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The 1921 June Bug

Leavenworth High School

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This 1921 copy of the Leavenworth High School June Bug Yearbook was graciously contributed by Melissa Vanfossen (nicurn1@yahoo.com), Courtesy of and In Memory of  Maude Olrich Flintjer, Leavenworth H. S. Class of 1907.

Gold Bar

The 1921 June Bug
Published by the
Fiftieth  Graduating Class
Leavenworth High School
Board of Education
Dr S. B. Langworthy - President
Fred Bolman, W.W. Hooper, Wm. Albright, Thomas Lee Todd, Sam Nirdlinger
At the spring election Dr Stewart KcKee was elected to take Mr. Todd's place.


Ira J. Bright, B. S., A. M.
Superintendent of Schools

E. R. Stevens, B.S. 
George Barrett,  A.B. 
Dept. of History,  Athletics Coach
Herman Weigand A.B. 
Head of Science Dept.
Alicia B. McNaughton, A.B. 
Head of Dept. of English
Belle Wittrock 
Dept. of Science
Josephine Collier 
Dept. of English
Rita Burt, A.B. 
Dept. of Science
Mary Gertrude Wolfe, A.B. 
Dept. of English
Mary E. Mickey,  A.B. 
Head of Dept. of History
Nora Geisen, A.B. 
Dept. of English
Hazel Hill, B.S. 
Dept. of History
Mabel G. McNaughton, A.B. 
Dept. of English
May Landis, A.B. 
Dept. of Mathematics
Elva McKee, B.S. 
Head of Dept. of Domestic Arts
Clara Sunderwirth, B.S., A.B. 
Dept. of Mathematics
Margaret Suydam 
Dept. of Mathematics
Anna Cowling 
Dept. of Domestic Arts
Eva Watson 
Dept. of Domestic Arts
Amy E. Langworthy, A.B. 
Head of Dept. of Languages
Helen Yoakum 
Dept. of Normal Training
Minnie Taylor 
Dept. of Music
O. R. Young,  B.S. 
Head of Dept. of Manual Training
Mary Cowling 
Dept. of Art
Claire Nelson, A.B. 
Dept. of Languages
Walter Edwards 
Dept. of Manual Training
Head of Commerial Dept.
Major Lanning Parsons, U. S. Army 
Prof. of Military Science & Tactics
Sergeant Thomas Carroll , U.S.Army 
Dept. of Military Science &Tactics
C. W. Pratt 
Head of Commercial Dept.
O. E. Ruther 
Dept. of Physical Training
Anna Desmond 
Commercial Dept.
Zelma Tarry 
Commercial Dept.
Nettie Hartnett   -  Clerk Virginia Madison  -  Pianist
 Senior Class
Class Colors: blue and gold
Senior Class Officers: Reginald LaBunker - President Dorothy Marks - Secretary John G. Baum - Treasurer
Harold Bedwell - Cabinet Member Gertrude Flor - Cabinet Member Ruth Frasier - Cabinet Member Phil E. Reyburn - Cabinet Member
Agnes Schalker - Chalk 
She drives her Cole with  
reckless speed. 
John Mc Farland - Rosy 
He says she's O.K.  


Maude Eleanor Albright - Maudie 
A good girl, a sweet girl,  
a bright girl is she.
Harold Barton Bedwell - Stump 
Don't worry, you'll soon be dead
Elizabeth Pipher - Liz 
All her friends call her Liz,  
in basketball she is a wiz. 
Rhena Eichhorn - Ikey 
The proper way to study mankind  
is to study man.
Carrol Faye Alexander - Noise 
Very quiet (?) and  very neat
Albert A. Hoefener - Al 
He's quiet, but his hair gives him away.  
Hazel Taschetta - Brownie 
A shark with figures and books.
Theresa Guenther - Tess 
Much study doth make me weary.
Gladys Baum - Hap 
Always merry, bright and gay.
Hilda Marie Bessmeyer  - Hil 
Never fusses or is fussed.
Matt Malone - Matthew 
Still waters run deep.  
Portia Winnig - Pokey 
Sweet and small and loved by all
Viola Slack - Vi 
She would rather dance than eat.  
Gertrude Flor -  Gert 
Here's to the girl as good as gold, but may be sometimes a trifle bold..
Henry Ruegg - Slick 
His ambition is to be an Architect.
Ruth Bader - Babe 
She has never broken the golden rule. 
