W Kansas Haskell
Birney Clyde F 22 W Kansas Haskell
Birney Donald J 0     Haskell
Birney John   48 W Missouri Sublette
Birney Julia   32     Sublette
Birney Mildred   20     Haskell
Birney Virginia   22     Haskell
Black Arthur G 9     Dudley
Black Catherine D 13     Dudley
Black Chester W 42 W Missouri Dudley
Black Iola M 18     Dudley
Black Lelah   39     Dudley
Black Lucena C 16     Dudley
Blair Dale R 9     Dudley
Blair Dorothy   20     Dudley
Blair Gladys P 30     Dudley
Blair Harriett M 6     Dudley
Blair Marion M 7     Dudley
Blair Milton D 31 W Kansas Dudley
Blair Nevin   22 W Kansas Dudley
Blair Noel D 0     Dudley
Blair Robert   1     Dudley
Blake Lamereod I 29 W Kansas Lockport
Bochner Charles   27 W Missouri Satanta
Bockhaus Florence   30 W Illinois Sublette
Bodine Carrie   36     Sublette
Bodine Harry   12     Sublette
Bodine John   18     Sublette
Bodine Louie   9     Sublette
Bodine R O 57 W Pennsylvania Sublette
Bonner Alvin Earl 0     Sublette
Bonner Dorothy B 4     Sublette
Bonner Earl   27 W Missouri Sublette
Bonner Nellie   27     Sublette
Borneman Jean   21 W Colorado Lockport
Boroughs Calvin   48 W Kansas Satanta
Boroughs Nellie M 48     Satanta
Bothwell Carl L 29 W Minnesota Sublette
Bothwell Velma   31     Sublette
Boyer Jessie   65 W England Dudley
Branam Cayl   32 W Missouri Satanta
Branam Earnest E 8     Satanta
Branam Girtha M 7     Satanta
Branam Jess   38 W Missouri Satanta
Branam Maggie   38     Satanta
Branam Maud S 25     Satanta
Brecheisen Bill   23 W Kansas Sublette
Brennem W E 52 W Illinois Sublette
Brock Lee   21 W Kansas Lockport
Brollier Bruce L 14     Dudley
Brollier Buster G 4     Dudley
Brollier Catherine   44     Dudley
Brollier Donald W 17     Dudley
Brollier Eleanor I 10     Dudley
Brollier Evan O 12     Dudley
Brollier Rollie   44 W Kansas Dudley
Brollier Wesley E 18     Dudley
Brown Arlene   11     Dudley
Brown Arlene M 1   Kansas Dudley
Brown Clelia   14     Haskell
Brown Donald   44 W Kansas Haskell
Brown Earnest   22 W Kansas Haskell
Brown Emma   39     Haskell
Brown Erma   5     Haskell
Brown Everett E 3     Dudley
Brown Frank   51 W Kansas Dudley
Brown Houston   20     Dudley
Brown James E 54 W Kentucky Dudley
Brown James E 8     Dudley
Brown John   12     Haskell
Brown Kate   53     Dudley
Brown Lenn   7     Haskell
Brown Letha G 4     Dudley
Brown Mabel M 29     Dudley
Brown Mildred   3     Haskell
Brown Raymond   8     Dudley
Brown Virgel   10     Haskell
Brown William   18     Haskell
Brown William A 6     Dudley
Browning Betty J 3     Satanta
Browning Charles M 14     Satanta
Browning Hazel M 9     Satanta
Browning James C 43 W Missouri Satanta
Browning Kawena   33     Satanta
Browning Leroy J 7     Satanta
Browning Patricia R 0     Satanta
Browning Thomas O 8     Satanta
Bryant Andrew J 57 W Indiana Dudley
Bryant Elmer D 27     Dudley
Bryant Sarah   53     Dudley
Buller Esnac H 39 W Kansas Lockport
Buller Haraff   17     Lockport
Buller Susie   37     Lockport
Burchard Wayne   22 W Kansas Satanta
Burgess Floyd   15     Haskell
Burgess Freman   18     Haskell
Burgess Grant   63 W Indiana Haskell
Burgess Lula   57     Haskell
Burney Bernice   23     Haskell
Burney Cecil   24 W Kansas Haskell
Burr Clara Mae 4     Sublette
Burr Dona Jean 5     Sublette
Burr Glady   29 W Kansas Sublette
Burr James A 1     Sublette
Burr Verna Irene 2     Sublette
Burst Harry   35 W Kansas Dudley
Butler Laura   66 W Missouri Sublette
Callier Edward T 30 W Missouri Haskell
Campbell Ann   22     Sublette
Campbell Delores Ann 1     Sublette
Campbell Robert   26 W Kansas Sublette
Canrad Melinda   84 W Indiana Satanta
Carrell Anna E 56     Haskell
Carrell Earnest   18     Haskell
Carrell Ethel   17     Haskell
Carrell Le Roy 19     Haskell
Carrell Louis   26     Haskell
Carrell Snow Fae 22     Haskell
Carrell T F 56 W Illinois Haskell
Carrell Taylor   28     Haskell
Carrell Virgil   15     Haskell
Carroll Allie C 32     Dudley
Carroll Arthur   8     Dudley
Carroll Asa O 39 W Kansas Dudley
Carroll Charles   1     Dudley
Carroll Don R 46 W Kansas Dudley
Carroll Earnest   14     Dudley
Carroll Ethel   10     Dudley
Carroll Inez   7     Dudley
Carroll James   12     Dudley
Carroll Lorence   16     Dudley
Carroll Mable M 35     Dudley
Carroll Mary M 12     Dudley
Carroll Rad   5     Dudley
Carroll Raymond   3     Dudley
Carroll Reva E 7     Dudley
Carroll Velda   1     Dudley
Carroll Velma E 15     Dudley
Carroll Vera A 15     Dudley
Carson Jewel L 16     Satanta
Carson Joseph D 56 W Kansas Satanta
Carson Lillie M 55     Satanta
Carson Oscar L 19     Satanta
Carter Chester E 16 W Kansas Satanta
Carter Clarence R 10     Satanta
Carter Eula J 32     Satanta
Carter Jack D 6     Satanta
Carter Jacob G 3     Satanta
