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Queries for the period beginning 20 August 1998

Query Surnames: Hurt

Date: 30 Sep 1998

Query: I am looking for an Anna Young Hurt who was living in Adrian, Missouri in 1915, but I have reason to believe she may have moved over into Miami County, Kansas. I would appreciate any help. Thank you very much.

Tom Dewlen Tldewlen@aol.com
Query Surnames: Humiston

Date: 30 Sep 1998

Query: Please check Cemeteries of Miami County, KS - Vol. 1, page 63 for HUMISTON, Correl L. Do you know if Correl is a male or female name?

Denise L. Wilson gww1@erols.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. 1, p. 63, Fontana Cemetery, Lot 44, Grave 4, Humiston, Correl L. 16 Nov 1851 - 31 Jan 1897; Humiston, Little Annie 1888 - 1889. There is no indication whether Correl was a man or worman.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Armstrong, Gregg

Date: 23 Sep 1998

Query: I would like information about Martin Armstrong, Elizabeth Gregg Armstrong, and Mary Armstrong who were indexed to page 189 of the Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas.

I am researching pre-war rumors about my great great grandfather Martin Van Buren Armstrong. Among them, that Martin was one of several children --names of parents and brothers/sisters unknown. He was born (rumored) in 1834 or 1835, place unknown, and resided in Miami Co and Franklin Co, KS in about 1862, (listed Stanton KS as residence when enlisting in Company D 12th KS Volunteer Infantry in 1862).

Rumors also state a marriage prior to this enlistment, with wife and two children, all three of which had passed on before Martin's muster-out in 1865. (Death record indices list tree Armstrongs in Franklin county passing on in January, then Sept and Sept of 1860...these have ages listed that fit...) I cannot verify alignment with rumors, but location coincidences look positive.

Verified facts abound regarding his post-war life. Martin married Elizabeth Gregg and they had three children, two daughters and a son named John Franklin--who in turn married a Gregg and had several children, among them my Grandfather Arvin Franklin Armstrong. They kept a farm outside Rantoul, just across the river from Stanton.

William J. Armstrong Armstrng@troy.genphysics.com

Response: "Family Histories & Stories of Miami County Kansas" Vol I, p 189, (Walter & Mary A. Grauel), "Walter Grauel was born September 25, 1873 in Cutler Twp, Frankline Co, KS, the son of Lewis & Docia GRAUEL. Mary ARMSTRONG was born in 1869 & married Mr. GRAUEL in 1898 in Cutler Twp. Mary ARMSTRONG was the daughter of Martin ARMSTRONG and Elizabeth GREGG. Mr. GRAUEL died in 1951 and Mary GRAUEL in 1949. The GRAUEL's originally came from Indiana and the ARMSTRONG's from Missouri." There is a picture of the parents, Walter & Mary, with their children: 1) Rollin GRAUEL (no birth date), 2) Grace GRAUEL (b. 1901), 3) Ethel (GRAUEL) MILLER (b. May 1905) At the time the History Book was published, 1987, Ethel (GRAUEL) MILLER was still alive, but in very poor health, I believe.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Barkley, Norton, Taylor

Date: 23 Sep 1998

Query: I need information on Thomas TAYLOR and Sarah NORTON. Thomas Burton TAYLOR (b. abt 1858 in IA) mar abt 1879 to Sarah NORTON (d abt 1881 in Miami Co. KS). Son -Clarence Edward TAYLOR (b. November 5, 1881 in Miami Co. KS). Obituary for Thomas TAYLOR said he had a brother named John C. TAYLOR and a sister Elma TAYLOR BARKLEY. I would be happy to exchange whatever information I have.

Susan Kay Taylor Bruce skb02@aol.com
Query Surnames: Stearns

Date: 21 Sep 1998

Query: Mary Dema STEARNS was suposed to have been born in Paloa on June 11, 1904. The surname may have been STERN, STIRN, STERNS. Any information on this birth would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

John R. Stearns soc@abilene.com
Query Surnames: Madison

Date: 15 Sep 1998

Query: I wonder if you could look up my ancestors in the Family History and Stories of Miami County for me? They are Caleb and Verna MADISON (on pg. 69), and Lula MADISON (on pg. 339).

Jean JeanieBlu@aol.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS, p. 69 - a 1916 photograph of the students and teacher attending the Davenport School, District 101, Caleb and Verna Madison were two of the students shown in the 4x8 black and white photograph. p. 339 a reference to the family of John R. and Arelene Shaw. Approximately 6 column inches, including a photograph. Arlene Cramer Shaw was the daughter of Guy and Lula Madison Cramer. No specific information about Lula Madison Cramer.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Taylor, Witt

Date: 15 Sep 1998

Query: I am interested in the following individuals indexed in Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS: Sarah Taylor p 316, Don Witt p 329, Sarah Whitaker Taylor p 368, Donald Witt p 386.