Lansing High School 1918-1920
Arthur W. Kimball Jr. - Art 
How's the weather up there?
Ethel Sacks - Slim 
I always have a good time.
Helen Francis Sharp - Nellie 
A model pupil and companion.
Adell Miller - Dell 
She appears quiet, but --oh my!
John E. Snell - Pug 
Better with his mits than with his head
Anderson High School 1918-1919
Mary Louise Peters - Choco 
Good natured and fond of eats.
Lorraine H. Mickelson - Lot 
Always merry and gay.
Mary Francis Fellman - Mary 
We are seven.
Balbina Farrell - Bab 
Always the same.
Donald Prentice Booth - Don 
A dignified senior, that is all. 
Maine Avenue High School, 
San Antonio 1917, Milne High School, Albany NY 1918-1919 
Patchogue High School 1920
Madeline Mac Gill - Madge 
Just a dear, sweet girl.
Pauline Schwarz Princess Pauline 
Why did I bob my hair.
Lois Irene Benham -Lois 
She plays the violin with wonderous skill. 
Horton High School 1918-1919
Henry A. Klemp - Heinie 
Maybe late but gets there
Syrena McKee  - Siren 
He's not guilty I swear it.!
Howard Gordon Jr. - buster 
Daisies won't tell.
Mary Belle Mc Farland - Belle 
Mary had a little lamb (?)
Mary Bonneley - Monie 
Hard to describe. 
Easton High School 1918-1919
D Bruce Williams - Gob 
Quite a blower that's why he's in the band.
Julia Potter Reeder - Jutes 
She has a charming smile. 
Marbury Alabama  High School 1918-1919
 John G. Baum - Jack 
There's discipline in my family.
Frances Lauretta Norris - Fran 
She is liked by all.
Dorothy Marks - Dottie 
My, but she can shoot baskets.
Ruth Frasier - Ford 
Always busy.
Glennwood G. Hines - Glenn 
ROTC is his main line,  
in acting major he is fine.
Mildred Edwards - Mil 
She delights in teaching.
Elizabeth Thayer - Bess 
Blind to the faults of her friends.
Catherine Fitzpatrick - Kitty 
I like to come to school.
Muriel Inez Hank - Shorty 
Very short and very sweet,  
very clever, hard to beat.
James Barr - Jazz 
He likes to ride in Mary's car. 
Angie Marie Taschetta - Dimples 
Two heads are better than one.
Merle Jarrett  - Muggs 
She's our valedictorian.
Dorothy Lamber - Lamb 
She thinks he is  just the finest kind of person.
Charles F. Kramer - Shots 
Always quiet when you don't know him.
Juanita Icell Edwards - Neeta 
Studying is her specialty (?)
William E. Drechsel - Bill 
His favorite pastime is arguing.
Katherine Morton - Wiz 
A quiet maiden that gets things done. 
Rose A. Schwartz - Rosy Posy 
She's like a rose,  
as everyone knows.
Clara Husser - Clare 
I am always very quiet. 
Holton High School 1917-1918
W. Reginald LaBunker - Bunk 
We can't all be slickers.
Dorris Storla - Dora 
Such a good pupil is rarely seen
Ruth Schrey - Rufus 
A model student.
Elizabeth Louise Patterson - Pat 
I simply can't be good.
Otto Reid Klemp - Reid Otto 
He's proud of his name.
Dorothy Harrison - Harry 
We wonder who he is.
Phil Reyburn - Hayseed 
Slow as tar in February.
Dorothy Mickelson - Dot 
Dorothy likes us boys.
Mary Crancer - Contrary Mary 
She comes to school when in the mood.
Bessie Naomi Wells - tiny 
Quiet and seemingly reserved.
Chester E. Kuhn - Chet 
The things I want to do are great, but as yet I know not what they are.
Eloise Gerber - El 
Thoughts work in silence.
Pearl Catherine Colby - Peanuts 
She certainly is a holy terror.
Aloysius Meyers Jr. - Boney 
Nobody loves a fat man.
Minnie G. Polk - Min 
I go to school all day and dance all night.
Marvin Trueblood - Ichabod 
The only  noise he makes is with a hammer.
Marguerite C. Colby - Marg 
She's pretty and also good.
Ernest C. Weise - Turnips 
A looking glass he had but to what avail?
Kike Schwartz - David J. 
He rivals Daniel Webster.
The following students were persons of color. Vivian Taylor - Via 
She sings! How she sings!
