From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

The Anthony Letters

'What the Democrats Deny in East is Here Openly Advocated'

Leavenworth Times, 1956

Leavenworth, Kansas T.

October 1, 1857

Dear Father:

I have written you several times but have near nothing. Merritt wrote me on the 27th ultimo saying he had heard nothing in some time. I see by the papers you are having a great panic in money matters. With all care on your part you can shun the shoals. Give no credit to any man who is doubtful in any case or for any reason. Demand prompt payment -- it's better to lose some business than to run any hazard. Always make them pay up before the month is up. I had one case of $37.50 premium--the man wanted me to wait a few days. I told him I couldn't and cancelled his policy instanter. My business will be good for this fall. In the month of September I issued 15 policies, premiums $792.45, profits on same 10 per cent -- pretty good for the first month.

I wrote you very urgently for funds, but if you cannot get them I must do without. But now is the time to buy here. I have made arrangements here so that I can get land warrants to enter four quarters this fall. I loaned $300 last week for 90 days at 5 per cent per month and took a deed to 160 acres of land and a good note into the bargain. I could loan any amount almost at the same rate. The Charter Oak company offers me their agency. I have written the Home Company. All I have to do is to stick to my business here -- I am the agent and command the best business in town. I have the power to appoint surveyors in all the towns (except Lawrence) in the territory for the Aetna. I hope you will write me fully about the business. I don't like to be in the dark.

Marcus J. Parrott will be elected to congress by a large majority. A great effort is made by the Pro-Slavery Party to carry this election and the result all depends upon the frauds which may be perpetrated. I have little confidence in Governor Walker or the honesty of any of the party. Their officials here are not men of common honesty. During the troubles here last month our postmaster stood on the levee with an axe, saying he would kill any God-damned Yankee who dared land from the steamboat. The whole party is as corrupt as hell itself. What the Democratic Party deny in the east is here openly advocated. Well, I hope the good, pious Christians in the east who support the Democratic Party will some day have the pleasure of associating with their allies here. God Almighty has written on their faces in legible characters the wood "Scoundrel." But then the time is coming when these men cannot live in Kansas and they know it, and consequently the desperate effort they now make.

Write soon.

D. R. Anthony

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