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Research Resources

I hope you find these resources helpful in your search for your ancestors. The links are on the left. If you have any resources that you consider helpful, please let me know.

Burns Community Historical Museum
Main St.
Burns, Kansas  66840
Phone - (620)732-5277

Harvey House
3rd & Marion
Florence, Kansas  66851
Phone - (620)878-4474

Mennonite Heritage Museum
200 N. Popular
Goessel, Kansas  67053
Phone - (620)367-8200

Pioneer Adobe House Museum
501 S. Ash
Hillsboro, Kansas  67063
Phone - (620)947-3775

The Schaeffler House
E. Grand
Hillsboro, Kansas  67063
Phone - (620)947-3775

Marion Museum
623 E Main
Marion, Kansas  66861
Phone - (620)382-3425

Peabody Historical Museum
E. Division
Peabody, Kansas  66866
Phone - (620)983-2174

Marion County Libraries

Becker City Library
109 S. Douglas Ave.
Durham, Kansas  67438
Phone - (620)732-2826

Burns Public Library
104 N. Church
Burns, Kansas 66840-0233
Phone: (620)726-5861

Florence Public Library
324 Main St.
Florence, Kansas  66851-1144
Phone - (620)878-4649

Goessel City Library
101 S. Cedar
Goessel, Kansas  67053
Phone: (620)367-8440

Hillsboro Public Library
120 E. Grand
Hillsboro, Kansas  67063-1598
Phone - (620)947-3827
Fax: (620) 947-3810

Marion City Library
101 Library Street
Marion, Kansas 66861
Phone: (620) 382-2442

Peabody Township Library
218 N. Walnut
Peabody, Kansas  66866
Phone - (620)983-2502

Marion County Government Offices

The Marion County government offices are located at 200 S. 3rd St., Marion, KS  66861.

Marion County Clerk  - (620)382-2185
Register of Deeds  - (620)382-2151


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Kansas genealogy history ancestors