Helen Dudley - Dud 
Quiet as a mouse; she knows what she's about.
Grace Hawthorne - Mischief 
She studies hard and is awarded accordingly.


g c h
Junior  Class Officers:    Class Colors Orange and Black
Theodore Sexton President Fred Frey 
Norman Miller 
Alden Butt 
Junior Class  Roll:
Roy Anderson Leon Baker Gertrude Banta Martha Barber Helen Barr Mary Bauer
Keeffee Bleakley Clara Bodde John Botsford Eberth Brink Gertrude Brooks Thomas Brown
Lois Burnett Lois Burr Alden Butt Raymondcarpenter Emme Chambers Jack Calrk
Ruth Clark Thomas Cobb Ben Coffin Pickens Collins John Crancer Homer Davis
Jean Dengler Gashkey Donnelly Mildred Dresser Harry Eaton Henry Eisler Mary Louise Everhardy
Johanna Faber Fred Frey Sylia Galend Gertrude Gauger Albert Gausz Lee Greever
Jim Grier George Gunther Edith Hall Thelma Halm Eugene Harber Frances Heim
James Henthorn Charlotte Hertel George Holt Mabel Huhn Phil Husser Mary Louise Johnson
Madeline Jones Eugene Kaitner Grace Keiser Alexander Kirk Hubert Klemp Loretta Kopp
Lloyd Lansing Dorothy Larsen Lucille Liggett Clarence Lipp Edna Love Wendall McClanahan
Ids McCune Upton McGill Edward Manczuk Florence Malone Gertrude Meyers Loretta Meyers
Eva Rose Miller Inez Miller Norman Miller Dorothy Montague Margaret Murphy John Nuhn
Mary Offley Ernest Phillps Imogene Raiser Elizabeth Reardon Daisey Reed Emma Rozendale
Bertha Schmidt James Self Theodore Sexton Elizabeth Slack Estelle Sloan Eric Snodgrass
E. W. Snyder Minerva Soward Annabelle Taylor Euclyde Taylor Harriet Textor Robert Thayer
Grace Willhardt Orville Wise Edna Woods Ethyl Woods Mae Young
 9 W 8
Sophomore Class Officers: Class Colors Crimson and Gold
John Remsburg 
Chauncey Bishop 
Georgia West 
Lucille Parker 
Sophomore  Class Roll:
Sara Albright  William Allen Adna Arnold Elfa Barnhardt Howard Barnes Guenndolyn Beeler
Chauncey Bishop Colonel Boone Jeesse Both Anna Botsford Agnes Brady Helen Brady
Ethyl Brown Ralph Buckley Clyde Cecil Mae Chancey George Chase Frances Cheatham
Ruth Chupp Dorothy Coleman Arthur Connell Imogene Conrad Mahetabelle Cossey Alsonso Crouse
Frank Curry Mamie Davis Juanita De Veau Edward Doughty Helen Duncan Marie Dyson
Marie Farber Mary Falk Ollie Farrell Agnes Fellman Catherine Fellman Guilia Goodrich
Jean Grushkin Rhena Haag Henrietta Hageman Nellie Hamilton Dorothy Hank Jeanette Hertel
Regina Higgins Meridyth Hooper Eleanor Hotchkiss Hazel Hunter Pauline Hunter Harold Issacson
Henry Johnson Lucy Johnson Mary S. Johnson Virginia Johnston Tom Kelly Dorothy King
Kathleen Kirkham Selma Klemp Heinz Kuraner Joseph Kurek Katherine LsCaille Margaret Leary
Phyllis Logan Bert Lord Earl McClannahan Geraldine McClannahan Richard McKee Florence Miller
Carleton Mitchell Margaret Moreno Catherine Nesbitt Reuben Nichols Leona Nahrendorf Leonard Ohlhausen
Selma Otto Lucille Parker Mamie Parsons Robert Parsons Charles Patterson Jeanette Peters
Helen Peyton Preston Pooley John Porter Della Radford Ruth Ranus Fred Reeder
John Remsburg Jean Robertson Teresa Scaletta Bertha Schwarz Max Shapiro Myron Shields
Leland Sloan Walter Sloan Simon Stier Alberta Stover Dorothy Stritzinger Gred Stritzinger
Howard Stucker Ruth Tallant Dorothy Taschetta Emogene Thomas William Thompson Josephine Tonal
Agnes VanBuren Louise VanderSchmidt Clarence Vaughn Earl Walker Waldo Walker Donald Watson
Ralph Weed Reading Weigel Helen Wenzel Georgia West Georgia Willis Jesse Wilson
