Peabody, Kansas Families
Arriving before 1920
Last Names G - M

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GAINES, Robert H. and Mabel. Robert immigrated in 1884 from Cork, Ireland. Mabel arrived1912 from Unity, MO. Robert was educated in Blue Coar School, Cork, Ireland, until he was 13 when his father brought him to America. The father was in the British secret service and was killed. After his father's death, Robert was raised in the home of I.F. Quontius. Farmer, bank custodian.
Children: Harold b.c. 1912, Ronald b.c. 1921, Harvey b.c. 1923, Marjorie b.c. 1928 m. Fordyce W. GRAY, Eleanor b.c. 1930 m. Leroy Brunner

GARD, Francis b. 1839 and Mary BOZARTH. Arrived 1868 from Gards Point, IL. Farmer, helped lay Santa Fe tracks through Peabody.
Children: John b. 1867, Charles b. 1872, Nancy b. 1874, Rosetta b. 1877
Information from Ancestral File

GIBBS, Robert b. 1834 England and Anna BEETON b. 1835 England. Immigrated in 1852, arrived 1879 from Goshen, OH. Stone mason and bridge contractor. 1880-p118.
Children: John b. 1857, William H. b. 1864 m. Laura, Belle b. 1871

GIBBS, William H. b. 1864 OH and Laura b. 1868 OH. Stone mason and bridge contractor. William's brother John lived with the family in 1900. The Gibbs brothers and their father built most of the stone buildings on Main Street and the old Peabody school. 1900-p182.
Children: Orville b. 1892, Albert b. 1898

GILLET, Jule b. 1845 France and Rose Anna MATHOIT b. 1853 France. Immigrated in 1854, arrived from Illinois 1872. Farmer, Civil War veteran. 1900-p164
Children: Lawrence m. Cora DeLong, Henry b. 1877 , Charles b. 1879, Jessie b. 1882 m. Albert KELLUM, Jule b. 1885, Millie b. 1886 m. Frank KELLUM, Roy b. 1893
Information from Arthur Camden

GOENTZEL, John b. 1874 Russia and Minnie b. 1878 Russia. Immigrated in 1880. Farmer. 1900-p215
Children: Jacob H. b. 1898 m. Anna, Henry b. 1900

GOOD, Isaac b. 1852 Canada and Mary CLEMMER b. 1850 Canada. Immigrated in 1879. Farmer. Wards Mildred and Mabel Brambel b. 1894 lived with the family in 1900. 1900-p64
Children: Samantha b. 1873 m. Christian Schlotterbeck, Emma b. 1876 m. William Stauffer, Agnes b. 1878 m. Jacob Siebert, Jacob b. 1880 m. Belle Leonard, Mary E. b. 1882 m. Edward Umbach
Information from Ancestral File

GOOD, Isaac b. 1869 MO and Elizabeth GAISER b. 1875 IN. Farmer. In 1900 Isaac's brother, Charles A. Good, b. 1874 m. Catherine Winey, lived with him. 1900-p18
Children: Archie b. 1897 m. June Guijot, Floyd b. 1901, Sam b. 1904, Grace b. 1906 m. -- Wright, Irwin b. 1908 m. Jane HUGUENIN
Information from Donald I. Good and Ancestral File

GOODRICH, Stephen M. b. 1856 PA and Eliza b. 1852 PA. Arrived 1871 Diamondville, PA. Farmer. 1900-p20
Children: Sophia b. 1889, Mabel b. 1891 m. ---LYNCH, Hattie b. 1893

GRAHAM, John W. b. 1844 IA and Hannah Mary OGLE b. 1863 MD. Arrived 1882 from Mahaska Co., IA. Sheriff of Marion Co. 1897. 1900-p31
Children: Estella b. 1871-1873, Frank b. 1873 m. Anna, Wilbert b. 1874 m. Etta M., Fred b. 1876 m. Agnes, John b. 1878, Ernest b. 1880, Bertha b. 1883, Logan b. 1885, Lula b. 1889, Earl b. 1892
Information from Ancestral File

GRAHAM, Frank b. 1873 IA and Anna b. 1876 NY Farmer. 1900-p13
Children: Dewey b. 1899 m. Irene HARPER

GRAHAM, Fred b. 1876 IA and Agnes b. 1874 IA. Farmer. Fred's brother Logan lived with the couple in 1900. 1900-p11
Children: Earl m. Lois WINDSOR

GRAHAM, Robert b. 1827 NY and Rebecca b. 1840 CT. Farmer. 1900-p171
Children: May b. 1870 m. Fred MILLIKEN, Ida b. 1873, Laura b. 1878 m. --- Johnson,

GRAHAM, Wilbert b. 1874 IA and Etta M. b. 1877 KS. Farmer. 1900-p11
Children: Hattie b. 1898

GRAY, Fordyce A. b. and Mamie MANNING b.
Children: Marion b. 1907 m. Leroy A. Renchler, Fordyce W. m. Marjorie GAINES, Marjorie m. Henry WINDSOR, Jr., Margaret, Oleve Information from, a Web page inactive .

