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Index of Names
Miami County Census
Part 1 of 2


This is an alphabetical index to the March 1867 census records which were published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 3 (1988), p. 9 (Sugar Creek Twp, Middle Creek Twp), p. 49 (Mound Twp), pp. 49-50 (Miami Twp), pp. 50-52 (Stanton Twp),Vol. 4 (1989), p. 29 (Wea Twp), pp. 48-9 (Osage Twp), pp 51-52 (Marysville Twp), p. 72 (Paola Twp), pp. 73-74 (Paola City), Vol. 5 (1990), p. 10 (Richland Twp), and pp. 11-12 (Osawatomie Twp). The original census records were prepared by township and included only the names of the persons who were over 21 years of age.

Photocopies of the pages published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society. To determine which page to request, match the Township with the reference pages cited in the previous paragraph.

This alphabetical index includes the name of the individual and township where recorded. Where two people or more people were recorded together, their names were indexed as a group.

The index is in two parts. The first part includes the surnames from Ackerly through Kuhlman. The second part includes the surnames from Labadie through Zirn.

Ackerly, G. L. and Elizabeth - Stanton Twp
Adair, S. L. and Charles - Osawatomie Twp
Adams, Charlotte - Paola City
Adams, E. and M. J. - Stanton Twp
Adams, Eliza - Paola City
Adams, J. W. and M. J. - Mound Twp
Adams, John and Elizabeth - Mound Twp
Adams, O. T. and G. A. - Middle Creek Twp
Adams, Wm. and R. - Marysville Twp
Akers, Geo. and Maggie - Paola City
Akers, Thomas, Sr., and Margaret - Paola City
Alexander, Worth and Alice - Paola City
Alfrey, John and C. - Richland Twp
Allen, C. H. and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Allen, Catherine and F. C. - Sugar Creek Twp
Allen, G. W. and Hannah - Osawatomie Twp
Allen, Henry and Ann - Osage Twp
Allen, Henry and Sarah - Sugar Creek Twp
Allen, Michael and Bridget - Osage Twp
Allen, Wm. - Osawatomie Twp
Allison, John and Rachel - Sugar Creek Twp
Allison, Reuben and Amanada - Miami Twp
Ames, Joshua and Rachel - Wea Twp
Anderson, David and E. - Richland Twp
Anderson, E. - Richland Twp
Anderson, G. S. - Paola City
Anderson, J. J. and Amanda - Osawatomie Twp
Anderson, Rebecca - Paola City
Andrew, James, Patsy, and Chas. - Osawatomie Twp
Angelo, A. B. - Marysville Twp
Arthur, N. D. - Marysville Twp
Atkison, J. G. - Sugar Creek Twp
Avery, Amos - Paola City
Ayers, A. and Phebe - Marysville Twp
Ayers, Ada - Osage Twp
Ayers, Elias and Arvine - Osage Twp
Ayers, Eliza - Osage Twp
Ayers, F. M. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Ayers, H., Mack and G. - Marysville Twp
Ayers, J. H. and H. E. - Richland Twp
Ayers, Lewis and E. - Richland Twp
Ayers, T. W., Eliza and T. J. - Marysville Twp
Babb, George - Mound Twp
Babb, Jonathan and Louisa - Mound Twp
Bair, Conrad and Mary - Osage Twp
Baker, Daniel, Lucinda, and Biddy - Osawatomie Twp
Baker, E. A. - Stanton Twp
Baker, George and Wesley - Stanton Twp
Baker, Labrina - Stanton Twp
Baker, Wm. and Anna - Richland Twp
Ball, F. M. - Stanton Twp
Ball, Levi and Margaret - Mound Twp
Ball, M. A. and John I. - Stanton Twp
Ballard, R. and M. A. - Osage Twp
Banister, I. J. and Francis - Paola City
Banks, J. M. - Richland Twp
Banks, M. E. - Richland Twp
Banta, D. H. - Wea Twp
Barker, John and M. F. - Miami Twp
Barnard, Thomas E. - Osawatomie Twp
Barnum, A. S. and Edward - Paola City
Barnum, M. J. and Susan - Paola City
Barr, M. - Wea Twp
Barry, C. S. and Intha - Richland Twp
Barry, Peter - Marysville Twp
Bates, James and Elizabeth - Wea Twp
Baxter, Eveline - Stanton Twp
Baxter, Milo and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Bayha, Theodore - Osage Twp
Beach, John and L. A. - Paola City
Bear, J. A. P. and Clara - Paola City
Beard, John and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Beason, H. V., Rachel and John - Paola City
Beaty, J. and Ann - Marysville Twp
Beaty, M. V. and J. W. - Stanton Twp
