Peabody, Kansas
Families Arriving before 1920

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Extracted by Marcia Ward Richie from:

Cutler's History of the State of Kansas

Peabody: The First 100 Years, First Published June 1971 by the Peabody Gazette-Herald, Reprinted April 1988 by Homestead Print, Peabody, Kansas;

Peabody High School 1881-1961 (an alumni list);

U.S. Census Marion Co., KS 1880, 1900 (each family is marked with the year and the page number if information was taken from the Census)

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; transcribed 1997.


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Marion County KS Family History


Peabody, Marion County, Kansas, USA sits in wheat country near the edge of the Flint Hills. It is only a few miles on US Highway 50 from Chase County, the setting of William Least Heat Moon's book, PrairyErth. The early economy was driven by farming and cattle, and in the 1920's by an oil boom.

I have never lived in Peabody. My parents, like many of her children, sought opportunities elsewhere. But my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins lived there and a few generations before them. As a child I visited often. Surrounded by talk of Peabody families and by their graves on Memorial Day, I started this list to try to make sense of it all.

Most of Peabody's early residents were white folk from the East and people from other lands, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Mexico, and Mennonites from Russia. In 1880 Peabody had a black doctor, Dr. Charles Flippin. Some people had American Indian ancestors, or roots in Asia. Lawrence Cooper moved to the Philippines, married there, and some his children lived in Peabody for a time.

Peabody's current residents have worked hard to keep the town healthy. They have preserved the wonderful old housing and the 19th century downtown and organized events for residents and non-residents to enjoy. But for those who left and their descendants, Peabody is a more ephemeral place, a place of memories and dreams,


You can visit Peabody virtually at the town's Website


Last Names A - F

AMBORN, J.M. and Elizabeth b. 1844 Germany. Elizabeth immigrated in 1871. Arrived Peabody before 1881. Furniture store, nursery owner. 1900-p174
Children: Libbie b. 1858 m. William A. BAUSLIN

AYRES, Leo and Alma McCORD. Arrived in vicinity 1908. Farmer.
Children: Floyd

BAILEY, Isaac b. 1843 OH and Martha WARD b. 1844 OH. Arrived 1883 from Nebraska. Farm laborer. Martha was the sister of Elwood and Pirl Ward. 1900-p180
Children: John b. 1882, Gilbert b. 1888
Information from Rebecca Huggins

BAILEY, Smith Sr. b. 1862 IL and Alice Katherine b. 1867 IL. Arrived 1879 from Nebraska. Farmer. Smith Bailey's parents living with him in 1900, John Bailey b. 1822 NY and Mary b. 1829 OH. 1900-p21
Children: Agnes b. 1886, Leland b. 1889, Anna b. 1890 m. ---Ely, Thomas b. 1896, Smith b. 1899, Bernice m. --- Gilmer
Information from Rebecca Huggins

BAKER, Harry N. b. 1862 OH and Lillian HOYT b. 1865 WI. Harry arrived 1880 from Cadiz, OH. Farmer, stockman. 1900-p178
Children: Paul E. b. 1890 m. Vivien HEATH; Helen b. 1889 m. George Percival POTTER, Hazel

BAKER, J. E. (and Fannie NELSON?) Arrived 1897 from Fort Wayne, IN. Undertaking, furniture store.
Children: Hartman m. Frances Householder

BAKER, John b. 1865 NJ and Daisy b. 1872 KS. Sign painter. 1900-p176
Children: Burton b. 1892 m. Ethel SMITH, Bessie b. 1895, Jessie b. 1897

BAUSLIN, David Henry and Lizzie D. CLARK. Married in Miami, OH. Merchant in groceries and shoes. Arrived in Peabody before 1877. A Lutheran minister in Ohio, he requested Lutheran Synod for a church at Peabody.

BAUSLIN, Harry b. 1818 PA. 1900-p179
Children: Mary b. 1843, Ellen b. 1863, Harry b. 1865.

BAUSLIN, John/Frank b. 1864 MD and Mary HESS b. 1867 WI. Blacksmith. Father-in-law Alfred HESS b. 1821 NY lived with the family in 1900. 1900-p173
Children: Helen b. 1900

BAUSLIN, Mike b. 1829 and Martha b. 1832 VA. Blacksmith. 1880-p121, 1900-p172
Children: William A. b. 1856 m. Libbie AMBORN, Thomas b. 1857 m. Ida, Laura Belle b. 1860 m. Osborne ROBERTS, Mary b. 1865, John/Frank b. 1864 m. Mary HESS.

