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Surname Queries for the period 18 May 97 to 4 July 97

Query Surnames: Donovan

Date: 4 July 97

Query: I am looking for information about my Grandfather Benjamin Harry Donovan. I believe that he was born in Paola, Kansas on July 30, 1870. He was the son of Daniel Webster Donovan and Phoebe Ann Peck. Daniel Webster Donovan died before his son was 14 years old. Family lore has it that he owned a livery stable and was killed in an accident. I do not know for sure that the family was still in Kansas at the time of his death.

Judy Litwin nittany@columbia-center.org

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Query Surnames: Keneson, Kennison

Date: 4 July 97

Query: My gg grandfather Randal Keneson/Kennison lived in Osawatomie, Miami Co., KS and may have died there anytime between 1865 and 1890. He was on the 1865 KS State Census listed as Randolph with wife Hannah and 7 children. He also served in the 16th Kansas Cavalry Regiment Co. L.

Jo Ann Keneson Barnidge safetyindex@linknet.net

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Query Surnames: Chandler

Date: 4 July 97

Query: I'd like information on the Chandler's listed on p. 252 of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I.

Donna advair@getonthe.net

Response: Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 252, Chandler Cemetery, Mound Township SE 8-19-22, lists the following information -Catherine, wife of J. F. Chandler, d 3 Feb 1868, age 32y 8m 27d
Benjamim F., son of Timothy and Mary Chandler, d 21 June 18-- looks like 1868
Mary E.P.M., daughter of J.F. and C. Chandler died 22 Oct 1868, age 1 yr 5 m 21d
T. J. Chandler stone broken across date, illegible, looks like it reads 31y 11m 17d

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Gooding, Hedden

Date: 1 July 97

Query:I am seeking information about Calvin Hedden b 1805 Shelby Co., KY md 1828 St. Clair Co. IL Frances Lamond Gooding b 1810 Fleming Co. KY. Their children were born 1829 through 1850 in Pike Co. IL. I know at least one daughter, Adaline Jellison, relocated to Davis Co. KS 1884. Another daughter, Lucy Gillum, relocated to Lyon Co. KS in 1902. We know they had various grandchildren in KS. So, we suspect that in their old age they moved to KS to be with a child or grandchild and died in Miami Co. probably bef 1885.

Is there a genealogical society there that might have interested members? Are KS census indexes, etc. available somewhere on line? Any clues or suggestions whatever you can offer will be appreciated, particularly regarding Miami Co.

Dan Page dpage@ipa.net

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol II, p. 3, Antioch Cemetery, Row 5, Block B, Lot B5 Hedden Frances L. wife of Calvin, mother died 7 June 1889 78Y 8M. In Vol. I, p. 240, Stanton Cem Row 17, Lot 48 Gooding, A. B. 1844-1905; Lot 49, Gooding, Albina 1849-1941 wife; Lot 50, Gooding, Anna 1883-1916; Lot 51, Gooding, Lewis 1879-1916; Lot 52, Gooding, Silas D. 7 Aug 1870 - 19 Jul 1950; p. 197, Spring Grove Cemetery, Row I, Lot 4, Gillum, A. J. Born in OH 1833, died 22 Nov 1888.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Shoemaker

Date: 20 June 97

Query:I am looking for information on George Shoemaker and Parthenia (Davis)Shoemaker. The lived in Miami Co. during the late 1800's

Greg Patton nsaign@fia.net

Response: There are no records for these individuals in either Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, or in Vol. I or II of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS. There was a half column about the family of Andrew Shoemaker in Family Histories but none related to those two names you provided.

Sean Furniss

Response - 13 May 2003: I am the gg grandaughter of Parthenia Davis Shoemaker. Greg has Parthenia in the wrong county in the late 1800's. She was in Crawford Co., KS. I may also have information for Greg on George Shoemaker but need more information.

Rema Cole rcole32@cox.net

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Query Surnames: Wood

Date: 18 June 97

Query: Looking for information on William L. Wood of Miami Co., KS. Born Dec 26, 1854 Died April 2, 1913 . married to Mary E. Wood B 3/13/1857, D 9/16/1907. Couple had four children, Juana P. Wood Shelton (married to J. W. Shelton), born approx 1884, James B. Wood born 1885, Fred Wood born 1886, and Irma Grace Wood Miller (married to L.C. Miller) born approx 1889.