Beaty, S. A. - Stanton Twp
Beauchamp, Oliver - Stanton Twp
Beavens (?), John - Wea Twp
Beaver, Ezra and Emeline - Marysville Twp
Beck, E. J. - Osage Twp
Beck, W. L. and H. D. - Osage Twp
Beckley, Wesley and Margaret - Osawatomie Twp
Beckman, Fredrick and Catherine - Osage Twp
Beckman, J. H. and Rebecca - Osage Twp
Bedwell, A. and M. E. - Richland Twp
Beeson, Amasa and C. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Beets, John, Mary Sr. and Mary Jr. - Marysville Twp
Beets, Joseph and L. D. - Marysville Twp
Bell, J. F. and M. A. - Stanton Twp
Bell, James H. and Navonna - Paola Twp
Bendorf, Albert and Margaret - Wea Twp
Benjamin, Jacob and Elizabeth - Paola City
Benner, Wm. - Mound Twp
Benning, A. T. and J. D. - Stanton Twp
Benning, John T. and M. A. - Stanton Twp
Bently, Jane and George - Stanton Twp
Benz, Wm. and Mary - Wea Twp
Bergman, Lewis and Christina - Osage Twp
Berry, Green - Paola City
Berry, Julius - Marysville Twp
Bigham, Issac - Osage Twp
Bigham, Julian - Osage Twp
Bilderback, Chas. and M. A. - Stanton Twp
Billings, W. J. and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Bingham, P. P. and Nancy - Stanton Twp
Binkley, A. J. and M. J. - Sugar Creek Twp
Binkley, Elizabeth - Sugar Creek Twp
Binkley, John and S. E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Binkley, M. E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Birridge, James and E. - Richland Twp
Bishop, Adam - Mound Twp
Bishop, P., E. and Morris - Osawatomie Twp
Bixby, J. D. - Stanton Twp
Blair, Thos. P. and Celia Ann (md 6-15-1865) - Middle Creek Twp
Blake, B. - Sugar Creek Twp
Blake, L. - Sugar Creek Twp
Blakely, John - Marysville Twp
Blakeslee, Wm. and Grace - Osage Twp
Block, Dedrick and Geshe - Osage Twp
Boag, Henry - Osawatomie Twp
Boone, S. P. and Mary A. - Paola City
Booth, W. L. and M. M. - Osawatomie Twp
Booze, John and Maria - Osawatomie Twp
Booze, Reuben and Cynthia - Osawatomie Twp
Bornfeld, I. E. - Paola Twp
Bostervick, Wm. - Sugar Creek Twp
Bowen, Albert - Stanton Twp
Bowen, Daniel and L. A. - Stanton Twp
Bowen, W. P. and A. L. - Stanton Twp
Bower, W. W. - Marysville Twp
Boxby, G. I. - Richland Twp
Boyd, R. - Wea Twp
Brady, George and Polly - Paola City
Brandon, Beaty - Paola City
Branon, Peter - Osawatomie Twp
Bransim, Wm. - Middle Creek Twp
Brantz, Samuel H. and Rosetta - Osage Twp
Branum, J. and C. - Marysville Twp
Bratton, J. T. and Martha - Marysville Twp
Bratton, Salina and H. - Marysville Twp
Bratton, W. J. and M. C. - Marysville Twp
Brennan, T. and H. - Sugar Creek Twp
Briant, B. E. and Margaret - Stanton Twp
Briar, Henry - Sugar Creek Twp
Brice, Jesse and Mary - Stanton Twp
Brim, George and Nancy - Osage Twp
Brockman, J. S. alnd Elizabeth - Paola City
Brown, A. P. and Sarah - Osage Twp
Brown, Andrew and Sarah E. - Osage Twp
Brown, B. F. and Luellin - Osage Twp
Brown, J. H. - Paola Twp
Brown, James A. and Charlotte - Paola Twp
Brown, Maria - Osage Twp
Brown, Thomas - Osawatomie Twp
Brown, W. W. Aurelia - Osawatomie Twp
Bruce, Andrew and Ellen - Osawatomie Twp
Bruce, Daniel and T. - Marysville Twp
Bruner, John A. and Almira - Osage Twp
Bruner, June H. and Mary A. - Osage Twp
Bruner, Mrs. - Osawatomie Twp
Bruns, Lewis and Fredrick - Osage Twp
Bryan, Margaret - Osage Twp
Bryant, Charles and M. E. - Mound Twp
Bryant, Daniel and Nancy - Mound Twp
Bryant, Margaret - Osage Twp
Buck, Sopha and Elvira - Paola City
Bundy, D. H. and M. A. - Stanton Twp
Bunker, Soloman and R. C. - Mound Twp
Bunn, John and Louisa - Middle Creek Twp
Burchard, Geo. and M. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Burgins, R. - Sugar Creek Twp
Burks, J. A. and Elizabeth - Osawatomie Twp
Burl, R. K. and Sarah - Osawatomie Twp
Burndett, T. and Anna - Wea Twp
Burney, G. R. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Burns, Dennis and Ellen - Richland Twp
Burns, John - Richland Twp
Burns, M. V. and Sue - Osawatomie Twp
Butler, Oliver and Rebecca - Mound Twp
Cafen, Ellen and Leonard - Paola City