BAUSLIN, Thomas b. 1857 PA and Ida b. 1860 MO. Traveling salesman. 1900-p170
Children: Leslie F. b. 1891, Dorothy b. 1898 m. --- Howard.

BEACH, Henry H. b. 1840 NY and Mariah B. b. 1843 PA. Farmer. Arrived 1870. 1880-p125,1900-p23
Children: Arthur b. 1867, Esther b. 1869, William E. b. 1872, Stella b.c. 1873 m. ---LOGAN, Addie 1883

BEATY, Will b. 1853 TN and Ida WINDSOR b. 1863 IL. Arrived 1898 from Lerado, KS. Farmer. 1900-p15.
Children: Samuel b. 1884, Nellie b. 1887

BECHTEL, Jacob b. 1815 and Anna MOYER b.1819 PA. Arrived 1884 from Goshen, IN. Farmer.
Children: John Moyer b. 1838 m. Elizabeth BENTZ, Elizabeth b. 1840 m. Christian NUSBAUM, Abram b. 1843, David b. 1845 m. Sophie Otto, Barbara b. 1848 m. George HOOVER, Sophia b. 1850 m. Levi HOOVER, Peter b. 1853 m. Ella, Catherine b. 1855 m. John Brubaker, Joseph b. 1858, Caroline b. 1860
Information from Susan Molye

BECHTEL, John Moyer b. 1838 and Elizabeth BENTZ b. 1842. Arrived 1884 from Florence, IL. Farmer, grocer, deputy sheriff, land agent, mayor. Elizabeth was the sister of Jacob BENTZ. 1900-p172
Children: Emma b. 1867 m. U.S. Grant HOLLER, Minnie b. 1868 m. E.E. Stockdale, Dora b. 1870 m. John Wesley NUSBAUM, Warren A. b. 1872 m. Clara West, founded Bechtel Corp. of San Francisco with his brother Arthur, Ida b. 1874 m. Edgar Ashley ROOD, Laura b. 1876 m. Theodore HEATH, Arthur b. 1882 m. Estella Johnson
Information from Susan Molye

BECK, Simon L. b. 1854 PA and Kathryn b. 1860 PA. Arrived 1885 from Lancaster Co., PA. Farmer. 1900-p19
Children: Howard b. 1882, Anna b. 1884, Edna b. 1887, Thaddeus S. b. 1888, John L. b. 1895, Lester, Harry G.

BEETON, John b. 1841 England and Mary CLARYTON b. 1845 OH. Arrived 1880 from Edenton, OH. John immigrated from Cambridge, England in 1854. Farmer. John's sister Anna married Robert GIBBS. A niece Sarah Thorowood b. 1853 OH lived with the family in 1900. 1900-p20
Children: Robert b. 1866 m. Katey, Elizabeth b. 1870 m. William HOUSE, Collins, Mina m. ---Rice, Thomas b. 1873 m. Helen, Ora b. 1875 m. Bertha, James b. 1879, Mertie A. b. 1881, Mintie A. b. 1881

BEETON, Ora b. 1875 OH and Bertha b. 1878 OH. Farmer. 1900-p20
Children: Virl b. 1898

BEETON, Robert b. 1866 OH and Katey b. 1869 IL. Farmer. 1900-p165
Children: Jaz b. 1892

BEHRENDT, Heinrich and Elize. Arrived 1906 from Germany. Farmer.
Children: Esther m. ---KELLUM

BENTZ, Jacob b. 1844 OH m.1. Mary M. LECHLITNER b. 1850 OH m.2. Elizabeth Ann Kaylor. Arrived 1884 from Elkhart, IN. Farmer. Brother of Elizabeth BENTZ BECHTEL. A son m. Olive KAFTON. 1900-p18311.
Children: Arthur E. b. 1877 m. Anna COOPER, Clarissa b. 1882, Boyde b. 1884, Robert b. 1886, Rosie b. 1891, Anna V.

