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Query Surnames: Downing, Grant, Huffman, Justice, Patten, Patton, Stanton, Watson

Date: 16 Aug 1998

Query: I am seeking information on the following from Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas: Patten, G. H. 540 V3, Patten, Martha 540 V3, Stanton, James 164-V1, Grant, Anna Stanton 164-V1, Grant, B. R. 168-V1, Grant, Edward R. 168-V1, Grant, Benjamin W. 168-V1, Justice, Alvin D. 144-V2, Justice, Garland M. 144-V2, Justice, J. H. 144-V2, Justice, Martha Ann 144-V2, Justice, Mary 144-V2, Justice, Wm. 144-V2, Justice, John 570-V3, Justice, Mrs. John 570-V3, Watson C. H. p. 166 V1, Watson Amanda E. p. 166 V1, Grant Frank P. 168 V-1, Grant Benjamin W. 168 V-1

From Family Histories and Stories, I am interested in information related to Downing, George 9, Huffman, William 33, Downing, Ezekiel 45, Huffman, William H. 45, Patton, James W. 64, Patton, James J. 64, and Patton, George Albert 293.

Nancy Reeves ncreeves@yahoo.com

Response: Vol 1, "Cemeteries of Miami Co KS", New Lancaster Cem, located 1/2 mile West of New Lancaster, KS, Row Q Lot 57 - Grant, George W. 21 June 1867 - 27 July 1943; Grant, R. R. 1835-1923 Co F 5th Kansas Cav.; Grant, Maryetta 1847-1904 "his wife"; Grant, Edward R. 1866 - 26 May 1923. Lot #117, GRANT, Benjamin W. Nov. 10, 1875 - June 7, 1963; GRANT, Frank P. Oct. 6, 1871 - Oct 5, 1947; GRANT, Edward R. (no info); Lot purchased by GRANT, B. R. Also on Lot 117, CAVE, Arthur Raymond Apr. 5, 1927 - Jan 6, 1974 Missouri Pvt. US Army WW II BSM; CAVE, W. Collins 1875 - 1955 "Father"; CAVE, Nellie A. 1881- 1954 "Mother". Row O, Lot #55, GRANT, Anna Stanton, Died Apr. 25, 1895, Aged 80 yrs 1 mo 25 days; STANTON, James Oct. 14, 1808 - ___ 7, 1872 (Has military marker). Row P, Lot #136, WATSON, C. H. Died July 2, 1925; WATSON, Amanda E. Died Sept. 27, 1925. Also on Lot 136, GRANT, Amos Died June 6, 1884 Aged 76 yrs 9 mos 22 days; GRANT, Elizabeth B., Died Sept. 19, 1875, wife of A. GRANT.

Vol 2, "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", Rock Creek Cemetery, located in Sec. 30, Twp 15, Range 22, Row 12, JUSTICE, Martha Ann, wife of J. H., Died 12-6-1867 Aged 32 yrs 10 mo 8 da; JUSTICE, Garland M. son of J. H. & M. A. Justice Died 2-28-1868 Aged 3 mo 13 days; JUSTICE, Alvin D., son of Wm. & Mary Justice, 10-13-1859 - 8-25-1872.

Vol 3, "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", Paola Cemtery, located in Paola, KS, Elmwood Addition, Section III, Row 1, Lot 75, PATTEN, G. H. February 3, 1834 - October 9, 1915; PATTEN, Martha, his wife April 16, 1839 - October 30, 1904. Also on Lot 75, NEAL, Mary Jane 1866 - 1958; HYMER, Lillian Bernadine August - September 1905; NEAL, William 1859 - 1931 (Paola lots were sold to other families if unused after a specified time period.) Oak Grove Addition, Lot 293, JUSTICE, 3 infants of John Justice; JUSTICE, Mrs. John; SMITH, Walter; WILSON, Granby; WING, 3 infants of Art Wing; WALKER, William; 2 unknown graves.