GRAY, William b. 1844 England and Carmitia WESTBROOK b. 1854 NY. William immigrated in 1849, arrived from Wisconsin in 1874. Farmer. 1900-p185

Children: Charles b. 1873, Fordyce A. b. 1879 m. Mamie MANNING, Ursula b. 1883, Grace b. 1886 m. Jessie SHRIVER
Information from Susan Molye

GRAYSON, William E. and Sara MOORE b. 1840 OH. Arrived 1873 from Ripley, KY. Stone mason. 1900-p178
Children: Edmund b. 1866, Charles b. 1869, Louis b. 1873, Alice b.c. 1875 m. ---Irwin, Cora b. 1879 m. ---Strahl, Mary b. 1883

GREGERSON, John and Anna. Immigrated in 1889. Farmer. 1900-p165
Children: Laura b. 1893

GUINTY, Mike and Sophia. Immigrated from Cork, Ireland in 1850, arrived 1871. Farmer, Civil War veteran.

HAIZE, Clarence R. and Martha E. FELLINGHAM. Clarence was the son of Della Whery and (?) HAIZE
Children: Carol m. Curt Ross, Charlotte Anne m. William Rucker, Helen m. William Waller, Marilyn m. Donald Hardy
Information from Kevin M. Rucker

HAAS, Fred A. and Madge. Arrived 1912 from Siloam Springs, AK. Laundry operator.
Children: Ruth m. (Bryan CULLINS?), Charles b.c. 1898

HANNEMAN, John b. 1848 Russia and Helena b. 1855 Russia. Immigrated in 1883. Farmer. 1900-p15
Children: Peter b. 1877, Mary b. 1884, Henry b. 1886, Katherine b. 1888, Elizabeth b. 1894, Abram b. 1897

HANSEN, Soren b. 1845 Denmark and Nettie b. 1855 Denmark. Immigrated in 1875. Farmer.1900-119
Children: George b. 1882, Carl b. 1885, Peter b. 1890, Soren b. 1892, Anna b. 1894

HANSEN, Thomas C. b. 1847 Germany and Anna b. 1853 Denmark. Thomas immigrated in 1868 and Anna in 1870. They arrived from Wisconsin in 1872. Bought a railroad claim and built a rock house, attended immigration school in Marion to learn English. Farmer. 1880-p100, 1900-p166
Children: Johanna b. 1875, Mary b. 1876, Garthe b. 1876, Katherine b. 1877, Hans b. 1878, Thomas b. 1880, John b. 1882, Martin b. 1884, Anna b. 1886, Henry b. 1888,
Lena b. 1890, Clara b. 1892 m. Earl LOGAN

HANSON, Philo b. 1834 Canada and Sophia b. 1836 Canada. Arrived 1892 from Beverly, MA. Farmer. 1900-p167
Children: Minnie b. 1874 m. Frank C. Leonard, Marion m. Arnold BERNS

HARPER, Ellsworth/T.H. b. 1863 IN and Maggie b. 1865 IA Arrived 1871 from Lyons, KS. Farmer, Civil War veteran. 1900-p124
Children: Ethel b. 1889 m. Lester COOPER, Faye b. 1891 m. ---EWERT, Jay b. 1891 m. Jessie KINCAID, Mary/May b. 1893 m. ---Johnson, Arthur b. 1896 m. Carmen Carey, Miley b. 1898 m. Lena BURDORF, Helen m. R. M. VALENTINE, Irene m. Dewey GRAHAM, Hazel m. Lester STRETCHER

HARRISON, --- b. NY and Anna b. 1849 PA. 1900-p22
Children: Charles Ilgen b. 1872 m. Verona COOPER, Fleta m. Elmer Bentz, Sylvia b. 1891 m. ---Dukelow