BERNS, Jacob b. 1848 Germany and Mary b. 1849 IL. Jacob immigrated in 1870, from Hanover, KS, in 1889. Grain and stock dealer. 1900-p177
Children: Arnold b. 1878 m. Marion HANSON, Rose b. 1878, Elizabeth b. 1880 m. --- Greene

BERNS, Arnold b. 1878 KS and Marion HANSON. Cattle feed lots, grain offices and elevator, coal dealer, built Sunflower Theater, mayor.
Children: Dorothy m. ---Olin, Lucille m. Ray Hershmann, John W. m. Joan POTTER

BLACKMUR, George b. 1839 England and Anna b. 1834 England. Immigrated in 1865, arrived from Union City, NJ, in 1872. Farmer. 1880-p5, 1900-p13.
Children: Alfred b. 1866 m. Edna (their daughter Alice b. 1889 m. Walter LITTON)

BONGARD, Joseph b. 1842 Germany and Alvina MISSE/MIESER b. 1852. Arrived 1900 from Quincy, IL. Joseph immigrated before 1870. Painter, paper hanger. 1880-p118
Children: James b. 1872, Josie b. 1875, Alice b. 1876 m. Alwyn C. KNOX, Kitie b. 1878, Bessie m.1. George Enslow m.2. Robert Mc Conahay

BRAGUNIER, Charles b. 1851 IN and Sarah MAHOOD b. 1856 Canada. Charles arrived 1870 from Indiana. Sarah immigrated in 1872. Dry goods and grocery store owner. Two other Bragunier brothers had a mercantile store in Topeka. These stores were the first
chain store business in Kansas. 1880-p120, 1900-p174
Children: Edna b. 1877 died young, Charles William b. 1879 m. Azubie Reeder, George Edgar b. 1879 m. Minnie, Pearl b. 1881 m.1. Jacob NUSBAUM m.2. Charles A. Sunderlin, Minnie Ethel b. 1884 m. ---Hewitt, Edna F. b. 1887 m. Clyde L. Appleby,
Information from David Procuniar

BRAKEBILL, Dr. Martin Luther and Mary Irene FELLINGHAM
Children: Wilbur W. b. 1915 m. Merilyn O'Lavergy, Doris b. 1919 m. Maurice Waeldin, Mary b. 1929 m. Dr. Orville C. Walker, Jr.
Information from Kevin M. Rucker

BRANDT, Henry and Margaret. Arrived 1912 from Nebraska. Farmer.
Children: Leta m. --- BREWER

BRELSFORD, Isaac W. b. 1840 Greene Co., OH and Elizabeth VANKLEECK, b. 1846 Saratoga Co., NY. Arrived from Blue Earth, MN. Livery stable, hotel manager, salesman.
Children: Maud b. 1873 married Henry Austin, Frederick b. 1872, William Edward b. 1874 m. Augusta Simpson
Information from Barbara Rentenbach

BREWER, Owen b. 1840 IL and Nancy NELL b. 1843 KY. Arrived 1871 from Douglas, IL. Farmer. 1880-p1, 1900-p180
Children: Hannah b. 1857 m. Andrew TAYLOR, Clara b. 1867, Anna b. 1869 m. William CULLINS, Sarah b. 1871, Robert b. 1872 m. Amy CULLINS, Hattie b. 1874 m. William Arthur Bailey, Thomas b. 1879, Eddie b. 1881
Information from Sandra K. Bailey

BREWER, Robert B. b. 1872 IL and Amy CULLINS b. 1874 NE. Laborer. 1900-p168
Children: Lee R. b. 1895, Mirle b. 1899, Marion b. 1901 m. Alice NONKEN

BREWER, James H.C. b. 1839 MD and Mary C. LOOSE b. 1845. Arrived in 1871 from Clearspring, MD. Farmer, real estate, storekeeper, Civil War veteran. 1880-p124
Children: Carrie b. 1868 m. George E. MORGAN, William E. b. 1870 m. Anna SNAVELY, Nellie b. 1875 m. James SNAVELY/Slawley

BRINDLEY, Malancta b. 1858 OH and Edith b. 1861 England. Edith immigrated in 1878. Teamster, livery stable owner. 1900-p173
Children: Alberta May b. 1888 m.---ROWLAND, Lawrence b. 1891, Harold b. 1894, Annie b. 1898

BROOKS, John b. 1825 NY and Laura EATON b. 1834 NY. Arrived in 1880s from Cuba, NY. Worked in bank.
Child: Charles b. 1858
Information from Cleland McBurney

