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Surname Queries for the period 1 February 1998 to 20 March 1998

Query Surnames: Routt, Young

Date: 20 March 1998

Query: I believe that Florence Rikard's parents were from Paola and that was the tie for them to be buried there. I know she was a Young and I suspect that Sarah J. Young and Jacob H. Young ( pg. 521, vol. 3) were relatives, if not her parents. I know Florence had a sister in Paola, I found her grave there last year when we stopped through coming back from Kansas City. It was just by chance and I do not believe there were dates on the graves. She, Mary Routt, is also listed in Vol. 3, pg 381. I am anxious to find out if I am correct on the Youngs, could you please send me what information is in the book on the Youngs?

Pat Farris pfarris@horizon.hit.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. III, pp. 380-383 Paola Cemetery, East Addition, Row 5, Lot 47 - Routt, Maggie 1877-1958, Routt, Ernest 1886-1918, Routt, Ethel 1881-1929; Row 7, Lot 47 - Routt, Clarence 1879 - 1969, Routt, Mary 1877 - 1965, Routt, Mother 1850 - 1930 (Betty), Routt, Father 1848 - 1928 (James Madison); Elmwood Addition, Row 12, Lot 266 - Young, Sarah J. d 12 Jan 1915 age 73y 28d, Young, Jacob H. d 28 May 1904 age 71y 1m 21d.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Ingle

Date: 19 March 1998

Query: I would like to have Elizabeth Ingle 236 - V3 looked up. She may be my ggrandmother.

Rosemary Holman lsi_pryor@radware.net

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. III, p. 236, Osawatomie Cemetery, Row 15, Ingle, Elizabeth 5 Jan 1906 - 31 Oct 1984; Ingle, James E. 25 Oct 1895 - 12 Mar 1968; Ingle, Ralph E. 1921 - 1953 VFW.

Sean Furniss, John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Peery

Date: 19 March 1998

Query:I am looking for Peery families in Miami Co, KS 1850s on, especially David L Peery who married Elizabeth (daughter of chief of Peorias, Major Baptiste??)

Judy Strain VNCR00A@prodigy.com

Response: In Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, p. 14 is a photograph showing an old log house, below it is a caption summarized in part - daughter of Baptise Peoria Elizabeth F. Peoria (Pah kon dome e ah) married David Lykins Peery 23 Sep 1860. "They owned Peery's Addition (northwest part of Paola), a Paola home and two farms 3 or 4 miles east of Paola." Some additional information regarding the location of the log house, its construction and later owners is included in the 2 inches of text. No other reference to these individual or this surname in the book.

The reference to these individuals on p 441 of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III, is a related to their being given permission to relocate four individual from the old cemetery in the north part of town to the Paola Cemetery. There are other Peery's listed on the online index but the relationships to the two people you are researching are unknown.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Rikard

Date: 19 March 1998

Query: Would you please look up Florence V. Rikard and Newton B. Rikard in Volume 3, pg 521. Newton died in Pomona, CA and Florence died in Pueblo, CO. They are my great grandparents.

Pat Farris pfarris@horizon.hit.net

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. III, p. 521, Paola Cemetery, Elmwood Addition, North Half, Section II, Row 12, Lot 266, Rikard, Newton B. 3 Jun 1856 - 22 Jul 1930; Rikard, Florence V. 26 Aug 1866 - 28 Sep 1960. You should try to get copies of their death certificates and check the newspapers for death notices (see the index to newspapers on the Miami Co GenWeb page) for further information.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Finch

Date: 9 March 1998

Query: I am seeking information on the Thomas M. Finch family. This family migrated from Madison County, Ohio to Miami County Kansas in about 1867. In the 1870 census of Miami County, Miami Township, Kansas the family is listed as follows: Thomas FINCH 55 New York, Emily 14 Ohio, Hulda 13 Ohio, Rosetta 10 Ohio

Evidently, Thomas' wife, Elizabeth (Wilson) had, died sometime before 1870, probably in Miami County. The 1860 census of Madison County, Canaan Township, Ohio records the family as: Thomas M. FINCH 45 NY, Elizabeth 27 OH, Henry 20 OH, Curtis 14 OH, Emily 5 OH, Hulda 4 OH, Rosetta 5/12 OH

Another son, Denias (Dennis ?), b. about 1844, was listed in the 1850 census. He must have died by 1860. Hulda is listed in the 1880 Miami County, Kansas census with her husband and daughter: John F. SMITH 35 Illinois, Hulda A. 23 Ohio, Olive D. 3 Kansas

If you have any connections to these families, please write me so we can exchange information. Thanks.