Calloway, Thos. and E. - Marysville Twp
Camard, John - Mound Twp
Cameron, Peter and N. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Cameron, Wm. and Mary - Sugar Creek Twp
Campbell, Cyrus - Sugar Creek Twp
Campbell, Cyrus - Sugar Creek Twp
Campbell, Harvey and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Canfield, E. C. - Paola City
Cannon, J. S. and Maria - Osage Twp
Cantrall, Wiatt and M. A. - Stanton Twp
Carey, Lucinda J. - Stanton Twp
Carnes, C. - Marysville Twp
Carnes, E. - Marysville Twp
Carnes, J. F. and C. - Marysville Twp
Carnes, N. B. and A. - Marysville Twp
Carpenter, A. and Dorcas - Paola Twp
Carpenter, J. M. and M. A. - Miami Twp
Carr, C. W. and Sarah - Osawatomie Twp
Carr, E. A. and Jane - Sugar Creek Twp
Carson, Henry and Almeda - Osawatomie Twp
Carter, B. F., R. C. and M. A. - Marysville Twp
Carter, Charles - Osawatomie Twp
Carter, W. B. - Osawatomie Twp
Carver, Henry and Mary - Paola City
Cary, A. D. - Osawatomie Twp
Cary, Alfred and Dorcas - Osawatomie Twp
Casey, P. - Marysville Twp
Cashman, John and Ellen - Middle Creek Twp
Cashman, Samuel and Esther - Middle Creek Twp
Cashman, Wm. - Middle Creek Twp
Castile, Nancy - Middle Creek Twp
Catching, Wm. and E. W. - Wea Twp
Cathey, Jacob and Jane - Osage Twp
Caufield, J. M. and Ellen - Miami Twp
Cearney, J. W. and M. L. - Osage Twp
Chalinder, J. and Jane - Richland Twp
Chamberlain, L. C. and Harriet - Osawatomie Twp
Chambers, C. R. - Osage Twp
Chambers, Geo. and Caroline - Osawatomie Twp
Chambers, Henderson - Osawatomie Twp
Chambers, J. A. - Osage Twp
Chambers, John and Susan - Osawatomie Twp
Chandler, J. F. and Catherine - Mound Twp
Chandler, J. L. J. - Paola City
Chandler, T. J. and M. J. - Mound Twp
Chapman, David - Paola City
Chapman, T. F. - Paola City
Chapman, W. H. and Mariah - Paola City
Chase, Daniel and Lucinda - Osage Twp
Chaudoins, J. W. and Eliza - Wea Twp
Chaudoins, Sarah - Wea Twp
Chestnut, John - Osawatomie Twp
Chestnut, Wm. and Mary - Osawatomie Twp
Childers, Nathan and Harriet - Middle Creek Twp
Childs, Daniel - Stanton Twp
Childs, Philander and Mrs. - Stanton Twp
Childs, Samuel and M. J. - Stanton Twp
Chilson, Jos. and M. E. - Miami Twp
Chilton, Wm. A. and N. C. - Richland Twp
Christie, I. and Sarah A. - Stanton Twp
Cirttenden, L. C. and Annie - Paola City
Clark, J. B. and Ann - Richland Twp
Clark, Johnson and H. M. - Mound Twp
Clark, N. - Richland Twp
Clark, Wm. H. and J. A. - Osage Twp
Clayton, Joshua - Paola City
Clemans, C. and A. - Miami Twp
Clemans, M. J. - Miami Twp
Clendening [Glendening?], John and C. C. - Miami Twp
Cline, J. T. and Deboriath - Stanton Twp
Clover, Seth, E. A. and G. S. - Paola Twp
Cobb, R. L. and L. C. - Osage Twp
Coberly, James - Osage Twp
Cochran, A. C. - Sugar Creek Twp
Cochran, A. L. - Sugar Creek Twp
Cochran, Wm. and E. J. - Marysville Twp
Cogswell, Laura - Osawatomie Twp
Cole, E. J. and W. L. - Stanton Twp
Cole, John and Ann - Wea Twp
Cole, John, Jr., and Matilda - Wea Twp
Coleman, C. P. - Osawatomie Twp
Coleman, D. R. and Alice - Osawatomie Twp
Coleman, N. D. - Osawatomie Twp
Colley, James and Malinda - Paola City
Collins, D. J., E. A. and E. C. - Richland Twp
Collins, H. W. and John J. - Mound Twp
Collins, Jacob and S. - Richland Twp
Collins, John C. and M. J. - Richland Twp
Collins, Nancy and H. H. - Richland Twp
Collins, Richard - Osage Twp
Collins, Susannah - Mound Twp
Comfrey, R. - Richland Twp
Conkling, Michael - Stanton Twp
Connel, Patrick - Osawatomie Twp
Connelly, James and Susan - Stanton Twp
Conner, G. E. - Miami Twp
Conner, John and Josephine - Marysville Twp
Conner, Peter - Sugar Creek Twp
Converse, I. A. - Wea Twp
Converse, Melvin - Wea Twp
Cook, David W. and Judith - Osage Twp
Cook, James M. and L. J. - Richland Twp
Cook, O. H. and C. - Miami Twp
Cooksily, Michael - Middle Creek Twp
Cooper, Emma - Stanton Twp
Cooper, Francis and Mary - Stanton Twp
Cooper, Wm. and Melissa - Stanton Twp
Copeland, Thomas and Erabell - Paola City
Coply, E. D. - Paola City
Cornwall, James - Osawatomie Twp