Yvonne Taylor Jackson mumafyd@aol.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS, p. 316 reference to the family of Samuel Taylor Ricketts, Sr. He was born in Hagerstown, MD, in 1809, the son of Joshua Ricketts and Sarah Taylor. No further reference to Sarah Taylor.

p. 329 reference to the family of Lelean Carl and Billie Salyer. Their daughter Linda Jane Salyer (b 18 Jan 1955, Bucyrus, KS, m 29 Jan 1972) married Don Witt at Chiles, KS. no further information about this couple in the book. Don WITT, is my (Lorene Fort) daughter-in-law's brother, son of Clifford & Erma (PRESLEY) WITT. Clifford is the son of Beryl WITT, who is the son of William P. WITT.

p. 368 reference to the family of Isaac Woodford (b 13 Aug 1862 Deerfield, MO, m 12 Jan 1891, d 25 July 1934) and Rosa Ellen Capper Taylor. Isaac's parents were Isaac and and Sarah Whitaker Taylor. no further information about Sarah Whitaker Taylor.

p. 386 reference to family of Ora Franklin Weaver. His widow Jessie Violet Bendorf Weaver married Donald (Doc) Witt on 2 Oct 1935. No further information about Donald Witt in the book. Donald "Doc" WITT, was a brother of the Beryl WITT mentioned above. His father was William P. WITT and his mother, Katherine FORD.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Thomas

Date: 12 Sep 1998

Query: I would like information about the reference to Thomas Warren on p. 8 of Family Histories & Stories of Miami County, Kansas.

Sharon Wells rewells@kansas.net

Response: From "Family Histories & Stories of Miami County, Kansas," page 8 - "In the fall of 1854, five hearty men staked claims in Marysville Township, Miami County, Kansas. John and James BEETS, Thomas WARREN, Jesse Green McDANIEL, and John HICKS were the earliest settlers."

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Wickham

Date: 12 Sep 1998

Query: I am interested in the information on a Martha Wickham from p. 258 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS. She may have been the first wife of John B. Wickham.

Stan Wickham sdwick@cdsnet.net

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS, p. 258 - Martha Jane Wickham of Missouri is shown as the wife of William S. McClure of Kentucky. Wheter it was a first or second marriage for Martha Jane Wickham is unknown. Based on the birth of children of this couple, it is assumed that they were married before 1895.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Amick

Date: 11 Sep 1998

Query:I am interested in information about the Amick family from Family Histories and Stories, pp. 59, 84, 357. I have history starting in 1688 in Holy Roman Empire and trying to locate those that went from Indiana to Kansas.

Phil Junkins philtoe@si-net.com

Response: The reference to Amick on p. 59 mentions D. F. Amick as being one of the appraisers of the land that was used for the school in District No. 52 (Cole) Ten Mile Township. The Amick reference on p. 84 includes about 5 column inches of text related to the Daniel Foust Amick family. A picture of Daniel, his wife and his three Stevenson grandchildren is shown. Daniel Foust Amick came to KS from IN in 1877. Article references grandfather Nicholas, father, brothers and sisters. The Amick reference on p. 357 is included in the Morton Edwin Stevenson reference on pp. 357-358. Beulah Amick (dau of Daniel Foust Amick) married Morton Edwin Stevenson. Approximately 6 column inches on the two pages. Both the article on p. 84 and pp. 357-8 were written by Josephine Stevenson Elkins.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Slyter

Date: 7 Sep 1998

Query: Cemeteries of Miami County, KS Vol I, p. 64, Lorenzo Slyter

Colleen Rockwell Coanrock@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. I, p. 64, Fontana Cemetery, Lot 56, grave 25 - Slyter, Lorenzo 1834 -1902, grave 26 - Slyter, Lucretia A. 1842-1880.

Sean Furniss and Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Phinney

Date: 6 Sep 1998

Query: I believe some of my family lived in Miami Co, KS, about 1895. It could have been a Delos or Henry Phinney. They were my grandpa Oscar's brothers. Once a year he and my grandmother would go by covered wagon from St. Clair, MO, to see them. One year they stayed for a school term and my dad Thomas Delos Phinney attended a one room school in KS for a term, then they went back to MO. I know Delos ended up in Tacoma, WA. The LDS records show a Delos Phinney and Pearl Huffman in KS in 1879. Delos' wife was Pearl. So feel it is one and same, any information or direction the town my grandpa stopped and ask how far to Jingo and the man told him he was here, Jingo seemed to be about the area they were going. Jingo no longer seem to be in existance.

Ruth Phinney Sparks sparks@centuryinter.net

Response: The community of Jingo is located on Highway 69 about 14 miles south of Louisburg. The only record I am aware of for Miami County at this time is the 1870 census record for Asahel F. Phinney, wife Mary, children Samuel, James, Hannah E., John from Wea Township.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Caswell

Date: 4 Sep 1998

Query: I am interested in the information about A. B. Caswell and Mary Etta Allen Caswell on page 81 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas. Searching for family of Maryette or Mary Etta Allen, dau. of Alva and Catherine Allen. Maryette b. Porter Co. IN, Nov. 10, 1850, moved to Miami Co. KS in 1857 with parents, m. Adelbert Bredwell Caswell, Dec. 20, 1868 in New Lancaster, KS. They had 3 children: Anna (Mrs. R. B. Calhoun, Chicago), John A.(Long Beach, CA), Ernest A.(Anderson Co. KS) Maryette died Anderson Co. KS Dec 25, 1938.

