Submitted by Janece Carter Streig

Jewell County, Kansas County Recorder Book 2 Misc. Records; Pages 622-623

Articles of Agreement Between Perry McCRACKEN and Ocie E. JESTER

This memorandum and agreement made and entered into this 21st day of February 1900 by and between Perry McCRACKEN an unmarried man of Beloit Mitchell County Kansas of the first part and Ocie E. JESTER an unmarried woman of Deweese Clay County Nebraska of the second part

Witnesseth, That the parties hereto in view, and in consideration of a contemplated marriage between said parties do hereby and solemly covenant each to and with the other that each of said parties when married shall hold and control in his and her own right respectively all the real and personal property of whatsoever kind which they now respectively hold and possess the same to all intents and purposes as if they each remained sold and unmarried and that each of said parties may and shall have full right and power to sell transfer and convey during said marriage by his own and her own property both real and personal property the same to all intents and purposes as if no such marriage existed without the consent of the other and without the other joining in such sale transfer or conveyance and each may and shall have full right and power during said marriage to mortgage incumber or lease his or her property without the consent or joining of the other the same to all intents and purposes as of said parties where sole and unmarried and it is the express purpose and real intent of this agreement that each of the parties hereto shall and hereby does consent to and concur in whatever disposition of the separate property of the other such other may make during said marriage, as fully and completely and they might or could do if they consented to and concurred and participated is such disposition at the true of making the same and whether such disposition shall be by contract or conveyance of any kind whatsoever or shall be by will and devise of whatsoever nature.

And this agreement is made for the special purpose and with the express intent of modifying the property rights between the parties hereto as husband and wife as such rights are defined by existing or subsequent laws of descent and distribution in the manner and to the extent herein before expressed

In Witness whereof said parties hereto have hereunto interchangeably set their hands the day and year first above written.


State of Kansas Cloud County ss.

Be it Remembered That on this 21st day of February A.D. 1900 before me, the undersigned a Probate Judge in and for the County and State aforesaid came Perry McCRACKEN an unmarried man and Ocie E. JESTER an unmarried woman who are personally known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument of writing and such persons severally duly acknowledged the execution of the same. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year last above written

C. P. SMITH (Seal) Probate Judge

Filed May 9th 1900 at 1:20 P.M. Harry COMPTON, Reg. By Lulu PATTERSON, Dep.

On the left side of the document:

Know all men by these Presents that the parties hereto hereby surrender, release and reprise and relinquish and unto each other all right interest or benefit unto each of them occurring by and under the within instrument of writing.



Above release endosed on the original instrument was filed May 2 1902 @ 8 A.M. Jewell City, Kansas Harry COMPTON Reg of Deeds By Lulu PATTERSON Deputy.

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