Carter Leroy E 12     Satanta
Carter Roy   36 W Kansas Satanta
Case Anna   15     Sublette
Case Geo W 56 W Nebraska Sublette
Case Ralph   19     Sublette
Casey Helen K 9     Lockport
Casey James F 12     Lockport
Casey John F 15     Lockport
Casey Macy   50 W England Lockport
Cave Cara B 39     Sublette
Cave Claude M 46 W Missouri Sublette
Cave Ferne   17     Sublette
Cave Martha A 66 W Indiana Sublette
Cave Nellie   39     Sublette
Cave Ross   39 W Kansas Sublette
Cave S E 12     Sublette
Chabrin Chas   58 W Idaho Haskell
Chaney Alva R 37 W Missouri Satanta
Chaney Irene   34     Satanta
Chaney Marjorie L 9     Satanta
Chapel Agnes   20     Sublette
Chapel Betty Jean 0     Sublette
Chapel Henry   21 W Oklahoma Sublette
Chappell Hazel   3     Sublette
Chappell John   27 W Oklahoma Sublette
Chappell Opal   23     Sublette
Chappell Russell   6     Sublette
Charvat Loois   46 W Austria Haskell
Charvat Louis M 1     Haskell
Charvat Marie   33     Haskell
Chatfield Howard   49 W Kansas Dudley
Christiansen Jack   1     Sublette
Christiansen Janet   3     Sublette
Christiansen Katherine   21     Sublette
Christiansen Leroy   28 W Colorado Sublette
Clark Julia   43     Sublette
Clark Simpson   48 W Indiana Sublette
Cleghorn Burt   16     Lockport
Cleghorn Earl   21     Lockport
Cleghorn Ed   56 W Iowa Lockport
Cleghorn Edward   11     Lockport
Cleghorn Hazel   19     Lockport
Cleghorn Iola   52     Lockport
Cleghorn James F 7     Lockport
Clifton Alvin D 57 W Wisconsin Satanta
Clifton Nellie M 49     Satanta
Clure Charles Mc 15     Lockport
Clure Frank Mc 13     Lockport
Clure Kelley Mc 21     Lockport
Clure Mae Mc 44     Lockport
Cobb Lora   18 W Oklahoma Sublette
Colburn Elisabeth   36     Satanta
Colburn Peggy E 6     Satanta
Colburn Richard E 54 W Missouri Satanta
Cole Anna   56     Sublette
Cole Bill   22 W Massachusetts Sublette
Cole Ed   50 W Missouri Sublette
Conover Charles J 25 W Kansas Satanta
Conover Mary C 0     Satanta
Conover Mildred M 22     Satanta
Conway Carl   32 W Oklahoma Dudley
Conway Carl   4     Dudley
Conway Edith   4     Dudley
Conway Edward   0     Dudley
Conway June   1     Dudley
Conway Marie   26     Dudley
Cook Arthur G 49 W Missouri Dudley
Cook Arthur G 2     Dudley
Cook Bessie E 33     Dudley
Cook Dickey   7     Lockport
Cook Emma E 12     Dudley
Cook Lydia M 47     Lockport
Cook Marie J 5     Dudley
Cook Maynard A 14     Dudley
Cook Mickey   9     Lockport
Cook Paul J 7     Dudley
Cook Russell L 16     Dudley
Cook Ruth R 9     Dudley
Cook S H 42 W Missouri Lockport
Cooke Blanche   28     Sublette
Cooke Charles   53 W Missouri Sublette
Cooke Ellen   52     Sublette
Cooke M G 32     Sublette
Cool H E 73 W Missouri Lockport
Copley Archer C 7     Satanta
Copley Claude E 33 W Nebraska Satanta
Copley Elizabeth B 36     Satanta
Copley Nelson B 3     Satanta
Copley Robert E 0     Satanta
Cornelsen Anna   9     Dudley
Cornelsen Elizabeth   11     Dudley
Cornelsen Isaac W 39 W Canada Dudley
Cornelsen Katherine   15     Dudley
Cornelsen Lena   3     Dudley
Cornelsen Marie   17     Dudley
Cornelsen Mary T 40     Dudley
Cornelsen Peter   6     Dudley
Cowgill Beulah   33     Dudley
Cowgill Earl   6     Dudley
Cowgill Howard   40 W Kansas Dudley
Cowgill Myrtle   8     Dudley
Cox C T 49 W Illinois Haskell
Cox Caletts   1     Haskell
Cox Edith A 47     Haskell
Cox Erma   19     Haskell
Cox Raymond M 26 W Kansas Satanta
Cox Tarrest   18     Haskell
Coy Etta Mc 48     Sublette
Coy Frank Mc 49 W Missouri Sublette
Coy Mary Mc 77     Sublette
Crabtrll Barton   5     Lockport
Crabtrll Forest   1     Lockport
Crabtrll Glen   4     Lockport
Crabtrll L B 26 W Missouri Lockport
Crabtrll Rich E 25     Lockport
Cranston Carroll L 18     Dudley
Cranston Charles C 39 W Iowa Dudley
Cranston Leo O 6     Dudley
Cranston Lloyd A 14     Dudley
Cranston Vena   30     Dudley
Cranston Verle   16     Dudley
Creeden Bobbie   5     Sublette
Creeden Dorsey   6     Sublette
Creeden Elsworth   34 W Ohio Sublette
Creeden Ethel Joan 0     Sublette
Creeden Henryetta   23     Sublette
Creeden Nita   3     Sublette
Crone Elva F 3     Dudley
Crone Elvin L 25 W Kansas Dudley
Crone Nora F 26     Dudley
Culver Andrey   22 W Oklahoma Satanta
Culver Leath   13 W Colorado Haskell
Curray Lenosa   23     Dudley
Curray Susie   50     Dudley
Curray Walter   17     Dudley
Curray Walter S 51 W Indiana Dudley
Currer Frank   22 W Missouri Haskell
Curry Clair   42 W Kansas Dudley
Curry Viola   40     Dudley
Curtis Carol   15     Sublette
Curtis Edith   38     Sublette
Curtis Howard   39 W Kansas Sublette
Curtis Keith   11     Sublette
Curtis Marjorie   11     Sublette
Custer Bessie   55     Satanta
Custer Carita D 22     Dudley
Custer Ethel   57     Satanta
Custer Paul A 23 W Kansas Dudley