BUCK, Lewellyn b. 1840 ME m.1. Adelia PEARCE, m.2. 1875 Anna BROCKETT b. 1853 IL. Came from Buckfield, ME. Doctor. 1880-p??, 1900-p172
Children: Lula C. b. 1867, Charles B. b. 1869, Adelbert b. 1886

BUELL, Marcus b. 1827 NY and Barbara b. 1836 MI. 1900-p176
Children: George b. 1856 and 4 others

BUELL, George b. 1856 MI and Carrie b. 1867 OH. Arrived 1890 from Walton, KS. Painter. 1900-p177

Children: Marcus b. 1878, Claude b. 1880 m. Birdie

BURDORF, D. and Elisa. Arrived 1906 from Lee, NE. D. left Germany as a stowaway on a ship to escape military duty.
Children: Fred m. (Theresa UHL?), Lena m. --- HARPER

BURTON, Alva b. 1874 WI and Bessie GUINN/GWINN (Daughter of Charles Gwinn and Frances Creed. Bessie had a sister named Jessie.). Operated the Light Plant. Brother of Ellery BURTON, nephew of Orlando JOLLIFFE. 1900-p164

BURTON, Ellery b. 1876 WI and Sara Dona NONKEN. Arrived 1900 from Racine, WI. Ellery first worked on the farm of his uncle, Orlando JOLLIFFE, then on the Library building and on the Light Plant. 1900-p164
Children: Gladys b. 1904 m. Gilbert Manka, Verle b. 1912

CALBECK, William b. 1825 Ireland and Elizabeth LICHTENWALTER b. 1827 OH. William immigrated in 1842 from Dublin, Ireland, arrived from Ottumwa, IA in 1870. Stockman. With son, Melvin, and grandsons, quarried and processed all the stone used in building the Peabody business district and the Peabody school. 1880-p118, 110
Children: Melvin b. 1855 m. Mary, Ida b. 1860 m. Willard V. CHURCH

CALBECK, Bernard b. 1879 KS and Candace b. 1878 IN. Farm labor. 1900-p183
Children: Grace b. 1900 m. Harold Harr

CALBECK, Melvin b. 1855 OH and Mary E. b. 1857 IA. Farmer. 1900-p183
Children: Bernard b. 1879 m. Candace, Hugh L. b. 1882, Melville b. 1897

CARSON, George b. 1847 PA and Anna b. 1863 PA. Arrived 1878 from Bedford Co., PA. Carpenter. 1880-p118, 1900-p171
Children: Nathan b. 1887, Mabel/Anna b. 1888 m. ---Draper, George b. 1894, Clarence b. 1896, Mervin b.c. 1900

CARSON, John b. 1850 IL and Rachel b. 1852 PA. Teamster. 1900-p168

Children: Launa b.c. 1876 m. William HEAGY, Bernard b. 1880, Earl b.c. 1886, Chester b. 1893

CATON, Andrew b. 1851 MD and Pauline b. 1850 KY. Teamster. 1900-p177
Children: Emma b. 1876, John b. 1878, Scott b. 1884, Charles b. 1886, Grace b. 1891

CATON, John b. 1835 IL and Mary Ellen GORE b. 1845 IL. Stock trader. 1900-p169
Children: John M. b. 1866 m. Hattie Walls

CHRIST, John b. 1829 Germany and Francis b. 1842 PA. John immigrated in 1850. Blacksmith, wagon shop owner. 1880-p121, 1900-p172
Children: Frank b. 1857, Harry b. 1859, Albert b. 1860, Emma b. 1862, Charles b. 1863, William b. 1868, Jennie b. 1873 m. ---Knuble, Fredrick b. 1879

CHURCH, Willard V. b. 1853 NY and Ida CALBECK b. 1860 IA. Arrived 1878 from Michigan. Lawyer, farmer, insurance.
Children: Grace b. 1878 m. John C. Smith

CLAUSEN, Sam and Bertha b. 1814 Denmark. Arrived 1878 from Fyn, Denmark. Farmer.
Children: John T. b. 1842 m. Anna, daughter m. ---Stay

CLAUSEN, John b. 1842 Denmark and Anna b. 1842 Denmark. Farmer. John's mother Bertha CLAUSEN and his nephew, Charles B. Stay b. 1844 KS also lived with the family in1900. 1900-p21
Child: Samuel T. b. 1881