From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS: p. 9 "New Lancaster is located in southeastern Miami Township near Middle Creek. First surveyed by Joseph Carpenter and George Downing in 1860, ..." p. 33 "... Rev. William Huffman, a United Brethern of New Lancaster, was the first to preach on-site [Louisburg] (arranged by Ambrose Shields in 1856)." p. 45 New Lancaster was the site of the first schoolhouse in Miami County - "Members of the elected school board wer Rev. William H. Huffman, director, ..." "In the late 1860's, there was a flourishing literary society at New Lancaster. Among the debaters were Samuel Jackson, Ezekiel Downing, ..." p. 65 School "District No. 82 (Cottonwood) Marysville Township July 12, 1872, a lease containing one acre was given by James J. Patton. August 16, 1894, a lease was made by Ella Gall, W. H. Gall, her husband, and James W. Patton. $10.00." p. 293 approximately 6 inches of text in one column relating to Warren and Bonnie Morgan Patton. "Warren G. Patton, son of George Albert Patton and Nellie Albertson Patton, was born January 18, 1934 in Louisburg, Kansas."

Sean Furniss and Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: McDonald, Rogers

Date: 10 Aug 1998

Query: My Parents are buried in stanton cemetry..I would like to know who to contact to get exact locations of their graves. They were Dexter McDonald and Louis McDonald. Dexter was buried in 1949 and Louis in 1962.

I was at the Stanton cemetery on August 2nd. I found a marker for Theo Rodgers where I thought I recalled where my parents are buried. I wonder if that is close to the lot where Dexter is? My mothers maiden name was Rodgers and I think I recall that her mother was buried there also. I seem to remember that a brother was buried there in the 1918 to 1919 years at close to the same spot his name was Elmo Louis Mc Donald. That could account for lots 30 and 31. Does the book you checked list who is in charge of Stanton?

Duane McDonald macira@flash.net

Response: From "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas Vol 1" page 218, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Stanton Cemetery, located SW, NW, NW, SW Sec. 26, Twp. 17, Range 21, Lot #29 McDONALD, Mrs. Dexter, Died Jan. 20, 1949, Aged 51 yrs 5 mos 1 day, no stone. Lots #30 and #31 are both vacant. No other McDONALD is listed, but could be buried there with no stone. Also from Vol. I, p. 218 -ROGERS, Fred C., Died Mar. 21, 1952, Aged 79 yrs 11 mos 21 d, no stone; ROGERS, Theo. D. 1875 - 1933. Note: The Rogers lot is enclosed & runs to #31. There are 3 plain markers, 1 vacant. #29 is that of a daughter.

New Lancaster Cemetery, located 1/2 mi West of New Lancaster, KS, on North side of road in SW 1/4 of Sec 22, Twp 18, Range 24, Row I, Lot #232 -McDONALD, Louis E. Oct 13, 1889 - May 15, 1979 Pvt. US Army WW I; McDONALD, Viola G. Nov. 27, 1888 - Nov. 16, 1968; McDONALD, Aleta May, dau. of Louis E. & Viola G. McDONALD Apr 3, 1919

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Powell

Date: 9 Aug 1998

Query: Please lookup John Powell p 3 Vol 2 and John W. Powell p 102 V2.

Marilyn Walker marilyn@simplecom.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. II, p. 3, Antioch Cemetery 1 mi south of Spring Hill on Highway 169, Block A, Row 5 - Powell, Rosa J. Aug 22, 1877 1m 7d; Powell, Sarah J. Aug 30, 1877 1m 15d, children of H. and E. M.; Powell, Hiram Aug 9, 1837-Jan 15, 1896; Powell, Edna M. wife Oct 15, 1839-Mar 15, 1921; Powell, John son of J. R. and J. H. died (Oct 10?) 1899 broken stone. Vol. II, p. 102, Louisburg Cemetery, Row 2, Lot W35 - Powell, John W. husband June 28, 1875-Apr 7, 1918; Powell, Jennie N. wife June 13, 1875-July 6, 1965.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Ball, Jackson, Smith