Custer Quess   56 W Illinois Satanta
Custer William A 66 W Indiana Satanta
Dagenhart Edward A 36 W Wyoming Sublette
Dagenhart Edward E 13     Sublette
Dagenhart Mary   34     Sublette
Dagenhart Rozella   7     Sublette
Daniel Edna   29     Haskell
Daniel H S 34 W Missouri Haskell
Daniel Marjorie   11     Haskell
Daniel Mary   63 W Missouri Sublette
Daniels Glenn A 30 W Indiana Satanta
David Billie   6     Haskell
David Danial   19     Haskell
David Kenneth   15     Haskell
David Lenord   17     Haskell
David Lucille   11     Haskell
David Mildred   21     Haskell
David Pail   26 W Ohio Haskell
David Robert   28     Haskell
David Russell   42     Haskell
Davis Bessie Y 33     Haskell
Davis Chester   16     Haskell
Davis E A 76 W Illinois Haskell
Davis Elizebeth   43     Haskell
Davis Flara B 75     Haskell
Davis J N 47 W Kansas Haskell
Davis Joanne   2     Haskell
Davis Joyce   5     Haskell
Davis Kenneth   22     Haskell
Davis Paul B 32     Haskell
Davis Philip   8     Haskell
Davis Ranald   19     Haskell
Davis Richard E 9     Haskell
Day John E 52     Satanta
Day Mayme D 45     Satanta
Day Patrick H 56 W Indiana Satanta
Dean Elmer M 8     Dudley
Dean Guy H 33 W Tennessee Dudley
Dean Minerva M 0     Dudley
Dean Nellie E 31     Dudley
Dean Wilma E 5   Tennessee Dudley
Debus Ethel   36     Sublette
Debus Lawrence   15     Sublette
Debus Leroy   12     Sublette
Debus Lucille   17     Sublette
Debus Margaret   10     Sublette
Debus V J 41 W South Dakota Sublette
Decker Adlai   35 W Illinois Satanta
Decker Alva M 5     Satanta
Decker Betty J 0     Satanta
Decker Lena M 8     Satanta
Decker Marion O 11     Satanta
Decker Mary L 31     Satanta
Defreed Barald   16     Lockport
Defreed Eugine   14     Lockport
Defreed Ida   42     Lockport
Defreed Lloyd   18     Lockport
Defreed Ralph   20     Lockport
Defreed T E 52 W Kansas Lockport
Defreed Warman   12     Lockport
Defreese Arlie   7     Haskell
Defreese Dick   18     Haskell
Defreese Lucretia   45 W Kansas Haskell
Defreese Vernon   13     Haskell
Demuth Freida   22     Sublette
Demuth Lewis   25 W Oklahoma Sublette
Dennis C G 44 W Kansas Sublette
Dennis Carrye A 41     Sublette
Dennis Clarence G 9     Sublette
Dennis E D 42 W Indiana Sublette
Dennis Glen   18     Sublette
Dennis L   77 W Ohio Sublette
Dennis Mary M 3     Sublette
Dennis Mattie   72     Sublette
Dennis Nona   40     Sublette
Dennis Ruby   16     Sublette
Dennis Victor   11     Sublette
Derby Molly E 69     Haskell
Derby S   74 W Ohio Haskell
Detter John   74 W Germany Dudley
Dewell Richard L 39 W Kansas Dudley
Dickson Alpharetta   27     Dudley
Dickson Clark P 33 W Missouri Satanta
Dickson Clifford   25 W Oklahoma Dudley
Dirks Alta   26     Lockport
Dirks Ben   33 W Kansas Lockport
Dirks Betty L 1     Lockport
Dirks Clarence   7     Lockport
Dirks Curtis   3     Lockport
Dirks Dezzie   0     Lockport
Dirks Ernest   30 W Kansas Lockport
Dirks Ethel   5     Lockport
Dirks Harold B 6     Lockport
Dirks Martha   33     Lockport
Doerksen Alice   1     Dudley
Doerksen Anna   31     Dudley
Doerksen Anna   32     Dudley
Doerksen Anna   32     Dudley
Doerksen Bernhard D 58 W Russia Dudley
Doerksen Bernhard P 24 W Canada Dudley
Doerksen Cornelius P 35 W Canada Dudley
Doerksen Dietrich   17     Dudley
Doerksen Elizabeth   23     Dudley
Doerksen Elmer   7     Dudley
Doerksen Ethelbert   11     Dudley
Doerksen George   21     Dudley
Doerksen George P 39 W Canada Dudley
Doerksen Gerhard D 64 W Russia Dudley
Doerksen Helena   54     Dudley
Doerksen Henry   15     Dudley
Doerksen Henry   33     Dudley
Doerksen Jacob   17     Dudley
Doerksen John   27     Dudley
Doerksen Lula   2     Dudley
Doerksen Lynda   0     Dudley
Doerksen Margaret   30     Dudley
Doerksen Maria   21     Dudley
Doerksen Mary   20     Dudley
Doerksen Mary   21     Dudley
Doerksen Peter   19     Dudley
Doerksen Sarah   37     Dudley
Doerksen Sarah   58     Dudley
Doerksen Wilford   13     Dudley
Donald Arnold Mc 28     Satanta
Douglas Wayne   26 W Kansas Sublette
Duff Margaret B 31     Satanta
Duff Victor A 38 W Kansas Satanta
Dunham Alfred   7     Lockport
Dunham Ben R 49 W Kansas Lockport
Dunham Birdie   17     Lockport
Dunham Clara   21     Lockport
Dunham E R 24 W Kansas Lockport
Dunham Thelma   13     Lockport
Dunham Weslie   11     Lockport
Dunham Zilpha   47     Lockport
Dunn Darothy A 11     Dudley
Dunn Erma M 5     Lockport
Dunn Grant N 42 W Kansas Lockport
Dunn Harry C 11     Lockport
Dunn Jannie J 3     Lockport
Dunn Jessie E 43     Lockport
Dunn Mamie M 16     Lockport
Dunn Mellie H 39     Dudley
Dunn Ray G 9     Lockport
Dunn Richard L 15     Dudley
Dunn Robert H 42 W Kansas Dudley
Dunn Roy G 7     Lockport
Dunn William T 13     Lockport
Durnil Alta   45     Sublette
