THE MANKATOAN, Jewell County, Kansas


Submitted by Janet Tyler

N.G. Sheffer – Superintendent
M.W. Hale – Director
Rovert M. Smith – Treasurer
D.K. Balch – Clerk

Harley Doak – Music, Hi-Y, American History
Dennis KcKee – Industrial Arts, Coach
Rosemary Haslouer – Mathematics
Mabelle Vandeventer – Junior High, G.A.A.
Mary Jo Schnell – Commerce, G.R., Cougarettes
J.K. Varney – English, Dramatics
Rachel Foltz – Junior High English
Lona Smith – Social Science
Ruth Shultz – Science, Home Economics

Senior Class of 1943
Tom Allison
Joyce Balch
Max Beam
Margie Lee Blair
Yvonne Clement
Henry Lee Diamond
Kenneth Dodd
Wanda Dugger
Merrill Everson
Beth Ferguson
June Fiero
Glenn Grout, Jr.
Beverly Hale
Oran Hancock
Beth Hooker
Ila June Hoyt
Margaret Johnson
Wilbur Kier
Lucille Maag
Betty McNabb
Bob Mooney
Albert Musgrove
Opal D. Newlin
Peter Rafferty Jr.
Maxine L. Semke
Margaret Stafford
Margaret Stephens
Farrel Stoutimore
Finley Smith Jr.
Georgia Lee Warner
Bob Weaverling
Ilene Van Meter

Class History of 1943

On the first day of September, 1930, little Beth Hooker with her brown curls tied with a new ribbon, was led into the Kindergarten room by her big brother, Warren Dean. Here she was received by Miss Lucille Postlewaite, the teacher. Soon Mrs. Stafford came with Margaret and left her in the teacher’s care. Bashful little Roderick Weltmer, with straight black hair, made his appearance. Soon the door opened and in came Ruth Margaret Crosman leading little Beverly Hale. Vyonne Clement, hugging a teddy bear, came with her mother. Mrs. Drake brought Shirley Belle, and left her with tears in her eyes. Rex Adams and Ivan Eastwood walked in like little men. Just as the last bell rang, in ran Merle Stephens. Several days later a strange lady came in bringing a funny looking little boy who threw stones at the girls on the way home from school. In a few days the children learned that his name was Louis Neuberger. Other members of the Kindergarten class, who made up the happy family were: Ila Walker, Norman Fogt, Max Knowlton, Gene Snyder, Kenneth Dodd, Constance Kramer, Lloyd Stockholm, Ilene Van Meter, Wayne Wooman, Bobbie Don Temple, Doris Freeby, Betty Jo Arnold, Norma Jean Whitley and Marie Bennett and thus ended Kindergarten with Ellis Park and Ila June Hoyt also present.

Mrs. E.C. Whitley was our teacher in the first grade and the pity to that "we thought" was we actually had to behave. Some of the new members were Harold Baylie, Henry Lee Diamond, Homer Metz, Melvin Prosser, Margaret Lee Davenport, Hazel Outler, Betty McBride, Robert Simmons and Buddy Emerson.

When the children returned in the fall they found Miss Frances Brant as their teacher. In this year Lawrence Moser gave Beth Hooker a beautiful string of Pearls. OOH! For those good old days again. Calvin Malsbury, George Briggs, June Fiero, Betty McMullen, Albert Musgrove, Margie Lee Blair, Glenn Grout and Marcella Love were added this year. Also Wilbur Kier who is now in the Army.

Bob Mooney, along with Wanda St. Clair, Rosalie Tucker, Betty Schuster, Mary Ann McNabb, Lee Collins joined our class here with Miss Gwendlyn Green as teacher, in the third grade.

New arrivals in the fourth grade were Lawrence Sawyer, Betty McNabb, Marjorie Knowlton, Delores McCurdy, Margaret Stephens, Lorraine Carpenter, Bobby Smith and Margaret Johnson. The vivid remembrance of this grade was the story of Grey Haired Bobby, a dog. When we got through reading this story, just about everyone in the class was in tears, or quite pale as a result of the sadness of the story.

Miss Catherine Ritter, teacher in the fifth grade, has as new pupils, Junior Tracy, Lorraine Carr, and Gene Moon. One great sadness came to us this year, not only in our class but the whole grade school as well. Ruth Margaret Crosman passed away. A lull silenced the school as the children and teachers recalled the pleasure she had brought them with her sunny smile and cheerful disposition.

