reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Monday, 29-Mar-1915.


John Seitz Killed Negro As He Was Leaving House Early Yesterday Morning.

Coroner James C. Davis announced this morning an inquest had been demanded by John Seitz, who at 2 o'clock Sunday morning shot and instantly killed Dan Logan, a negro, who, it is claimed, had attempted to rob the Seitz home, 743 Miami St. On account of Floyd Harper, county attorney, being absent from the city, the coroner has not announced when the inquest will be held.

Shortly before 2 o'clock Sunday morning Mrs. Seitz telephoned the police and said a burglar was attempting to force an entrance into the house. Two policemen were sent to investigate. A few minutes later, Mr. Seitz telephoned the station and informed Lieutenant Taylor he had killed a negro who had attempted to escape from the second story of his home.

According to Seitz, he was awakened by someone moving around in one of the rooms. Asking his wife to notify the police, he armed himself with a flashlight and a revolver and started to investigate. A man was observed in a rear room. Seitz ordered him to surrender. Instead, the man slammed the door and crawled out the window to the roof. Seitz shot and the burglas rolled off the roof. He was recognized as Dan Logon, son of Emmet Logan, Second and Walnut streets.

reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Wednesday, 31-Mar-1915.

The funeral of Dan Logan, who was shot last Sunday morning, was held this afternoon from the residence of his brother, Fred, at 822 Miami street. Burial was in the Kickapoo cemetery.

Date of death Sunday, March 28, 1915

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