Robert Wood rdwood@kcmo.metrobbs.com

Response: The information in Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, is the same as what you show in your query. In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 404, there is a limited amount of information about the families of James Balch Wood and Max Wood which may be of interest to you. However there is no specific information about William Wood, other than the note that he was the son of Jessie and Mary Wood.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: McAnarney, Rushing

Date: 16 June 97

Query: Francis Arthur McAnarney m. Mary Louise Robinson resided in Paola in the 30's and 40's. Sons, Basil, Bernard and Joseph. Harry Elmore Rushing m. Edith Agnes Thurman resided in Paola, Miami Co from the 20's until he died in 1960 and she died in 1984. Daughters Beryl, Leta Faye, Thelda and Mildred. Looking for anyone who knew them and why Harry was called "Pat"

Glenn McAnarney glennmcanarney@email.com

Response: In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, there is a reference to Harry E. Rushing, Edith Thurman Rushing, and Dorothy Beryl Rushing Savage on p. 330 under the biographical entry for Paul Leaford Savage (b 1914) and Dorothy R. Savage. It was written by Paul L. Savage about 1987. You may wish to try locating them. He had a daughter Paula Lea Savage Shaffer married to Dwaine Shaffer of Butler, MO, and a daughter Karen Kay Savage Hall Keen married to Ralph Keen of Tahlequah, OK.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Gregg

Date: 12 June 97

Query: Looking for James Gregg b: March 5, 1814 in Ohio, married Martha Timmons B:1807 in Ohio. moved to Creighton, Missouri, Cass County around 1840. Has a son Samuel Nelson Gregg B: Nov 30, 1843 In Cass County, Married Rebecca Vanderslice on Jan 15, 1864. Any information would be appreciated.

Jimmie Wilson jimson@pop3.concentric.net

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, there were two references for Gregg in the Indianapolis Cemetery which were similiar but the dates don't fit. On p. 98, Gregg, James W. 1866-1919 Civil War Veteran. On p. 253, Gregg, James Wm. D. 24 May 1917.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Thorpe

Date: 11 June 97

Query: My father Everett Thorpe was born in Kansas - place unknown around 1867. He later moved to New York. I have no other information. If you can verify anything regarding the name Thorpe, it would be very helpful to me. Thanks.

Everett Thorpeethorpejr@aol.com

Response: The only reference to the surname Thorpe was found on p. 312 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS. Willard Thorpe was married on 15 April 1902 to Murtha Bell Reeves. They had one son, George, who lived in Colorado in 1987.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Shade

Date: 4 June 97

Query: I am seeking information about my great grandfathername William Wesley Shade He's buried in Franklin Co. KS.

Sandi Simmons SandiSims@aol.com

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Query Surnames: Funk

Date: 2 June 97

Query:Funk, Ernst and Laura listed in Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 50. I may have a old picture with Laura in it.

Kay Speigle Speiglemom@aol.com

Response: In Cemetries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 50, Fontana Cemetery, Lot 59, Grave 81 Funk, Laura J. Mar 17 1873 [no death date recorded], Grave 82 Funk, Ernest L. Mar 13, 1872 - Jan 21, 1949. There is no reference to this family in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS. Although it is possible that the Elizabeth Beryl Barnes Funk (b 4 Jan 1901, d 1981, m 24 May 1922) and Lloyd W. Funk (b 1897, d 1965) are related to Laura and Ernest. The only other Funks noted in the book did not arrive in Miami Co. until 1941.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Hatfield, True, Tweed

Date: 31 May 97

Query: Looking for information on Milo Hatfield. He married Precious Ann True, the daughter of Enoch True and Martha Wauford. Milo may have been the first husband of Precious, S.J. Tweed was the last. They were there in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Willing to exchange information on their decendents.

Larry Eldredge LEldredge@aol.com

Response: See response of November 19, 1996

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Kilgore

Date: 31 May 97

Query: My father Asa Dell Kilgore was born in Louisburg and his two half sisters who lived there died in the last 10 years, their names were Phon Kilgore Wilson and Olga Princehouse. I also had cousin who lived there named Gene Wilson. My other contacts there are the McElhaney family. Seeking information on Sarah Kilgore Finch and her husband who lived there in late 1800's. Would like to find her obituary and also her husbands. Are any of this family still living there? Also would like to find out more about Sarah's brother James Kilgore, who was supposedly a self-proclaimed minister. What I am trying to find is information about a James Kilgore, uncle of Asa who was born in Illinois in 1855 and bought land from his sister in Miami County. My family knows nothing about him and I would like to put him in my family group with a little more information.


Response: The following information is extracted from Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, p. 226 - "In 1865, Ohio-born Mathias Kilgore, a veteran of the war with Mexico and the Civil War, and his wife, Matilda McGowen, moved from Illinois to Miami County, Kansas with their five children, Cena, Sarah, John, James and Susan. Cena married Horace Bell, and they had one child, Mathias Dhu Bell, who married Etta McDowell. There were no children and all four are buried in the Louisburg Cemetery. John Heny, born in Cumberland County, Illinois on April 5, 1853, married Amanda Shelton in 1876, and to this union three children were born: Ada Kilgore who married Clarence Bratton, Maude Kilgore who married George McElheny and Asa Kilgore who married Ethel Moore.

