From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

The Anthony Letters

Doesn't Expect Another Attack--His Opponent Out of Danger

Leavenworth Times, 1956-7


Leavenworth, K.T.

10th Oct 1859

Dear Brother:

Yours of the 3rd inst. came to hand. Was glad to hear from home.

I sent you a newspaper acct of an attack upon me by Bob Miller, Ford, Gladding and others, which is in the main correct.

The people of all parties sustain me in my action and I am satisfied I did right only I ought to have better prepared myself with weapons to defend with. Gladding is considered out of danger. I have doubted all the time whether he was seriously hurt. The wound was just below the stomach. Think they will not attack me again. If they do, I hope to be prepared for them with the "armor of truth" with no slips.

Have just located four 160 land warrants on Section 9, Town 3, Range 11 Nemaha County, Kansas. Running water on 3 quarters of it and some 30 acres of wood. All A No. 1 land and I think I have made a good selection. When you want to farm it, come out. I now own some 2,000 acres land of first quality. Hope to hear from you often.

As ever yours,

D. R. anthony


Leavenworth, K. T.

9th Dec 1859

Dear Sister Susan:

My time has been so occupied since my return that I can hardly say who I have written to or when.

I paid Mrs. Nichols $50 and the balance to Mrs. Wattles.

Mr. Thatcher, editor of The Lawrence Republican, was here a few days ago. He thinks Mrs. Nichols is doing good in her lectures -- says she will received in Lawrence. Thatcher is one of our best men, reliable on all questions.

As to your remarks, I have only to say that I am not half good enough for the position I now occupy and can hardly give it the dignity demanded. I am no politician. I ask no office. I pay freely at each election $25 at a time. Have paid $150 or $200 this past campaign.

We got whipped in this county, but the country came up all right. Our whole ticket is elected in the territory and old Buchanan can do as he pleases -- we will come in as a state some time.

Hope your meeting went off well. The evening here was pleasant and cold. Old John Brown died like a hero, as he was, and nearly all have to won that he is superior to the common herd. I suppose Wendell Phillips was to preach the funeral sermon at North Elba? I hope he did, and Charles Sumner will soon be heard in the senate again.

The hounds will have to stop yelping in '60, if Seward is not hung as a traitor before he gets to the White House.

I gave some of the grapes to Mrs. Knight; her mother, Mrs. Norris; Mrs. Bunting and several other ladies all of whom appreciated them and returned thanks and compliments to you for them. Hope Mother and all are well. Write soon.

As ever,

D. R. Anthony

11 1/2 P.M. Just had an oyster supper and shall dream well. I go to the border town of Weston tomorrow on insurance business. Have had no chance to send the things to Merritt. Had a letter from him dated Dec. 2. He was well then and in good spirits--DRA

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