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Index of Names
Miami County Census
Part 2 of 2


This is an alphabetical index to the March 1867 census records which were published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 3 (1988), p. 9 (Sugar Creek Twp, Middle Creek Twp), p. 49 (Mound Twp), pp. 49-50 (Miami Twp), pp. 50-52 (Stanton Twp),Vol. 4 (1989), p. 29 (Wea Twp), pp. 48-9 (Osage Twp), pp 51-52 (Marysville Twp), p. 72 (Paola Twp), pp. 73-74 (Paola City), Vol. 5 (1990), p. 10 (Richland Twp), and pp. 11-12 (Osawatomie Twp). The original census records were prepared by township and included only the names of the persons who were over 21 years of age.

Photocopies of the pages published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society. To determine which page to request, match the Township with the reference pages cited in the previous paragraph.

This alphabetical index includes the name of the individual and township where recorded. Where two people or more people were recorded together, their names were indexed as a group.

The index is in two parts. The first part includes the surnames from Ackerly through Kuhlman. The second part includes the surnames from Labadie through Zirn.

Labadie, Peter - Middle Creek Twp
Lacock, I. B. and Rachel - Middle Creek Twp
Lake (?), J. N. - Stanton Twp
Lane, Albert and Catherine E. - Osage Twp
Lane, Anson and Susan - Osage Twp
Lane, Byron and Catherine - Osage Twp
Lane, Calvin and E. A. - Osage Twp
Lane, Franklin and Gilbert - Osage Twp
Lane, Peter and Vernon - Osage Twp
Langley, --- - Paola City
Lanter, G. W. G(?) - Marysville Twp
Lapsley, Benj. and Amanda - Paola Twp
Lapsley, Mary - Paola Twp
Lapsley, Robt. and Pamelia A. - Osage Twp
Larkins, Maria - Paola Twp
Lassister, J. and M. - Sugar Creek Twp
Latimer, P. F. and M. I. - Wea Twp
Latimer, Robert and Richard - Wea Twp
Law, Albert and Sarah E. - Osawatomie Twp
Laws, G. M. and M. - Richland Twp
Laws, Wm. M. - Richland Twp
Lay, Mary E. and J. N. - Stanton Twp
Leard, Anna - Stanton Twp
Leard, Maria - Stanton Twp
Leard, Michael - Stanton Twp
Leazenby, James and Mary - Osawatomie Twp
Lee, A. J. - Stanton Twp
Lee, George and Lucy A. - Paola City
Lee, James and J. W. - Stanton Twp
Lee, Jessee F. - Stanton Twp
Lee, Lewis and H. A. - Richland Twp
Lee, R. - Richland Twp
Lee, Wm. and Margaret - Paola Twp
Leggat, J. M. - Paola Twp
Leggat, Wm. and Annie - Paola Twp
Lewis, G. M. and R. - Miami Twp
Lewis, J. P. A. - Osage Twp
Lewis, John W. and Angeline - Stanton Twp
Lewis, L. V. - Osawatomie Twp
Lewis, Mary J. - Osage Twp
Lewis, Wm. [and?] Julia - Osage Twp
Light, Alonzo and Rosana - Paola City
Light, Jesse and Amanda - Paola Twp
Lillie, Aaron R. and E. C. - Richland Twp
Linden, John - Middle Creek Twp
Linder, N. and S. H. - Marysville Twp
Lindermood, I. W. - Wea Twp
Lintz, Absolom - Stanton Twp
Little, Mary E. - Paola City
Littlejohn, Jesse - Stanton Twp
Littlejohn, Mary and Hannah - Paola City
Lobdell, D. J. and Roxanna - Osawatomie Twp
Lockhard, D. W. and Elizabeth - Mound Twp
Long, A. W. and Lavinia - Paola City
Long, David and M. - Sugar Creek Twp
Long, Lewis and Rachel - Paola City
Long, Myron and Rachel - Sugar Creek Twp
Long, Olive - Paola City
Longbrake, --- - Paola City
Lookwood, J. O. and M. E. - Stanton Twp
Losh, John - Wea Twp
Losh, Martha - Wea Twp
Louderback, J. and M. A. - Miami Twp
Lovell, John and M. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Loveridge, J. A. - Wea Twp
Lovett, I. C. and E. - Wea Twp
Low, Peter and N. J. - Miami Twp
Lucas, V. B. and Sarah - Wea Twp
Lummins, James and Hannah - Osage Twp
Lykins, J. W. and Miraba - Paola Twp
Lyon, H. L. and S. A. - Marysville Twp
Lyon, J. V. and F. A. - Marysville Twp
Madison, Elizabeth - Middle Creek Twp
Maidera, N. J. and Eliza - Sugar Creek Twp
Main, E. L. and M. E. - Miami Twp
Majors, Benj. and Sarah C. - Osage Twp
Majors, Willie and Louisa - Osage Twp