Ruth Winograd Charles Worner


8     P    9
Freshman Class Officers: Class Colors Green and White
Helen Sterling 
Class President
Gertrude Peters 
Vice President
Freshman Class  Boys
George Alexander William Atchison James Bain Verdell Baker Aaron Bell David Bell
Henry Bell Wilson Bradley Davis Brown Leroy Brown Robert Brunsell Elmer Chalmers
Russel Chaplin John Chase Clayton Clark Dennis Coffey Guy Coffman William Cogan
Dan Cooper Henry Cramm Gilbert Crouse Leonard Damon George Dasy John Doidge
Theodore Donoho Roy Downs Floyd Dusay Eugene Eshelman Ted Gordon Gilbert Graham
Charles Greever Andrew Hamilton  John Hamilton Lawrence Hayden George Hedges George Hofstra
John Hunsaker Theodore Hunt Roy James Harrison Jones Elmer Jordan Richard Kirk
frank Kirkpatrick Robert Klasinski Henry Knipe Fred Knuth John Kulp Louis Larkoski
Robert Love George Lowenheimer Marshall Lyons Phil McArthur Clarence McGuire Arthur McKean
Charles Malody Benedict Manczuk Wallace Mann Robert Marshall Joseph Martin Albert Mehl
Amon Miller Robert Miller Hugh Mitchell Russell Morton LaVerne Munt Samuel Murray
Calvin Nye Grantley Parker Clarence Parsons Thomas Pierce Louis Putney Don Reader
Clarence Rubick  Robert Schanze  Carl Schrey Luuis Slattery Earnest Spaulding Warren Stover
Roy Tarbet Fred Thomas Henry Towns Edward Tryon John Upham Abraham Walker
John Werley Arther Wienkie Edward Willson William Wilson
Freshman  Class Girls
Edith Adams Louise Alexander Winifred Arnold Catherine Atchison Loretta Biringer Elsie Bish
Katherine Bolman Charline Barthel Betsy Booth Romaine Branch Helen Brooks Lula May Carson
Thelma Coffey Sarah Coffin Lillie Collins Florence Condon Anna Connelly Helen Craig
Leota Craig Dorothea Darrah Arleena Davis Mildred Day Esther Dodd Helen Dresser
Nellie Ewing Hazel Falk Mildred Fuller Rosetta Gausz Meredith Geiger Clara Hank
Esther Harder Daisey Harrison Anna Hawkins Opal Hoberg Helen Hogrefe Dorothy Holman
Frances Hopkins Jeanette Husser Marion Hutchison Mabel Jaquot Mary James  Carla Jenson
Catherine Johnson Iva Jones Josephine Jones Fern Keim Kathernie Kern Nellie Krummell
Hazel Lane Salomay Lingenza Dorothy Lipp Vivian Logan Ruth Ludwig Marion Martin
Louise McCune Maude McGoodwin Betty Madison Margaret Malowinski Katherine Manale Marie Mann
Mary Martin Alice Mason Josephine Messenger Catherine Meyer Genevieve Mickelson Evelyn Miller
Virginia Morrison Rose Parmelee Hettie Parsons Olie Parsons Louise Perkins Gertrude Peters
Charles Patterson Anna Peterson Wilma Phulps Gertrude Pratt Lavina Rector Landon Reed
Eunice Rhoades Maude Richardson Margaret Ridge Bernice Rookie Dorothy Russell Helen A. Schroeder
Helen E. Schroeder Effie Scott Gertrude Searcy Rachel Self Marion Skovgard Catherine Smith
Harriet Stacey Margaret Stahlman Ethel Steinhauer Helen Stirling Pearl Thompson Peral Tomrell
Hester Trollman Theresa Vincent Josephine Walker Domitilla Welch Iowa West Mary Louise Westhorpe
Margaret Wohlfarth Virginina Womack Anna Wood Golda Woods Nellie Wright Pauline Wright
Lillian Young


 Coach George Barrett
"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches"
Mr. Barrett is an advocate of clean sportsmanship at all times.
Three rules, which are the fundamentals that go to make a good sportsman are taught by our coach.
These rules are, "Play clean.", "Fight hard." and "Grin, if defeated."
