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Lykins Co., Kansas

Prepared by Sean Furniss

The reader is cautioned that the census record information presented in electronic format should not be considered as an exact transcription of the original information. If you need to be asolutely sure of the data, check the microfilm.

Do not write the transcriber to ask for photocopies of these records.

Read the information page to learn what information was transcribed and how the information was transcribed from the census records.

Note:These forms were converted from a spreadsheet which causes the vertical labels to become horizontal and overlap across cells. For better viewing on the screen go to View on the menu bar, select text zoom and reduce the size to 75%.

You can scale the page size before printing so that it fits on a page in landscape format. For most printers 70% of size should be adequate to make it fit on the page.


1860 US Census Records For Lykins County, Kansas
Township/District Number of Pages
Marysville Twp (including Marysville Town) html xls 14 pages
Miami Twp html xls 10 pages
Middle Creek Twp html xls 7 pages
Mound Twp html xls 7 pages
Osage Twp (including Miami Village) html xls 13 pages
Osawatomie html xls 9 pages
Osawatomie Twp (including Indianapolis) html xls 16 pages
Paola Village html xls 15 pages
Paola Twp html xls 5 pages
Richland Township html xls 11 pages
Richland Village html xls 2 pages
Stanton, Town of html xls 2 pages
Stanton Township html xls 10 pages
Sugar Creek Twp html xls 11 pages
Wea Twp html xls 7 pages


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