reprinted from the Leavenworth Times, Wednesday, 1/13/1909

Richard Mullins, Is Dead after 2 years of Illness

Richard L. Mullins, for 12 years a member of the board of county commissioners, a prominent Leavenworth county farmer, died yesterday afternoon at his home near Boling. He had been ill for the past three years and for several weeks lingered close to death. Funeral arrangements will not be made until the receipt of communications from Mr. Mullins' sons in the south.

:Mr. Mullins was born in Monegaw county, Mo., February 16, 1840. The family moved to Platte county, Mo., in 1851. Mr. Mullins located on the place which had since been his home, near Boling, in 1854. He was married there to Miss Mary Kuchenthal on December 20, 1864.

Mr. Mullins is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Mullins, four sons, Thomas L. Mullins of Rodgers, Tex., Albert A. Mullins, of Wharton, Texas, David H. Mullins, of Simington, Tex., and James W. Mullins of Boling, and a daughter, Mrs. James Jameson, of Boling. Mrs. George Graham of Leavenworth, Mrs. William Burrel and Mrs. Rachael Harford of Boling are sister of Mr. Mullins. L.W. Graham, deputy sheriff, of Leavenworth is a nephew.

Last July Mr. Mullins, was subjected to a remarkable operation in which blood drawn from the veins of a son was injected in those of the dying man. This staid the approach of death but temporarily.

Death occurred yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock.

Date of death Tuesday, January 12, 1909

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