Girls Basketball
Sexton - Forward
Virginia Johnson
Right Guard 
Clark & Meyers
H. Klemp - Forward
Rita Burt  - Faculty Sponsor
Left Guard 
Frey - Center
Guenndolyn Beeler
Right End 
Anderson - Guard
Elizabeth Pipher
Left End 
LaBunker - Guard  (Capt.)
Gladys Baum
Right Half 
Sexton & LaBunker
Booth  - Sub
Agnes Schalker (Capt.)
Left Half 
Sexton & LaBunker
McGill - Sub
Syrena McKee
Right Tackle 
Bedwell - Capt.
Dorothy Marks
Left Tackle 
Greever & Clark
Frey & Schwartz




A christian-focus high school social club in association with the YMCA

Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
1920 - 1921 Theodore Sexton Harold Bedwell Kike Schwartz Albert Hoefener
1921 - 1922 Theodore Sexton Alexander Kirk Homer Davis Lloyd Lansing
James Barr George Barrett Harold Bedwell Eberth Brink Thomas Brown
Alden Butt Raymond Carpenter Thomas Cobb Jack Clark John Crancer
Homer Davis William Dreschel Howard Gordon Lee Greever Glenn Hines
Albert Hoefener Phil Husser Harold Isaacson Henry Klemp Hubert Klemp
Arthur Kimball Alexander Kirk Reginald LaBunker Lloyd Lansing Clarence Lipp
Madeline McGill Richard KcKee Al Meyers John Remsberg Phil Reyburn
Kike Schwartz Theodore Sexton E. R. Stevens Ferris Taylor Herman Weigand
Orville Wise Over $950.00 were raised for overseas good works during  the  1920 -1921 schoolyear.
Organized in 1912 by two Seniors, Lysle Sellers and William Ray Ferris.
The sole purpose of this club is to bring Christmas cheer to those who might otherwise lack that cheer.
This year the club worked in conjunction with the Red Cross. Sixty Baskets were made up and delivered on Christmas Eve.
Each basket contained: 2-6 rabbits, 1-4 loaves of bread, potatoes, apples, sugar, coffee, candy, cereal, cans of vegetables, fruit and jelly or preserves.
The Good Fellows also gave $ 25.00 to the Hi-Y Armenian relief fund.
1921 members: Ghasky Donnely, Gertrude Flor, Ruth Frasier, Lee Greever, Mary Louise Johnson,
Henry Klemp, Hubert Klemp, Lucille Parker, Phil Reyburn, Agnes Schalker, Ted Sexton.
Girl  Reserves
This year the girls made an animal block quilt and donated it to Mercy hospital.
Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
Mildred Edwards Mahetabelle Cossey Protia Winnig Ethel Brown
Roll of  Members
Gertrude Banta Guenndolyn Beeler Bernadine Berry Anna Botsford Lois Burnett
Juanita DeVeau Marie Dyson Mildred Fuller Edith Hall Dorothy Hank
Dorothy Holman Mabel Jaquot Carla Jensen Selma Klemp Edna Kreckler
Nellie Krummel Genevieve Mickelson Dorothy Montague Helen Orlowski Louise Perkins
Anna Peterson Della Radford Ruth Ranus Jeanette Schindling Helen Schoeder
Gertrude Searcy Doris Storla Ruth Tallant Agnes VanBuren Lillian Young
Boys Glee Glub
Club Sponsor Miss Minnie Taylor
President - Upton McGill
Secretary/Treasurer - Alden McGill
John Baum, Harold Bedwell, Chauncey Bishop, Alden Butt, Floyd Dusay, Albert Hopfener,
Henry Klemp, Hubert Klemp, Heinz Kuraner, Upton McGill, Hugh Mitchell,
Kike Schwartz, Warren Stover, Waldo Walker, Donald Watson.
Girls Glee Club
Took 1st place this year in the Eigth  All-Kansas Music Contest, at Emporia.
Club Sponsor Miss Minnie Taylor
President - Ruth Anna Frasier;
Secretary /Treasurer - Faye Alexander
Accompanist - Louise Vanderschmidt
An unlabelled photograph shows 30 girls.
Sponsor: Professor George Linck
Roll of Members:
Lois Benham, George Chase, Hubert Klemp, Selma Klemp, Ruth Ludwig,
Upton McGill, Frances Norris, Charles Patterson, Lavenia Rector, Edward Willson.