Malone, John - Paola Twp
Malone, N. S. and E. S. - Osage Twp
Maloney, Patrick and Mary - Paola City
Manchseter, Melissa - Osawatomie Twp
Mankin, Cord and Anne - Osage Twp
Mannen, F. M. and Eliza - Stanton Twp
Mannen, M. E. and Jenny - Stanton Twp
Mannen, W. R. and Maria - Stanton Twp
Manning, D. - Marysville Twp
Manning, James - Marysville Twp
Manning, James - Paola City
Marcellus, Levi and M. J. - Stanton Twp
Marquis, S. and S. E. - Miami Twp
Martin, D. M. and K. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Martin, Deidama - Osawatomie Twp
Martin, G. W. and Lucy L. - Wea Twp
Martin, Hannibal - Osawatomie Twp
Martin, J. H. and C. E. - Mound Twp
Martin, Jesse - Mound Twp
Martin, John and Anna - Wea Twp
Martin, L. M. - Wea Twp
Martin, London and Lucinda - Stanton Twp
Martin, M. and E. G. - Richland Twp
Martin, Wm. and Allen - Wea Twp
Mason, E. L. and S. - Miami Twp
Mason, E. T. and A. T. - Miami Twp
Mason, Isack - Paola City
Mason, J. M. - Miami Twp
Masoner, Hiram, M. and N. - Marysville Twp
Massey, J. and Lydia - Sugar Creek Twp
Massey, R. W. and Mrs. - Paola City
Mathews, Fred and Caroline - Osage Twp
Mathews, H. A. and Jane - Marysville Twp
Mattison, Mahala - Osawatomie Twp
Mavirn (?), Bridget - Middle Creek Twp
Maxwell, M. and Jane - Middle Creek Twp
May, Elizabeth - Stanton Twp
May, Jessie and Sidney - Stanton Twp
May, Wm. and M. E. - Stanton Twp
Mayer, I. M. and Sylvia - Wea Twp
Mays, E. W. P., E. and F. - Marysville Twp
McBride, T. J. and Lucinda - Sugar Creek Twp
McCaslin, M. - Paola City
McClellan, L. and A. - Richland Twp
McClure, Wm. H. and Virginia - Paola City
McConnel, John - Paola City
McConnell, widow - Sugar Creek Twp
McCord, E. A. and Sarah - Wea Twp
McCormic, Peter, Wm. and Mary - Richland Twp
McCulloch, D. N. and Emma - Stanton Twp
McDole, John and James - Osage Twp
McDonald, Bryant and Nancy - Sugar Creek Twp
McDonald, J. G. and Anna - Marysville Twp
McDonald, J. W. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
McDonald, James, G. J. and Susan - Marysville Twp
McDowell, Alexander and Mary - Osawatomie Twp
McDowell, Henderson and Ellen - Paola City
McDowell, Wm. and A. - Miami Twp
McEwen, Daniel, John S. and Martha - Paola Twp
McEwen, Margaret - Osage Twp
McFadden, A. H. and Elizabeth - Wea Twp
McFadden, John and Sarah - Wea Twp
McGatty, G. W. - Richland Twp
McGill, James - Paola City
McGrew, James and Lucinda M. - Paola City
McGuenn (?), George - Wea Twp
McGuffin, A., Mary and Chas. - Marysville Twp
McGuffin, J. M. and M. J. - Marysville Twp
McGuire, James and Sarah - Paola City
McGuirk, Ellen - Middle Creek Twp
McHenry, Eliza - Paola City
McIntosh, Clarinda - Osawatomie Twp
McIntosh, John - Osage Twp
McKean, James and Louisa - Stanton Twp
McKean, John and M. E. - Stanton Twp
McKean, Wm. and Eliza H. - Stanton Twp
McKensie, A. J. - Paola City
McKensie, Isabel - Paola City
McKinely, A. N. and Sarah Ann - Osage Twp
McKinster, James - Richland Twp
McKinster, S. - Richland Twp
McKoon, J. A. and M. J. - Stanton Twp
McKoon, Sarah - Stanton Twp
McLachlin, H. M., Mary and M. A. - Marysville Twp
McLane, Irvin - Wea Twp
McLaughlin, J. B. and H. - Marysville Twp
McNelley, James - Paola Twp
McNelly, John and Isabel - Middle Creek Twp
McReynolds, John and Sarah - Paola City
Mead, James and G. (C.) A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Mead, Jefferson and Rebecca - Sugar Creek Twp
Means, Mary - Sugar Creek Twp
Means, Thos. and Elizabeth - Sugar Creek Twp
Merrill, James and Hester A. - Osage Twp
Merritt, J. W. and Elmira - Osawatomie Twp
Messer, Emily and John - Marysville Twp
Mickle, J. S. and Sarah - Paola City
Middlemass, Thos. - Paola City
Millard, D. B. and C. - Miami Twp
Miller, Benedick - Paola City
Miller, Dedrick and Rebecca - Osage Twp
Miller, Enoch and Cora - Osage Twp
Miller, Joseph and C. - Richland Twp
Miller, L. D. - Richland Twp
Miller, Maria - Paola City
Miller, Martin - Osage Twp
