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Organized in September 17, 1887. Russell Springs was the county seat until 1963 when Oakley took over that honor.  By an act of the legislature in 1887, the name of the then unorganized county of St. John was changed to Logan, in honor of the late General John A. Logan.

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Enemy Alien Registration Affidavit for Philip Vogler

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Northwest Kansas Genealogical & Historical Society
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(located in **Logan County**)

Counties bordering Logan:

It's important to remember that if the town your relatives lived in was closer to the county seat of a neighboring county, they may have gone there to take out a marriage license and to record legal documents such as a marriage, will, birth, death, probate, ect.

To the East - Gove County, County Seat is Gove
To the South/Southeast - Scott County, County Seat is Scott City
To the North/Northwest - Sherman County, County Seat is Goodland
To the North - Thomas County, County Seat is Colby
To the West - Wallace County, County Seat is Sharon Springs
To the South/Southwest - Wichita County, County Seat is Leoti

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Cutlers History of Kansas of KS
Fick Fossil and History Museum

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