HARSH, J. K. b. 1832 OH and May b. 1832 OH. 1900-p113
Children: William J. m. Almira

HARSH, William J. b. 1850 OH and Almira b. 1852 OH. Arrived 1884 from Hartville, OH. Carpenter. 1900-p180
Children: William b. 1875 m. Eva, Daniel b. 1876, Thomas b. 1878

HARSH, William D. b. 1875 OH and Eva b. 1879 IA. Carpenter. 1900-p178
Children: Vernon E. b. 1899

HART, Christoper b. 1868 PA m. Mabel M./Della STONE b. 1876 KS. Christoper arrived 1886 from Harrisburg, PA, Della arrived 1874 from Van Buren Co., IA. Farmer. Della was a Harvey House Girl working at Florence and Albuquerque, MN. 1900-p14
Children: Gladys

HARTSHORN, Calvert and Ann MILES. Arrived 1907 from Onarga, IL. Farmer.
Daughter: Carrie m. James H. JONES, Jack

HAUPT, Charles b. 1838 and Susanna b. 1837. Arrived 1870 from Dixon, IL. Charles immigrated from Germany. Farmer. 1880-p99
Children: William b. 1867 m. Beula Miller, Daniel b. 1869 m. Mary, George b. 1871 m. Della Johnson, James b. 1873 m. Charlotte

HAUPT, George b. 1871 IL and Della Johnson b. 1871 OH. Farmer. 1900-p166
Children: Edith b. 1899 m. --- Louis

HAUPT, William b. 1867 IL and Beula Miller b. 1868 IL. Jeweler. 1900-p176
Children: Charles W. b. 1897, Frank b. 1898

HEAGY, Rev. John b. 1835 PA and Annie b. 1844 PA. Arrived 1874 from New York City, NY. First Baptist minister, insurance agent. Distributed aid in the Grasshopper Year. 1880-p110, 1900-p182
Children: Alta b. 1868, Esther b.c. 1869 m. ---Nicholson, William b. 1869 m. Launa CARSON, Lizzie b.c. 1870 m. Charles DILL, Dora b. 1873, John b. 1878 m. Laura, Edna b.1886, Stella m. --Liggett

HEATH, Jacob b. 1850 OH and Victoria b. 1860 OH. Arrived 1885 from Erie, OH. Stockman, farmer. 1900-p186
Children: D.W. m. ?, James W. m. ?, Commodore b. 1872 m. Missouri Long, Theodore b. 1874 m. Laura BECHTEL, Anna m. Thomas M. POTTER

HEATH, Comodore b. 1872 OH and Missouri LONG b. 1870 OH. Farmer. Missouri's mother Mary E. Long b. 1836 MD lived with the family in 1900. 1900-p186
Children: Gladys b. 1897, Bernice b. 1900

HEATH, Theodore b. 1874 OH and Laura b. 1876 IN. Farmer. 1900-p186
Children: Vivien b. 1898 m. Paul E. BAKER

HERBERT, William and Mary. Arrived 1872 from New York. Farmer.
Children: Carroll, Donald, Osmond A. m. Mary, dau m. --- Siegfried

HESS, Daniel b. 1870 PA and Elizabeth b. 1870 PA. Arrived 1892 from Morrellville, PA. Farmer. 1900-p183
Children: Jessie b. 1892, Daniel b. 1894, Edward b. 1897, Donald b. 1889, Harry, Ivy, Gladys m. ---Gough

HESS, Martin b. 1838 PA and Ida b. 1854 PA. Arrived 1879 from Pennsylvania. Farmer. 1900-p184
Children: Albert b. 1880, James b. 1882, Ira b. 1884

HEYLAND, Arthur R. b. 1840 Germany and Sophia b. 1849 Germany. Immigrated in 1872. Farmer. 1900-p18
Children: Lydia b. 1880, Herman b. 1884, Elsie b. 1885, John Arthur b. 1911, Vernon, Herman, Emil, Esther m. John Colwell
Information from John Colwell

HIGHFILL, Thomas b. 1856 and Sarah b. 1858 IL. Laborer and washerwoman. Arrived from Illinois. 1880-p117, 1900-p169
Children: Fred b. 1880 m. Hulda, George b. 1883, Charles W. b. 1885