Miller, Max - Paola City
Miller, Peter and Anna - Wea Twp
Millis, Chas. D. - Paola City
Millis, Nicholas and Mary A. - Osage Twp
Mitchell, David and Mary - Mound Twp
Mitchell, Janet - Mound Twp
Mitchell, John and E. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Mitchell, N. A. - Richland Twp
Mitchler, Geo. and Mary J. - Paola Twp
Mobley, W. A. and E. - Miami Twp
Mobley, Wells and Jane - Miami Twp
Mobley, Wells and Jane - Osage Twp
Moffat, John and Alice - Sugar Creek Twp
Moffett, Missouri - Sugar Creek Twp
Mooney, R. F. C. and N. R. - Miami Twp
Moore, E. L. and M. A. - Marysville Twp
Moore, M. F. and C. C. - Marysville Twp
Moore, Richard, Margaret and Geo. - Paola City
Moore, Samuel and Richard - Paola City
Moore, Timothy and Elizabeth - Stanton Twp
Morgan, A. and M. A. - Middle Creek Twp
Morgan, B. - Wea Twp
Morgan, C. B. and H. M. - Richland Twp
Morgan, James and Sarah - Middle Creek Twp
Morgan, Sterling and Margaret - Miami Twp
Morgan, Thomas and Rachel - Miami Twp
Morgan, Thos. and Margaret - Middle Creek Twp
Morgan, Wm. and M. J. - Wea Twp
Morse, Daniel - Marysville Twp
Mortimer, P. and Patsy - Sugar Creek Twp
Moupin, Emma - Stanton Twp
Mullins, James - Stanton Twp
Mullins, John T. - Stanton Twp
Mullins, Susan and Hiram - Stanton Twp
Murdick, L. H. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Murlin, B. and Clara - Paola Twp
Murphy, Chas. and J. M. - Osage Twp
Murphy, E. - Richland Twp
Myers, A. B. and P. A. - Miami Twp
Myers, David - Middle Creek Twp
Myers, Simon and Ellen - Middle Creek Twp
Myers, W. G. and A. - Miami Twp
Nanney, A. J. and Ann - Mound Twp
Napper, Felix and Sarah F. - Paola City
Neil, Margaret - Paola Twp
Nelson, Thos. and C. N. - Middle Creek Twp
Nevitt, A. and Margaret - Paola City
Nevius, J. B. and R. A. - Paola City
Newberry, J. W. and Mary - Sugar Creek Twp
Newman, Henry and Libby - Osawatomie Twp
Newton, Isaac - Paola City
Nichols, J. D. and P. A. - Middle Creek Twp
Nicholson, G. W. - Stanton Twp
Nicholson, Isiah and M. J. - Stanton Twp
Nicholson, John and Elizabeth - Stanton Twp
Nicholson, M., Levi (?) and A. M. - Marysville Twp
Nicholson, S. E. and M. J. - Stanton Twp
Nickell, W. N. and Susanna P. - Wea Twp
Nokes, O. J. - Miami Twp
Nokes, S. A. - Miami Twp
Noland, J. R. and L. C. - Richland Twp
Norman, H. H. and Mrs. - Sugar Creek Twp
Norman, S. - Sugar Creek Twp
O'Brien, Perry and Milla - Osawatomie Twp
O'Brien, Thos. and Angeline - Osawatomie Twp
O'Conner, Hugh and M. E. - Richland Twp
O'Conner, Wm. and E. - Richland Twp
Officer, J. and C. - Marysville Twp
Officer, W. P., T. W. and J. F. - Marysville Twp
Ogden, G. P. and Indiana - Osage Twp
Oldenburg, J. - Marysville Twp
Oliver, T. E. and James - Stanton Twp
Omyre, Wm. and James - Richland Twp
Onesetter, Sarah A. - Paola Twp
Orendorff, David - Miami Twp
Orendorff, E. A. - Miami Twp
Osborn, C. and M. A. - Wea Twp
Osmon, John and N. A. - Osage Twp
Oyster, D. W. and E. M. - Stanton Twp
Packard, Freeman and Ellen - Osawatomie Twp
Paige, W. H. and Julia - Osawatomie Twp
Palmer, Wilson and Martha A. - Osage Twp
Papst, John and Mary - Wea Twp
Pardee, H. and R. - Marysville Twp
Parish, W. D. and Salina - Paola Twp
parker, Lavina - Mound Twp
Parker, P. G. and R. F. - Wea Twp
Parker, Thomas and Caroline - Stanton Twp
Parker, Wm. - Stanton Twp
Parks, Harriet - Osawatomie Twp
Parks, Wesley and Susannah - Osage Twp
Parrott, J. B. and E. C. - Paola City
Parsley, W. R. and Sarah - Osage Twp
Pasko, L. - Osawatomie Twp
Patten, B. A. - Wea Twp
Patten, H. H. and I. T. - Wea Twp
Patterson, A. and E. - Marysville Twp
Patton, J. J. and M. J. - Marysville Twp
Patton, R. A. and Sarah J. - Osage Twp
Patton, Wm. and E. - Marysville Twp
Pauley, D. W. - Paola Twp
Payne, A. J. and Maria - Paola City
Payne, J. M. and Mary A. - Middle Creek Twp
Payton, David - Paola Twp
Payton, W. C. - Wea Twp
Peery, D. L. and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Peery, Fielding and Francis - Osage Twp
