From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

The Anthony Letters

Army Life Dreary; He Was Lonesome, Weather Was Cold

Leavenworth Times, Thursday, March 21, 1957


Hqrs. First Kansas Cavalry

Camp Hunter, Humbolt, Kan.

March 12, 1862

Dear Mother:

Your letter received in due season -- was "right" glad to hear from you.

Have been more lonesome here than at any time since I have been in the army, for the reason I have little to do but to drill the men and the weather has been cold, windy, and unpleasant for that. Today the wind blows a perfect hurricane.

I could give Merritt a lieut commission if he felt disposed to take it and thought he could fill it.

By July 1 this year I hope to have all my debts paid. My income this year will foot up very handsomely. I shall realize as follows:

Post Office$2,500

Rent of Anthony Buildings 3,000

Pay as Lieut. Col 2,650

Interest & Insurance 1,850

$10,000 -- a fair income for one year. I hope you still don't think I am speculating too much. I haven't much to write about. I tried for a leave of absence but it was not granted -- don't think I shall get off until this campaign is over. Keep right on writing.

Your son

D. R. Anthony



Leavenworth, Kan

April 23, 1862

Dear Father:

Our regiment is now at Topeka enroute to Fort Riley. Merritt makes a splendid officer and you must not write him anything to unsettle him.

Col. Jennison got into trouble on account of his own foolishness, saying the regiment would disband if he resigned, the officers resign, etc. The officers wouldn't and he made extravagant statements about its dissolution.

He has been released -- is at Barnum's Hotel and has been assigned the limits of St. Louis. He said harsh words of the officers and the President -- what he said might cause his arrest. If they have charges against him for his Missouri policy we are all in the same boat.


D. R. Anthony



Leavenworth, Kansas

April 28, 1862

Dea[sic] Father:

Our regiment is now at Fort Riley enroute to New Mexico. I was detailed by Gen'l Sturgis to sit on a General Court Martial at Fort Leavenworth. Gen'l Mitchell and Col. Graham having been excused it left me as president of the court.

I am now waiting for the court papers to be made up by the judge advocate for my signature, also for the end of the month to obtain special orders from Gen'l Sturgis to draw my pay and also to try and get a leave of absence for 20 days to go east. Gen'l Halleck will hardly grant my request, but I thought I would ask him an see.

Merritt makes a good officer and thus far is well liked. I spent a couple of hundred dollars to outfit him.

Coat, westcoat, and pants$44.00

Saddle 32.00

Boots 8.00

Gauntlets 3.00

Sabre, revolver, belt, etc 30.00

Horse and blankets150.00

and so the figures run up more than I thought. But for the first time in his life he blacks his own boots, brushes his hair, and tries to look fine. I have high hopes for him.


D. R. Anthony

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