Following the death of Amanda, John Henry married Amanda's half sister, Ida Blair in 1883. The children of this marriage were Ora, Phon, and Olga. Phon, born in 1891, married David A. Wilson in 1910, and they have been lifetime residents of Miami County, residing all their married life on the farm two miles south and three miles east of Louisburg. Children of this marriage are Esther, wife of John Patterson, Richardson, Texas, and Gene, who married Mary E. Moews and lives on the family farm. Mathias, Matilda, John Kilgore and both his wives are buried in the Louisburg Cemetery."

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: DeCock

Date: 28 May 97

Query: I am searching for information about my great grandfather and his family. His name was John DeCock and he was from Belgium. He was married to Rosalia Schleininger. They settled in Miami County in the late 1860's or early 1870's. They had 3 children: Frank, Charles, and Rosie. They eventually ended up in Chiles where my father John DeCock, son of Frank DeCock and Mary Keenan DeCock was born and raised. My great grandfather died at age 40 or so in 1877 in Fort Scott where he was apparently working. Any information about this family would be appreciated.

Tom DeCock tdecock@kumc.edu

Response: The only information about this family was found in Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS., Vol. II, p. 166, St. Mary's Cemetery, Row 5 Lot B31 Decock, Mary Keenan 1880 - 21 Jan 1963, Decock, Frank 1872-1949; Lot B32 Decock, Viola wife of Charles 1886-1935, Decock, Charles 1876 - Mar 1962.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Nichols, Standiford

Date: 28 May 97

Query: Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. I Page 226 - Nichols, I. and Standiford, H. B.

Randy D. Nicholsrandyn@cactusfeeders.com

Response: Nichols, I. is listed only as the husband of Nichols, Maggie no other information available. Standiford, H. B. d 2 Jan 1858 aged 38y 7m 30d, founder of Stanton.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: West

Date: 23 May 97

Query: I am only a couple of days into researching my roots. At the moment all I have is a handful of old photos to go on. All my relatives are pretty much long gone. I came across your response to a Sept '96 query for Miami co, KS which aroused my interest. You mention a John Hume West on p.389 in "Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, KS" with additional info on children. I was wondering if the time span in Miami co. can be ascertained and if I can obtain copies of the pages concerned in reference. Please advise per costs. Also wondering if cemetery references supply details of inscriptions.

From the photographers' imprints on my various pix my WESTs run from Hume in Bates Co in a line through Cass Co, MO to Holden in Johnson Co, MO. Photo of my gggrandmother, bible in lap, with a group of church ladies, ca.1890s?, marked Hume, MO. Noted on back "Grandmother West with bible open on her lap - mother of Lysander B. West - grandmother of Veta M. West". Veta was my maternal grandmother. "Grandmother" WEST appears quite aged in photo (70 or older?). No info on Lysander or any siblings. He possibly married a MEEK, as one note on Veta's photo indicates either Meek or Meck for her middle initial. I believe Veta was born ca. 1890, place unknown at present (am assuming somewhere in 4-county area south of KCMO). Have photo of her sister Blanche who would have been few years older. Another sister(?) in between named Gertrude, and a brother Harvey. Wondering if any of your correspondence reflects these individuals. Would appreciate names and addresses of contacts on WESTs in area. I checked on-line directory for present Wests in Cass, Bates, and Johnson counties, MO and there are oodles listed. It seems the whole border area south of KC was WEST-land from what I can ascertain on-line. Veta also had a cousin, last name O'Bannon, same age.

Marty Gundelfinger gahcmain@juno.com

Response: The three cemetery records from Vol. I of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, contain only dates - p. 60 Fontana Cemetery - lot 193 West, Joseph P. 1840-1913, lot 194, West, Nelson Hamel 1820-1888; p. 84 Green Valley Cemetery - lot 57 West, Josephine 1862 - 1 Mar 1887.

This is an abstract of what is shown on p. 389 about the family of John Hume West. Born 17 May 1833, Hendricks Co., IN. Son of James Nelson West and Dicea Tinder West of Shelby Co, KY. Married Sep 1854 to Nancy Ann Flathers. Arrived in Cass Co, MO, fall 1854. First child, daughter b 20 Aug 1855 Cass Co., died age 7, buried Raytown, MO. Second child Izora Florence West, b 22 Aug 1856, Miami Co., KS. By 1860 John and Nancy living in Jackson Co., MO, near his parents. Dicea Annis West married Matthew Freeman, lived in Wellsville, KS, buried in Rantoul, KS. Charles Webster West married Annie Gunter, lived and buried Wichita, KS. Izora Florence West married William Washington Cox, lived in Raytown, MO. Photos of John Hume West and Nancy Ann Flathers West.

Sean Furniss

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