COCKLEY, Sam E. b. 1859 PA and Mary L. WINEY b. 1863 PA. Arrived 1882 from Pennsylvania. Farmer, engineer for Peabody flour mill, school custodian, worked at Peabody Hardware and Lumber Co. 1900-p171
Children: Sadie b. 1884 m. ---Snyder, Laura b. 1885, Charles b. 1887, Mabel b. 1889, Fannie b. 1890 m. ---Brown, Lidia b. 1894, Susan Tessie b. 1897 m. ---Beavers

COLE, Thomas Jefferson. b. 1847 OH and Florence HILTON b. 1851 OH. Arrived 1871 from Marion Co., OH. Farmer, Civil War calvaryman. Thomas' mother, Jane MORE COLE lived with the family until she died in 1896. 1900-p183
Children: Jennie b. 1870 m. --- May, May b. 1873 m. John Johnson, Pearl b. 1875 m. James Johnson, Nora b. 1885 m. Charley WHISLER, Ada b. 1887 m. Charley Rand, Ophra b. 1891 m. Leroy Bennington
Information from Barbara Bennington Hoberg

COLMAN, Horace B. and Mary A. Arrived 1876 from Indiana and Pennsylvania. Farmer.

CONVERSE, M.S. Arrived 1903 from Iowa. Farmer.
Children: L.J.

COOPER, George b. 1842 NY and Helen LYON b. 1849 MN. George arrived in 1870 from Cooperstown, NY. Helen arrived 1871 from Owatonna, MN. Farmer, on the first State Board of Agriculture. Helen was the first teacher in Peabody. 1880-p128, 1900-p20

Children: Verona b. 1875 m. Charles Ilgen HARRISON; Alice b. 1877 m. Charles Shirar; Anna b. 1880 m. Arthur E. BENTZ; Lawrence b. 1881 m. Prisca Edrozo in the Phillipines; Lowell died young; Lester b. 1884 m. Ethel HARPER; Gertrude b. 1888
Information from Marcie Richie

CORBY, Phil b. 1842 and Martha BAKER b. 1846. Shoemaker. 1880-p114
Children: William b. 1863 m. Sophia, Brown b. 1864, Virginia b. 1866, Lillian b. 1870, Grace b. 1875

CORBY, William b. 1863 IA and Sophia b. 1871 OH. Farmer. 1900-p18
Children: Charles W. b. 1891, Emma S. b. 1895, Mary S. b. 1898

CORBY, Brown b. 1864 IL and Florence b. 1872 IL. Farmer. 1900-p64
Children: Gladys b. 1889, Lucile b. 1899

COVALT, Bethuel b. 1839 PA and Martha b. 1840 PA. Farmer. Came from Fulton Co., PA 1900-p22
Children: Francis R. b. 1870, Stillwell b. 1871 m. Pearl HOLLER, Rachel b. 1873, Sarah b. 1879 m. --- Denny
Information from Ancestral File

COVEY, Hiram. Arrived 1896 from Larned, KS. Farmer, Civil War veteran.

CRACRAFT, John b. 1865 IN and Louisa b. 1862 TX. Railroad section boss. A son m. Ethel HIGHFILL. 1900-p168
Children: Chester b. 1884, Rose b. 1886, Jessie b. 1897

CRANEY, Charles b. 1851 IN and Emogene b. 1860 IL. Arrived 1883 from Minnesota. Farmer.1900-p183
Children: Leslie b. 1881, Clyde b. 1883, Barton b. 1886, Clarence b. 1888, Elsie b. 1890, Mary b. 1894, Vira m. ---Ackley

CROMWELL, James b. 1822 England m.1. Anna, m.2. Sarah b. 1830 OH. James arrived from England 1848, from Pennsylvania in 1879. Cobbler. 1900-p172
Children: daughter m. --- Hess

CULLINS, Isaac/Israel b. 1832 OH and Mary b. 1838 OH. Arrived 1871 from Shannon, OH. Farmer. 1880-p130, 1900-p18
Children: William A. b. 1859 m. Anna BREWER, F.M. (dau) b. 1861, Amos b. 1864, Laura b. 1869, R.E. (dau) b. 1872, Amy b. 1874 m. Robert BREWER

CULLINS, William A. b. 1859 KS and Anna BREWER b. 1869 OH. Farmer, teacher. 1900-p13
Children: Lula b. 1892, Bryan b. 1896