Normal Girls Club
( this club would have been for prospective teachers)
President: Rhena Eichorn, Vice-president: Grace Keiser
Secretary/treasurer: Dorothy Mickelson. Critic: Elizabeth Reardon
Roll of Members:
Marie Bonally, Ghasky Donnaelly, Balbina Farrel,  Eloise Gerber,
Theresa Guenther,Edith Hall, Clara Husser, Edna Mae Payne, Bertha Schmidt, May Young
Science Club
Faculty Sponsors:
Miss Rita Hunt & Professor Herman Weigand
President: Lloyd Lansing, Vice-President: Katherine Morton, Sec.-Treas. Alden Butt
Roll of Members:
Agnes Brady, Helen Brady, Marie Bonally, Alden Butt, Marguerite Colby, Pearl Colby, Helen Duncan, Balbina Farrell,
Catherine Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Hank, Muriel Hank, Clara Husser, Phil Husser, Merle Jarret, Virginia Johnston, Henry Klemp, Chester Kuhn,
Joseph Kurek, Reginald LaBunker, Katherine LaCaille, Lloyd Lansing, Upton McGisll, Mary Louise Peters, Rose Schwartz, Annabelle Taylor, Protia Winnig
(The intials stood for words known only to members of the club!)
This  was mainly a social club, though they raised funds to send six students to the State Typing Contest in Lawrence.
Faculty Sponsors:
Mr. Pratt, Mr. Stevens, Miss Tarry, and Miss M. McNaughton.
President: Faye Alexander, Vice-President: Helen Sharp
Secretary: Dorothy Harrison, Treasurer: Pearl Colby, Critic: Marguerite Colby
Roll of Members:
Gladys Baum, Juanita Edwards, Mary Fellman, Mary Belle McFarland, Frances Norris,
Elizabeth Pipher, Elizabeth Patterson, Minnie Polk, Hilde Ressemeyer, Neely Schwartz, Pauline Schwartz, Bessie Wells
Four years ago L.H.S. had her first newspaper, the Boomerang, published bi-weekly.  The next year the paper took the name Patriot.
Besides the school circulation the paper has a mailing list of two hundred names.
  First Semester Second Semester
Editor - in - Chief Phil Reyburn Maude Albright, Merle Jarrett
Associate Editors Maude Albright and Donald Booth Phil Rayburn
News Editor Merle Jarrett Maude Albright, Merle Jarrett
Alumni Editor Dorothy Marks Dorothy Marks
Exchange Editors Faye Alexander and Mary Fellman Angie Taschetta Mary Flor
Feature Editor Mary Crancer Madeline Jones
Sports Editor Bruce Williams Bruce Williams and Donald Booth
Advertising Managers Syrena McKee and Agnes Schalker Syrena McKee and Agnes Schalker
Collection Manager Albert Hoefener Albert Hoefener
Circulation Managers Ruth Frasier and Mary Louise Peters Ruth Frasier and Mary Louise Peters
The June Bug Staff
Phil E. Reyburn- Editor-In-Chief Maude Albright- Associate Editor John G. Baum - Associate Editor Harold B. Bedwell- Business Manager
Agnes Schalker- Assistant Business Manager Syrena McKee- Assistant Business Manager Ruth Frasier- Social Events Donald Booth- ROTC
Merle Jarrett - Organizations Gertrude Flor- Humor Mary Crancer - Art D. Bruce Williams- Athletics
Elizabeth Pipher- Snapshots Reginald LaBunker- Class President Alicia Mc Naughton- Faculty Sponsor
Glenn G. Hines Major
Ferris Taylor, 1st Lieutenant, Battalion Adjutant
Arthur Kimball, 2nd Lieutenant, Battalion Quartermaster
Phil Reyburn, Battalion Sergeant Major
William Thompson Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant
Color Sergeants
George Gunther and Charles Kramer
Alphonso Coruse, Jim Grier, Fred Reeder, Earl Walker
Battalion Sponsor
Maude Albright
Company A
Company B
Company C
Company D.
