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Query Surnames: Lee

Date: 21 Oct 1996

Query: LEE, Lewis b 1824 Kentucky m. Hester b 1834 Kentucky. Per the 1860 Census (Richland Township, Miami Co.) Lewis and Hester Lee had two sons John A. 5yrs old b. in Kentucky and James A. 2 yrs. old b. in Missouri. The 1870 Census (Richland Township, Miami Co.) lists three additional children, Franklin 9yrs., America 6yrs., and Oscar Sherman 3yrs. old. However, James and John are not listed. Oscar Sherman Lee b. Aug. 1866 in Richland Twp. m. Lula E. Redenbaugh b. 1871 Richland Twp. Lewis Lee is said to have been one of 15 brothers. What county in Kentucky was Lewis from? What was Hester's maiden name? Did John and James Lee die at a young age? Where they buried in Miami County?

Lisa Lee, djlee@flex.net

Response: There were no apparent links to this family in the 20 references to the surname Lee in Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas. There were 28 references to Lee in the 2 volumes of cemetery records. In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol II, p. 148, Scott Valley Cemetery, Row 4, Lot 33 Lee, Lewis 31 Dec 1823 to 6 Nov 1894 Civil War US Veteran.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Casteel, Titus

Date: 15 Oct 1996

Query: Researching all early KS Casteel families, especially those of Miami County. I descend from William CASTEEL and wife Nancy TITUS, who came to Miami Co., in Nov. of 1858. He was killed by Quantrill's bushwhackers in the fall of 1861. She remained in Miami Co. until her death in 1890, raising her children alone. Family came from Boone Co., IA, and Fountain Co., IN before that.

Leslie Collier, leslie.collier@chrysalis.org

Response: In Vol. I, Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p. 40, Dagenett Cemetery, Middlecreek Twp - Casteel, Nancy 8 Oct 1890, age 64 wife of Wm; Casteel William 26 Oct 1861 39 years; Parents of Douglas Casteel (White People), William's grave has a Masonic emblem. In Vol. II, Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, p. 106, Louisburg Cemetery, Row 6, Lot 94, Casteel, W.D. 1860-1939; Casteel, Jennie wife 1868-1913; Casteel, Frankie June 1890-Mar 20, 1891; Casteel, Charlie Sep 26, 1892 - Dec 12, 1891.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Cameron, Hightower, Rhea, Smith, Wheat

Date: 10 Oct 1996

Query: Am searching for information on William Cameron married to Mary Hightower. They buried at Rockville Cemetary. Who was he, what did he do for a living. Who were their children. And who was Mary Wheat, listed in a census with them as a domestic servant. William Cameron left part of his estate to her son Jacob Wheat. Also when did Cameron and Hightower marry.

If you happen to run on to this I would appreciate the information. Jacob Wheat married Evangeline Rhea, I have their Marriage cert. I would assume that when he applied for the license, he would have given where he was born, age, and his parents names. That is what I am looking for. I have that information from the first marriage of Evangeline Rhea to Oran Albert Smith ( my g.grandfather. My grandfather Lawrence Lee Smith changed his name legally to Rhea about 3 days before he married my grandmother. He never lived with Jacob and Eva (as she was called) after they were married, but continued to live with his grandparents, (John Lawrence Rhea and Margaret Eidson Rhea).

Pat Hall, p_lh@earthlink.net

Response: In response to your request for information about the Cameron, Hightower and Wheat families I checked Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., Kansas, and found a possible link to the Wheat family for you.

p. 132 Entry for Roger L. and Jan Coltrin. "Roger Lee Coltrin was born February 1, 1939 in Miami County, the youngest son of Teddy John Coltrin and Margery Olive Wheat Coltrin, and grand son of Jacob and Evangline Rhea Wheat, and John Charles and Sarah Green Coltrin."

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Patton

Date: 1 Oct 1996

Query: I am looking for any Pattons. I only have poss. Robt. Patton I think is buried their for now, I do know that he & others lived their 1800's but there sibe others. I just have not been able to identify all yet. Sorry I don't have much to go on but I will appreciate any help you can give. Thank you.