DAVIS, Walter W. and Lydia. Arrived 1893 from Chillicothe, MO. Farmer and stockman. A son m. Emily Haskell, another m. Susan POTTER, another m. Shirley SANDS.1900-p19
Children: Pearl K. b. 1880, Walter W. b. 1882, Mabel E. b. 1884 m. -- WINDSOR, Charles H. b. 1886, Harry V. b. 1889, Fred E. b. 1891, Floyd F. b. 1893

DeFOREST, Walter H. and Lottie May LAUCK. Arrived 1905. Walter from Henderson, IL, Lottie from Spenser, IA. Farmer. Lottie owned a chicken hatchery.
Children: John m.1. Cleo MARSH m.2. Louise SLOCOMBE HARPER, Betty m. Allen Plummer
Information from Ancestral File

DERBY, G.W. and Helen. Arrived 1916 from Ottumwa, IA. Farmer.
Children: Harvey; Oral m. ---Pinnecker

DILL, Daniel b. 1834 TN and Joanna b. 1844 MO. Arrived from Missouri. Farmer. 1880-p112,1900-p184
Children: George b. 1867 m. Mary, Charles b. 1869 m. Lizzie HEAGY, Retha Elizabeth b.1875, Rilla b. 1875

DOHNER, Joseph H. b. 1835 and Caroline HOSTETTER b. 1838 PA. Farmer. 1880-p128, 1900-p18
Children: Addison b. 1861 m. Fannie HOOVER, Moses b. 1863 m. Mary E., Benjamin b. 1864, Lavina b. 1865, Nancy b. 1868, Clara b. 1871, Katy b. 1872, Joseph b. 1874, Aaron b. 1876, Elizabeth b. 1879 m. Frank Stewart, Mary m. John Rogers, John L., Lucretia b. 1883 m. Claude Hibbard, Irwin b. 1887, Grace b. 1890

DuBOIS, Jacob b. 1837 PA m.1. Emma SMITH m.2. Josephine HOUSEL b. 1853 MI. Arrived 1876 from Fairbury, NE. Farmer, stone mason. 1880-p6, 1900-p13
Children of Emma: Arthur b. 1865, Newton b. 1868 m. Mary, Newel b. 1868 m. Jessie McCLURE, Duitte (son) b. 1870. Children of Josephine: Orpha b. 1875, Lucy b. 1878 m. Willis McCLURE, Luna b. 1879 m. John EBERLE, Linton G. b. 1881, Erma b. 1885, Vernon b. 1891, Hazel b. 1895

DuBOIS, Newel b. 1868 MI and Jessie A. McCLURE b. 1876 KS. Farmer. 1900-p15
Children: Irvin b. 1900 m. Mary SAWTELLE, Jennie b. 1901 m. Charles R. Nelson, Vera 1902-1903, Helen b. 1905 m. Arlys Hines, Forest 1906-1914

DuBOIS, Newton b. 1868 MI and Mary E. b. 1873 NE. Farmer. 1900-p12
Children: Hester E. b. 1894, Neva R. b. 1897

EBERLE, Joseph b. 1847 Germany and Karolina b. 1849 Germany. Immigrated in 1873, arrived1879 from Peoria, IL. Farmer. 1880-p5, 1900-p13
Children: John b. 1873 m. Luna DuBOIS, Joseph b. 1874, Charles b. 1876, Annie b. 1878 m. Jay McCLURE, Katie b. 1887, Mary b. 1888

EBERLE, John b. 1873 IL and Luna DuBOIS b. 1879 KS. Farmer. 1900-p16
Children: Letha b. 1899

EBRIGHT, Samuel b. 1841 and Elizabeth BERRY b.1842. Arrived in Peabody 1907 from Holton, KS. Farmer.
Children: Nellie b. 1875 m. Isaac Edwards; Lydia Belle b. 1876; Carolyn b. 1878; Arthur b. 1880 m. Maude Kroh; Eva b. 1883 m. Clyde RUNYON

EWERT, John b. 1853 Germany and Edith b. 1854 IL. Immigrated in 1872, arrived from Illinois in 1882. Farmer. John was a shepard in Germany. He found a book, The Mississippi Valley which lured him to America. He stowed away on a ship and was befriended by another immigrant who adopted him until he reached New York and headed west. 1900-p217
Children: John b. 1878 m. Jennie/Anna WELSH, Joseph b. 1880, Clarence b. 1885 m. Faye HARPER, Ethel b. 1887, Cora b. 1892, Grace b. 1896, Edna May