Sponsor: Gertrude Flor Sponsor: Helen  Peyton Sponsor: Agnes Schalker Sponsor: Mary Louise Westhorpe
Captain: Reginald La Bunker Captain: Otto R. Klemp Captain: Willie Drechsel Captain:Kike Schwartz
1st Lieut.: John G. Baum 1st Lieut.: Harold  Bedwell 1st Lieut.: Donald P. Booth 1st Lieut.: John Mc Farland
2nd Lieut.: Henry A. Klemp 2nd Lieut.: Lloyd Lansing 2nd Lieut.: Roy Anderson 2nd Lieut.: Homer Davis
1st Sergeant: Albert Hoefener 1st Sergeant: Clarence Sharp 1st Sergeant: Harry A. Eaton 1st Sergeant: Thomas Brown
Jack G. Clark 
Pickens Collins 
John Crancer 
George Holt 
John Porter 
Euclyde Taylor
Thomas Cobb 
Eberth Brink 
Raymond Carpenter 
Harold Isaacson 
Charles Worner
Frank Curry 
Fred Frey 
Theodore Sexton 
John Snell 
Keeffe Bleakley 
Alden Butt 
Phil Husser 
Hubert Klemp
Wendall Mc Clanahan 
Upton McGill 
Reuben Nichols 
Ernest Phillips
Edward Manczuk 
Fred Stritzinger 
Thomas Kelly 
Albert Mehl 
Leland Sloan 
Alexander Kirk 
Robert Klasinski 
E.W. Snyder 
Robert Thayer 
Clarence Vaughn 
Eugene Harber 
Clarence Lipp 
John Remsburg 
Simon Stier 
William Allen 
George Alexander 
Leon Baker 
Verdell Baker 
John Bell 
Colonel Boone 
Leroy Brown 
Ralph Buckley 
John Chase 
Gilbert Crouse 
Lee Greever 
Lawrence Hayden 
Theodore Hunt 
Harrison Jones 
Henry Knipe 
Heinz Kuraner 
Burt Lord 
Marshall Lyons 
Earl McClanahan 
Richard Mc Kee 
Robert Miller 
Carlton Mitchell 
John Nuhn 
Edwin Radloff 
James Self 
Jesse Wilson 
Aaron Bell 
David Bell 
Chauncey Bishop 
John Botsford 
Wilson Bradley 
Davis Brown 
Clyde Cecil 
Ben Coffin 
Arthur Connell 
Edward Doughty 
George Hedges 
John Hunsacker 
Roy James 
Richard Kirk 
Frank Kirkpatrick 
Jospeh Kurek 
Robert Love 
George Lowenheimer 
Amon Miller 
Hugh Mitchell 
Robert Parsons 
Charles Patterson 
Charles Putney 
Robert Schanze 
Karl Schrey 
Walter Sloan 
Edgar Snodgrass 
Ernest Spaulding 
Roy Tarbet 
Henry Towns 
Waldo Walker 
Donald Watson 
John Werly
Howard Barnes 
Robert Brunzell 
Elmer Chalmers 
George Chase 
Dennis Coffey 
Guy Coffman 
John Doidge 
Roy Downs 
Floyd Dusey 
Henry Eisler 
Eugene Eshleman 
Harry Fithian 
Charles Greever 
James Henthorn 
John Kulp 
Phil McArthur 
Clarence McGuire 
Arthur McKeon 
Charles Malody 
Wallace Mann 
Robert Marshall 
Norman Miller 
John Nesbitt 
Calvin Nye 
Clarence Parson 
Louis Slatery 
Warren Stover 
Howard Stucker 
Edward Tryon 
Abraham Walker 
Edward Willson 
Orville Wise 
William Atchison 
James Baine 
Thomas Beam 
Henry Bell 
Russell Chaplin 
Clayton Clark 
William Cogen 
Dan Cooper 
George Dasy 
Theodore Donoho 
Howard Gordon 
Theodore Gordon 
Gilbert Graham 
Andrew Hamilton 
George Hoffstra 
Henry Johnson 
Elmer Jordan 
Fred Kenuth 
Louis Larkoski 
Benedict Manczuk 
Joseph Martin 
LaVerne Munt 
Samuel Murray 
Russell Morton 
Grantly Parker 
Ollie Parsons 
Thomas Pierce 
Preston Pooley 
Don Reeder 
Clarence Rubik 
Max Shapiro 
Myron Shields 
Fred Thomas 
John Upham 
Ralph Weed 
William Weigel 
Arthur Wienke
Junior Plays
The Blossoming Of Mary Anne
Dramatic Supervisor
Miss Mable McNaughton:
Dorothy Lamber Maude Albright Gertrude Flor Mildred Dresser Elizabeth Pipher
Syrena McKee Mary Crancer  Dorothy Marks Agnes  Schalker Reginald LaBunker
James Welborn Glenn Hines Howard Gordon
Musical: The Fire Prince
(and the king of pantouflia)
Miss Minnie Taylor
Professor O.E Ruther
Costuming and Staging
Miss Blanche Cassidy
Harold Bedwell Wilbur Lewis John Trollman John Baum Henry Klemp
Albert Hoefener Otto Klemp Upton McGill Alden Butt George Chase
John Remsburg Norman Miller Thomas Brown Angie Taschetta Meridyth Hooper
Louis O'Kane Harriet Allen Martha Armstrong Geraldine Winograd
Senior Play
Contrary Mary
Coached by Miss Mabel McNaughton and Miss Alicia McNaughton
Reginald La Bunker Harold Bedwell Albert Hoefener Howard Gordon Arthur Kimball
Kike Schwartz William Drechsel Maude Albright Agnes Schalker Ruth Frasier
