From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

The Anthony Letters

Either Ague or Marriage Will Pretty Well Shake a Fellow up

Leavenworth Times, 1956-7


Leavenworth, K.T.

28th Jany 1860


Dear Mother:

I learn from Susan you are the lone housekeeper at the farm these long winter days. Here we've had any number of illuminations--our town has been burning constantly. We expect hourly to hear the alarm and the engines rattling through the streets.

This is written on my new letter headings, printed in our city. I stayed in the printing office and attended to the job myself.

I happened to get a dressing gown from you or someone else, brought back by my good friend Wilder. I may as well formally return thanks for the same, but then it is of no use to me unless I am sick with the ague, or get married. A fellow will get pretty well shook up in either case.

However, I am truly thankful for the present. Did Ann Eby get the spoons and forks I sent her, by Wilder?

Tell Susan I take the Atlantic Monthly and The Standard by the year. Also The New York Tribune; The Leavenworth Daily Times and Ledger, Weekly Times, Weekly Herald, The Weston Platte Argus, The Insurance Monitor and the Bank Note Reporter--making 10 papers and magazines in all, so she will be satisfied I have enough reading matter for one person.

I continue boarding at Mrs. Knight's -- a first rate place. Mr. and Mrs. Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin, N. S. Knight, Frank Palmer and myself make up the family. Wilder comes occasionally to dine. We live well, better than most others.

Our town is growing rapidly, about 10,000 people. One merchant failed today, the second failure since I came here.

Have just had 20 shirts made--6 colored linen, 4 white linen, 10 cotton with linen collars and bosoms. Some with collars rolling and some without any collars. So you see I will get along for shirts awhile. The lot cost me $50. Also 5 shaker flannel shirts and 3 dozen drawers, 2 pr dress pants, 1 black coat and 1 brown coat, 1 velvet vest and 1 pr boots -- all costing $175. So you see I am well clothed and not likely to freeze.

Please write all about home matters, etc.

Your son

D. R. Anthony

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