FELLINGHAM, Frank B. b. 1865 IL and Gertrude WATERMAN b. 1870 IL. Arrived from Giltner, NE. Lived in Verona, IL. Farmer.
Children: Mary Irene b. 1895 m. Dr. Martin Luther BRAKEBILL, James L. 1897-1914, Frank L. b. 1900 m. Lucille Sweetland, Martha E. b.1905 m. Clarence HAIZE, Frances G. b.1907 m. Edwin Brischke
Information from Kevin M. Rucker and Ancestral File

FELLINGHAM, William L. b. 1865 IL and Ella HYSLOP b. 1867 IL
Children: Edward b. 1885 m. Bessie Emrich, Ethel b. 1888 m. Walter Olson, Everett b. 1893 m. Stella MACK
Information from Kevin M. Rucker and Ancestral File

FELLINGHAM, Everett and Stella MACK b. 1894 KS Stella m.2. Warren Givens
Children: Dorothy b. 1912 m. Lacester Patterson, Ray b. 1915 m. Ethyln Hargett

Information from Kevin M. Rucker and Ancestral File

FIEDLER, Peter. Arrived 1908 from Peoria, IL. Farmer.
Children: Harold; Anna m. ---WILBER

FISHER, Malachi and Ella. Arrived 1908 from Nebraska. Farmer.

FISHER, Howard b. 1855 PA and Mary SPENCER b. 1861 CT. Howard arrived 1873 from Pennsylvania, Mary in 1872 from Connecticut. Farmer. 1900-p17
Children: E.W. b. 1877 m. Anna, Mary I. b. 1885, James S. b. 1888, Frank H. b. 1894
Information from Ancestral File

FITCH, William M. b. 1848 Ireland and Martha ROOD b. 1844 MI. William immigrated in 1860, arrived from Michigan in 1871. Farmer. 1880-p126, 1900-p126
Children: Allen b. 1876 m. Kate WESTERHOUSE (son Leland m. Corrine HOLMBERG), Mina b. 1885

FOST, Frank b. 1836 PA and Elmira b. 1845 PA . Arrived from Pennsylvania in 1871. Farmer, mail carrier. 1900-p178
Children: Job b. 1878, Carrie b. 1879 m. Hiram SKINNER, Lucretia/Harriett b. 1881 m. --- Stutsman, Andrew b. 1883 m. Ethel ZIRKLE, Benjamin b. 1889

FREEMAN, Arthur and Katie. Arthur arrived 1876 from Ohio, Katie was b.1874 in Marion.
Children: Ruby m. ---GIBBS

FREEMAN, Henry H. b. 1828 England and Sarah b. 1838 Ireland. Immigrated in 1875. Farmer, carpenter. 1900-p15
Children: Oliver b. 1877, Edith b. 1882 m. -- Wallace

FROBENIUS, Richard b. 1866 Germany and Elizabeth b. 1879 KS. Richard immigrated in 1867 from Erfurt, Germany. Elizabeth b. north of Peabody. Elizabeth was a nurse.
Children: Emma

FUNK, Peter K. b. 1830 Poland m.1. Agneta SCHROEDER m.2. Anna UNRAH b. 1842 Poland. Immigrated in 1876. Farmer.
Children of Agneta: Mary b. Poland m.1. to John Ratzlaff m.2. W. D. Ewert, John P. b. Poland. Anna and Peter had 11 children (3 died as infants) including Sara m. --- Frantz and George F. b. 1870 m. Sara Bartel
Information from Annette Gnagy Hampton

FURST, Oliver J. b. 1857 PA and Jennie SNYDER b. 1856 OH. Doctor. 1900-p172
Children: Clifford b. 1885, Bessie b. 1887 m. Robert Lyans, Thomas b. 1894
Information from Ancestral File

FURST, Thomas b. 1846 PA and Gertrude. b. 1850 VA. Farmer. 1900-p183
Children: Thomas b. 1874 m. Sarah E., Mortimer b. 1876, Josephine C. b. 1881, Gertrude E. b. 1884

FURST, Thomas I. b. 1874 IA and Sarah E. b. 1873 IA. Arrived 1890 from Iowa. Farmer. A daughter --- Seymour. 1900-p165
Children: Oliver b. 1899

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