Peery, H. O. and S. E. - Marysville Twp
Perkins, Harvey - Paola City
Perkins, Z. M. and Lucinda - Wea Twp
Peterson, J. P. and E. A. - Marysville Twp
Petibone, John and E. - Richland Twp
Petrie, Wm. and Harriet - Marysville Twp
Phillips, James A. - Paola City
Phillips, Joseph H. and Marian - Paola City
Phipps, Jos. and Harriet - Richland Twp
Pierce, Joseph and M. E. - Stanton Twp
Pifer, I. T. and Mary - Wea Twp
Piggott, Jane - Osawatomie Twp
Piggott, Wm. - Osawatomie Twp
Pineo, W. W. and Unis - Paola City
Pinkerton, M. E. and A. Anna - Osawatomie Twp
Pinkerton, Robt. G. and Indiana - Osawatomie Twp
Pitman, Henry and Hulda - Mound Twp
Pitman, Wm. and Mary A. - Osage Twp
Plat, John - Paola Twp
Pointer, W. A. and S. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Poland, Patrick and Eliz. - Osawatomie Twp
Polhamus, Catherine - Osage Twp
Polhamus, Issac and Wm. - Osage Twp
Pontius, Wm. and Marinda - Sugar Creek Twp
Potts, George and Caroline - Miami Twp
Potts, P. J. and Francis - Middle Creek Twp
Potts, Wm. - Paola City
Powell, H. and A. M. - Richland Twp
Powell, Joseph and C. - Richland Twp
Powell, N. E. - Osage Twp
Powell, Nancy A. - Paola Twp
Powell, Wm. and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Pownell, Reuben and Nancy - Osage Twp
Pratt, J. H., Sarah and J. V. - Wea Twp
Pretty, J. W. - Miami Twp
Pribble, I. and M. - Miami Twp
Price, Dudley - Paola Twp
Price, Henderson - Osawatomie Twp
Price, Jesse, David and L. E. - Osawatomie Twp
Price, Nancy and R. F. - Paola City
Price, R. V. - Paola City
Priddy, M. - Miami Twp
Priddy, Martha - Sugar Creek Twp
Prince, J. C. and A. E. - Osawatomie Twp
Pringle, Andrew and Christa - Osawatomie Twp
Protzman, A. N. and L. - Marysville Twp
Provin, H. H. - Stanton Twp
Provin, S. C. and E. W. - Stanton Twp
Pulley, Carlos and E. I. - Richland Twp
Pursell, David - Osage Twp
Pyatt, Sarah - Sugar Creek Twp
Quigley, Joseph and Mary - Wea Twp
Quimby, George and Carrie - Paola City
Quinn, Samuel and Julia - Paola City
Ragan, James W. and Iramenta - Paola Twp
Ragner, Susan - Paola City
Rainey, W. G. and Rebecca - Paola City
Rambo, Richard and Hariett - Stanton Twp
Raney, S. P. and S. D. - Richland Twp
Ranney, Wm. and W. O. - Mound Twp
Rathbun, B. D. - Stanton Twp
Rathbun, O. P. and M. M. - Stanton Twp
Ray, John - Richland Twp
Raymer, Amos and Sally - Middle Creek Twp
Read, D. - Marysville Twp
Rebel, Jacob - Paola City
Redd, S. A. - Richland Twp
Reddin, James and Minerva - Osage Twp
Redinbaugh, Thos. - Richland Twp
Redinbough, F. M. and L. - Richland Twp
Redinbough, John and J. - Richland Twp
Reed, A. D. - Marysville Twp
Reed, B. L. and S. G. - Osawatomie Twp
Reed, Farlow - Middle Creek Twp
Reed, H. J. and Martha - Stanton Twp
Reed, M. and Octavia - Wea Twp
Reed, Mary - Paola City
Remington, Wm. and Julia - Osage Twp
Requa, James and M. C. - Miami Twp
Reuterskold, A. F. - Paola City
Reynolds, Peter and Margaret - Osawatomie Twp
Rhodes, John A. and M. J. C. - Marysville Twp
Rice, Henderson and Elizabeth - Mound Twp
Rice, Susan - Mound Twp
Richards, F. M. and M. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Richards, L. A. - Marysville Twp
Richardson, J. C. - Osawatomie Twp
Richardson, N. E. - Marysville Twp
Richardson, Wm. and Martha - Osawatomie Twp
Richey, A. S. and M. - Marysville Twp
Richey, N. H., Emma, McCord and E. P. - Paola City
Ricketts, G. T. - Stanton Twp
Ricketts, Hannah - Stanton Twp
Rigney, Patrick and Catherine - Middle Creek Twp
Riley, Hugh and M. - Marysville Twp
Riley, John and C. - Marysville Twp
Riley, John and M. J. - Marysville Twp
Riley, T. and B. A. - Richland Twp
Rising, Geo. and Sarah - Osawatomie Twp
Roarbocker, Elizabeth and Henry R. - Osage Twp
Roark, Pleasant and W. J. - Sugar Creek Twp
Robb, M. - Marysville Twp
Roberts, B. F. - Paola Twp
Roberts, F. F. and Roxy - Stanton Twp
Roberts, Geo. and K. L. - Osawatomie Twp
Roberts, J. M. and C. A. - Paola Twp