Brenda, AvailBill@aol.com

Response: In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS: p. 203 & 204, In references to the Holloman family - Mary Nancy Patton married George Hill Troxel; p. 212, In references to the Jessie Jackson family - Nancy Patton married Peter Serrot possilby in Schuyler Co., IL; p. 274, In references to the Damon and Irene (Judd) Morgan family - Bonnie Ruth Morgan married Warren Patton Oct 27, 1951; p. 293, Warren and Bonnie Morgan Patton. No information about parents (George Albert Patton and Nellie Albertson) or siblings; p. 306, In references to the Gilbert I. and Ethel Protzman family - Robert Dale Protzman and Alice Lovica Patten from Sandwich, Illinois, were the parents of Gilbert; p. 365, In references to the Aubrey and Lydia B. Scott family - Clair Suit married Ruth Cox Patten, probably after 1940; p. 373, In references to the Frederick Troxel family - George Hill Troxel married Mary Nancy Patten Dec 15, 1880 in Baxter Springs, KS.

In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I: p. 65 Fontana Cemetery- Grave 47 Lot 4 Patton, Sarah J. Oct. 15, 1869

In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I I: p. 26 Old Hillsdale Cemetery- Patton, Juanita Born Oct 4 1899. Died Oct 6 1900. Beloved one farewell; p. 38 Old Hillsdale Cemetery- Patten, Catherine M. Wife of Robert Patten Jan 5 1826-Apr 14 1912; Patten, Robert Aged 56 yrs 1 mo June 1 1876 Mason; p. 118 Louisburg Cemetery- Row 6, Lot No. 309 Patton, Bert died 1938 (59Y); p. 210 Shively Cemetery - Franklin Co. - Patten, Dollie & Tommie Infant children of J.D. & B.A. (No dates); Patten, Bettie A. Wife of Jno D. Died July 25, 1890 Aged 31Y 2D

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Allen, Davis, Hightower

Date: 1 Oct 1996

Query:Would you please check your book for any HIGHTOWER-DAVIS families that are mentioned together? I have quite a bit of info on that family that came from a lady Erma Gorrell of the county to me about 1974. The Hightower family had come from New Madrid Co, Mo to Schuyler co, Il to Linn and Miami co, Kansas quite some time before 1900. There were some Hightower families still living at LaCygne, Kansas about 20 years ago, but we have lost contact. Some of them even went far west, out to Wyoming, etc.

Also, would you check it for some ALLEN people, namely: Mary Ann; Alva/Alvah/Alvafe; William Henry; Rufus; or Oliver; or any KINDER families? I would appreciate it greatly. I am: Eddene (Hightower) Thompson. This is not my direct line of Hightower's, but I still keep the info and share it. My husband's paternal great-grandfather was William Henry Allen who was born 1840 in Bremer Co, Iowa to Israel and Mary Ann Allen; WHA went to Grove, Indian Territory, now Delaware Co, Ok by 1883 or close.


Response: There are no references to Hightower or Kinder in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, but there are 15 references to the Davis name. If you have someone in specific that you are looking for I would be glad to check to see if there name appears. There are 23 page references to the Allen name. I checked only p. 81.

p. 81 Josiah and Catherine Allen prepared by Kate Allen Shannon "Josiah Allen, 1818-July 8, 1964, [sic] came to Rockville about 1843 (?) possibly 1853 according [to] Andreas History of Kansas and later was one of the first settlers in the southeast corner of Miami County. He opened the first store in a log building in 1859. According to one record, his first child born ar Rockville was in 1860; the older children have Porter, Indiana, as birthplace.

Josiah had married Catherine Rinker, 1822-April 15, 1905, of Virginia. After her second husbands's, Sardimus Louis, death in 1881, she lived with son Alva and wife Diantha until her death.

In 1864 Joshiah and son Henry, age 18, left with money to buy cattle. Henry told that the "Indians" stopped them and told him to ride on; he did and heard shots which meant to him they had shot and robbed his father.