Lois Slater and Arthur Betts were our teachers in the sixth grade and Joyce Balch from Formoso, was the only added attraction for the year. Every one kept hoping that the new high school would be finished so that we could enter the seventh grade in it in the fall.

Thus, in the fall, it was completed and we very happily entered the building.. Farrell Stoutimore, Bonnie Lou Sloan, Merril Everson, Tom Allison, Ila June Hoyt, Beth Ferguson and Shirley Holloway, tiniest of the class were the new members. It was in this year we really began to feel grown up and enjoy picnics, etc. Of course we will never forget the fun we had at the grade school, sliding down the creek bank with our sleds, and hoping and praying that no one would get hurt or killed.

In the eighth grade, Wayne Vader, Finley Smith and Mike Rafferty entered our class, where we had more teachers than ever. Mabelle Vandeventer, Arthur Betts, and Betty Mitchell.

When the class went to high school, Max Beam, Bob Weaverling, Danney Kaliher, Lucille Maag, Georgia Warner entered. The different members at once began to take active parts in athletics, contests, and all high school organizations, even in the initiation. Wayne Vader passed away this year. His sincere personality and many kind ways will not be forgotten.

No one entered when in our Sophomore year.

When in our Junior year, the district purchased two new busses, this added more pupils. Howard Hermann, and Maxine Semke. Most of us took active parts in the Junior Plays, football, basketball, clubs, etc.

Now as the final year rolls round, Wanda Dugger, Opal Newlin, Virginia Crosman, Jerry Bales, and Jim Scott are graduating with us.

Of the many who started out together, some have dropped by the wayside, some have moved, others have gone on ahead, there are very few who have been together all these years, they are Beth Hooker, Beverly Hale, Margaret Stafford and Ilene VanMeter.

This year finds us all happy Seniors. We have passed the second milestone with the loss of only a few. Even tho the way is still steep we have the love and determination to win. In the near future, we will reach our goal. We will pass over that bright and shining horizon into the many different parts of life. There we will continue our marching and striving to the great coal beyond. We all must pass on, some to higher institutions, others to the great out of doors.

May those who are to follow this, our class of 1943, make the History of M.H.S. grow brighter and brighter as times pendulum swings.

Written by Margaret Stafford Senior Class Prophecy of 1943

Margaret Stafford – Lovely Margaret is one of the 400. 400 What? Why Ziegfield girls of course.

Virginia Crosman – Chic, young Virginia, still slim and beautiful as when she graduated, is the assistant house mother at the well-know "Minneapolis Manor for Women Only". Virginia’s vivacity and pep make her very popular with all the girls there.

Jim Scott – Jim has his own orchestra now, with the name of "Jim Scott, the second Duke Ellington". His band is the true Dixie Land band and has a very talented singer known only as "Betty" – to whom it is rumored that he is secretly married.

J.K. Bales – Ah, dear Jake! Proud are we who once shook the hand of the great pianist J>K> Bales. He has made several round the world tours and is known not only for his classical arrangements, but also for his old-time Boogie Woogie ---- Remember the "Sheffer Shuffle"?

Kenneth Dodd – Supt. Dodd of the Esbon United Educational System is a mighty figure in the Govt. of Esbon, which has grown to the enormous size of 2 miles square. Kenneth always was the Superintendent type.

Oran Hancock – is now playing at the paramount theater in San Francisco. He’s been a smash hit every since his debut in "Mystery of the Zoot Suit" and is known as America’s No. 1 glamour boy.

Louis Neuberger – with his famous "laugh that rolls ‘em in the isles" has played with his own comedian company at the Palace in New York for 54 weeks in succession. He is a real success in his own field. And Louie has never lost that youthful bloom in his cheeks either.

Margie Lee Blair – is happily batching down in Tuson Arizona, where she takes sole responsibility of operating the "Blair’s Motel for Tired Traveling Salesmen". Pudge is making quite a success in her business, which is a good thing, since her husband ran away with her 2 children several years ago.

Beth Ferguson and Wanda Dugger – Pretty Beth is still al lovely blonde and helps her husband run their large farm which is one of the most modern equipped in the state. She and Wanda are good friends, Wanda having settled down in Mankato to running what used to be Mrs. Gaston’s Dress Shoppe, now named "Wanda’s Wonder Wardrobe Shop".