HINZ, August b. 1851 Russia and Wilhelmina Loocks b. 1861 Russia. Arrived 1882 from Barnholm, Canada. Farmer, stockman. 1900-p12
Children: Anna b. 1880 m. Fred Foth, Lena b. 1882 m. George Braun, August b. 1884, Amelia b. 1885, Minnie b. 1887 m. Ira Holcomb, Ray b. 1891, Nellie b. 1897 m. John Seibel, Ada b. 1899 m. Abraham Seibel, Edward m. Nellie HORN
Information from Ancestral File

HOLLER, John W. b. 1847 PA and Hannah HANNAWALT. Farmer. 1900-p19
Children: Ada Zilla b. 1874 m. Charles L. Steuert
Information from Amelia C. Gilreath

HOLLER, Peter b. 1820 and Rebecca/Susan b. 1820. Peter was born in Orrstown, PA. Arrived 1870. Farmer.1880-p113
Children: Thomas b. 1844 m. Jennie R., George b. 1848 m. M.M., Aaron b. 1853 m. Alice, Emily b. 1857, William b. 1860 m. Florence, U.S. Grant b. 1864 m. Emma BECHTEL
Information from Amelia C. Gilreath

HOLLER, Thomas b. 1844 PA and Jennie R. b. 1845 PA. Farmer. Planted hedgerows for the State of Kansas. 1900-p22
Children: Myrtle b. 1868, Grace b. 1871, Ella b. 1874, Pearl b. 1879 m. Stillwell COVALT, Ida b.c. 1881 m. --- STEALY, Ernest b. 1884
Information from Amelia C. Gilreath

HOLMBERG, John b. 1862 Sweden and Eva MATTHEWS b. 1878 IL. John immigrated in 1882, arrived from Illinois in 1885. Shoe merchant, mayor. 1900-p177
Children: Corinne b. 1898 m. Leland FITCH

HOMAN, Oscar and Lucy. Arrived 1904 from Columbus, OH with the Santa Fe immigrant program for $25. Farmer, sheepman.
Children: Harry W. m. (Goldie SUFFIELD?), Madge m. ---Mustoe, Oscar

HONN, George b. 1854 IN and Dora b. 1861 IN. Arrived 1890 from Illinois. Farmer. 1900-p115
Children: Arthur b. 1884, Claude b. 1885, Harry b. 1888, Viola b. 1890, Flora b. 1893, Calvin b. 1896 m. May TRUAX, George b. 1898

HOOVER, George b. 1843 PA and Barbara BECHTEL b. 1848 OH. Merchant, harness maker. 1880-p120, 1900-p179
Children: Arthur G. b. 1869, John b. 1872, Charles E. b. 1875, Mary b. 1879, Walter b. 1885, Grace b. 1887, Glenn b. 1890

HOOVER, John b. 1852 IN and Matilda SHRIVER b. 1855 IN. Matilda's mother, Lavinia Nuzum SHRIVER b. 1817 WV, lived with the family. Brother of Levi HOOVER. Farmer. 1900-p19
Children: Boyd b. 1882, Frank b. 1891, Ruth b. 1895

HOOVER, Levi b. 1836 IN and Sophia BECHTEL b. 1850 Goshen, IN. Arrived from Indiana. Clerk. 1880-p119, 1900-p22
Children: Ann M. b. 1871, Oliver b. 1871 m. Lily Randall, Frances b. 1877 d. 1887, Vernon b. 1882, Lester b. 1888

HOOVER, William b. 1859 PA and Angie b. 1869 IN. Farmer. 1900-p14
Children: Pearl b. 1890, Harley b. 1892, Letha b. 1895, Calvin b. 1900

HORST, Michael E. b. 1854 MD and Mary STAUFFER b. 1854 PA. Arrived 1898 from Maryland. Minister of Catlin Mennonite Church. A son m. Ruby ISAACS. 1900-p19
Children: Jacob b. 1879, Benjamin b. 1881, Elizabeth b. 1883, Daniel b. 1885, Mary 1888, Michael b. 1891, Maggie b. 1893

HORN, Columbus. Arrived 1878 from Rochester, IN. Farmer.
Children: Nellie m. Edward HINZ

HOUSE, Sarah b. 1839 IN. William, George, and Charles were carpenters. Granddaughter Bernice Keene b. 1890 lived with the family in 1900.1900-p181
Children: William b. 1866 m. Elizabeth BEETON, George b. 1869, daughter m. --- Keene, Anna b. 1876 m. Edward C. Willis, Charles b. 1880