Durnil Chas   47 W Indiana Sublette
Durnil Margaret   10     Sublette
Dye Burton   10     Sublette
Dye Carlton   61 W Missouri Sublette
Dye Della   50     Sublette
Dye Edward   20     Sublette
Dye Morgan   22     Sublette
Dye Pearl   13     Sublette
Eidse Abe N 41 W Canada Dudley
Eidse Katie M 37     Dudley
Eidse Martin   6     Dudley
Eidse Norman   3     Dudley
Eidse Olive A 14     Dudley
Eidse Robert   1     Dudley
Eidse Viola V 10     Dudley
Elliott Dorsey   13     Sublette
Elliott E H 48 W Missouri Sublette
Elliott Eltrude   10     Sublette
Elliott Gentry   27 W Arkansas Lockport
Elliott Julia Ann 2     Lockport
Elliott Myrtle   40     Sublette
Ellison John   45 W Kansas Dudley
Ellsaesser B W 29 W Kansas Haskell
Ellsaesser Leona   6     Haskell
Ellsaesser Mable   29     Haskell
Ellsaesser Ruby   3     Haskell
Elmore Emily   22     Sublette
Elmore Harry   28 W Kansas Sublette
Elmore Norma   1     Sublette
Elmore Verla Roderic 0     Sublette
England Ethel N 30 W Missouri Satanta
English Christine   25     Sublette
English De E E 27 W Missouri Sublette
English Marietta   1     Sublette
Ernest Delbert E 26 W Oklahoma Dudley
Esgebel Derito   6     Satanta
Esgebel Luis   40 Mex Mexico Satanta
Esgebel Solome   35     Satanta
Esgebel Stephen   8     Satanta
Etchison Molly   72 W Iowa Dudley
Etling Carlo G 37 W Kansas Lockport
Etling Hallie E 33     Lockport
Etling Larue D 9     Lockport
Evans Georgia H 10     Satanta
Evans Jack N 4     Satanta
Evans Marie E 6     Satanta
Evans R E 36 W Indiana Satanta
Evans Ralph   8     Satanta
Evans Virginia J 12     Satanta
Farmer William H 40 W Kansas Satanta
Farrell George   33 W Indiana Satanta
Farris Clell   12 W Kansas Haskell
Feight Fern E 36     Satanta
Feight Grover G 35 W Iowa Satanta
Feltner C H 36 W Iowa Haskell
Feltner Lee   36 W Kansas Lockport
Feltner Sadie   67     Haskell
Fenton Alfreda   17     Sublette
Fenton Arthur   16     Sublette
Fenton Dick   28 W Kansas Sublette
Fenton Fred   53 W Missouri Sublette
Fenton Ina   10     Sublette
Fenton Lillian   21     Sublette
Fenton Maude   52     Sublette
Fillpot Anna   53     Satanta
Fillpot Austin H 24     Satanta
Fillpot Charles W 54 W Missouri Satanta
Fillpot Floyd H 21     Satanta
Fillpot Hazel R 13     Satanta
Fisher Della   38     Sublette
Fisher Eli   31 W Kansas Sublette
Fisher Esther V 2     Sublette
Fisher Faye   6     Sublette
Fisher Florence   4     Sublette
Fisher Harry   40 W Kansas Sublette
Fisher Harry   10     Sublette
Fisher John   6     Sublette
Fisher Mary   8     Sublette
Fisher Ruth   27     Sublette
Fleming L L 53 W Iowa Lockport
Fleming Margret   53     Lockport
Fletcher James J 75 W Illinois Satanta
Fletcher Kate   72     Satanta
Flews Isaac P 28 W Canada Dudley
Floyd J W 55 W Missouri Sublette
Ford Blanche A 32     Satanta
Ford Ralph   45 W Illinois Satanta
Forney Dick   3     Sublette
Forney Dovye   31     Sublette
Forney Masolene   7     Sublette
Forney Rolland   32 W Iowa Sublette
Forsyth Arthur A 18     Satanta
Forsyth Esther I 13     Satanta
Forsyth Harlen C 15     Satanta
Forsyth Harold J 10     Satanta
Forsyth Harry J 3     Satanta
Forsyth Jake M 51 W Kansas Satanta
Forsyth Winnie   38     Satanta
Fortna David O 9     Satanta
Fortna Dayton G 48 W Kansas Satanta
Fortna Sarah I 47     Satanta
Foster Clayton B 9     Satanta
Foster Donald W 0     Satanta
Foster Herbert   35 W Kansas Satanta
Foster Noma M 35     Satanta
Foster Reba N 7     Satanta
Frame Cecil A 19     Lockport
Frame Donald   17     Sublette
Frame Dorothy   7     Sublette
Frame Earl   9     Sublette
Frame Edward   42 W Illinois Sublette
Frame Esther   43     Sublette
Frame Frank   52 W Illinois Lockport
Frame Harold   4     Sublette
Frame Henry E 22     Lockport
Frame Inez A 16     Lockport
Frame Johnie F 10     Lockport
Frame Lois   15     Sublette
Frame Lucille   13     Sublette
Frame Marry L 42     Lockport
Francis John I 62 W Indiana Satanta
Francis Luella M 16     Satanta
Francis Sadie I 14     Satanta
Frank Carie   28     Lockport
Frank D Lawerence 3     Lockport
Frank Dorthy   3     Lockport
Frank E W 28 W Poland Lockport
Frank Floyd   1     Lockport
Frank Harry   26 W Oklahoma Lockport
Frank Herman   32 W Russia Lockport
Frank Lizzie   27     Lockport
Frank Ray   2     Lockport
Frank Sadie   4     Lockport
Franke August C 56 W Germany Dudley
Franz Julius   44 W Ohio Lockport
Frasier Marjorie C 19 W Kansas Dudley
Frasier Marjorie C 19 W Kansas Satanta
Frazier M M 57 W Ohio Haskell
Frazier Norah M 46     Haskell
Frey Alma   5     Dudley
Frey Frank   18     Dudley
Frey Fred H 41 W Kansas Dudley
Frey Geraldine   3     Dudley
Frey Martha   8     Dudley
Frey Mary   15     Dudley
Frey Mary N 30     Dudley
Friesen Abraham W 33 W Canada Dudley
Friesen Bernhard   2     Dudley