Patrick M. Casey user62859@aol.com
Query Surnames: Attebury

Date: 9 March 1998

Query: Searching for information regarding Mary Bell Attebury, born in Miami County in or near Paola in 1899 or 1900, was in Paola in 1924. Would like any information on her or her family.

Query Surnames: Morgan

Date: 9 March 1998

Query: Seeking any information on the family and descendants of Sterling and Margaret Morgan who left Davies County, MO in 1859 and settled in the Middle Creek area of Miami (then Lykins) County, KS. Sterling died there in 1873 and, in 1874, his youngest son, Thomas McBride Morgan packed up his family, including Mother Margaret, and followed one of his older brothers (unidentified) to Oregon. The older children of Sterling and Margaret were Riley (1829), Susan (1831), Francis [male] (1833, William (1835, and Caroline (1837) - all born in Chariton and Daviess Counties, MO and suspected, but not proven, to have followed Sterling into KS.

James K. Morgan kayem@silverlink.net
Query Surnames: Kohlmeier

Date: 5 March 1998

Query: I am interested in the reference in Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. I, page 26 to Johann Kohlmeier. Most if not all the Kohlmeiers in the US are related to me, but I didn't know about one in Miami County.

Jim Eggert eggertj@atc.ll.mit.edu

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. I, p. 26, Block Cemetery, Row 5, Kohlmeier, Johann b 1812 d 5 Dec, 1898. You may want to check the Miami Co. newspaper index pages and order some microfilm through interlibrary loan to see if he was written up in the papers.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: McClain, McLain

Date: 2 March 1998

Query:I am researching the McClain/McLain families and would like information about the following individuals: Frankie 196-Vl, Jesse 196-Vl, Maria 196-Vl, Robert B. 203-V3, Tuttsy 199-Vl, Wm. 431-V3 from Cemeteries of Miami County. From The History of Our Cradle Land, I would like information about: McLain, Cornelius Patrick 147; McLain, Theresa 147; McLain, John 152; McLain, Mrs. 84.

Laura Lindberg McClain Atli@macnet.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 196, Spring Grove Cemetery 5.5 mi sw of Osawatomie, Row G, Lot 10 McLain, Frankie d 26 Aug 1884, age 6m 12d, son of Jessie and Maria; p. 199, Row K, Lot 2 McLain, Little Tuttsy d 17 Jul 1894, aged 2y 26d. From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III, p. 203, Osawatomie Cemetery, Row 27, McClain, Robert B. - "In Memory" 1888-1935 (Mason); p. 431, Paola Cemetery, Row 19, Lot 268, McLain, Wm. W. d 2 Oct 1882 aged 16y. You may wish to check the Osawatomie Newspaper Indexes to order microfilms for further research.

The following information is from The History of our Cradle Land, by Rev. Thomas H. Kinsella, LL. D., published in 1921.

In Part V, Holy Trinity Church, Paola: p 147 says, "The Right Reverend John Ward Administered the Sacrament of Confirmation the the Following in Paola, Kansas, June 17, 1913, Reverend M. Burk, Pastor; [list of 77 includes] Cornelius Patrick McLain and Mary Theresa McLain".

p. 152 says lists John McLain in the list of "Families of Holy Trinity Parish, January 1919".

In the "In Memoriam" section, of Part IV, Miami County's First Settlers, regarding Michael Cunningham who died May 20, 1920 at age 96, the last paragraph (p. 84) reads:

"Besides Mrs. Cunningham, the widow, and all the living children, the following persons accompanied the body from Kansas City to the burial ground [Holy Cross cemetery]: John Sheehan, James, Sarah and Charles Dalton, Paola; Maurice Wolfe, John Marks, W. H. Poland and wife, Mrs. McLain, Mrs. Dunlavy, Henry Allen, Harry McGown, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Hess and James Mulvihill, Topeka; Thomas, Will, Mary and Thomas Mulvihill, Jr.; Harry, Anna and Allen Cunningham, Rosedale, and Mary Sheehan, Leavenworth."