Elizabeth Pipher Pauline Schwarz
Famous Alumni
Anna H. Pennybacker  Class of 1878  Chairman of the Department of American Citizenship of the General Federation of Womens Clubs.  She has held numerous high offices in the federation and is the author of a history of Texas. D.R. Anthony  Class of 1891  Kansas congressman from the first district since 1906.  He served as postmaster of Leavenworth from 1898 to 1902 and mayor from 1902 to 1905. Joseph E. Kuhn  L.H.S. Class of 1881  Westpoint Class of 1885  Was ranked as Major-General during the war. He organized the 79th division and went to France  with it rather than become chief-of-staff, which was offered to him.  Colonel Theodore Roosevelt once said "I would be glad to serve under General Kuhn."  General Kuhn was military observer is the Russo-Japanese war,  and in the recent war until 1916.  He is now commander of the military forces in Hawaii.
Captain  Arthur J. O'Keefe  Class of 1912  Went to France with the 1st division where he was serverly wounded during the July offensive of 1918.  He received a regimental and division citation for bravery and performance of duty.  He receive the French Legion of Honor and Croixe de Guerre with Palm, and was also given the distinguished service cross and citation.  He is now Assistant Military Instructor at St. John's College, in Annapolis, MD. Edward T. Taylor  Class of 1881  He has spent  his life in serivng the public in state or national office and has been congressman from Colorado since 1905.  He is Chairman of the Comittee of Irrigation of Arid Lands.          Sherwood Eddy Ph.D.  Class of 1887  An internationally know YMCA secretary and missionary.  He's served as Secretary of  India and Asia.  He has worked in nearly all Asiatic countries and written several books on his work.         
Judge William C. Hook  Class of 1875  Has been Judge of the 8th U.S Circuit Court for 20 years.  He served as Judge of the U.S District Court from 1899 to 1903 and is Chairman of the Judicial Section of the American Bar Association.     Boyd Taylor  Class of 1889  Held the rank of major during the war but most of his life he has been a banker.  He is Treasurer of the American Genetic Association and Assistant-Treasurer of the Washington Loan &Trust Company and of the National Geographic Society.   Mary E. Byrd  Class of 1871  Was Professor of Astronomy at  Smith College.  She is the author of several books on Astronomy and is writing a series of magazine articles on " A Study of Heavenly Bodies." She has gained the recogniztion in the "Biographical Directory of American Men of Science." 
  Colonel S.J. Beyard Schindle  L.H.S. Class of 1888  West Point Class of 1893  Recently died in Washington. Was ranked as Brigadier-General during the War.  He served in Cuba in 1898 participating in the Battle of San Juan.  he served several tours of duty in the  Phillipines.  He was  Commandant of Camp Mead in 1919.  He was in the General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth.  
John Grier  Class of 1887  General U.S. Army Allen Page  Class of 1887  General U.S. Army Charles Penrose  Class of 1889  General U.S. Army
Henry Schott  Class of 1890  Vice-President of Montgomery Ward and Co. Mark Brooke  Class of 1892  Colonel U.S. Army J. Oliver Laing  Class of 1881  U.S. Consul to India
Faye Foster  Class of 1893  Author of the song "Americans Come" M.A.W Shockley  Class of 1892  Colonel U.S. Army Lee Johnson  Class of 1893  Captain U.S. Navy
Katherine Willard Eddy  Class of 1896  YWCA Field  Secretary Henry Wollman  Class of 1875  Lawyer New York City Alfred Benjamin  Class of 1876  Philanthropist
Charles H. Barth  Class of 1876  General U.S Army Victor LaMer  Class of 1911  Professor at Columbia University Charles Dolde  Class of 1909  Assistant Treasurer of the City National Bank, NY 


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