Date: 5 Aug 1998

Query: Searching for family of Samuel JACKSON (b. abt 1825) and his wife, Matilda Emmaline BALL (b. abt 1839). Their children were: 1) Ernest H., 2) Herbert A., 3) Gertrude E., 4) Ethel E., 5) Flora Belle, 6) NeEva Montana, 7) Winfield E., and 8) Clarice. Also, searching for family of Moses SMITH (b. 2 May 1825) and Ann, his wife (b. abt 1829 in MD). Some of their children were: 1) Elijah, 2) John, 3) Reuben, 4) Mary A., 5) Luther, and 6) Sarah.
Query Surnames: Carter

Date: 2 Aug 1998

Query: Could you please check these listing in the Cemeteries of Miami County Book for me? Mary E. Carter 129-V2, Mary Carter 492-V3, Elizabeth E. Carter 81-V2

Judy Johns wejohns@prodigy.net

Response: Vol 2, "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas", Louisburg Cemetery, located on the West side of Louisburg, KS on Highway 68, Page 82, Lot 415, CARTER, Clarence W. Sept. 26, 1882 - Nov. 27, 1964; CARTER, Elizabeth E., July 2, 1890 - Aug. 15, 1974; CARTER, Our baby dau. born Oct 20, 1918; CARTER, Wayne F. our baby 1911 - 1912; CARTER, Matthew Oct. 14, 1854 - Mar 20, 1915; CARTER, Martha F., his wife Jan. 2, 1855 - Aug. 9, 1938

Vol 2, "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", Pleasant Valley Cemetery, located on South side of Highway 68 1 mile East of Franklin County line, Page 129, Row 8 (North end), CARTER, Mary E. 1886 - 1959; CARTER, Lillian 1904 - 1961

Vol 3, "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", Paola Cemetery, located in Paola, KS, Page 492, Row 13, Lot 39, CARTER, Mary 1872 - 1922, CARTER, Lewis, husband, 1894 - 1926 Co. H 365th Inf. 92nd Div. (US Vet.); CARTER, Thomas Williams, Pvt. 317th SN Train 92nd Div. WWI, Nov. 9, 1892 - Mar. 7, 1931 (Am. Legion); CARTER, Rolley 1850 - 1943

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Haines

Date: 2 Aug 1998

Query: Please lookup the following: Miami Co Cemeteries Vol I p.125 Haines; Vol II p.173 Haines; Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co. p. 224 Emma Haines

Janet Willett jaynut@thevision.net

Response: Vol. I, "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas", Miami Cemetery (also known as McNELLY Cem.), located approx. 10 mi. South of Paola in NE Quarter of Sec. 36, Twp. 17, Range 24, Section 1, Row P, Lot 15, HAINES, John Walter Mar. 28, 1869 - July 7, 1899; Lot 16, HAINES, J. W. (south side) Died June 13, 1888 Aged 50 yrs 4 mos.; Lot 17, HAINES, Mary Ann (east side) Nov. 26, 1835 - Dec. 11, 1920 "his wife"; Lot 18, HAINES, G. W. Died Nov. 7, 1890, Aged 23 yrs 3 mos 7 days; Lot 19, HAINES, Mary Ellen, Died Sept. 11, 1894, Dau. of J. W. & M. A. Haines. Aged 23 yrs 4 mos 22 days

Vol. II, "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", Wagstaff Cemetery, located North of old Wagstaff Rural School in Ten Mile Township, Sec. 7-16-24, Page 173, Lot 173, HAINES, Ethel H. Jan. 20, 1883 - Jan. 26, 1959; HAINES, William Joseph Dec. 10, 1893 - Dec. 18, 1954 (Amer. Legion) KS Cook Hq Co. 69 Field Arty WWI; HAINES, Anna T. 1869 - 1951; HAINES, T. M. 1858 - 1913

Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 224 - William Greason Kennedy married Marica Fern Mathews 21 Jan 1918. She was the only daughter of John Franklin Mathews and Emma Haines Mathews. About 4 column inches about the William Greason Kennedy family. No significant details about the Mathews family are included.