Roberts, J. M. and M. A. - Stanton Twp
Roberts, J. T. and E. - Miami Twp
Roberts, Thomas and Clarinda - Osawatomie Twp
Robinson, E. W. and Gertrude - Paola City
Robinson, G. H. and R. T. - Wea Twp
Robinson, Geo. and Ellen - Stanton Twp
Robinson, J. and S. - Richland Twp
Robinson, John and Anne - Stanton Twp
Robinson, Joshua and Eliza - Paola City
Robinson, Sarah - Miami Twp
Robinson, T. B. and Mary - Wea Twp
Robinson, W. H. and M. E. - Middle Creek Twp
Roscoe, Cynthia - Osawatomie Twp
Roscoe, N. J. - Osawatomie Twp
Rouse, G. W. and M. J. - Stanton Twp
Rowcroft, Mark and Isabelal - Mound Twp
Rowcroft, Samuel - Mound Twp
Rowe, Jacob and Alvira - Mound Twp
Rowland, F. E. and Z. A. - Marysville Twp
Rowland, G. W., L., and J. B. - Marysville Twp
Rowland, J. T. and F. W. - Richland Twp
Rowland, Wm. - Richland Twp
Royal, Frank, Francis and Eliz. - Osawatomie Twp
Rslph, John and A. - Marysville Twp
Ruble, Johnathan and Sarah - Osage Twp
Rubles, Chas. P. and Samantha M. - Osage Twp
Rubles, Samuel R. and Isabel - Osage Twp
Russell, Green - Osawatomie Twp
Russell, Joseph and Jane - Stanton Twp
Russell, Ritta and Malinda - Osawatomie Twp
Russell, Timothy and M. J. - Osawatomie Twp
Sage, J. W. and S. E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Sampson, J. F. and H. M. - Osawatomie Twp
Sampson, Peter and C. J. - Richland Twp
Sams, I. W. and Margaret - Mound Twp
Sanders, S. M. and M. W. - Miami Twp
Sanderson, J. L. - Paola City
Saunders, F. H. and M. C. - Marysville Twp
Saunders, G. R. and M. J. - Osawatomie Twp
Scars (Scarz?), W. A. and M. E. - Osawatomie Twp
Schmidt, Anthony and Mary - Osage Twp
Schultz, J. C. and Jamie - Marysville Twp
Schwartz, Jacob and Ann - Wea Twp
Schwartz, Wm. and Anna - Wea Twp
Scott, Herman and Melissa - Sugar Creek Twp
Scott, M. K. and M. - Richland Twp
Scott, M. M. and E. - Richland Twp
Secoy, David and Catherine - Osage Twp
Secoy, Walter - Osage Twp
Seitz, John and Sarah - Miami Twp
Service, Caleb and Catherine - Osage Twp
Sewell, M. V. B. and Jane - Stanton Twp
Shaffer, Joseph and Melinda - Osage Twp
Shaner, Wm. - Marysville Twp
Shannon, A. J. and Mary - Paola City
Shannon, Thomas and E. J. - Miami Twp
Shannon, W. J. - Miami Twp
Sharp, David and Melinda - Miami Twp
Sharp, Wm. - Paola City
Shaw, Cyrus and M. - Paola City
Shaw, Isaac - Middle Creek Twp
Shaw, Noel and F. P. - Middle Creek Twp
Shaw, Wm. and Rosella - Middle Creek Twp
Shearer, Caleb and Anna - Stanton Twp
Sheehan, Catherine - Osage Twp
Sheldon, D. M. and R. B. - Osage Twp
Shelton, Elias and S. A. - Middle Creek Twp
Shelton, Stephen - Middle Creek Twp
Sherar, Geo., A. E., and Delavina - Osawatomie Twp
Sherar, Robt. and Margaret - Stanton Twp
Sherman, Chas. - Paola City
Sherman, E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Sherman, Henry and Caroline - Miami Twp
Sherman, John and Tom - Sugar Creek Twp
Sherman, M. and Mrs. M. - Sugar Creek Twp
Sherod, D. B. and Patsey - Sugar Creek Twp
Ship, Sterling and A. - Marysville Twp
Shipley, E. A. - Miami Twp
Shipley, E. C. and C. M. - Miami Twp
Shipley, J. F. - Miami Twp
Shipley, Rolla and James - Miami Twp
Shipley, Thomas and Sarah - Miami Twp
Shipley, Thomas E. - Osage Twp
Shipman, Daniel - Osawatomie Twp
Shively, W. P., N. S., T. E. and E. - Paola Twp
Shoemaker, A. G. and E. N. - Sugar Creek Twp
Shoemaker, Elvira - Miami Twp
Shrader, Elizabeth - Marysville Twp
Shriver, H. and E. - Miami Twp
Shriver, John and Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Shriver, John R. and E. - Miami Twp
Shriver, Joseph - Osage Twp
Shults, Fredrick and Susan - Paola City
Shuman, M. - Richland Twp
Simmons, W. C. and L. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Simons, Mary - Paola City
Simpson, B. F. and Augusta - Paola City
Simpson, Basil and Rachel - Paola City
Sims, J. E. and E. - Miami Twp
Sims, Jacob and Mary - Middle Creek Twp
Sinclair, A. J. and Delila - Wea Twp
Sinkey, James and Amantha - Osawatomie Twp
