Lincoln County Kansas

The Lincoln Carnegie Library was completed in 1914. Constructed of native limestone, it has been in continual use since.

Hours for the library, located at 203 S. 3rd St., are:
Monday-Friday: 10-1, 2-6
Saturday: 10-1, 1:30-3:30
Sunday: Closed
The library has a small holding of genealogy materials, as well as books on area history, and a small collection of yearbooks. Its main attraction for genealogists is its microfilm collection, which includes virtually every paper ever published in the county, as well as the federal census for Lincoln County for 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920.
Most of the newspapers of the county included news from all over the county, although certainly more news and advertising from Lincoln than from the smaller towns. Most ran weekly columns with news from different towns and neighborhoods. Two smaller communities had papers of their own: Barnard and Sylvan.
The following is a list of available newspapers and their publication dates:

Barnard Bee: Feb. 24, 1916-Nov. 5, 1942
Sylvan Alert: April 25, 1895-Aug. 13, 1896
Lincoln County News: March 5, 1873-March 19, 1874
Lincoln County Beacon: March 25, 1880-Nov. 24, 1881
Beacon of Lincoln County: Dec. 1, 1881-Feb. 21, 1884
Lincoln Banner: Feb. 28, 1884-June 13, 1886
Lincoln County Register: May 6, 1886-Oct. 20, 1887
Lincoln Democrat: Oct. 27, 1887-March 29, 1888
Lincoln County Democrat: April 5, 1888-Dec. 27, 1888
Lincoln Democrat: Nov. 1, 1888-Dec. 27-1899
Lincoln County Farmer: Dec. 5, 1890-March 4, 1892
Saline Valley Register: April 19, 1876-Sept. 18, 1879
Lincoln Register: Sept. 25, 1879-Jan. 30, 1880
Lincoln County Register: Feb. 6, 1880-May 12, 1881
Lincoln Register: May 19, 1881-Nov. 4, 1881
Saline Valley Register: Nov. 11, 1881-Feb. 21, 1884
Lincoln County Patriot: July 15, 1895
Saline Valley Sunflower: Feb. 9, 1900
Lincoln Beacon: Feb. 28, 1884-Feb. 21, 1901
Lincoln County Sentinel: June 1, 1894-Oct. 2, 1900
Lincoln Sentinel: Nov. 1, 1900-Nov. 19, 1925
Lincoln Republican: Jan. 20, 1886-Nov. 19, 1925
Lincoln Sentinel-Republican: Nov. 26, 1925-July 29, 1993

The library has a microfilm reader/printer available for use. Copies are 25 cents.

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