Sean Furniss, John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Burns

Date: 26 February 1998

Query: I am searching for information about Mark A. Burns who was married to Mary A. Kimbler (both age 24) on the 30th of January, 1869 in Miami Co. We found them on the 1870 Census in the Marysville Township. We know that he moved to Texas in 1874 with a brother Jim. His friend from Hillsdale, Thomas Upton joined him in Texas. We have no information about his parents or the rest of his family, no any other information about Jim. Mary either died or they were divorced. They had a child die in Kansas, C.F. Burns (I think, but I do not see him on the Cemetary Index). I wonder if the Mary Burns 166-V2, 194-V2 might be her.

I see no other names in the index that I recognize, but they may be family and we just don't know their names yet. We know that Mark A. sold property in Stanton at the age of 21, Sept. 12, 1868, the South half of the Northwest quarter of Section 17, Township 17, Range 22, 80 acres. We are trying to figure out how he got that land.

Janis Griffin danmgriffin@postoffice.worldnet.att.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. II, p. 166, St. Mary's Cemetery (pertains to the Immaculate Conception Church of Louisburg, KS), Row 4, SW Section, Lot B 27, Lot Owner Mary Burns - burial no stone; p. 194, Lane Cemetery, Johnson Co., Burns Henry 3 Aug 1844 - 15 July 1918, Burns, Mary 1846-1928. You may wish to write to the Immaculate Conception Church and see if they have any records for the cemetery in order to find out who is buried in that lot.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Michaels

Date: 23 February 1998

Query: I am seeking information about Mary Michaels who is referenced in "Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas" p 387.

Scott Michaels smichael@a-sis.com

Response: The following information was recorded - "Earl Stanley Weers was born July 30, 1911, at Louisburg, Kansas. He was the son of Henry and Mary Michaels Weers." There is about two column inches about Earl Stanley Weers and his family.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Perkins

Date: 22 February 1998

Query: Please look up the name Zach T. Perkins in vol 2 page 117 of "Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS."

Julia C. Ince ince@execpc.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. II, p. 117, Louisburg Cemetery, Row 6, Lot 398, Perkins, Zach (T.) 1870-1957. I would also suggest that you check the newpaper indexes and get the local papers for that time period to check for obituaries.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Rushing

Date: 20 February 1998

Query: Can you send me the information on the Rushing Family, found on page 330 or your Miami County History book? Also, do you know if there were any newspapers other than the Miami County Republican in operation in 1960 and 1984 (obit info)

Glenn McAnarney glennmcanarney@email.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, p. 330: Paul Leaford Savage (b 15 Oct 1914, m 28 June 1935, son of William E. Savage and Minnie Odor Savage) of Olathe married Dorothy Beryl Rushing (dau of Harry E. Rushing and Edith Thurman Rushing) of Paola. In regard to newspapers, I would suggest that you check the newspaper index on the Miami Co. GenWeb pages. All the newspapers are listed by name, date and community.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Muller

Date: 16 February 1998

Query: Please check following: Mueller, Anna 27-VI, Mueller, Anna M. 33-VI, Muller, Dietrich 24-VI

H. R. Ficken hrftx@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume I, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society - Anna (#1) - Block Cemetery, Trinity Lutheran Church, Row 7, 1842 - Feb 6, 1906; Anna (#2) - Block Cemetery, Trinity Lutheran Church, Row 16, 1884 - Apr 20, 1976; Dietrich ("Son") - Block Cemetery, Trinity Lutheran Church, Row 3, 1868 - 1868

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Ford

Date: 14 February 1998

Query: Do you have a listing for William H. Ford? p16 Vol I

Judy McMichael GMcmichael@worldnet.att.net

Response: William H. FORD is buried in the West part of the Beagle Cemetery, Lot #102, next to Carrie B. FORD. William was born Dec 26, 1878 and died Sep 1, 1952. Carrie was born Mar 10, 1891 and died Jun 20, 1961.The plot appears to be owned by a J.A. Ford. This information is from the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume I, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society.