Cornwall, James and M. A. - Mound Twp
Cotman, N. - Marysville Twp
Cott, Stephen and (?) - Middle Creek Twp
Cotting, A. J. - Miami Twp
Coughlin, E. and M. A. - Richland Twp
Coughlin, Michael and M. - Richland Twp
Coughlin, Thos. and E. - Richland Twp
Courtney, P. - Sugar Creek Twp
Covert, John - Osawatomie Twp
Cox, C. C. and L. M. - Paola Twp
Cox, John - Stanton Twp
Craig, A. and Adelaide - Sugar Creek Twp
Craig, Christena - Sugar Creek Twp
Craig, L. E. W. and Sarah - Middle Creek Twp
Cramer, Andrew - Richland Twp
Cramer, John, L. J., and Wm. - Richland Twp
Crane, I. C. - Wea Twp
Creed, J. M. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Crippen, E. G. and Nancy - Osawatomie Twp
Crow, Nancy - Paola Twp
Crowell, Emma - Paola City
Crowell, Wm. - Paola City
Croxton, Isaac and S. B. - Sugar Creek Twp
Cruse, W. H. - Paola City
Culberson, Andrew and Henrietta - Mound Twp
Culberson, Martha and W. P. - Mound Twp
Cummings, T. J. - Paola City
Cunningham, Matilda - Wea Twp
Cunningham, Michael and Mary - Osage Twp
Cunningham, Morris and Mary - Osage Twp
Cure, Horace - Osawatomie Twp
Curtis, J. W. and S. - Marysville Twp
Dakin, Wm. and Nancy - Sugar Creek Twp
Dale, D. W. C. and Rosa M. - Middle Creek Twp
Dale, J. G. - Middle Creek Twp
Dale, Martha W. and G. W. - Middle Creek Twp
Dale, Martin - Paola City
Damon, E. C. and E. J. - Osage Twp
Daniel, T. C. - Mound Twp
Daniels, M. A. M. - Osage Twp
Daniels, Nancy - Marysville Twp
Darby, George and L. C. - Wea Twp
Darling, N., E., and V. D. - Marysville Twp
Darnielle, E. and Harriet - Osage Twp
Daugherty, Catherine - Wea Twp
Daugherty, M. and Edw. - Wea Twp
Daugherty, Thos. and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Davidson, Henry and Alice R. - Osage Twp
Davidson, Samuel I. and Catherine - Osage Twp
Davis, David and Susan - Osawatomie Twp
Davis, E., S. and N. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Davis, John and Martha - Osawatomie Twp
Dawson, Edmond and Martha E. - Middle Creek Twp
Dawson, J. M. and A. - Paola Twp
Dawson, John W. and Lidia - Paola City
Dawson, M. A. and M. C. - Paola City
Dawson, S. A. and Geo. S. - Paola City
Day, D. D. and Adeline - Stanton Twp
Day, John and Lorana - Stanton Twp
Day, John M. and David F. - Mound Twp
Day, Sarah - Mound Twp
Day, Wm. and Lucy - Wea Twp
Dayton, Amon and S. - Marysville Twp
Dayton, B. M. and C. - Marysville Twp
Dayton, D. F. and Jane - Wea Twp
Debruder, M. J. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Deck, J. and Mary - Miami Twp
Deck, W. B. - Miami Twp
Dedrick, John and Eliza - Mound Twp
Deel, J. A. and S. - Miami Twp
DeFord, N. B. and Clarissa - Middle Creek Twp
Delti?, Wm. - Stanton Twp
Demo, Wm. and Lanice - Osage Twp
Demon, Jacob - Stanton Twp
Dennis, Thomas and Caroline - Paola City
Dennison, H. C. - Osawatomie Twp
Dennison, Martha - Osawatomie Twp
Deweese, C. H., C., and L. P. - Marysville Twp
Dewey, Addison and Sarah - Paola Twp
Dickey, A. C. - Marysville Twp
Diehm, J. F. and Mary - Mound Twp
Diehm, John and A. Catharine - Mound Twp
Dir, John and Sarah - Paola Twp
Dixon, James and Martha - Sugar Creek Twp
Dixon, John and Sarah - Paola City
Dixon, Lirry - Paola Twp
Dixon, Myron - Stanton Twp
Dobson, Thos. - Marysville Twp
Dodd, Ennis - Osage Twp
Dodd, John P. and Eliza - Osage Twp
Doherty, Michael - Wea Twp
Dole, Bama - Paola City
Dollar, Henry - Paola City
Dollar, Mary and John - Paola Twp
Donavan, M. - Paola City
Donehue, Jane - Paola City
Donnelly, J. R. - Osawatomie Twp
Dorsey, John, Ann, Henry and Wm. - Paola Twp
Doty, Isaac and Nellie - Osawatomie Twp
Doughlas, J. A. and A. S. - Richland Twp
Dowd, A. - Miami Twp
Dowd, A. M. and H. M. - Miami Twp
Dowd, C. A. and S. A. - Miami Twp
Dowd, M. F. and Emaline - Miami Twp
Downen, B. F. and Jane - Stanton Twp
Downing, E. and S. L. - Miami Twp
Downing, James - Miami Twp
Downing, John and S. A. - Miami Twp
Downing, S. and C. - Miami Twp
Drain, Abigail - Osage Twp
Drake, Abraham and Nancy P. - Osage Twp
Drake, Milton and Jane - Miami Twp
