From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.


By George J. Remsburg


Some interesting data regarding a few of the early post offices of Leavenworth county has been received by the writer from First Assistant Postmaster Arch Coleman, Washington, D.C., in response to inquiries. Taking them in alphabetical order, according to the records of the Post Office Department, in Washington, the post office of Alexandria was established March 28, 1856, with Joseph L. McAleer as postmaster. The office was discontinued Feb. 11, 1857.

Delaware City post office was established August 2, 1856, with William Saunders as postmaster, and was discontinued Nov. 21, 1873.

Dimon, established August 26, 1868; Nathan H. Dimon appointed postmaster; discountinued July 9, 1883.

Easton, established Dec. 21, 1855; Armistead Dawson, postmaster; office still in existence.

Fall Leaf, established Jan. 28, 1868; John J. Weber, postmaster; discontinued July 14, 1894.

Fort Leavenworth, first established under the name Contonment Leavenworth; Clay County, Missouri, July 8, 1831; Alex G. Morgan appointed postmaster; name of office was changed to Fort Leavenworth, Oct. 19, 1941; Hiram Rich appointed postmaster; office changed into Kansas Territory, Feb. 26, 1849; H. T. Wilson appointed postmaster; changed into Leavenworth county, Kansas, March 12, 1862.

Note: There must be a mistake in the above regarding the date of establishment of the office and the first postmaster appointed. It is probable that the government has lost some of its earlier records, for it has always been generally understood that the office was established May 29, 1827, with Phillip G. Rand as postmaster, and it has been so recorded in various historical records, Alex G. Morgan, mentioned above, as the first postmaster, was the fourth.--Remsburg.

Glenwood, established May 2, 1870, with Isaac B. Dutton as postmaster; discontinued Oct. 18, 1870.

Hoge, established April 9, 1867; Joseph Hoge, postmaster; discontinued April 19, 1901.

Kickapoo city, established Feb. 3, 1857; John w. Solomon, postmaster; discontinued Aug. 31, 1920.

Leavenworth City, established Jan. 17, 1857; James J. Clarkson, postmaster; name of office changed to Leavenworth, May 31, 1871.

(Note: The dates of establishment of the Kickapoo and Leavenworth offices are both incorrect. It is known that both offices were established in 1855. T. D. Armond was the first postmaster of Kickapoo. As to who was the first postmaster in Leavenworth, in 1855, I have no data at my command just now.--Remsburg.

Lenape, established Aug. 26, 1868; Clawson A. Campbell, postmaster.

Little Stranger, established Aug. 22, 1860; Jacob Robeson postmaster; name of office changed to Fairmount Aug. 2, 1864; office discontinued May 17, 1866.

Little Stranger, re-established Sept. 16, 1864; James Orr, postmaster; name of office changed to Kelly's Station July 30, 1866; Alfred s. Penfield, postmaster; name again changed to Fairmount June 28, 1867.

Petersburgh, established May 5, 1865; Joseph w. Baker, postmaster; discontinued Nov. 1, 1875.

Pleasant Ridge established June 26, 1862; Horace Keyes, postmaster; discontinued Aug. 27, 1895.

(Note: Another mistake, evidently, I have always understood that this office was established much earlier, and that Lawrence Kennedy, Sr., was the first postmaster. Horace Keyes, mentioned above, is buried in the Van Winkle cemetery, near Pleasant Ridge. I have a copy of the inscription on his headstone. It shows that he was born in Waldo county, Maine, May 17, 1809, and died in Atchison, Kas., March 23, 1895.--Remsburg.

Reno, established July 6, 1864; Benjamin f. Jacobs, postmaster; office discontinued Sept. 30, 1918.

Salt Creek, established June 26, 1863; Alexander Russell, postmaster; discontinued March 2, 1864.

Springdale, established Sept. 24, 1860; David F. Walker, postmaster; discontinued March 15, 1907.

Spring Valley, established Oct. 4, 1866; Erastus Ranns, postmaster, discontinued May 5, 1870.

Stranger, established Aug. 26, 1867; John S. Duncan, postmaster; name of office changed to Linwood, Jan. 2, 1875.

Tonganoxie, established March 16, 1863; William English, postmaster.

Wyandotte, established Oct. 8, 1855; Wm. J. Osborne, postmaster.

(Note: Wyandotte was then in Leavenworth county. The office was changed t Wyandotte county, March 11, 1867.--Remsburg..

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