Friesen Jacob   4     Dudley
Friesen Mary   31     Dudley
Friesen Peter   5     Dudley
Frisby Donald E 2     Sublette
Frisby Leah   21     Sublette
Frisby Norma Lee 0     Sublette
Frisby W H 21 W Oklahoma Sublette
Frost F B 45 W Nebraska Haskell
Garetson J D 51 W Missouri Lockport
Garetson James   8     Lockport
Garetson Jean   23     Lockport
Garetson Magalena   46     Lockport
Garetson Margery   11     Lockport
Garetson Mary   15     Lockport
Garetson Miner   13     Lockport
Garetson Paul   21     Lockport
Garetson Robert   9     Lockport
Garetson Wanda   5     Lockport
Garner Alice   50     Dudley
Garner James R 57 W Nebraska Dudley
Garner Robert B 13     Dudley
Garret Harry   23 W Arkansas Sublette
Garrison Crystal L 21     Dudley
Garrison Ortha   23 W Kansas Dudley
Gary Herbert   26 W Iowa Haskell
Gary Lona Maie 26     Haskell
Gatrell Gertie   39     Lockport
Gatrell James   11     Lockport
Gatrell Lorene   12     Lockport
Gatrell W F 37 W Kansas Lockport
Geist Juanita   1     Sublette
Geist Leland   22 W Missouri Sublette
Geist Lelia   20     Sublette
George S Wallace 82 W Illinois Sublette
Gibson Herbert   27 W South Africa Satanta
Gifford Blanche E 38     Lockport
Gifford G N 53 W Kansas Lockport
Gifford Lawrence   16     Lockport
Gifford Paul   8     Lockport
Gifford Robert   4     Lockport
Gilbert Clay   53 W Iowa Lockport
Gilbert Sue   50     Lockport
Gilbert Thelma   21 W Colorado Satanta
Gilchrist Cecil   15     Lockport
Gilchrist E B 49 W Texas Lockport
Gilchrist Esther   16     Lockport
Gilchrist G N 22     Lockport
Gilchrist Helen   8     Lockport
Gilchrist James   12     Lockport
Gilchrist Louis   10     Lockport
Gilchrist Marry   40     Lockport
Gildcrist Ross   24 W Kansas Satanta
Glover Arla D 1     Lockport
Glover Edna M 9     Lockport
Glover Edward E 3     Lockport
Glover Ivan   7     Lockport
Glover Jessie   27     Lockport
Glover Louis M 0     Lockport
Glover Spencer   38 W Missouri Lockport
Godinez Andy   37 Mex Mexico Satanta
Godinez Carmel   0     Satanta
Godinez Consuelo   8     Satanta
Godinez Jesus   12     Satanta
Godinez Mercedes M 26     Satanta
Goodwin Aurel   46 W Indiana Satanta
Goodwin Aurel   3     Satanta
Goodwin Berta L 3     Satanta
Goodwin Betty   28     Satanta
Goodwin Harold W 22 W Kansas Satanta
Goodwin Harry   5     Satanta
Goodwin Jack   25 W Oklahoma Satanta
Goodwin John E 6     Satanta
Goodwin Marieta   30     Satanta
Goodwin Mary J 18     Satanta
Goodwin Max W 0     Satanta
Goodwin Robert   5     Satanta
Grace Olson   38 W Kansas Sublette
Graden Charlie   18     Lockport
Graden D M 63 W Missouri Lockport
Graden Sarah E 58     Lockport
Grady Calvin   65 W Ohio Satanta
Grady Joab B 27     Satanta
Grady Mary L 64     Satanta
Graham Edith   35     Haskell
Graham Geo L 34 W Missouri Haskell
Graham George H 54 W Illinois Sublette
Graham Jennie   51     Sublette
Graham Lawerence   5     Haskell
Graham Lenard   3     Haskell
Graham Walier   12     Haskell
Grant Charles A 35 W Kansas Satanta
Grant Jack E 5     Satanta
Grant Lucie E 31     Satanta
Graves Earnest O 49 W Kansas Satanta
Graves Eva P 45     Satanta
Graves Glenn D 21     Satanta
Graves Mac Fale 9     Satanta
Grdgary J G 33 W Arkansas Haskell
Grdgary James D 0     Haskell
Grdgary Norma   2     Haskell
Grdgary Ruth   28     Haskell
Gregg John C 80 W Ohio Dudley
Gregg Mary   80     Dudley
Gregg Miles   45     Dudley
Groat Paul   24 W Kansas Satanta
Groth Amelia   69     Dudley
Groth Christina M 2     Dudley
Groth Earnest L 0     Dudley
Groth Edmand H 40 W Oklahoma Dudley
Groth Florence   34     Dudley
Groth Frances S 26     Dudley
Groth George   44     Dudley
Groth Herman   68 W Wisconsin Dudley
Groth Leonard L 0     Dudley
Gurwell Floyd   25 W Iowa Satanta
Gurwell Lulu   30 W Oklahoma Satanta
Guthrie Clara   34     Sublette
Guthrie Ira   7     Sublette
Guthrie Olie   41 W Missouri Sublette
Haddon C W 43 W Kansas Lockport
Haddon Daisy   40     Lockport
Haddon Edith   8     Lockport
Haddon Margrete   15     Lockport
Halaback Anna   14     Lockport
Halaback H   47 W Russia Lockport
Halaback Huceria   35     Lockport
Halaback Paul   1     Lockport
Halaback Petra   11     Lockport
Halcomb John   20 W Georgia Haskell
Haley Armintie   35     Satanta
Haley J B 12     Satanta
Haley Jess B 37 W Tennessee Satanta
Halloway Ben   37 W Kansas Sublette
Halloway Eugene   11     Sublette
Halloway Gilbert   15     Sublette
Halloway Susie   38     Sublette
Hamilton Bird   21 W Kansas Dudley
Hamilton Elmer   23 W Kansas Haskell
Hammar Minnie   54     Lockport
Hammar Oris   57 W Ohio Lockport
Hammer Fred N 23 W   Dudley
Hammer Nora E 62     Dudley
Hammer Thomas S 63 W Missouri Dudley
Hammer Veda   20     Dudley
Hammond Elmo   19 W Oklahoma Sublette
Hamner Ed J 27 W Kansas Lockport