Drummond, J. H. and Mary - Marysville Twp
Dudderer, John H. and James M. - Stanton Twp
Dudderer, L. Y. - Stanton Twp
Duffield, D. - Marysville Twp
Duffield, Thomas and Susan - Marysville Twp
Dumbauld, F. and Theresa - Sugar Creek Twp
Dunbar, Edw. - Osage Twp
Dunbar, J. M. and Louisa - Osawatomie Twp
Dunbar, T. C. and M. E. - Mound Twp
Duncan, Elizabeth and Sarah E. - Paola City
Duncan, John and Fanny - Mound Twp
Duncan, Richard and Julia - Osawatomie Twp
Dundee, Jacob - Paola Twp
Dunham, Susan - Sugar Creek Twp
Dunn, J. H. and Carrie - Stanton Twp
Dunn, Robt. and Gertrude - Marysville Twp
Dunney, Jno. - Paola City
Durland, Ralph M. and Louisa P. - Paola City
Durst, Michael and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Dutton, W. P. and L. J. - Paola Twp
Dyrden, Issac and Maria - Osawatomie Twp
Early, S. H. and Catherine A. - Paola City
Eaton, W. C. and Lavinia - Paola City
Eby, Christian and Emma - Sugar Creek Twp
Eby, John H. - Sugar Creek Twp
Echorne, Edw. - Paola City
Edmiston, M. B. and H. - Marysville Twp
Edwards, Catherine - Paola Twp
Edwards, Chas. R. and Edna - Paola Twp
Edwards, G. D. - Osawatomie Twp
Edwards, Hardin and Sarah - Osawatomie Twp
Edwards, J. R. - Paola City
Edwards, Nicholas and Jane - Richland Twp
Edwards, Samuel - Paola City
Edwards, W. F. and S. E. - Miami Twp
Edwards, Wesley and C. E. - Marysville Twp
Edwards, Wm. M. and M. C. - Osage Twp
Eisele, Christopher, Tracy D. and John - Paola City
Eisele, Melvinia - Paola City
Eldred, J. A. and Safronia - Paola Twp
Eldred, John R. and H. E. - Marysville Twp
Elkinton, M. E. - Miami Twp
Elkinton, W. W. - Miami Twp
Elliott, John and Ann - Miami Twp
Elliott, Susan - Richland Twp
Ellis, A. - Miami Twp
Ellis, C. E. and M. J. - Miami Twp
Ellis, E. - Miami Twp
Ellis, J. W. and Lucinda - Osawatomie Twp
Ellis, John - Marysville Twp
Ellis, W. H., Sr., and W. H., Jr. - Miami Twp
Ellis, W. J. - Osawatomie Twp
Elwood, Geo. and Henrietta - Paola City
Esty, A. - Miami Twp
Evans, Evan, R. P. and W. G. - Richland Twp
Everett, C. and Sophia - Wea Twp
Everett, John and S. A. - Richland Twp
Everett, John R. - Osawatomie Twp
Evins, John - Paola City
Fairbanks, H. J. - Marysville Twp
Fairbanks, M. C., M. E., F. R., and M. - Marysville Twp
Fales, Frank A. - Stanton Twp
Farnham, A. C. and L. J. - Paola Twp
Farnsworth, R. J. and J. E. - Paola City
Faurher, J. N. - Miami Twp
Fellows, R. - Wea Twp
Fennell, Mary and Mackey - Paola Twp
Fenton, John and Mary - Sugar Creek Twp
Fenton, Zina and Mary L. - Osage Twp
Ferris, Geo. and Matilda - Stanton Twp
Fields, Rebecca - Paola Twp
Fields, Thos. - Paola Twp
Finch, D. M. - Miami Twp
Finch, F. M. and E. - Miami Twp
Finch, Jeremiah and Catharine - Mound Twp
Finnell, Josina E. and Russell - Stanton Twp
Fisher, A. - Marysville Twp
Fisk, Mary - Paola City
Fitchin, Josiah and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Fitzgerald, B. F. - Wea Twp
Flanagan, John and Elizabeth - Stanton Twp
Flanders, George and Eliza - Wea Twp
Flanders, Nehemiah and Jane - Wea Twp
Fleming, Isaac and James - Paola City
Fleming, J. A. and A. - Miami Twp
Fogle, Joseph - Paola City
Folger, Nelson - Mound Twp
Folks, Geo. F. and Mary - Osage Twp
Ford, Calvin and Elizabeth - Middle Creek Twp
Ford, Harrison and Minerva - Osawatomie Twp
Forman, G. A. and P. - Miami Twp
Forte, John and A. E. - Osawatomie Twp
Forte, John and Ann - Paola City
Fortner, Joseph and Mary - Paola Twp
Foster, L. C. and Matilda - Sugar Creek Twp
Fouts, David and Matilda - Osage Twp
Fowler, P. P. and H. A. - Paola City
Francis, John and Mary - Osage Twp
Francis, Joseph and Irma - Osage Twp
Franzy, A. and Hannah - Miami Twp
Frazeier, Jacob and Mary - Paola Twp
French, Mason, A., and James - Richland Twp
Friend, G. H. and E. a. - Mound Twp
Friend, I. A. - Mound Twp
Fristo, Henry and Lucinda - Stanton Twp
Fritts, Geo. and E. H. - Osawatomie Twp
Fuller, Benj. and Mattie - Osawatomie Twp
Fuller, Eliza - Osawatomie Twp
Furgosn, G. W. and Mary C. - Wea Twp
