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Cemeteries of Marion County

Below are the links to the cemeteries in your County, as well as some additional information about those cemeteries. If you do not see the cemetery linked to a page, I do not have any additional information. Please note: Most of the County cemeteries are only partially transcribed. If you do not see your ancestors listed on the pages, you can submit the information for addition to that cemetery.

Alexanderwohl Friedhof Cemetery Lehigh
Allison Cemetery Florence
Baptist Cemetery Gypsum SE
Canada Cemetery Marion
Catlin Cemetery Peabody NW
Claney Cemetery Marion
Doyle Valley Cemetery Peabody NW
Dunkard Cemetery Peabody NW
Durham Park Cemetery Durham

Ebenfeld Cemetery
French Creek Cemetery Durham
Frick Cemetery Durham
Friedenstal Cemetery Gypsum SE
Gard Cemetery Hillsboro
Gnadenau Cemetery Hillsboro
Grant Cemetery Lincolnville SW
Greenfield Cemetery Goessel
Hackler Community Cemetery Tampa
Harter Cemetery Lincolnville SW  Photos
Hartke Cemetery Lost Springs
Haven of Rest Cemetery Hillsboro

Highland Cemetery
Hillcrest Cemetery Lincolnville SW

Hillsboro Mennonite Church Cemetery
Johannestal Cemetery Durham
Lehigh Mennonite Cemetery Lehigh
Lehigh Township Cemetery Waldeck
Lewis Cemetery Ramona
Lincolnville Cemetery Lincolnville
Logan Cemetery Gypsum SE
Lost Springs Cemetery Lost Springs

Marion Cemetery
Mennonite Cemetery Waldeck
Mohn Cemetery Ramona
Mount Calvary Cemetery Florence
Pankratz Cemetery Gypsum SE
Parkview Cemetery Hillsboro

Pilsen Cemetery

Pleasant Center Cemetery
Prairie Lawn Cemetery Peabody
Saint John Nepomucene Catholic Cemetery Pilsen
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery Tampa
Saint Mary Cemetery Tampa
Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Ramona
Schoenthal Cemetery Goessel
Springfield Cemetery Lehigh
Strassburg Cemetery Pilsen
Zion Cemetery Hillsboro

Known Rural Gravesites

 D No.

Name of Cemetery


Sec. Twp. Rge.
101. Blaine Township Blaine 23 17S 2E
102. Catlin Township Catlin 12 27S 3E
103. Centre North Township Centre North 14 19S 4E
104. Centre South Township Centre South 5 20S 4E
105. Clark Township Clark 7 18S 3E
106. Clear Creek East Township Clear Creek East 14 18S 5E
107. Clear Creek West Township Clear Creek West 10 18S 4E
108. Clear Creek West Township Clear Creek West 11 18S 4E
109. Clear Creek West Township Clear Creek West 14 18S 4E
110.  Colfax Township Colfax 2 17S 3E
111. Doyle Township Doyle 8 21S 5E
112. Grant North Township Grant North 22 19S 5E
113. Grant North Township Grant North 16 19S 5E
114. Grant North Township Grant North 12 19S 5E
115. Liberty Township - SW1/4 Liberty 4 20S 2E
116. Liberty Township - SE1/4 Liberty 4 20S 2E
117. Liberty Township - NE1/4 Liberty 5 20S 2E
118. Liberty Township - NE 1/4 Liberty 5 20S 2E
119. Liberty Township - SE1/4 Liberty 5 20S 2E
120. Liberty Township Liberty 9 20S 2E
121. Liberty Township Liberty 15 20S 2E
122. Liberty Township Liberty 16 20S 2E
123. Liberty Township - E1/2 Liberty 17 20S 2E
124. Liberty Township - W1/2 Liberty 17 20S 2E
125. Liberty Township - S ½ Liberty 17 20S 2E
126. Liberty Township Liberty 21 20S 2E
127. Liberty Township Liberty 21 20S 2E
128. Liberty Township Liberty 23 20S 2E
129. Liberty Township Liberty 25 20S 2E
130. Liberty Township Liberty 27 20S 2E
131. Liberty Township Liberty 25 20S 2E
132. Logan Township Logan 10 17S 1E
133. Logan Township Logan 29 17S 1E
134. Menno Township Menno 7 20S 1E
135. Menno Township Menno 9 20S 1E
136. Menno Township Menno 11 20S 1E
137. Menno Township Menno 15 20S 1E
138. Menno Township Menno 16 20S 1E
139. Menno Township Menno 19 20S 1E
140. Menno Township Menno 29 20S 1E
141. Menno Township Menno 33 20S 1E
142. Milton Township Milton 20 22S 1E
143. Summit Township Summit 4 22S 4E
144. Wilson Township Wilson 24 20S 3E
145. Wilson Township Wilson 30 20S 3E
146. Grant South Township Grant South 12 20S 5E

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Kansas genealogy history ancestors