Josiah and Catherine had six children; Frances Cleveland (Frank), 1843-1907, married Sarah Frances Hymer in 1866; William Henry, 1846-?, married Sarah Ellen (?); Lydia Ann, 1848-1919, married W. C. Cass Simons in 1866. They had five children, Adelbert and William never married, Mary married Frank Redd of Bucklin, Kansas, Belle married Charles E. Toncary and Jessie married Edward Burson; Mary Etta, 1849-?, married A. B. Caswell, died pre-1907; Almeda Alice, 1860-1940, married John Gorman in 1879 and moved to Yates Center, Kansas; Alvah Josiah, 1862-1938, married Diantha Jane Brennan, 1859-1918. Most of their family are buried at Rockville Cemetery."

p. 81 Alva J. and Diantha Allen prepared by Dorothy Cass "Alva J. Allen was born in Sugar Creek Township in 1862, and died in 1938. His wife was Diantha Jane Brennan, 1859-1918. Both are buried in Rockville Cemetery. All their children were born in Sugar Creek Township, also.

Their children were: Hazel Dean, born September 13, 1893 who married Albert Abron Wilson, and died November 24, 1960, Paola; Dale Allen, born March 18, 1896, married Kathryn Crail, and died November 17, 1964, Pleasanton, Kansas; Alice May, born May 2, 1900, married Charles White, and died April 29, 1963; Kate, born April 8, 1902, married Emmett Shannon.

The Josiah Allen family came and homesteaded the land the family grew up on. Alva was a veterinarian and rode horesback over the countryside. He was committeeman for Sugar Creek Township 55 years. Diantha graduated from the old Normal school in Paola and later was a school teacher."

Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol I - no references to Kinder, 3 references to Hightower, 9 references to Davis, 9 references to Allen. In Vol 2 - no references to Kinder or Hightower, 9 references to Davis, 3 references to Allen. Of possible interest in Vol. 1:

p. 178 Rockville Cemetery - Lot #2 Hightower, Eda 1790-1886, Lot #3 Allen, Maryette, dau. of H.W. & S.E., Aged 1 yr. 1 day, Died 22 June 1877; p. 179 Rockville Cemetery - Lot #13 Hightower, Elizabeth M. Mar. 11, 1840 - Apr. 8, 1887 (wife of J.C.); Hightower, Harry July 17, 1882 - July 30, 1883 (infant son of J.C. & E.M.); Hightower, Wilford L. Feb. 5, 1879 - July 22, 1879; Hightower, Willis T. Feb 5, 1879 - July 26, 1879; Hightower, Infant son of J.C. & E.M. Nov 30, 1877 - Dec. 21, 1877; Hightower, Elizabeth A. 1872, dau of J.C. & E.M., Metal marker (Now unreadable); p. 181 Rockville Cemetery Block IV South of Block I - Lot #1 Allen, Alvah Josiah 1862 - 1938; Allen, Diantha J. 1859-1918; Allen, Infant dau., died May 18, 1887; Allen, Anna L. July 14, 1890, 3 mos. 1 day; p. 182 Rockville Cemetery - Lot # 5 Hightower, Edaf, dau of Wm. F. and A.I., Aug 7, 1879, _ mo., 3 days; p. 191 Rockville Cemetery Addition - Lot #25 Allen, Kathryn E. Aug 27, 1903 [date of death not listed, probably still living at time of publication]; Allen, Dale Rinker Mar. 18, 1896 - Nov. 7, 1964, S2 Navy WW I

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: West

Date: 25 Sep 1996

Query: I am looking for help with information re family of May Pauline West born 03March 1874 in Paola, Kansas. Father Philip Leonard West, Mother Sophia Caroline Weeden. Other sibs were a William West, reported to die at age 21 in Hardware store fire. Philip either owned or managed the store. Sister Julia West abt 1865 married a George Layborn abt 1884 and continued to live in Kansas, sister Carolyn abt 1870 moved to Chicago with May later and a baby girl abt 1870 that died at young age. Family lived in Paola, Lyndon and Winfield according to family story.

Pat, PS4455@aol.com

Response: In response to your request for information about the family of May Pauline West (b 03 Mar 1874 , dau Philip Leonard West and Sophia Caroline Weeden) Sibs: William, Philip, Julia (b abt 1865, m George Layborn abt 1884) and Carolyn (b abt 1870, moved to Chicago) and a baby girl (b abt 1870, d at young), I checked my records but did not find anything that specifically related to what you were seeking I did find other information about the West families which may be of interest to you.