Hamner Edward   4     Lockport
Hamner Emma   27     Lockport
Hamner Robert D 4     Lockport
Haney Ara E 25     Haskell
Haney Clayton   4     Haskell
Haney Elmer   6     Haskell
Haney W H 38 W Kansas Haskell
Hanson Alice   31     Sublette
Hanson Bessie May 0     Sublette
Hanson Jim   48 W Oklahoma Sublette
Hanson Jimmy   5     Sublette
Harmon Edna A 17 W Kansas Satanta
Harms Magie   26 W Kansas Lockport
Harpar James   19 W Missouri Haskell
Harrall W M 47 W Georgia Haskell
Harrison Abbie   62 W Kansas Dudley
Harrison Carl T 38     Dudley
Hartley Benjamin F 70 W Tennessee Dudley
Hartley Donsella O 70     Dudley
Hartley Doris L 19     Dudley
Hartley Frank B 45 W Kansas Dudley
Hartley Lydia M 44     Dudley
Hartley Zelda M 16     Dudley
Hartly Earl   22 W Kansas Sublette
Hartly Eula   20     Sublette
Hartly Leslie   1     Sublette
Hartman Charles   56 W Ohio Dudley
Harvey Arlis   5     Sublette
Harvey Esther M 34     Satanta
Harvey Jay Chuchip 8     Sublette
Harvey John   32 W Indiana Sublette
Harvey John A 33 W Indiana Satanta
Harvey Max J 6     Satanta
Harvey Odna   33     Sublette
Haull Edward   12     Haskell
Haull Herman   17     Haskell
Haull Lymon   13     Haskell
Haull Myrtle   37 W Missouri Haskell
Haull Raymond   15     Haskell
Hayden Austen J 33 W Kansas Satanta
Hayden Genevieve M 7     Satanta
Hayden Goldie I 25     Satanta
Hayden Leroy A 2     Satanta
Hays Angeline   6     Sublette
Hays John   27 W Missouri Sublette
Hays John Allen 3     Sublette
Hays Minnie   24     Sublette
Hazlett Ray   20 W Kansas Dudley
Hefelle John   21 W Kansas Haskell
Helzer Fred   26 W Russia Dudley
Hempler Charles   43 W Missouri Sublette
Hempler Golda   33     Sublette
Hempton Alice Y 6     Sublette
Hempton C F 30 W Missouri Sublette
Hempton Charles E 10     Sublette
Hempton Lillian   32     Sublette
Hempton Robert Paul 0     Sublette
Henage A R 48 W Kentucky Sublette
Henage Ida C 68     Sublette
Henage Murray   17     Sublette
Henage R N 75 W Kentucky Sublette
Henage Stella   36     Sublette
Henderson Alberta   23     Sublette
Henderson Annabelle   3     Sublette
Henderson Earl   50 W Ohio Lockport
Henderson Fannie   58     Sublette
Henderson Harvey L 32 W Kansas Satanta
Henderson John   47 W Missouri Sublette
Henderson Junior   1     Sublette
Henderson Leand   47     Lockport
Henderson Leland   21     Sublette
Henderson Maynard E 23 W Indiana Sublette
Henderson Ophelia J 69     Satanta
Henderson Wilma I 21     Satanta
Henley Esther   27     Sublette
Henley Robert   4     Sublette
Henley Ruby May 1     Sublette
Henley W R 39 W North Carolina Sublette
Henry Betty L 6     Sublette
Henry Dale   3     Sublette
Henry Ester   26     Sublette
Henry L G 35 W Missouri Sublette
Henry Laurel   5     Sublette
Hering H R 28 W Kansas Haskell
Hernandez Valentin   22 Mex Mexico Satanta
Heskamp Ralph   34 W Kentucky Sublette
Hester Daisy   37     Sublette
Hester Herbert J 17     Sublette
Hester Herbert S 45 W Kansas Sublette
Hester Larene   8     Sublette
Hewes Charlotte   0     Haskell
Hewes Ed   26 W Indiana Haskell
Hewes Pearl   21     Haskell
Hickman Agnes   14     Dudley
Hickman C L 48 W Indiana Haskell
Hickman Cara   42     Haskell
Hickman Dwayne   3     Dudley
Hickman Floyd D 32 W Kansas Dudley
Hickman Iva O 17     Dudley
Hickman James L 68 W West Virginia Dudley
Hickman Laura   34     Dudley
Hickman Lawrence   9     Dudley
Hickman Lee Roy 42     Dudley
Hickman Lenn   6     Dudley
Hickman Oliver   12     Dudley
Hickman Ralph   13     Haskell
Higginbotham Jan   23 W Missouri Dudley
Higginbotham Jaqueline J 1     Dudley
Higginbotham Pauline A 22     Dudley
Higginbotham Victor S 41 W Missouri Dudley
Hill James A 49 W Illinois Satanta
Hill Stella V 44     Satanta
Hill Thelma A 9     Satanta
Hoberg J H   W   Sublette
Hoffman E U 41 W Missouri Haskell
Hoffman Maude   32     Haskell
Hoffman Randall   1     Haskell
Hoffman Richard   3     Haskell
Holaway F H 64 W Kentucky Lockport
Holmes C L 29 W Kansas Haskell
Hostetler Anna   48     Dudley
Hostetler Bessie   7     Dudley
Hostetler Charles A 23     Dudley
Hostetler Crystal   4     Dudley
Hostetler Floyd   17     Dudley
Hostetler Lloyd J 19     Dudley
Hostetler Lola   22     Dudley
Hostetler Mable   1     Dudley
Hostetler Ollie M 12     Dudley
Hostetler Opal   2     Dudley
Hostetler Rudy E 58 W Indiana Dudley
Hostetler Rufus C 29 W Indiana Dudley
Huetson A H 54 W Illinois Haskell
Huetson Danna E 49     Haskell
Huetson Ethel L 10     Haskell
Huffman Alfred L 32 W Oklahoma Satanta
Huffman Charlotte G 11     Satanta
Huffman Dollie B 29     Satanta
Huffman Emry A 37     Haskell
Huffman Harald   13     Haskell
Huffman Harriet   16     Haskell
Huffman J A 26 W Kansas Haskell
Huffman L C 45 W Michigan Haskell
