From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

The Anthony Letters

New Office on Main Street Good as One in Rochester

Leavenworth Times, 1956-7


Leavenworth, K.T.

May 1, 1859

Dear Sister Susan:

Yours of the 20th ultimo came to hand in due season and I was right glad to hear so much home news.

April was a good month and May promises well. I can get no one in my office to please me. They won't work. I've tried 3 or 4, but now have a man and boy who do better.

I hope you can read my writing. I can't more than half of yours.

My new office takes the rag of anything in town, as good and any office in Rochester. Good desks, counter, large safe, bed room carpeted, wardrobe, dressing case, wash stand, black walnut bedstead with good new spring bed -- all in apple pie order, with sign on window in large gilt letters -- situated at 49 Main Street, first floor.

Pike's Peak emigrants continue to come. Doctor Gillett from Rochester was here this week.

Tell Mother to not be troubled about her boys away off in Kansas. they are doing better than the Rochester folks. Would like to come east this summer but don't see how I can leave my business. Business is rather exciting just now and takes my whole time. Tell Father I learn today that the Home Company have appointed a Mr. Terry agent at St. Joseph.

Your bro

D. R. Anthony



May 14, 1859

Dear Father:

Your letter of the 6th inst. came to hand today. Please countermand my order for the safe. I have bought a very good one, Stearn & Marvin make. Cost $350 in NY. I can sell it almost any day and make $50 to $100 on it.

I had planned on going to the Osawatomie convention, but it rains so hard now I think it almost impracticable, and then I can hardly leave because of business.

Money is now quite easy here at 2 per cent per month. I made one loan this week of $10,000 4 years at 24 per cent per annum payable semiannually. I have been calling in a portion of my funds and now loan on shorter time. Have as yet not had a dollar loss, and trust not to.

I now own 1211 acres good (A No. 1) lands within 20 to 35 miles of town and some of it is now getting quite valuable. A large number of settlers are moving in this year. I will wind up for this time.

As ever

D. R. Anthony

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