In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS :

p. 87 Caroline West married George Knispel, their son Frederick Knispel married Bell Knapp, their granddaughter Mabel Alice Knispel (b 25 May 1892, 2 mi ne of Block) married Henry Lewis Arzberger (b 27 Oct 1885, Block, KS, son of Karl Fred Arzberger and Caroline Neu) on 22 Feb 1911 at Paola, KS. Two children - George (b 11 July 1911, m Edna Bergman), Clyde C. (b 12 Aug 1912, Drexel, MO, m 1st Blanche Alice Brewer, m 2nd Dorothy Winkler on 28 Sept 1985).

p. 112 Tamara Sue Brandt (b 17 Apr 1958, dau of Cecil Franklin Brandt and Carol Louise Smith) m Randy D. West 24 Apr 1976

p. 127 Sarah Ann West (dau James Nelson West and Dicea Tinder, of Raytown, MO, formerly of IN and KY) married Israel Christie (son William Christe - vet War 1812, gdson James Christe - vet Rev War), came to Miami Co 1855 from Hendrick Co, IN. Ten children. Add Info available on children. Photo.

p. 157 James West came to Miami Co. in Nov 1865 with a group of other families headed by Robert Craig, W. F. Edwards, Peter Lowe and George Laws.

p. 316 Sarah West married Alexander Ricketts (b Zanesville, OH, son Samuel Taylor Ricketts, b Hagerstown, MD, and Mary Neal, m 1830, gdson Joshua Ricketts and Sarah Taylor)

p. 350 Stella West (d 12 Oct 1947, Long Beach, CA) of Mason City, Iowa, married Frank W. Sponable (b 3 Jul 1870, Gardner, KS, d 21 June 1940, son Warren Sponable) in 1895. Five children. Add info available on children.

p. 389 John Hume West (b 17 May 1833, Hendricks Co, IN, son of James Nelson West and Dicea Tinder, who went to Indiana from Shelby Co, KY) m Nancy Ann Flathers in Sep 1854. Seven children. Two lived in KS - Dicea Annis (m Matthew Freeman) and Charles Webster (m Annie Gunter). Other children lived in MO. Add info on children. Photos of John and Nancy.

In Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS Vol 1: p. 60 Fontana Cemetery Grave 193 West, Joseph P. 1840-1913; Grave 194 West, Nelson Hamel 1820-1888; p. 84 Green Valley Cemetery Row D, Lot 57 West, Josephine 1862- 1 Mar 1887

In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS Vol 2: p. 195 Lane Cemetery - Cornelius, Essie C. (West) 25 Dec 1872 - 25 Dec 1949

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Cronmiller, Harris

Date: 16 Sep 1996

Query: I am still trying to make a connection between my gg-grandmother, Mary L. (HARRIS) Cronmiller, and her father John HARRIS. Would you check your books for me please? I have the following:

Mary Louise MINNEY m. John HARRIS - children: Mary Louise, b. April 24, 1839, Canada, d. September 27, 1879 West of Paola, Amanda, Adeline, Joseph, Charles, Malinda, John, Jane

I believe they came from Canada to Detroit, MI to Indiana and subsequently to Kansas. From what I have, Mary Louise HARRIS m. Jacob Cronmiller in Fort Wayne, Indiana on April 15, 1860. Evidently they received Indian lands in Kansas (Linn County) and moved in 1870. (I will have to contact Linn County for any histories they may have published). Well, thanks for anything you may be able to find.

Joyce, JBellTX@aol.com

Response: Mary Louise Minney and John Harris are not mentioned in the book Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., Kansas. They may not have come to Kansas from Indiana.

Jacob Cronmiller and Mary Louise Harris have 5 small paragraphs in the book. It talks about his being in the Civil War (Co. D, 155th Reg. Inf, IN) and mentions granddaughters Ida Windler of Paola and Ethel Brewer near Louisburg. Mary Louise Harris' grandfather Jean V. Richardville is noted. The book notes that she died of typhoid fever and is buried in Scotts Valley cemetery.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Jackson, Jones

Date: 1 Sept 1996

Query: My grandfather, James Bush Jackson was married in 1896 to Olive May Jones. On their marriage certificate her place of residence was listed as Colony, Anderson Co., KS, and that is where they were married. His residence was listed as Whittaker, Miami Co., KS. I have had trouble finding out it's existence, but finally found that there was a post office in Whittaker from approximately 1890-1900. My question is, just where was Whittaker located in Miami Co.? Was it just a small settlement that was only in existence for that short time?