Gailess, G. P. - Marysville Twp
Galbraith, John R. and Rosetta - Paola Twp
Gale, Chas. and Lucy - Osawatomie Twp
Gale, Hattie - Osawatomie Twp
Gale, Henry - Osawatomie Twp
Galkins, Martin and Catharine - Miami Twp
Gardiner, Alexander and Eliz. - Osawatomie Twp
Gardiner, O. L. and Alice - Wea Twp
Garling, J. J. - Middle Creek Twp
Gassaway, J. M. and Agnes - Wea Twp
Gather, Warren - Osawatomie Twp
Gause, C. O. alnd Levisa - Osawatomie Twp
Geer, J. J. and G. C. - Marysville Twp
Gibler, C. H. and A. J. - Wea Twp
Gifford, O. E. and M. A. - Wea Twp
Gillman, S. F., Phebe and Frank - Paola City
Given, Geo. and D. A. - Marysville Twp
Given, R. M. and M. E. - Stanton Twp
Gladwell, Sarah - Paola Twp
Glascock, Frank - Paola City
Glascock, Thos. and S. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Glen, J. D. - Miami Twp
Glendenning, Geo. and M. C. - Middle Creek Twp
Glinker, J. A. and E. - Marysville Twp
Glistner, Peter and Teodoria - Paola City
Godding, H. K. and Thersa - Stanton Twp
Godfrey, C. R. and Laura - Paola City
Gooderick, Benj. and Jane - Paola City
Gooderick, Daniel and Frances - Osawatomie Twp
Gooderick, Emily, Minerva and Wm. - Paola City
Gooderick, J. J. and Margaret - Osawatomie Twp
Gooderick, J. K. and Martha - Stanton Twp
Goodman, Nathan and Francis - Osage Twp
Gordon, Rufus and Mahala - Osage Twp
Gorman, A. and M. E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Gossett, M. D. and Mary C. - Paola City
Gove, A. and M. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Grabeal, John and Jane - Wea Twp
Grady, Wilson and Mary - Osawatomie Twp
Graff, Ernest - Middle Creek Twp
Graham, Abner and Almira - Paola City
Grant, J. W. and Sarah - Mound Twp
Grant, L. B. - Miami Twp
Grant, R. R. and M. - Miami Twp
Grasty, Jeremiah - Sugar Creek Twp
Grasty, Wm. and A. E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Graupner, Henry and Rachel - Paola Twp
Gray, John M. and M. - Richland Twp
Green, C. W. and N. J. - Osage Twp
Green, Isiah and Mary - Wea Twp
Green, Milly - Wea Twp
Greenleaf, Paul and Emily - Osawatomie Twp
Gregg, G. W. and Melvina - Osawatomie Twp
Gregory, N. C. and Rachel - Paola Twp
Griffin, Ann - Marysville Twp
Gromley, L. H. and Elizabeth - Miami Twp
Grother, E. - Miami Twp
Grothers, Henry and M. - Miami Twp
Groves, David and Martha K. - Osawatomie Twp
Groves, Henry and Martha - Paola Twp
Grunly, C. P. and E. - Richland Twp
Gunnels, Carrol and Mary - Sugar Creek Twp
Gunnels, G. and M. - Sugar Creek Twp
Gunnels, J. and M. - Sugar Creek Twp
Gwin, Mary - Richland Twp
Gwin, W. P. - Richland Twp
Gwinn, R. W. and Nancy - Stanton Twp
Hagan, V. A. - Wea Twp
Haigler, E. and S. A. - Marysville Twp
Hale, L. R. and J. - Marysville Twp
Hall, E. T., G. B., Martha, and Josephine - Paola City
Hall, John T. and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Hallett, Helen, Chas and A. M. - Osawatomie Twp
Hamilton, J. D. and M. E. - Osage Twp
Hamilton, Jasper, L. H., Sarah and J. M. - Marysville Twp
Hamilton, John B. and Elizabeth - Richland Twp
Hamilton, M. C. and L. - Marysville Twp
Hamilton, Mary and Wm. - Richland Twp
Hammon, Fredrick and Alabama - Osawatomie Twp
Harbison, H. and M. - Marysville Twp
Hare, Clarissa - Osage Twp
Hare, David and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Hare, George - Paola City
Hargraves, Russell - Paola Twp
Harless, Sarah - Marysville Twp
Harness, Mary - Paola City
Harness, Robt. - Paola City
Harris, Elvira - Osawatomie Twp
Harris, Joseph and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Harris, Wm. and Susannah - Stanton Twp
Harrison, B. G. and N. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Hart, C. A. - Miami Twp
Hastings, Francis and Caroline - Wea Twp
Hastings, Francis, Sr., and Rachel - Wea Twp
Hastings, Wm and Sarah - Wea Twp
Haughey, J. T. and Sarah - Paola City
Haverstick, Samuel - Paola Twp
Hawkins, C. L. and L. - Marysville Twp
Hawkins, D. A. and M. A. - Richland Twp
Haworth, Allen and Delila - Mound Twp
Hayes, Jane - Stanton Twp
