From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

Fort Leavenworth News, Vol. 1, No. 11, July 23, 1904




The following table shows the present monthly rate of pay of every grade of enlisted men of the army and soldiers will do well to cut this out and paste it in their scrap book:


Private--cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $13.

Musician--cavalry, artillery and infantry, $13.

Wagoner--cavalry, $14.

Artificer--field artillery and infantry, $15.

Saddler--cavalry, 15.

Farrier and blacksmith--cavalry, $15.

Corporal--cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $15.

Cook-cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $18.

Mechanic--coast artillery, $18.

Sergeant--cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $18.

Quartermaster sergeant--cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $18.

First sergeant--cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $25.

Regiment or Corps:

Chief trumpeter--cavalry and artillery, $22.

Principal musician--cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $22.

Drum major--cavalry, artillery, and infantry, $25.

Color sergeant--cavalry and infantry, $25.

Battalion sergeant major--infantry, $25.

Squadron sergeant major--cavalry, $25.

Sergeant major (junior grade)--artillery, $25.

Sergeant major (senior grade)--artillery, $34.

Commissary sergeant--cavalry and infantry, $34.

Sergeant major and quartermaster sergeant--cavalry and infantry, $34.

Chief musician--cavalry, artillery and infantry, $60.

Battalions of Engineers:

Private (2d class)--company, $13.

Private (1st class)--company, $17.

Corporal and cook--company, $20.

Sergeant--company, $34.

Quartermaster sergeant--company, $34.

Sergeant major and quartermaster sergeant--battalion, $36.

Hospital Corps:

Private, $16.

Private, first class, $18.

Corporal, $20.

Sergeant, $25.

Sergeant first class, $45.

Signal Corps:

Private, $13.

Private (1st class), $18.

Corporal and cook, $20.

Sergeant, $34.

Master signal electrician, $75.


Ordnance sergeant, $34.

Post commissary sergeant, $34.

Post quartermaster sergeant, $34.

Electrician sergeant, $34.

Master electrician, $75.

The pay proper of enlisted men "serving in the Philippine Islands, the Island of Guam, Alaska, China, and Panama." is increased twenty per centum over and above the rates of pay proper as given herein.

When soldiers re-enlist within three months of date of discharge their service is continuous, and for such continuous service there is added $1 per month for third year, $2 per month for fourth year, $3 per month for fifth year, and thereafter $2 per month additional is allowed for the sixth to the ten year, inclusive, and for continuous service of more than ten years an additional $1 per month for each successive period of five years..

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