Reprinted with permission from the Tonganoxie Mirror, Thursday, June 8, 1899

An Old Settler Gone

Mrs. John Vaughan died May 22nd at her home in High Prairie Township, aged 68 years. She was born in Nana, Tipperary county, Ireland, and came to America in 1849. She was married to John Vaughan in 1854 and they came to this neighborhood in 1857 and have lived here ever since.

Mrs. Vaughan was the mother of seven children, only one of whom with the husband is now living to mourn her death. Mrs. Vaughan was very much loved by all her neighbors and was a sincere christian, always doing deeds of kindness.

The funeral was very large and many of her friends shed tears when Father Grootoers performed the sacred burial ceremony at St. Thomas church in Springdale. The beautiful casket was cover with cut flowers from her many friends.


Date of death Monday, May 22, 1899

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