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Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS

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This index is an alphabetical listing to over 24,000 names listed in Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, a publication of the Miami County Historical Society which was printed in 1987 and reprinted in 1996.

This index includes all names recorded in the acknowledgments, text, and captions noted in the first 472 pages of the book.

The names included in this index represent residents of Miami County, Kansas, and their related families throughout the United States and the rest of the world. References to individuals such as presidents, governors, other elected representatives, literary figures and others who were not specifically associated with Miami County or related to a family in Miami County are not included in this index.

There is only a single index reference to a page even though the persons name may show up various times through out the length of a single family history or through several related family histories on the same page.

In preparing this index list, titles were generally omitted. Exceptions to this were: 1) references to individuals whose given name was not mentioned (i.e., Mahoney, Mr.; Roberts, Judge; Smith, Mrs. Frank E.), and 2) references to women identified as belonging to a religious order (i.e., McGrath, Sis. M.Charles)

Women were indexed under both their maiden name and married name(s) whenever both were known. In many cases, I made some assumptions as to the maiden names of individual women, the reader is cautioned that my determination could be erroneous.

Where a single individual was known to appear under more than one name, references to the individual were combined. In example, references to Sister M. Charles McGrath and Sister Charles McGrath were considered to be two variations referencing the same individual and were combined in the index as McGrath, Sis. M. Charles

References to Native Americans are referenced under their English name and/or Native American name depending upon what was shown in the book (i.e., Peoria, Elizabeth F. also indexed as Pah kon dome e ah).

The number shown is the page number where the name is found. Although an individual may be referenced more than once on a page, only one index reference to a name is made for any given page. Where there is a photograph showing an individual identified by name, the page number will be followed by the letter p (i.e., 1p). If there is a reference to the individual in the text and a photograph, the page number will be followed by a +p (i.e., 1+p).

This book is available for purchase from the Miami County Historical Society and Genealogy Society. Phone: (913) 294-4940, E-Mail: museum@mchgm.org. You may wish see if you can borrow the book via interlibrary loan.

You may also wish to contact the Miami Co. Genealogy Society directly and ask about the specific individuals you are seeking. Their address is PO Box 123, Paola, KS 66071. For non-members the Society charges $5 per query.

You can search the index by using the links below or you can use the library server search engine to find references to a name anywhere on this server. Using the name index lets you focus on just Miami Co. names. Using the library server will let you find all records of the name no matter where it is located but will show references to names outside of Miami Co.

Any errors made in transcribing the names are the responsibility of the compiler, who requests that such errors be brought to his attention.

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