Mary Douglass mdouglas@midusa.net

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, p. 81, under the heading of Josiah and Catherine Allen written by Kate Allen Shannon: Josiah Allen (1818-8 Jul 1864) m Catherine Rinker (1822-15 Apr 1905), 6 children, dau Mary Etta Allen (b 1849) m A. B. Caswell (d bef 1907).

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Miller

Date: 3 Sep 1998

Query: I have searching for information regarding Clarence L Miller. He was born around 1900 in Paola, KS. His parents were Herman Miller and Mary Bell Miller.

Brian Carr a69er@webtv.net
Query Surnames: Schroeder

Date: 30 Aug 1998

Query: I would like information about Katie or Kate Schroeder from Cemeteries of Miami County Volume 2, p 152.

Kathleen DAKAMOORE@prodigy.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. II, p. 152, Scott Valley Cemetery, Row 5, Lot 39S, Schroder, Louis F. 23 Apr 1873 - 29 May 1939, Schroder, Katie 8 Nov 1877 - 5 May 1951.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Webb

Date: 27 Aug 1998

Query: If this is a Benjamin Franklin Webb, on page 197 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS, that lived at one time in Washington County, Arkansas, could you please send me this information?


Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS, p. 197 - Article about the William Allen Hays family, approximately 4 column inches. William Allen Hays married Mary Emmeline Webb on 18 Dec 1866 at Osawatomie, KS. She was born on 20 Jan 1847, and came to KS from Madison County, IL, with her parents Benjamin Franklin Webb and Malinda Scroggins. William and Mary were the parents of six children.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Hamilton, Kile

Date: 21 Aug 1998

Query: I am looking for marriage records in Miami County for my gg-grandparents Byron Hamilton and Ida Mae Kile. In particular, I am trying to find out parents names were and thought it might be on the marriage certificate.


Response: The best place to find marriage records is from the State of Kansas for the more recent records after 1900. For pre-1900 records you need to write to the Miami County Genealogy Society. You should check http://www.ksgenweb.org/miami/soc.html for additional information about the Society.

As part of another project that I am working on, I noted that in 1993 Peggy Lockard (2901 East Mabel St., Tucson, AZ 85716) sent in a query to the Miami County Genealogy Society asking for information about Byron and Louisa Hamilton (1st wife), Ida May Kile Hamilton (2nd wife), John Buckner Hamilton, John W. Kile and Prysilla Morse Kile. The Society sent her information and she sent them group sheets and pedigree charts.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Hood

Date: 20 Aug 1998

Query: I am looking for info on the John S. HOOD family living in Richmond Twp in the 1900 Kansas census, ED 133, Sheet 15, Line 97. I noticed reference is made to HOOD family on pages 205-207 of "Family Histories & Stories of Miami County, Kansas" 1987. Is there any reference to John HOOD on these pages?

Cliff Thomas CDUB@LCIA.COM

Response: Miami County History Book No. 1, p 205-206, HOOD's listed: Orville (b. 1908 in IN) and Neva arrived in Miami Co KS in 1945, James, their son, b. 1940 in Kansas City, KS, Michael, their son, b. 1942 in Kansas City, KS, Marguerite, their dau., b. 1944 in Kansas City, KS, Raymond, their son, b. 1948 in Paola, KS, Charles Edgar and Mary Etta (JEWELL) HOOD, parents of Orville, William Bennett and Sara (PAINE) HOOD, parents of Charles. No reference to John Hood.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Vanaman, Vannaman

Date: 20 Aug 1998

Query: Reqest look up in Vol. II, Miami County Cemeteries, Page 92. Would like the information regarding Francis A. VANNAMAN, John B. VANNAMAN, Samuel E. VANNAMAN, Sarah B. VANNAMAN. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

JoAnn (Vannaman) Jones larryj@starrtech.net

Response: Vol 2, "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas", Old Louisburg Cemetery, located in Louisburg, KS, Row 7, Lot # M 83, VANAMAN, Samuel E., died Dec. 22, 1872, 24 yrs 3m, American Legion military marker; Sarah B., age 84 yrs; John B., May 22, 1872, 60 yrs 11 m 5 d; Francis A., age 41yrs, Co K 106th Illinois Vol. Inf. (probably Civil War). Also on the same lot: COBB, Charles W., 1841-1886, Co K 68th IL Vol. Inf.; Julia A, his wife, 1846-1908; HOWARD, James Harvey, 1867-1944.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Fisher

Date: 20 Aug 1998

Query: I am looking for information about George William Fisher born in Beagle, Kansas. I do not have a wifes name but the childrens names are: Raleigh Vincent, Elmer Jay, Charles Vergil, Carl Melbourne, Blanche Thelma, and Vernon Maxwell. Any information would be appreciated.

Wallace Fisher wfisher@bmi.net

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