HOUSE, William b. 1866 IN and Elizabeth BEETON b. 1870 OH. William arrived in 1885 from Aurora, IN. Elizabeth arrived 1880 from Edenton, OH. Carpenter, built Baptist Church, postmaster. 1900-p173
Children: Lena b. 1891, Eunice b. 1893 m. ---Starr, Ethel b. 1894, Faye m. Will C. MORGAN

HOYT, Edwin b. 1836 ME and Amanda b. 1836 ME. Arrived 1880 from Beaver Dam, WI. Dry goods merchant. 1900-p174
Children: Licien b. 1863 m. Grace WALTON, Lillian b. 1865 m. Harry N. BAKER

HUDDLE, Socrates b. 1832 OH m.1. Hope JONES m.2. Mercy TUCKER b. 1852 OH. Arrived 1884 from Ohio. Debater, farmer. 1900-p11
Children: Clyde B. b. 1884, Nellie H. b. 1888, Mabel b. 1890

HUGUENIN, Henry Ulysse b. 1844 and Louise Eugenie Perrot b. 1848. Arrived 1877 from Switzerland. Farmer. 1880-p11
Children: Paul b. 1872 m. Viva Mehew, Robert b. 1873 m.1. Ola Fike m.2. Ida, Emma b. 1875 m. Durward Proctor, Elise b. 1876, Alfred b. 1879, Rose b. 1886 m.1. Jim Downey m.2. Percy Smith, Oscar b. 1888 m. Pearl LAUCK, Edmund b. 1891 m.1. Edith Reeves m.2. Neva Boyd
Information from Donald I. Good

HUGUENIN, Oscar b. 1888 m. Pearl LAUCK b. 1888
Children: Jane b. 1914 m. Irwin GOOD, Wesley b. 1916 m. Reba MARSH
Information from Donald I. Good

HUNT, Ernest b. 1870 IL and Anna NUSBAUM b. 1875 IN. Produce dealer. 1900-p171
Children: Helen b. 1894, Hazel b. 1896, Herina b. 1899

HUNT, Samuel b. 1827 NY and Mary F. HARDY b. 1832. Produce dealer. 1900-p171
Children: Ed m. Margaret McCLURE, George W. b. 1865 m. Clara R., Ernest b. 1870 m. Anna NUSBAUM, Lula b. 1875 m. Ulysses G. Mitchell, Guy H. b. 1888, Wilmer b. 1890

ISAACS, T. J. Arrived 1907. Farmer.
Children: Ruby m. ---HORST, Orin L., Fred

JACKSON, Elihu and Emma b. 1856 PA. Arrived 1888 from Walton, KS.Horse dealer. 1900-p175
Children: Elizabeth b. 1874, Edward b. 1879, Inez b. 1886 m. --- SLOCOMBE, Isa b. 1891, Mabel

JACKSON, Thomas B. b. 1846 MO and Henrietta b. 1854 IL. Arrived 1870 from Illinois. Farmer. 1900-p17
Children: Ada E. b. 1877 m. Fredrick NUSBAUM, Henry b. 1880 m. Grace NUSBAUM, Pearl O. b. 1882, Ruby M. b. 1885, Earl W. 1890, Guy b. 1892

JANZEN, Peter b. 1850 Russia and Agatha b. 1855 Russia. Immigrated in 1874. Butter maker. 1900-p189
Children: Heinrich b. 1879, Justina b. 1881, Helena b. 1885, Peter E. b. 1888, Jacob E. b. 1889, Cornelius b. 1890, Helena Harder b. 1898 adopted daughter

JESSEN, Ness b. 1873 Denmark and Dora b. 1873 PA. Ness immigrated in 1890. Baker. 1900-p181
Children: William b. 1895 m. Bernice SMITH, Anna b. 1897, Irene m. ---Higgins

JEWELL, William and Harriet . Arrived 1905 from Wisconsin. Farmer, grandson of William JOLLIFFE.
Children: Willard

JOLLIFFE, John b. 1844 WI and Emma W. b. 1854 WI. 1900-p171
Children: Mary R. b. 1877

JOLLIFFE, William b. 1854 WI and Clara b. MI. 1900-p164
Children: Lena b. 1880, Delbert b. 1881

JOLLIFFE, William b. 1823 England and Rebecca b. 1824 England. Arrived 1879 from Wisconsin. Farmer. 1880-p101, 1900-p164
Children: John b. 1844 m. Emma W., Thomas b. 1845 m. Annielena, William b. 1854 m. Clara, Orlando b. 1858 m. Drucilla, daughter m. ---JEWELL, Eliza m. Daniel BURTON

