Burr Oak Cemetery

Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas

The following is a list of the tombstone pictures submitted by Glen Stevenson Lurch234@charter.net. These pictures are family related and not an indication of all stones in the cemetery. The transcription from the pictures is provided here by Carolyn Ward. If you find an error in the transcriptions, please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com for corrections to this listing.

Name Birth Death Notes Picture
Stevenson, Bertha A. 1872 1938   Picture
Stevenson, John 1873 1954 Father Picture
Wilson, Ethie E. Sept. 17, 1907 May 16, 1949   Picture
Wilson, Eva L. July 4, 1883 July 29, 1952   Picture
Wilson, Melvin A. Oct. 8, 1869 June 27, 1856   Picture
Wilson, Orville L. Jan 13, 1904 Apr 17, 1980 Pvt US Army World War II Picture
Wilson, Susan June 8, 1838 Aug 7, 1902 Weep not, she is not dead, but sleeping Picture

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