Hayes, Jane M. and Isabella - Osawatomie Twp
Hayes, John B. and Allen - Osawatomie Twp
Hayes, Z. and Elizabeth - Wea Twp
Head, J. G. - Richland Twp
Heckadon, Phillip and Margaret - Osage Twp
Hedges, T. J. - Paola City
Heflebower, B. - Wea Twp
Heflebower, D. and Lucy - Wea Twp
Heflebower, Esrom and Mary - Wea Twp
Heiskell, --- - Paola City
Heiskell, W. A. - Paola City
Heller (Keller?), Samuel and Martha - Osage Twp
Helms, Alexander and Isabel - Mound Twp
Hemphill, H. G. - Paola City
Henderson, J. O. and M. A. - Marysville Twp
Henderson, P. B. and J. W. - Marysville Twp
Henderson, Sarah - Paola City
Hendrick, Jackson and M. A. - Stanton Twp
Hendricks, John - Paola City
Hendrickson, Geo. and Mary - Paola Twp
Hendrixon, R. and Sarah - Paola City
Henly, J. R. and Sarah - Mound Twp
Henshaw, Robt - Paola City
Henson, W. A. and J. A. - Stanton Twp
Heraty, John - Miami Twp
Herrick, J. A. - Osage Twp
Herrick, Mary Murphy and H. R. - Osage Twp
Herring, L. and Nancy - Sugar Creek Twp
Hewitt, Caroline - Miami Twp
Hewitt, E. A. and D. F. - Miami Twp
Hickman, Gabriel, M. A. and Martha - Osawatomie Twp
Hickman, J. D. - Osawatomie Twp
Hicks, Thos., R. F. and T. D. - Richland Twp
Higgins, Patrick and Jane - Paola City
Highley, Albert - Paola Twp
Highley, Kennis (?)- Paola City
Hightower, John - Sugar Creek Twp
Hill, C. S. - Sugar Creek Twp
Hill, Martha and Elizabeth - Sugar Creek Twp
Hill, T. W. and Sophia - Marysville Twp
Hill, Willemina and I. M. - Stanton Twp
Hiner, J. P. and Molly - Paola City
Hiner, R. J. and S. M. - Miami Twp
Hines, C. - Richland Twp
Hines, G. W. and M. J. - Osawatomie Twp
Hines, Joseph and Elizabeth - Wea Twp
Hines, Mary - Richland Twp
Hines, Thos., Elizabeth and Daniel - Wea Twp
Hinshaw, Wm. - Stanton Twp
Hittle, Issac and A. A. - Marysville Twp
Hoag, A. N. and L. F. - Marysville Twp
Hobson, J. B. - Paola City
Hodges, J. M. and N. J. - Wea Twp
Hodgkins, E. and L. W. - Marysville Twp
Hodson, Ellen - Osawatomie Twp
Hogan, John and Sarah - Sugar Creek Twp
Hoggatt, W. H. and L. A. - Miami Twp
Hogue, S. R., E. and M. - Marysville Twp
Holcomb, C. W. - Osawatomie Twp
Holderman, A. J. and Emma - Paola City
Holdren, Lewis and Eliza - Wea Twp
Holdren, Thos. and Hannah - Wea Twp
Holdren, Wm. and Mary - Wea Twp
Holeman, J. W. and M. A. - Richland Twp
Holland, Annie and Margaret, Jr. - Paola Twp
Holland, Eli F. and Margaret, Sr. - Paola Twp
Holland, J. - Paola Twp
Hollenback, C. W. and F. J. - Marysville Twp
Hollenback, T. J. and A. - Marysville Twp
Hollenback, Thomas and Susan - Marysville Twp
Holloway, J. M. and M. - Marysville Twp
Holm, C. W. and Anne - Osage Twp
Holm, Chas. W. and Hannah M. - Osage Twp
Holmes, Jabez - Osawatomie Twp
Holt, L. W. and Amanda - Stanton Twp
Homrighausen, Geo. - Paola Twp
Hoover, M. C. and Geo. - Osage Twp
Hopkins, Josiah, Mahala, and T. B. - Osawatomie Twp
Hopkins, Thos. (?) and Caroline - Miami Twp
Horr, Mary J. - Paola City
Horton (Holton?), D. D. - Middle Creek Twp
Hotchkiss, P. C. and Eve - Osawatomie Twp
Houser, Andrew - Stanton Twp
Houser, G. H. and Rhoda - Stanton Twp
Houser, L. P. and L. D. - Stanton Twp
Houser, Moses - Stanton Twp
Howard, J. D. - Richland Twp
Howard, Richard - Osawatomie Twp
Howard, Samuel and E. - Marysville Twp
Howarton, Oliver, Nathan and S. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Howarton, Sidney and Zacharia - Osawatomie Twp
Howell, A. M. - Miami Twp
Hubbard, J. R. and M. R. - Paola City
Hubble, W. O. and Maria - Paola City
Hudson, Nancy - Miami Twp
Huff, J. H. and T. H. - Paola City
Huffman, A. F. and M. P. - Miami Twp
Huffman, Andrew and M. J. - Miami Twp
Huffman, M. and L. E. - Miami Twp
Hughes, Aren - Paola City
Hughes, James and Maggie - Paola City
Huls, John and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Hume, G. H. and R. A. - Miami Twp
Hunt, Aziel and M. J. - Osawatomie Twp
Hunting, L. H. and M. T. - Osawatomie Twp
Hurlburt, H. - Marysville Twp
Hurst, Wm. and Lovina - Osawatomie Twp
Hussey, John - Osawatomie Twp