JONES, James H. and Carrie HARTSHORN. Arrived 1907 from Onarga, IL. Farmer.
Children: Ann Elizabeth m. Joe MORRIS

JOERG, Pete and Achsah BOOTH. Pete arrived 1891 from Milwaukee, WI. Achsah arrived 1885 from Hillsboro, IL. Produce merchant, manager of Peabody Equity, wool dealer from his home at Maysville. 1900-p171
Children: Joseph b. 1862 m. Rose, Irene m. ---Ireland, Edna m. ---Freeburne

KAFTON, John C. b. 1878 and Elma M. KANNENGIESSER b. 1888. Farmer. John, Edward and Carolina Kafton who married Milton WEHRY were children of Geroge Kafton and Catharina Reiswig who immigrated to Marion, KS from Russia.
Children: Olive m. --BENTZ
Information from Ancestral File

KAFTON, Edward S. b. 1883 and Sarah E. RAVEN
Children: Ethel, William, Hugh , John, Eleanor, Daniel, Donald

KELLER, Jacob b. 1836 PA and Mary EBRIGHT b. 1847 PA. Jacob arrived 1874 from Ohio. Teacher, farmer. Mary owned a millinery shop. 1900-p174
Children: William Bryant b. 1881 m. Edna NONKEN, Mary b. 1886 m. Herbert WEHRY

KELLUM, Marshall b. 1849 OH and Mary b.1852 OH. Arrived from Ohio. Farmer. 1880-p99, 1900-p175
Children: Eva b. 1871, Frank (Invented Kellum Hog Stock Feeder) b. 1873 m. Millie GILLET, Cora b. 1877, unnamed son b. 1880, Albert b. 1882 m. Jessie GILLET, Bertha b. 1890

KELSHEIMER, John W. b. 1856 IN and Sarah CLARK b. 1858 KY. Farmer. 1900-p64
Child of Sarah: Ira Clark b. 1878 m. Amy E. Manning
Children: Hester b. 1881, Bessie b. 1883, Thomas b. 1885, Vernon b. 1887, Nellie b. 1890, Claris b. 1891, McClellan b. 1893 m. Hester Belding, Faye m. --- Perry

KENNARD, Benjamin b. 1851 OH and Mary E. b. 1854 VA. Farmer. 1900-p184
Children: Susan R. b. 1894, Albert L. b. 1895, Lilly A. b. 1897

KENNARD, Richard b. 1823 VA and Rebecca GRAY b. 1829 OH. Arrived 1875 from Champaign Co., IL. Farmer. 1900-p175
Children: Benjamin b. 1851 m. Mary, Walker b. 1876 m. Iona Information from Ancestral File

KENT, Richard b. 1840 England and Fannie ROBERTS b. 1842 England. Immigrated in 1871. Farmer. Fannie's mother, Elizabeth ROBERTS b. 1816 England, immigrated 1873, lived with the family in 1900. Sister of Osborne and Daniel J. ROBERTS. 1880-p110, 1900-p184
Children: Albie b. 1872, Alfred b. 1874, Effie b. 1878, Bertha b. 1881 m. ---McFadden, Ernest b. 1884 m. Lydia McCLAVE

KERN, Eddie b. 1868 OH and Sylvia b. 1868 OH. Arrived 1889 from Flat Rock, OH. Farmer. 1900-p182
Children: Lehlia b.c. 1886 m. ---Wood, Hazel b. 1891 m.1. Wesley TRUMBO m.2. ---Dukelow, Gladys b. 1893 m. ---Tompkins, Warren S.

KIELER, Reuben b. 1845 PA and Frances SMOCK b. 1858 PA. Arrived 1877 from Ellinsport, PA. Farmer. Brother of William. 1880-p113, 1900-p187
Children: Mabel b. 1878, Katheryn b. 1882, Oliver b. 1885, Bessie b. 1887, James b. 1890, Benjamin b. 1892, Frederick b. 1897 m. Blanche TAYLOR
Information from Ancestral File

KIELER, William b. 1851 PA and Lizzie b. 1851 PA. Arrived 1877 from Ellinsport, PA. Teacher, farmer. 1880-p113, 1900-p187
Children: Charles b. 1883, Anna b. 1886, Jennie b. 1886, Margaret b. 1896
Information from Ancestral File