Skinner, Isaac and Jane - Wea Twp
Slinker, M. and Eliza - Marysville Twp
Smart, James - Osage Twp
Smart, Mark and Ruth - Osage Twp
Smith, Benj. and Susannah - Wea Twp
Smith, Benjamin and L. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Smith, D. and S. - Miami Twp
Smith, D. O. and Ann - Osage Twp
Smith, Daniel and L. A. - Stanton Twp
Smith, E. F. and Minnie - Paola City
Smith, F. M. and A. E. - Stanton Twp
Smith, G. W. - Mound Twp
Smith, H. B. and S. R. - Osawatomie Twp
Smith, Henry - Stanton Twp
Smith, J. C. and E. I. - Wea Twp
Smith, J. H. and S. R. - Stanton Twp
Smith, J. S. and Sarah A. - Wea Twp
Smith, John and S. E. - Marysville Twp
Smith, John F. and W. M. - Miami Twp
Smith, John H. and M. L. - Paola City
Smith, L. and S. A. - Marysville Twp
Smith, M. E. and Harriet - Osawatomie Twp
Smith, Mary - Wea Twp
Smith, R. and G. W. - Miami Twp
Smith, Reuben and Mary - Mound Twp
Smith, Sarah E. - Paola City
Smith, Thos. - Paola Twp
Smith, W. B. and A. - Miami Twp
Smith, W. H. and Minerva - Stanton Twp
Smith, Zebotis - Sugar Creek Twp
Smucker, Aaron and Elizabeth - Osawatomie Twp
Snodgrass, Chas. and Lucinda - Osage Twp
Snow, Rodney - Osawatomie Twp
Snyder, Eli and Elizabeth - Osawatomie Twp
Snyder, Elias and C. F. - Osawatomie Twp
Snyder, John - Osawatomie Twp
Spaulding, C. B. and M. J. - Marysville Twp
Spencer, E. and G. J. - Miami Twp
Spencer, T. B. and R. - Paola City
Spice, Isaac - Middle Creek Twp
Spitler, Benjamin and Sarah - Marysville Twp
Stacy, J. and A. - Richland Twp
Stanbrough, M. S. - Stanton Twp
Standiford, W. W. and M. E. - Osawatomie Twp
Stanton, Jane and Hannah - Miami Twp
Starks, Jonathan and S. C. - Stanton Twp
Steel, Thomas and Joseph - Mound Twp
Steen, James and C. - Richland Twp
Steen, James B., Robt. and N. C. - Richland Twp
Stephens, D. E. and Catherine - Paola City
Stevens, C. M. and S. A. - Stanton Twp
Stevens, H. and Elinore - Paola City
Stevens, Wm. - Osawatomie Twp
Stevenson, P., L. and J. - Marysville Twp
Steward, Matilda - Middle Creek Twp
Stewart, G. L. and C. - Miami Twp
Stewart, J. - Miami Twp
Stewart, Sarah - Paola City
Stewart, Thos. and E. J. - Sugar Creek Twp
Stice, J. E. and Priscilla - Marysville Twp
Stiles, H. B., H. C. and G. - Marysville Twp
Stine, A. J. and J. - Richland Twp
Stith, H. T. and G. J. - Stanton Twp
Stockwell, G. H. and F. A. - Stanton Twp
Stockwell, O. P. and Sarah - Stanton Twp
Stockwell, W. M. and Louisa - Stanton Twp
Stoddard, J. and P. - Paola City
Stoker, Elias and M. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Strickland, A. T. - Paola Twp
Stringer, Eli and Loretta - Paola Twp
Stuart, Thos. and Hannah - Paola City
Stubbs, Edw. and Sarah A. - Paola City
Studdarth, J. M. and Sarah - Marysville Twp
Studebaker, D. W. and H. - Richland Twp
Stutely, Emery, Laura, Geo., and G. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Stutely, Maria - Osawatomie Twp
Sullivan, G. R. and C. - Marysville Twp
Sullivan, J. W. and S. - Marysville Twp
Sullivan, T. , M. and D. - Marysville Twp
Sumner, S. C. and Sarah E. - Wea Twp
Sumptions, Anna - Osawatomie Twp
Surber, J. M. and Elizabeth - Mound Twp
Suvig, Henry - Osawatomie Twp
Swatzell, A. B. and Ann - Paola Twp
Sweeting, James, C. D., E. and D. - Marysville Twp
Synder, B. and Clara - Paola City
Tansey, Anthony and Sarah E. - Osage Twp
Taylor, A. J. and Betsey - Osage Twp
Taylor, C. F., Alfred and Julia - Paola City
Taylor, Eliza - Paola City
Taylor, Hial and M. A. - Osage Twp
Taylor, J. F. and M. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Taylor, Joshua - Paola City
Taylor, Phineas and Melissa J. - Paola Twp
Taylor, Thomas and Ambrose - Osawatomie Twp
Tenney, O. P. and J. A. - Osage Twp
Tetsworth, Tony and Ellen - Osage Twp
Tetus, Thomas - Wea Twp
Tharp, C. F. - Sugar Creek Twp
Tharp, Louisa - Marysville Twp
Tharp, Susan and Ruth - Sugar Creek Twp
Thomas, J. W. and Hannah - Sugar Creek Twp
Thomas, James - Stanton Twp