Huffman Naida   14     Haskell
Huffman Virgil R 18 W Oklahoma Satanta
Huffman Zora M 7     Satanta
Huffmaster Alberta   3     Dudley
Huffmaster Alma B 5     Dudley
Huffmaster Anna F 39     Dudley
Huffmaster Charles   46 W Illinois Dudley
Huffmaster Charles   1     Dudley
Huffmaster Edith   16     Dudley
Huffmaster Frank H 12     Dudley
Huffmaster Nellie M 10     Dudley
Huffmaster Raymond A 19     Dudley
Hull Alpha   21     Lockport
Hull Donna Mae 1     Sublette
Hull Ernest A 35 W Kansas Sublette
Hull George   19     Lockport
Hull Glen   11     Sublette
Hull Lois   7     Sublette
Hull Nona E 34     Sublette
Hull Norman   5     Sublette
Hull Thomas A 26 W Kansas Lockport
Hutchison Ethel   21     Satanta
Hutchison John W 57 W Indiana Satanta
Hutchison Lloyd D 4     Satanta
Hutchison Ora E 58     Satanta
Hutchison Roscoe C 24     Satanta
Huxman Carl L 37 W Kansas Satanta
Huxman Florence A 39     Satanta
Huxman Lenice F 7     Satanta
Huxman Pauline V 12     Satanta
Hyatt Charles E 16     Sublette
Hyatt E W 46 W Kansas Sublette
Hyatt Esthel E 14     Sublette
Hyatt Ethel C 38     Sublette
Hyde Anna   26     Satanta
Hyde Billy K 10     Satanta
Hyde Hattie E 64 W Indiana Satanta
Hyde William P 25 W Oklahoma Satanta
Jackson Evelyn R 7     Satanta
Jackson Gwendolyn M 11     Satanta
Jackson James C 4     Satanta
Jackson Laeph A 29 W Kansas Satanta
Jackson Robert B 9     Satanta
Jackson Zella L 29     Satanta
Jacquart Beatrice D 26     Sublette
Jacquart Bessie   53     Sublette
Jacquart H J 60 W Ohio Sublette
Jacquart Rolland   29     Sublette
James Basil   10     Sublette
James Dewey   30 W Missouri Sublette
James Ethel   26     Sublette
James Eugene   2     Sublette
James Lowell   7     Sublette
Jameson James   33 W Kansas Dudley
Jantz Audra   26     Lockport
Jantz Beatrice   9     Lockport
Jantz Bertha   12     Lockport
Jantz Cecil   6     Lockport
Jantz Daniel B 49 W Kansas Lockport
Jantz Edward   13     Lockport
Jantz Elvin   5     Lockport
Jantz Erma   8     Lockport
Jantz Franklin   7     Lockport
Jantz Franklin   10     Lockport
Jantz Gladys   0     Lockport
Jantz Gunda H 38     Lockport
Jantz Jae   37 W Kansas Lockport
Jantz Jesse   4     Lockport
Jantz Jessie B 26 W Kansas Lockport
Jantz John   37 W Kansas Lockport
Jantz Johnie   2     Lockport
Jantz Junior   5     Lockport
Jantz Loyd   3     Lockport
Jantz Lydia   34     Lockport
Jantz Melvin   11     Lockport
Jantz Orvilene   5     Lockport
Jantz Perl   22     Lockport
Jantz Raymond   6     Lockport
Jantz Rosella   2     Lockport
Jantz Shirley   1     Lockport
Jennings Emma E 28     Satanta
Jennings Leland L 5     Satanta
Jennings Lou Roe 1     Satanta
Jennings Mary Ellen 4     Satanta
Jennings Raymond L 27 W Oklahoma Satanta
Jessup Jim   69     Sublette
Jessup R F 23 W Kansas Sublette
John Oleson   56 W Wisconsin Sublette
Johnson A H 58 W Canada Sublette
Johnson Alta   26     Sublette
Johnson Bertha   20     Lockport
Johnson Bill   71 W Indiana Sublette
Johnson C M 44 W Kansas Lockport
Johnson Carl   22 W Kansas Sublette
Johnson Clara   70 W Illinois Sublette
Johnson Donald   1     Lockport
Johnson Doris   12     Haskell
Johnson E B 51 W Kansas Haskell
Johnson Earl   10     Lockport
Johnson Geo H 26 W Kansas Sublette
Johnson Gladys   18     Lockport
Johnson Grael   20     Lockport
Johnson Helen   15     Haskell
Johnson Howard   19     Haskell
Johnson J M 57 W Illinois Lockport
Johnson Janet J 1     Sublette
Johnson Joanne   4     Sublette
Johnson L C 67 W Illinois Lockport
Johnson Leata   25     Lockport
Johnson Leta   16 W Kansas Sublette
Johnson Mabel   49     Sublette
Johnson Marjorie   5     Lockport
Johnson Marten   11     Lockport
Johnson Mary   11     Lockport
Johnson Mary G 55     Lockport
Johnson Maxine   17     Haskell
Johnson Paul   27 W Kansas Lockport
Johnson Rillie   43     Lockport
Johnson Russell   15     Sublette
Johnson Sophia   36     Haskell
Johnson Sylvia   50     Lockport
Jones Betty   2     Sublette
Jones Boyd D 15     Satanta
Jones Ethelda   10     Dudley
Jones Eva W 32     Dudley
Jones Grace L 24     Satanta
Jones James E 47 W Missouri Dudley
Jones John D 38 W Nebraska Satanta
Jones John D 3     Satanta
Jones John R 32 W Minnesota Sublette
Jones Laura   34     Sublette
Jones Orville   6     Dudley
Jones Vernon   27 W Kansas Sublette
Jones W R 5 W Missouri Haskell
Josserand Anna H 5 W Kansas Lockport
Josserand C C 30 W Kansas Lockport
Josserand Irene   27     Lockport
Josserand Nina K 3     Lockport
Josserand Orville   1     Lockport
Judd Goldie E 23     Dudley
Judd Hobert O 5     Dudley
Judd Lester   30 W Oklahoma Dudley
Judd Ralph   31 W Oklahoma Dudley
Judd Ula S 31     Dudley
Judd William R 7     Dudley
Judy Pierce B 25 W Indiana Satanta
Kaehn Clemon   16     Lockport
Kaehn Frances   19     Lockport