Willie Kier – who was noted as the toughest Sarg. In the Army may be found 9 months out of the year in his swank hunting lodge in the Allegheny Mts. He does, however, keep in constant touch with his national chain of grocery stores.

Beverly Hale – is known as "The Woman With the Loveliest Velvet Complexion In The World". She was discovered by a facial expert soon after graduation from H.S. and was sent directly to New York where she was trained in the art of make-up and now is Madame Laura in her facial salon.

Marg. Johnson – has made herself quite a name in this world of today. Since her graduation she was living with her sister in Wichita and doing defense work. She now has been appointed President of the entire Boehing Aircraft Co., which is the first time in History a woman has had complete control in the aircraft line of business.

Lucille Maag – who went directly to Colorado Springs upon graduation, is a "soda Jerk" in a large drugstore. Lucille is unmarried but as she says "Still has hopes."

Opal Newlin – is the efficient secretary to the president of the Boehing Aircraft Co., Opal always did have her heart in the sky and so of course her interest n her work is strong.

Henry Diamond – Known as "Hank" in Hi-school now goes by Sir Henry. "Hank" – excuse me Sir Henry is now a famous tenor singing over a nation wide network every Sunday evening.

Tom Allison – who always had the desire to fly an airplane not only flies now, but owns a very large concern in Chicago. We are proud of Tom too, he was a hero during World War II.

Bob Weaverling – has his heart in his work alright. He is behind his own counter in the R.M. Weaverling Medical Prescription Co., which is said to be the best equipped and most modern prescription bar in the U.S. Yvonne is quite busy at home and with her charity work in which she takes a large part there in Denver, but she and Bob are very proud of their 2 boys and find much pleasure in the hours together.

Merrill Everson – who still drives his little blue dodge now has his own tire repair shop. It’s a great help to the community let alone Merrill.

Glenn Grout Jr. – playboy No. 1 is still playing.

Farrel Stoutimore – is captain in the Army and is living or should we say whirling down in Memphis. The Army pleaded with Farrell to remain with them so he consented and certainly makes a dashing picture with a lady friend on each arm.

Albert Musgrove – overseas in the last war Farrell met Rev. Musgrove, Albert, to us, who was and still is a pious Chaplain in that man’s army.

Ilene Van Meter- is in complete charge of switch-board operators in the Detroit Telephone Co., with Ila June as her 1st assistant. Altho’ both are happily married they still retain their positions in the business world.

Georgia Lee Warner – whose name blazes over N.Y. is now a prominent Mezzo Soprano in the Met. Opera Co. She is still as short and sweet as in her hi-school days.

Howard Herrmann – is Vice Pres. Of the San Francisco Scenic Bus Tour Co. Howard who received his first experience in bus-driving in Mankato, worked to his position from elevator boy in the garage to his position as Vice Pres. now.

Betty McMullen – has a place of responsibility as an air line hostess. Her red hair helps to make her a very attractive picture in her hostess uniform.

Homer Metz – who served as a Lt. In WWII is now designing for his own company, "Metz’s Mighty Midget Planes Inc."

Robert Mooney – Pres. of R.E. Mooney’s American and Pan American Trucking service with offices located in Tampa, Florida. Burly Bob can be found anytime after 10 A.M. on the beach surrounded by beautiful girls still remaining so much like Clark Gable.

Finely Smith – still remaining in Mankato now proud father of 5 lovely children, 3 of which are triplets all of which are red heads.

Max Beam – buried in the hills of southern Texas on a 6,000 acre cattle ranch, Maxie and Gab also raise 300 acre of Beech Nut every year, for their own use only.

Joyce Balch – modeling in Ozark Ark. For "Stay Slender Syrup for Sloppy Sues" Co.

Mike Rafferty – Dear nonchalant Mike has turned up as star cartoonist on staff of M.Y. Times. His work keeps him laboring into the wee hours every morning, but Maxine is as patient and sweet as ever in keeping him in good condition.

Margaret Stephens and June Fiero – are joint managers of the Ma Belle ? and dress shoppe, a demure little establishment in Boston, Mass.

Beth Hooker – Although Beth is happily married and has a little son, Dennis Dean, Warren has consented to her overseeing the "Deluxe Portrait Studio" which she ? and established several years ago.

Class Will – 1943

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