Thomas, Jane - Sugar Creek Twp
Thomas, Jonas and Ellen - Marysville Twp
Thomas, T. and E. J. - Richland Twp
Thomas, Wm. and Sarah - Stanton Twp
Thompson, Jane - Mound Twp
Thompson, Michael and Martha - Mound Twp
Thompson, S. M. and Nancy - Marysville Twp
Thrumate, Wm. - Paola Twp
Tilton, E. and Rovilla - Wea Twp
Timken, Fredrick and Jane - Osage Twp
Tinken, Jacob - Miami Twp
Tinken, John and C. - Miami Twp
Tipton, Charles - Stanton Twp
Tipton, Mary - Stanton Twp
Titus, J. G. and E. - Sugar Creek Twp
Titus, M. - Sugar Creek Twp
Tolbert, J. W. and Irene - Paola City
Tonte, Mary - Paola City
Tontz, John and M. J. - Marysville Twp
Torrey, Harry and M. J. - Paola Twp
Tousley, O. A. - Paola City
Town, Chas. and Netta - Middle Creek Twp
Town, Geo. and Fidelia - Middle Creek Twp
Town, James - Osawatomie Twp
Townsend, John - Paola City
Tracy, C. F. and L. - Miami Twp
Tracy, Geo. and A. E. - Miami Twp
Tracy, H. and M. J. - Miami Twp
Tracy, M. - Miami Twp
Trammel, A. and M. - Sugar Creek Twp
Trammel, Susan - Sugar Creek Twp
Trewitz, Elizabeth and Wm. - Paola Twp
Troutman, C. J., E. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Trovis, W. F. and Mary - Paola City
True, Patience - Sugar Creek Twp
Tuggle, T. W. and M. P. - Marysville Twp
Tuggles, J. A. and Nancy - Marysville Twp
Turner, A. J. and M. L. - Osawatomie Twp
Turner, G. K. - Marysville Twp
Tuttle, Cyrus and Rachel - Osage Twp
Tuttle, Solomon and Nancy - Osage Twp
Twizz (?), E. - Osawatomie Twp
Tyler, H. - Miami Twp
Tyler, Violet - Osawatomie Twp
Tylor, A. C. and P. L. - Sugar Creek Twp
Underhill, Daniel and Ellen - Osage Twp
Underhill, Sylvester and Martha - Osage Twp
Updegraff, A. and Margaret - Osawatomie Twp
Updegraff, M. D. - Stanton Twp
Updegraff, W. W. and M. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Van, Bill - Osawatomie Twp
Van, Letty - Osawatomie Twp
VanHorn, E. H. and J. C. - Osawatomie Twp
Veatch, Hanson and Matilda - Osawatomie Twp
Venard, Thos. and Mary - Richland Twp
Vickers, John L. and Elizabeth - Paola Twp
Vickers, Nathan and Minerva - Paola Twp
Vohs, Anthony and Elizabeth - Wea Twp
Vohs, Jacob and Eugene - Wea Twp
Vohs, Joseph and Rosa - Wea Twp
Volts, E. J. - Paola Twp
Von Minden, N. and B. - Miami Twp
Wade, A. J. and Ellen - Paola City
Wadsworth, W. and E. D. - Richland Twp
Wadsworth, W. J. - Richland Twp
Wager, E. C. and Jenny - Paola Twp
Wagner, David and Sarah - Marysville Twp
Wagner, G. W. and M. A. - Marysville Twp
Wagner, Harriet - Marysville Twp
Wagner, M. and E. - Marysville Twp
Wagstaff, Elizabeth - Osage Twp
Wagstaff, W. R. - Paola City
Wainscott, Jacob and Melissa - Sugar Creek Twp
Walden, A. - Paola Twp
Walker, G. W. and Phebe - Marysville Twp
Walker, James - Middle Creek Twp
Wall, R. M. and Rebecca - Middle Creek Twp
Wall, Thos., Martha, and Calvin - Osawatomie Twp
Wallace, Henry and Marinda - Osawatomie Twp
Waller, H. F., Mary, and Gaston - Wea Twp
Walley, H. R. and S. J. - Paola Twp
Walls, Emily - Paola City
Walrod, Mrs. (?) L. D. - Stanton Twp
Walrod, P. E. - Paola City
Walters, Rosa and James - Osawatomie Twp
Walters, W. and O. I. - Miami Twp
Walthall, D. P. - Mound Twp
Walthall, J. W. and E. J. - Mound Twp
Walthall, Samuel H. and Martha A. - Osage Twp
Wampler, John and Mary - Paola City
Wantland, E. H. and Nancy H. - Osawatomie Twp
Wantland, H. M. and Margaret - Osage Twp
Ward, M. E., Sr., and M. E., Jr. - Paola City
Ware, David - Osage Twp
Warren, G. W. and Maranda - Paola City
Washburn, B. C. and Bridget - Paola Twp
Washington, Selena - Osawatomie Twp
Waterhouse, Wm. and Eliza - Wea Twp
Watkins, W. and M. - Richland Twp
Watron, P. J. - Paola City
Watson, A. and Edna - Middle Creek Twp
Watson, G. B. and Mary - Marysville Twp
Watt, G. R. and Melvina - Osage Twp
Watt, John W. and H. - Marysville Twp
Watters, John and Frances - Osawatomie Twp
Wear, G. L. and E. A. - Marysville Twp
Weaver, Albert - Osage Twp
Weaver, James and N. - Marysville Twp