Kaehn Gertie   11     Lockport
Kaehn J H 41 W Kansas Lockport
Kaehn Jacob E 28 W Kansas Lockport
Kaehn Leslie   12     Lockport
Kaehn Rachel   43     Lockport
Kaehn Susanna   22     Lockport
Kalmes Amy   21     Lockport
Kalmes Katherin   0     Lockport
Kalmes V E 19 W Kansas Lockport
Kalmes W G 23     Lockport
Kassler Walter E 33 W Kansas Satanta
Kastynavich A E 29     Haskell
Kastynavich E F 70     Haskell
Kastynavich E W 20 W Russia Haskell
Kastynavich L C 28     Haskell
Kastynavich M L 1     Haskell
Kelley Lavon   19 W Kansas Satanta
Kells Ada   42     Dudley
Kells Bertha E 29     Dudley
Kells Chester A 41 W Kansas Dudley
Kells Clifford   5     Dudley
Kells Dorral V 19     Dudley
Kells Earnest   2     Dudley
Kells Eva M 3     Dudley
Kells Frank A 9     Dudley
Kells Imogene   0     Dudley
Kells Lavone   7     Dudley
Kells Leana   23     Dudley
Kells Myra   29     Dudley
Kells Ray   27 W Kansas Dudley
Kells Robert J 46 W Missouri Dudley
Kells Ruby   20     Dudley
Kells Russell   5     Dudley
Kells Sampson H 34 W Kansas Dudley
Kells Ted   28 W Kansas Dudley
Kells Vern H 23 W Kansas Dudley
Kells W E 43 W Missouri Dudley
Kells Walter   7     Dudley
Kelman Barnice   12     Haskell
Kelman Gertrude   36     Haskell
Kelman Jack   10     Haskell
Kelman W O 38 W Kansas Haskell
Kennedy Frank W 14     Dudley
Kennedy Harry E 36 W Illinois Dudley
Kennedy Maggie W 36     Dudley
Kephart Willis S 39 W Kansas Satanta
Kerr Betty M 4     Sublette
Kerr Ernest W 30 W Kansas Sublette
Kerr Muriel   25     Sublette
Kesser Carrie V 55 W Pennsylvania Haskell
Killion M E 61 W Iowa Sublette
Kimes Bertha   20     Sublette
Kimes Corbin   46 W Ohio Sublette
Kimes Nellie   17     Sublette
Kimes Nellie M 41     Sublette
King Fred O 25 W Oklahoma Satanta
King Lottie M 32     Satanta
Kirby Elmo   14     Sublette
Kirby Ora   35     Sublette
Kirby Ray   42 W Illinois Sublette
Kisner Bannie   36     Lockport
Kisner N E 39 W Missouri Lockport
Kitchel T J 53 W Iowa Haskell
Knowles Celia M 29     Dudley
Knowles Homer   30 W Kansas Dudley
Knowles John K 6     Dudley
Knowles Leland D 4     Dudley
Kochn Evelyn   44     Dudley
Kochn Louis B 43 W Kansas Dudley
Koop Anna B 25     Satanta
Koop Cora D 19     Dudley
Koop Jacob D 2     Dudley
Koop Jacob W 39 W Canada Dudley
Koop John D 35 W Canada Satanta
Koop Lena   38     Dudley
Koop Lena D 17     Dudley
Koop Peter R 1     Satanta
Koop Sarah D 16     Dudley
Koop Tina D 12     Dudley
Krider Beatrice   44     Haskell
Krider L R 48 W Kansas Haskell
Kucker Joseph   46 W Missouri Satanta
Kucker Mary M 33     Satanta
Laarveld William E 27 W Kansas Satanta
Lacass Elsie   19     Lockport
Lacass Winnie   17 W Kansas Lockport
Lacke Willian H 37 W Kansas Lockport
Lacoss Winnie   17 W Kansas Sublette
Lacrosse Elsie   19 W Kansas Sublette
Lamberson Lucy   35     Sublette
Lamberson Ray   38 W Kansas Sublette
Lance Geo   28 W Missouri Sublette
Lance Patricia I 1 W Kansas Sublette
Lapee Bessie   31     Dudley
Lapee Richard   11     Dudley
Lapee Richard C 34 W Missouri Dudley
Larkins Melvin H 14 W Kansas Satanta
Lathers Clyde   30 W Missouri Haskell
Lattimore E L 40 W Kansas Lockport
Lattimore Eula   38     Lockport
Lattimore Lavelle   10     Lockport
Lauder Ira   32 W Oklahoma Haskell
Lauder Neola   1     Haskell
Lauder Rae   34     Haskell
Lauder Stanily   7     Haskell
Lax Billy   1     Sublette
Lax Norma   14     Sublette
Lax Sam   24 W Oklahoma Sublette
Lax Vivi   24     Sublette
Leazenby John G 44 W Nebraska Satanta
Lenard Berniece   22     Haskell
Lenard Floyd   0     Haskell
Lenard L C 25 W Kansas Haskell
Lenard Lloyd   23 W Kansas Haskell
Leslie Charles E 32 W Kansas Dudley
Leslie Myrtle I 34     Dudley
Lewis George B 38 W Kansas Satanta
Lewis James A 51 W Kansas Satanta
Lilly William L 32 W Kentucky Satanta
Lindeman Agnes   24     Sublette
Lindeman Clara B 64     Sublette
Lindeman George E 63 W Indiana Sublette
Lindeman Keith   25     Sublette
Lindeman Paul E 37 W Kansas Sublette
Lindeman Ralph D 23     Sublette
Lindeman Robert D 3     Sublette
Little R C 25     Lockport
Little Ruth   22 W Indiana Lockport
Little Winfred E 1     Lockport
Loen Leslie F 17 W Iowa Satanta
Long Evelin De 7 W Washington Lockport
Loomis E   51     Sublette
Loomis G K 29 W Kansas Sublette
Loomis Josie   28     Sublette
Loomis Willard   5     Sublette
Lorlovick Nick   22 W Minnesota Dudley
Lower Guy   41 W Kansas Sublette
Lower Harold   18     Sublette
Lower Ione   14     Sublette
Lower Mattie   40     Sublette
Lucas Clarence E 39 W Missouri Satanta
Lucas Martha E 29     Satanta
Luna Antonia   35     Satanta
Luna Emma   13     Satanta
Luna Pablo   38 Mex Mexico Satanta
Lutz Ester   29 W Kansas Sublette
Lyman H H 53 W Ohio Lockport
Lyman Myrile   53     Lockport