KINCAID, William Cole b. 1867 IL and Sarah b. 1876 KS. Arrived 1892 from Washington Co., KS. Farmer.
Children: Jessie m1. Jay HARPER, m.2. ---Ulhman, William b. 1899

KNIGHT, Winfield b. 1839 WI and Mary WESTBROOK b. 1858. Farmer. 1900-p185
Children: Gaylord b. 1879, Glenn (daughter) b. 1884 m. --- Kelley, Earle b. 1891

KNOX, Alwyn C. and Alice BONGARD. Arrived 1896 from Newton, KS. Rural mail carrier.
Children: Irwin

KNUST, John and Annie. Arrived 1905 from Nebraska. Farmer.
Children: daughter m. Irwin Schmidt, Theodore

KOLLOCK, Frank H. b. 1846 m.1. Laura CORSON b. 1850, m.2. Evelyn b. 1845 NY. Arrived from Wisconsin. Banker, mayor. 1880-p114, 1900-p174
Children: Sarah b. 1880, Jessie m. ---Herrick, Fannie b. 1884 m. ---Herrick

KORNHAUS, John and Anna. Arrived 1894 from Illinois. Minister, farmer.
Children: Oliver m. Pearl MERRITT, Vernon, Leona m. W. E. Fisher

KOTTWITZ, Gustav and Augusta. Arrived 1913 from Cass Co., MO. Farmer.
Children: Lena m. ---Sager, Grace m. Clarence Dunn, Otto m. Marjorie COCKLEY, Oscar, Herbert m. Frances KENNARD

LACKEY, Alexander b. 1830 m.1. Hannah Hawthorn b. 1830, m.2.Gertrude Mc Kinley. Arrived 1869 from Jefferson Co., Ohio. Presbyterian minister, lawyer, cattle dealer. 1880-p109
Children of Hannah: Carolyn E. b. 1851 m. Harry Van Ness, John A. b. 1852 m. Evaline Leslie, Franklin H. b.1854 m. Flora Dunlavy, William M. b. 1856 m. Viola TIMMONS, Robert H. b. 1857 m. Elizabeth, Mary R. b. 1859, Howard W. b. 1861, Martha B. b. 1862.
Children of Gertrude: Frances, Alexander H., Jr.
Information from  Michelle Lackey-Dawson

LACKEY, Robert H. b. 1858 IL and Elizabeth b. 1865. Farmer. 1900-p170
Children: Donald H. b. 1891

LACKEY, William b. 1859 MD and Viola TIMMONS b. 1872 OH. Teamster. 1900-p176
Children: Willard b. 1890, Francis b. 1891 m. --- Jury, Martha b. 1894, Theodore b. 1895

LANCASTER, John E. and Cora TUTTLE. John arrived 1895 from Prophetstown, IL. Farmer and carpenter.
Children: Ruby m. ---Puckett

LARSEN, Alfred and Carrie. Arrived 1910. Farmer.
Children: daughter m. Hubert Lambert

LARSEN, James H. b. 1859 Denmark and Anna b. 1865 WI. James immigrated in 1875. Anna arrived 1870 from Wisconsin. Farmer. 1900-p11
Children: Eddie H. b. 1884, Alfred L. b. 1886, Bennie R. b. 1889, Clarence W. b. 1891. Maggie J. b. 1893 m. Benjamin McCLURE, Roy b. 1895, Mabel b. 1898 m. ---Matz

LAUCK, Edwin D. b. 1863 IL and Emma MEYER b. 1863 IL. Arrived 1905 from Spenser, IA. Farmer.
Children: Lottie May b. 1886 m. Walter H. DeFOREST, Pearl b. 1888 m. Oscar HUGUENIN, Blanche b. 1889 m. Charles M. Currens, Edwin b. 1897 m. Marie MORGAN Longfellow
Information from Donald I. Good

LEPPKE, Isaac b. 1855 Russia and Florence ZEIH b. 1863 Russia. Isaac immigrated in 1875, Florence in 1881. Farmer. 1900-p145
Children: Heinrich M. b. 1884, Jacob A. b. 1886, Karl E. b. 1888, Minna b. 1890, Peter D. b. 1893, Solomon b. 1896 m. ---LITKE, David b. 1898 m. ---LITKE

LESHER, Abraham and Sarah SHOOK b. 1842. From Grandin, MO. 1900-p168
Children: George b. 1866, John b. 1869, Mansie m. ---Mott, Hannah b. 1881, Diantha b. 1883 m. James Goertz