I am also interested in finding out whether James Jackson & Olive Jones got their marriage license in Miami Co. or in Anderson Co.

Phyllis Schnedler, pschned@kansas.net

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Query Surnames: Barnhart

Date: 18 Aug 1996

Query: My grandmother was Zilpha Marion Barnhart and she was born Oct. 17, 1894 in a little town called Beagle, Miami Co. Kansas. She passed away this last Feb. 17, 1996. Years ago she had given me all her family pictures and got me started researching my family. I even made a trip to Beagle Kansas, about all that was left was railroad station, a church and a cemetary, which brings me to the reason I'm writing. My grandmother has 2 brothers buried at Beagle cemetary, they were twins, one died 29 days old and the other after 2 years old. However, when I researched the cemetary listings at the library they were listed as twin "daughters" .

Also their names were Mortis and Mernis, not Mortie and Mernie as listed. Another error in that listing is how old they were when they died. Mortis was 29 days old and Mernis was 2 years old when he died on Apr. 20, 1893 not 1890 as the listing says. Is there any way to correct this? Also, my grandmother had a sister named Bertha who died of quick typhoid at age 20 in Beagle but I could find no cemetary listing her.

My grandmothers parents were Thomas Taylor Barnhart and Lettisha Ann (Wray), they are buried at Stearns cemetary in Muncie. They were pioneer settlers of Ottawa County Kansas, homesteading there in 1870 and I have a picture of their first house. They also had a son named Charles Wray Barnhart "Ray" who died about 1900 at the age of 20 0r 21 he was struck by lightning that came down the chimney and struck him while he was shaving in the parlor.

The following is a listing of the Barnharts in Kansas please let me know if you have any additional info about this family. Thomas Taylor Barnhart /Lettisha Ann (Wray) Barnhart. Children: Ada, Bertha, Harley Grant, Charles Wray, Ida Ellen, Mernis & Mortis, Zilpha Marion

I'm also looking for information on my grandmother's Aunt, Anna Belle Steward, she has a son Bruce buried at Beagle Cemetary. There were also other Barnharts that homesteaded in Kansas, as well as Stewards, and Wrays so would appreciate any info you might have on them.

Jim Worthington, Thumperman@aol.com

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Query Surnames: Rails, Sutton

Date: 24 Jun 1996

Query: I ran across your post in the Kansas message boards aol. Could you check for me the name Sarah E. Sutton [or Rails, Haycock]b. 1841-d.1900?

Kimmela, IzzaLily@aol.com

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Query Surnames: Cummin(g)s, Comyns

Date: 13 Jun 1996

Query: Do you have anything on the names Cummin(g)s, Comyns? I would appreciate anything you can send

Charlie, chascum@aol.com

Response: In Vol. II of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, are the following records: Old Hillside Cemetery - p. 35-36 in the Cummings Lot - Cummings, J. B. Died Dec 26 1876 aged 64 ys 5 ms Hanway Bros. Lane, Kan; Cummings, William J. Son of J. B. & E. Cummings Died Apr 10 1873 age 3 yrs 9 ms Hanway Bros. Lane, Kan; Back of lot large stone - Cummings, Edmund born Jan 14 1832 Died June 25 1903 Gone but not forgotten; Cummings, Millie J. His wife Born May 3 1831 Died May 3 1904 "Father" and "Mother" small stones; Lane Cemetery - p 196 Cummings, Lucian S. 1855-1920; Cummings, Emma E. 1864-1920; Cummings, Homer Arthur Feb 29, 1888-Feb 4, 1948; Cummings, F.V. 1896-1909; Cummings, M.C 18??-1922; p. 209 Aug 11, 1909 M. Cummins boy buried $1.00.

Sean Furniss

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