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Block, Mahnken

Date: 12 February 1998

Query: I am interested in information about the following individuals liste in the Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Mahnken, Cord p24-VI, Block, Dietrich p26-VI, Block, Gesche p 27-VI, p29-VI, and in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, Mahnken, Eord p56 (should be Cord, I'll bet!), Block, Gesche p74

H. R. Ficken hrftx@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. I, Block Cemetery of Trinity Luthern Church, p. 24, Row 2, Mahnken, Cord 1798 - Aug 16, 1881, p. 26, Row 5, Block, Dietrich 1813 - Dec 30, 1893, p. 27, Row 7, Block, Gesche 1824 - Dec 28, 1911, p. 29, Row 10, Block, Gesche 1848 - Mar 3, 1928. From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS, p. 56, reference to the School in District No. 44 (East Valley) Valley Township, July 20, 1867, Quit Claim Deed to one acre of land from Eord Mahnken. $1.00; p. 74, reference to Block Lutheran School and Church, Purchased November 22, 1870, from Deidrich Block and wife, Gesche. 13 acre for $45.50.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Spawr

Date: 11 February 1998

Query: Is there any information on the surname Spawr in Miami County? I have some thin anecdotal references to a Martin Spawr and spouse (name unknown) in approximately 1870 in Miami County.

Chad Spawr spawrtan@hunterdon.csnet.net

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. II, p. 80, Louisburg Cemetery, Lot 372, Spawr, Elizabeth 1841-1910. Check the newspaper indexes to see about ordering microfilm and looking for an obituary.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Probasco

Date: 10 February 1998

Query: I am interested in Probasco surname info, family trees and research. I am starting a central Probasco database to direct researchers to others who are researching their line and would like to exchange information with others researching this family.

Nora Probasco nprobasco@earthlink.net

Response: (dated 7 Feb 99) While checking queries on the Miami County KS genealogy site, I read your 11 Feb 1998 query about the PROBASCO surname. My husband is Hewett Probasco Mulford; his ggggrandparents were Abraham Probasco 1737-1761(?)) and Eleanor Van Dorn (1733-1806). What is the URL of your Probasco database?

Mary Ann Kettler Mulfordhmulford@eos.net
Query Surnames: Standiford

Date: 9 February 1998

Query: I am researching the Standiford family and would like information from Cemeteries of Miami County, KS for: A. Laura Standiford, 310, V3, Flora Standiford, 205, V2, H. B. Standiford, 226, V.1, John Standiford, 205, V2, John Ed Standiford, 310, V3 and from Family Histories and Stories for Patty Ann Standiford and Carrie B. Standiford, p. 191

Carol Lee Yarbrough cyarbrou@cswnet.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I, p. 226, Stanton Cemetery, Lot 47, Standiford, H. B., died 2 Jan 1858 aged 38 y 7 m 30 d. "Mr. Standiford was the founder of Stanton. He was also a Mason." Vol. II, p. 205, Lane Cemetery (Franklin Co.), Standiford, John 1856-1910, Standiford, Flora 1860-1914. Vol. III, p. 310, Paola Cemetery, North Addition I, Lot 28, Standiford, A. Laura 1892-1978, Standiford, John Ed 1885-1969. From Family Histories and Stories, p. 191, Carrie B. Standeford Gump wife of Fred F. Gump, their son Carl was born at Fulton, Kansas, 4 Oct 1915. p. 204 Patty Ann Standiford married Harold Paul Holtz on 26 Dec 1946. You may want to check the Miami Co. newspaper pages and order some microfilm through interlibrary loan to see if they were written up in the papers.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Six

Date: 9 February 1998

Query: I am trying to find information about my Six family relatives that lived in Miami County. I know that several of them are buried in Fontana and are referenced in Vol.. 1, page 49 of the Cemeteries of Miami County. I am looking for information in Vol.. 1, page 63. The names are Elizabeth Simmons Six and Joseph L. Six (born Aug. 18, 1938 and died October 27, 1907). I do not know what the L. is for. If at all possible, could you also look in Vol.. 1, page 64 for Grady, Flora and Grady, J.W. Flora was my great grandmother. She raised my grandfather, Walter Lee Six

Denise L. (Six) Wilson gww1@erols.com

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol I, Fontana Cemetery, p. 49 -Lot 83, Grave 46 Six, Dorine 1912-1916, Grave 47 Six, J. A. 1879-?, Grave 48 Six, Hattie 1881-1917, Grave 49 Six, Gertrude 1876-1959, Grave 50 Six, Nina Esta 1907-1924; p. 63 - Lot 55 Grave 5 Six, Joseph L. Aug. 18, 1938 - Oct. 26, 1907, Grave 6 Six, Elizabeth Simmons June 20, 1847 - Dec 10, 1928 "Mother"; p. 64 Lot 44 Grave 30 Grady, J. W. 1852 - 1923, Grave ? Grady, Flora Oct 11, 1861 - Apr 11, 1951.

Sean Furniss

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