LITKE, William P. b. 1860 Russia and Minnie b. 1860 Russia. Immigrated in 1878. Farmer. A daughter m. David LEPPKE, another m. Solomon LEPPKE. 1900-p219
Children: Minnie A. b. 1880, Carrie b. 1881, Agunda b. 1883, John b. 1885, Mary b. 1887, George b. 1888, William b. 1890, David b. 1894, Lizzie b. 1896, Martha b. 1898, Bertha b. 1900

LITTON, John V. and Mary b. 1840 PA. John arrived 1871 from Illinois, Mary from Ottawa, KS in 1871. Farmer, homesteaded southeast of Peabody. A son m. Louise
RIVENBURG. 1900-p185
Children: Bertie (daughter) b. 1877, Lulinie b. 1879, Bessie Frances b.c. 1893, John V. b. 1894, Walter m. Alice BLACKMUR, Mary m. Ernest WESTBROOK

LOEWEN, Jacob b. 1855 Russia and Justine LEPPKE b. 1857 Russia. Immigrated in 1875. Farmer. 1900-p218
Children: Anna b. 1880 m. George Suderman, Katherine L. b. 1881 m. John S. Penner, Jacob H. b. 1882 m.1. Anna Penner m.2. Agnes Wichert Nickel, Henry L. b. 1885 m. Agnes Penner, Justine L. b. 1886 m. Dietrich Suderman, John L. b. 1887 m. Elizabeth Klein, Isaac b. 1889 m. Agnes Cornelson, Abraham b. 1890, Peter b. 1891 m. Tena Penner, Maria b. 1893 m. Frank Jost, Cornelius b. 1895 m. Bertha Reddig, Daniel b. 1897 m. Leona Gaede, Elizabeth 1897-1899, Solomon b. 1898 m. Katherine Schellenberg
Information from Ancestral File

LOGAN, Earl and Clara HANSEN. Earl arrived 1912 from Nebraska. Farmer.
Children: Carol (son)

LOGAN, John M. b. 1856 Scotland m. Margaret SCOTT b. 1862 IL. John immigrated from Scotland. Farmer.
Children: Jeanette 1881-1882, Mary b. 1882 d.y., Jessie b. 1885 m. Paul Burgess, Winter H. b. 1886 m. Bessie Siegrist, Alice b. 1888 m. Gene Schimp, Grace b. 1889 m. Fred Worline, Ethel b. 1891 m. George Beal, Mildred b. 1892 m. Harold CALBECK, William b. 1895 m. Nora MANAHAN, Edward b. 1897 m. Louisette Reichenburg, Nellie 1900-1901, Leslie b. 1901, Laura b. 1902, Bessie m. Paul SANDS, Archibald
Information from My Family Database (Blair/Castleberry/Thiessen)

LOOMIS, Nelson N. b. 1847 IA and Ollie b. 1846. Arrived 1878 from Fairfield, IA. Farmer. A daughter m. ---LOGAN. 1880-p98, 1900-p165
Children: Elda b. 1877, Clay b. 1878, Floy b. 1879, Rollo b. 1881, Madge b. 1884

LOOSE, A.C. b. 1843 PA m.1. Emma R. MOSER, m.2. Alice E. SPANGLER b. 1848 PA. Doctor. 1900-p173
Child of Emma: Alice b. 1876 d. young, child of Alice: Mary E. b. 1879 m. --- Downes

LOWE, Edwin R. b. 1834 NY and Mary b. 1837 PA. Arrived 1874 from Wisconsin. Farmer, stockman. 1900-p179
Children: Roslyn b. 1859 m. Charles SAWTELL, Edwin C. b. 1859 m. Frances SLOCOMBE

LUTZ, Amos b. 1858 IN and Alice b. 1863 IN. Arrived 1880 from Indiana. Carpenter. Allie gave music lessons. 1900-p180
Children: Mildred b. 1899 m. ---Canary

LYNCH, Cornelius b. 1841 Ireland and Katherine LIND b. 1840 OH. Cornelius was born in Cork Co, Ireland. Immigrated in 1851, arrived in Peabody in 1871. Farmer, Civil War veteran. A son m. Mabel GOODRICH. 1880-p120, 1900-p171
Children: Nellie b. 1869, Andrew b. 1871, John b. 1871, Nora b. 1872, Daniel b. 1875, Thomas b. 1878, Will b. 1879

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