Weaver, Wm. and Mary - Marysville Twp
Webster, Stephen - Paola Twp
Wehrly, S. W., J. L. and S. P. - Marysville Twp
Welch, Wm., Sarah, T. H. and C. - Marysville Twp
Wells, A. B. and Janette - Osage Twp
Wells, E. - Miami Twp
Wells, H. C. and C. A. - Osage Twp
Wells, J. B. and E. A. - Osawatomie Twp
Wells, J. W. and C. E. - Osage Twp
Wells, Lidia and Abraham - Osage Twp
Wells, W. A. and M. J. - Osage Twp
Wells, Wm. and Elizabeth - Paola City
West, Jack and Maria - Osawatomie Twp
West, Wm. - Stanton Twp
Wheat, Mary - Sugar Creek Twp
Wheeler, Joseph - Paola City
Wheeler, L. P. and M. J. - Marysville Twp
Whelaer, M. C. Elizabeth - Paola City
Whipley, Thos., Solomon and Eliz. - Paola Twp
Whitaker, G. A. and F. D. - Wea Twp
White, Amos and Minerva - Osawatomie Twp
White, B. M. and T. M. - Osage Twp
White, Chas. N. and M. - Richland Twp
White, Dyer - Paola City
White, E. W. - Paola City
White, Ellis - Osage Twp
White, Geo. and Margaret - Mound Twp
White, Geo. and Margaret - Mound Twp
White, Henry - Osage Twp
White, J. W. and M. E. - Sugar Creek Twp
White, L. J. - Mound Twp
White, Steven and M. J. - Marysville Twp
Whitehead, Flora - Wea Twp
Whitehead, M. M. - Stanton Twp
Whitehead, Sarah and Jessep - Wea Twp
Whittaker, H. G. and Lucy - Wea Twp
Wicker, H. A. and Amanda - Stanton Twp
Wickham, Mary - Paola City
Wickline, G. and Julia - Wea Twp
Wickoff, Amanda - Stanton Twp
Wickoff, E. W. - Stanton Twp
Wiggins, Betty - Osage Twp
Wigrum (?), Benj. - Wea Twp
Wilcox, Harmon and P. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Wilgus, A. And Almarinda - Paola City
Wilgus, F. M., G.A. and John - Paola City
Wilkerson, Lafayette - Stanton Twp
Willhoite, W. H. and M. W. - Osage Twp
Williams, Clara - Stanton Twp
Williams, Frank - Stanton Twp
Williams, G. W. and E. A. - Stanton Twp
Williams, H. D. and Luticia - Osage Twp
Williams, H. H. and Mary - Osawatomie Twp
Williams, J. D. and Mary E. - Mound Twp
Williams, J. H. and M. E. - Marysville Twp
Williams, James B. and Sarah - Osage Twp
Williams, John and L. L. - Middle Creek Twp
Williams, Joseph A. and Sarah - Osage Twp
Williams, Joseph and Mahala - Paola Twp
Williams, Juda - Marysville Twp
Williams, L. D. and Margaret - Osawatomie Twp
Williams, L. F. and Nancy - Osawatomie Twp
Williams, Lewis and Mary - Osage Twp
Williams, Lucellia - Paola Twp
Williams, Orrin and Rosalia - Stanton Twp
Williams, Pope and Jefferson - Stanton Twp
Williams, Richard and A. E. - Osawatomie Twp
Williams, S. Smith and A. E. - Osawatomie Twp
Williams, Sarah and Henry - Middle Creek Twp
Williams, Thersa A. - Osawatomie Twp
Williams, W. H. and M. A. - Sugar Creek Twp
Williams, W. T., H. T. and John T. - Osawatomie Twp
Williams, Wm. A. and Mary P. - Paola Twp
Willington, H. and C. - Marysville Twp
Willis, Mary F. - Paola City
Wilson, A. M. and R. A. - Marysville Twp
Wilson, C. C. - Miami Twp
Wilson, D. B. and Susannah - Stanton Twp
Wilson, David - Middle Creek Twp
Wilson, Gilbert - Richland Twp
Wilson, John L. and Emily J. - Osage Twp
Wilson, M. and M. M. - Richland Twp
Wilson, N. G. and M. C. - Richland Twp
Wilson, R. - Miami Twp
Wilson, Thomas - Miami Twp
Wilson, W. M. and Sarah - Richland Twp
Windler, John and C. - Miami Twp
Windsor, Tarwell - Paola City
Wingard, P. and C. E. - Richland Twp
Wires (?), Wm. - Stanton Twp
Wise, Geo. W. and Mary Ann - Middle Creek Twp
Wollard, S. C. and S. A. - Stanton Twp
Wollington, David and M. L. - Marysville Twp
Wood, C. - Marysville Twp
Wood, J. W. and Sarah Anne - Osage Twp
Wood, S. P. and S. - Richland Twp
Woodman, Morris and Delia - Middle Creek Twp
Wright, James and N. J. - Stanton Twp
Wygant, Fredrick - Osawatomie Twp
Yeisley, J. P. - Paola City
Youmans, E. and M. J. - Osawatomie Twp
Young, B. P. and A. J. - Miami Twp
Young, T. J. and Francis - Osage Twp
Yount, Ann - Marysville Twp
Zirn, German and Catharine - Miami Twp


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