Lorene Fort and Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Dakin, Harmer

Date: 28 July 1998

Query: Can you please provide the information on the following individuals? Dakin: Cassie 185-V1, John 185-V1, 188-V1, Myrtle 188-V1, Nancy C. 188-V1, Neva L. 188-V1, William 184-V1, William W. 188-V1; Harmer: Boley, Ethel, Lee Nora, Ruby, Ruth 153-V1

Kathy Gaines wfgaine@solve.net

Response: Vol I "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS," p 184 - Rockville Cemetery, located in Sugar Creek Twp., 12 miles South of Louisburg & 1 mile East, Block II, Lot 8 - DAKIN, Wm. 1824 - 1868 Age 44 on original stone GAR; stone with dates 1861-1865 no record; COURTNEY, Nancy 1829 - 1880. Lot purchased by William Dayton (DAKIN). Vol I "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS," p 185 - Rockville Cem., Block II, Lot 17 - DAKIN, John, son of John & Cassie Nov. 29, 1890 - Dec 16, 1890. Lot purchased by John WITTER, several WITTER's & 1 GILLOGLY buried there. Vol I "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS," p 188 - Rockville Cem., Block III, Lot 12 - DAKIN, John 1858 - 1937 "Father", a Mason; DAKIN, Nancy C. 1861 - 1942; DAKIN, Myrtle, dau. 1891 - 1942. Lot purchased by John DAKIN. Vol I "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS," p 188 - Rockville Cem., Block III, Lot 19 - DAKIN, William W. son of J. & N. 1888 - 1964; DAKIN, Neva L. 1892 - 1977 "Wife". Lot purchased by Wm. DAKIN. Vol I "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS," p 153 - New Lancaster Cemetery, located 1/2 mile West of New Lancaster in Miami Twp., Row I, Lot 249 - HARMER, Lee Nora 1873 - 1921; HARMER, Boley 1867 - 1962; HARMER, Ruth 1894 - 1973; HARMER, Ruby 1915 - 1958; HARMER, Ethel Died Mar. 15, 1913.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Lewis

Date: 28 July 1998

Query:Would you be so good as to send me the following Lewis from Cemetery book Vol 1 page 66 - LEWIS, Charles, Mary Jane, Freddie, Deborah, William L., p. 172 - Lewis, S.M., Rachel, and from Family Histories and Stories, I am looking for Sam LEWIS page 154, 242p, 243

Bev ARTBEV@aol.com

Response: From Vol I "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", p 46 - Fontana Cemetery, located just north of Fontana, KS, Lot 11, Graves #75 - #79, LEWIS, William L. Mar. 31, 1818 - Mar. 28, 1915; LEWIS, Deborah J. June 4, 1820 - Feb. 22, 1895; LEWIS, Freddie Jan. 3, 1876 - Jan. 29, 1881; LEWIS, Charles Apr. 3 1848 - Jan. 11, 1881; LEWIS, Mary Jane Aug. 28, 1848 - Nov. 30, 1936. p. 172, New Lancaster Cemetery, one half mile west of New Lancaster, ten miles south of Louisburg, Row S, Lot 82, Lewis, Rachel d 24 Sep 1867 age 39y 8m 3d, wife of S. M. Lewis, adjacent is an unmarked grave with American Legion emblem.

From Family Histories and Stories, p. 154, approximately 5 column inches about the family of Hugh Logan Dunn and Judy Frances Foster Dunn, includes two pictures one of parents, one with 5 of 7 children including Esther Mae Dunn who was born in 1903, the youngest of the seven, she married Sam Lewis and was living on a farm north of Louisburg. pp 241-243, family history of Thomas Polk Lewis and Zilpha Alice Morford Lewis, includes just over a page related to this extended family (two other unrelated Lewis families also located among these), includes pictures one of which is a 1917 image of the extended family (30 or so folks). All the information related to this family was written by Esther Mae Dunn Lewis, includes about 4 column inches, and photos, about the Samuel Webster and Esther Dunn Lewis family.