Hussey, T. J. and Louisa - Osawatomie Twp
Hutson, James G. and John E. - Osage Twp
Hutson, Wm. and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Hymer, J. A. alnd M. J. - Richland Twp
Hymer, S. and M. J. - Sugar Creek Twp
Hymer, Wesley and Mary - Paola Twp
Imes, Mary and Charles - Osawatomie Twp
Inman, E. F. - Miami Twp
Inman, John R. - Osage Twp
Inman, R. C. and M. J. - Mound Twp
Irish, A. and C. - Marysville Twp
Irons, Mary - Sugar Creek Twp
Isck, Adam and Lena - Wea Twp
Jackson, B. F. and Margaret - Stanton Twp
Jackson, Clarissa and Solomon - Sugar Creek Twp
Jackson, D. and N. E. - Marysville Twp
Jackson, Harriett - Stanton Twp
Jackson, John - Richland Twp
Jackson, L. C. and S. C. - Richland Twp
Jackson, M. V. and Eliza - Stanton Twp
Jackson, Margaret and Robt. - Osawatomie Twp
Jackson, P. F. and Minerva - Sugar Creek Twp
Jackson, S. A. and M. E. - Miami Twp
Jackson, Sarah - Osawatomie Twp
Jackson, Thomas - Stanton Twp
Jacobs, theodore - Stanton Twp
James, Laura and Richard - Osawatomie Twp
Jarred, James and Louisa - Sugar Creek Twp
Jarvit, John and A. - Miami Twp
Jarvit, Samuel - Miami Twp
Jeffreys, Joseph and Mary - Osage Twp
Jeffreys, W. B. - Osage Twp
Jenkins, A. and A. - Marysville Twp
Jenkins, John and Sarah A. - Wea Twp
Jennings, Jesse and S. E. - Marysville Twp
Jennings, Vines and Elmira - Marysville Twp
Jennison, J. W. - Osawatomie Twp
Jessee, Henry and Melissa - Osawatomie Twp
Jillson, C. B. and Mrs. - Osawatomie Twp
Johnson, Alfred - Paola City
Johnson, Annie - Paola City
Johnson, B. L. and T. - Richland Twp
Johnson, D. H. and L. D. - Paola City
Johnson, Enoch and W. W. - Mound Twp
Johnson, Henry and Phebe - Paola City
Johnson, J. F. and E. T. - Richland Twp
Johnson, J. M. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Johnson, J. P., M. V. and R. J. - Marysville Twp
Johnson, Jacob - Paola Twp
Johnson, Jacob - Stanton Twp
Johnson, James D. - Stanton Twp
Johnson, Jerry and Emma - Paola City
Johnson, Joseph and Sarah - Osage Twp
Johnson, Mary - Richland Twp
Johnson, Nelson and Orena - Marysville Twp
Johnson, Wm. and L. M. - Osawatomie Twp
Johnston, C. H. - Miami Twp
Johnston, J. F. and R. E. - Richland Twp
Johnston, Silas and John - Miami Twp
Jolley, Elias and Mary - Osage Twp
Jolley, Jeremiah and Mary A. - Osage Twp
Jones, J. B., Mary, and Phebe - Marysville Twp
Jones, James H. and J. A. - Middle Creek Twp
Jones, Lewis and Mary - Mound Twp
Jones, Robt. and Nancy - Paola Twp
Jones, T. N. and Phebe - Mound Twp
Jones, Willis - Paola City
Jones, Wm. - Marysville Twp
Jordan, M. D. - Marysville Twp
Jordan, S. N. and Margaret - Osawatomie Twp
Jorden, Wm. and Mary F. - Paola Twp
Jurd, E. B. and M. E. - Stanton Twp
Justice, J. H. and M. A. - Richland Twp
Kanada, M. J. - Stanton Twp
Kane, James and Elizabeth - Stanton Twp
Kane, James, Libby and J. H. - Paola City
Kane, John - Stanton Twp
Karr, A. N. and M. P. - Miami Twp
Karr, Wm. and A. - Miami Twp
Keate, Andrew - Paola Twp
Keith, Pheba - Osawatomie Twp
Keith, W. B. - Osawatomie Twp
Keithch, Wm. and E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Kelly, L. and D. A. - Richland Twp
Kemp, Adam and Harriet - Paola Twp
Kemp, Anna - Mound Twp
Kendall, J. A. and S. A. - Wea Twp
Kennedy, R. W. and T. C. - Wea Twp
Kershner, A. - Wea Twp
Kilgore, Mathias and Matilda - Middle Creek Twp
King, Chas. H. - Paola City
King, Jonas and Sarah J. - Osage Twp
Kingsley, James, Adolade, and Geo. - Paola City
Kinkaid, E. A. - Stanton Twp
Kinnison, Hannah - Osawatomie Twp
Kirk, Jane - Stanton Twp
Kirk, Robb Jun and Robt. Sen - Stanton Twp
Kirkpatrick, A. B. and F. - Marysville Twp
Kirshner, John - Stanton Twp
Kirts, David - Miami Twp
Klasson, Mathew and Mary - Paola City
Knapp, A. and L. - Miami Twp
Koehler, Julius and Sophia - Middle Creek Twp
Kohliter, Henry - Osage Twp
Kounts, I. N. and Elizabeth - Stanton Twp
Krahman, Wm. and Minda - Osage Twp
Kuhlman, H. H. and J. H. - Sugar Creek Twp
Kuhlman, Mary - Sugar Creek Twp


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