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Miami Co., Kansas

The reader is cautioned that the census record information presented in electronic format should not be considered as an exact transcription of the original information. If you need to be asolutely sure of the data, check the microfilms.

If you want copies of individual pages, for a modest fee you can get copies of individual pages from the National Archives or the Miami County Genealogy Society. Do not write the transcriber to ask for photocopies of these records.

Read the information page to learn what information and how the information was transcribed from the census records.

The form is meant to be printed out using the landscape or wide page orientation on your printer. You can make the adustment using your browser to improve readability. If your computer and printer allow you to reduce the print size to 70 percent, you may wish to experiment with a vertical or portrait orientation. It makes for small print but saves paper.

You can search for records by finding the township or town of interest in the table below. An index of names is available for the 11,725 names included in the census records.

Please Note - there are likely to be some errors in the transcription process. All names will be left as the census taker recorded them. I will not make any changes to what the census taker wrote down. On the other hand, if you find that the compiler made a transcription error, let me know and I will make the revisions periodically.

Note: Because the html files were created from the Excel spreadsheets, different browsers present the pages differently. Intenet Explorer is the best browser to view the html files due to the formatting of the spreadsheets. If you use Netscape, it may be necessary for you to reload the html version of the spreadsheet to make all the lines in the spreadsheet show up. If you use Safari the pages should show up correctly but without the vertical lines. If you use the older versions of AOL, the html pages will not be presented correctly. If you have difficulty viewing the html files, try downloading the spreadsheet files.

1870 US Census Records For Miami County, Kansas
Township/City Number of Pages Date Prepared
Miami Township html spreadsheet 19 pages 7 July 2003
Middle Creek Township html spreadsheet 17 pages 17 July 2003
Mound Township html spreadsheet 13 pages 19 July 2003
Osage Township html spreadsheet 35 pages 18 Sep 2003
Osawatomie Township html spreadsheet 30 pages 5 Oct 2003
Paola City - East Ward html spreadsheet 22 pages 27 Oct 2003
Paola City - West Ward html spreadsheet 25 pages 11 Nov 2003
Paola Township html spreadsheet 16 pages 17 Oct 2003
Richland Township html spreadsheet 22 pages 30 Nov 2003
Stanton Township html spreadsheet 22 pages 22 Dec 2003
St. Marysville Township html spreadsheet 40 pages 4 January 2004
Sugar Creek Township html spreadsheet 12 pages 10 January 2004
Wea Township html spreadsheet 39 pages 19 Jan 2004

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