Lorene Fort and Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Grant, Huffman, Smith, Young

Date: 26 July 1998

Query: I have just recently discovered a very old photo album that contains a number of photo and tintypes from Paola Kansas. I am very much interested in trying to index these photo"s Someone very carefully placed them in an album by families, The Surnames include Huffman, Grant, Smith, Davis, Young. They came from a child of George Sutherland Downing whom I think was a surveryor a short time in Miami co., This album contains at least 80 very old tintypes etc. I would very much like to lookup the following - Young: Ben. 168 V-1, Amanda J. 168-1, Hattie B. 168 V-1; Huffman: Alice 166-1, Olive J. 168 V-3, Roy E. 168 V-3, Wm 166 C -1; Smith: Susan 398 v-3; Grant: R.R. 167 V-1, Maretta 167-v1, Will H. 166 V-1, Amos 166 V-1, Edward 167 V-1, Elizabeth 166 V-1, George W. 167 v-1

If you have any suggestions about trying to find these families. Are there any photogropher's lists in Paola? That would help date them.

Nancy C. Reeves ncreeves@yahoo.com

Response: From Vol. I of "Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS", p 168 - New Lancaster Cemetery, located 1/2 mile West of New Lancaster, Miami Twp., Miami Co, KS, Row Q, Lot 104, YOUNG, B. P. 1837 - 1927 "Father" (has American Legion marker); YOUNG, Amanda J. 1839 - July 1, 1925 "Mother" "his wife"; YOUNG, Baby 1866; YOUNG, Hattie B. 1869 - 1870; YOUNG, Lizzie 1873

From Vol. I of "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", p 166 - New Lancaster Cem., Row P, Lot 56, HUFFMAN, Rev. Wm. July 1, 1815 - Sept. 16, 1900 "We have fought a good fight, We have finished our course."; HUFFMAN, Alice May 5, 1810 - June 28, 1860 "wife of Wm." Aged 44 yrs 3 mos 23 days "The soul has now taken its flight, To mansions of glory above, To mingle with angels of light, And dwell in the Kingdom of love." There is no mention of Olive J. or Roy E. on p 166 Vol. I.

From Vol III of "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", p. 168 - Osawatomie Cemetery, Row 10, Huffman, Roy E. 5 Jan 1890 - 9 Oct 1966, Huffman, Olive J. 24 Feb 1896 - 5 May 1977; p 398 - Paola Cemetery, Oak Grove Addition, Row 4, Lot 358, SMITH, Louisa E. - Daughter of B. & Susan Smith Died August 27, 1862 (located behiind Washburn stone). Others buried on that lot are Mr. A. A. DUMONT and Mr. J. H. CARTER. (They are not necessarily relatives since the lots could be partially owned by several people.)

From Vol I of "Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS", p 166 - New Lancaster Cem., Row P, Lot 116, GRANT, Will H. Oct. 30, 1869 - Oct. 8, 1952 Also buried on that lot were: Jeremiah V. and Mary E. NICHOLS and Ed and Nellie M. NICHOLS.

From Vol I, New Lancaster Cem., Row P, Lot 136, GRANT, Amos Died Jun 6, 1884 Aged 76 yrs 9 mos 22 days; GRANT, Elizabeth B. Died Sept. 19 1872 wife of A. Grant. Also buried on that lot were C. H. and Amanda E. WATSON.

From Vol I, New Lancaster Cem., Row Q, Lot 57, GRANT, George W. June 21, 1867 - July 27, 1943; GRANT, R. R., 1835 - 1923 Co. F 5th Kans. Cav. (American Legion marker); GRANT, Maryetta 1847 - 1904 "his wife"; GRANT, Edward R. 1866 - May 26, 1923; GLAZE, Carrie Grant Jan. 7, 1883 - Dec. 7, 1942; CRANE, Charles Died Nov. 25, 1880 Aged 3 yrs 9 mos 26 days, son of J. A. & Ellen. (In the same Row Q Lot 117 are: GRANT, Benjamin W.; GRANT, Frank P.; GRANT, Edward R.; and two unmarked graves of GRANT, George; GRANT, Bill)

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Childers, Childres, Johnson, Lee

Date: 22 July 1998

Query: I would like information from Cemeteries of Miami County, KS - Childres, Harriett - 36-VI, Childres, Nathan H. - 36-VI, Lee, Ezra Vance 104-V2, Lee, Sarah E 104-V2 and 625-V3, and from Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS - Childers, Harriett - 48, Childers, Nathan - 48, Sarah Childers - 215, Sara C. Johnson - C 342, Lee, Ezara Vance - 416+p, Lee, Sarah Elizabeth Lackey - p. 416.

Janice Rae Cohan teacher@kin.net

Response: From Vol. I of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p. 36 - Cashman Cemetery, located southeast of Louisburg in Middle Creek Township, Row C, Grave 5, Childres, Nathan H. 8 Sep 1822 - 6 Feb 1894; Childres, Harriett 15 Jul 1829 - 17 Jul 1902.

From Vol. II of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p. 104 - Ezra Vance LEE Sept. 2, 1869 - June 11, 1958, Sarah E. LEE Feb. 20, 1870 - Jan. 11, 1954.

From Vol. III of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p. 625 Sarah E. LEE Feb. 21, 1833 - July 4, 1904 with large family: Joseph Leslie LEE 1898-1964 Josie OWENS LEE July 21, 1869 - Oct. 22, 1888 Mark Allen LEE (no info) Mary Pauline LEE (no info) Ruben S. LEE Feb. 5 1892 - Dec. 28 1889

From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS: p. 36 - a picture of District No. 15 (Circle Grove) Middle Creek Township schoolhouse, one acre deeded to the school district for 10 dollars by Nathan and Harriet Childers. p. 215 - I found no reference to Sarah Childers in either index so I am not sure where you got this from. p. 342 - Sara C. Johnson a KU student in 1987, a reference to the granddaughter of Beulah Shinkle Johnson. p. 416 an 8x10 page memorial to Lafayette and Margaret J. Lee, half the page is a family picture, Ezra Vance Lee was a son and Sarah Elizabeth Lackey became his wife, includes family, birth and death information but mostly information about Lafayette Lee.

Sean Furniss and Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Benson, Clifton, Henderson, Hudspeth, Hurt, Mordica, Phillips, Sayles, Shannon, Sherod, Tipton, Todd, Vandruff

Date: 20 July 1998

Query: Looking for information or descendants of the William G. Shannon family of Miami Co, KS. William G. Shannon (1815-1901 Miami Co, KS), married Elizabeth Gunnels Todd (1817-1902 Miami Co, KS). Children of William and Elizabeth were (1) Martin Garvin Shannon (1837-1926 Louisburg, Miami Co, KS) married (1) Minerva Benson and (2) Ellen Sayles. His children were: William Jefferson (married Margaret Bell Sherod), James Franklin (married Fannie Mordica), Emma, Ada Mae (married Medill Henderson), Merritt Wits (married Pearl Clifton), Frederick Raymond. (2) Thomas Lewis Shannon married Elizabeth Jane Hurt. (3) William Jefferson Shannon. (4) John Madison Shannon. (5) James Anderson Shannon married Kate Phillips. (6) Mary Ellen Shannon. (7) Amanda/Almarinda B. Shannon married W.A. (Frank) Vandruff. (8) Sarah E. Shannon married J.A. Hudspeth. (9) Nancy M. Shannon married David Tipton. Any help greatly appreciated.

Debbi vp27phil@aol.com

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