This page will give those of you researching in Mitchell County some hints and resources that may make your job a little easier. Please note that I do not live in Kansas and cannot do any research for you.
State requirements for recording births and deaths  began in 1911. A few counties began keeping records of births and deaths in 1885. No birth and death records exist prior to 1885. You might get lucky with a notice of birth or obituary in the newspaper, but not everyone got mentioned in earlier newspapers. The Port Library (Beloit City Public Library) has a number of Beloit birth and death records that have not been microfilmed yet. They begin 11/1891 thru 7/1911 for births and 6/1891 thru 7/1911 for deaths.You can write them or use the North Central Kansas Genealogical Society for lookups. County clerks and clerks of probate courts have records since creation of each county. The state has kept them as well since July 1913. The Port Library has unmicrofilmed Beloit marriage records from 4/1891 thru 12/1899. Contact them for information.
Probate records have been recorded by the county's probate clerk. These records include wills, inventories, bonds, appraisements, court orders, final settlements as well as others. Court records include criminal and civil cases.
Census records for Kansas include Federal censuses from 1860 through 2000 (1930 and up are still private), territorial censuses from 1855 through 1858, and state censuses 1865 through 1925. These are available on microfilm through your local public library or Family History Library. Church records may be available through the local churches in Beloit or from their central repositories. You should contact the local branch for information.
Much of Kansas was homesteaded after the U.S. acquired the area. The first general land office in Kansas was established at Lecompton in 1856. To locate the land entry or homestead case file for an ancestor, first check with the county recorder of deeds. The National Archives has the original tract books, plats, homestead entry files, and cash entry files which you can then obtain copies of. Many Kansans served in the military and their records can be found through the Federal Archives and other federal and state archives. A unique listing of Volunteers for the Kansas State Guard during WWI is available by clicking HERE


Newspapers can be an invaluable resource tool, especially in small towns! Look for local "reporters" who will write up what their neighbors were up to, including trips out of town to visit relatives, dinner parties with guest lists, who is seeing who! You can really get a feel about what life for an ancestor was like by exploring this resource. Do expect to spend a lot of time reading! For a list of newspapers in Mitchell County, click HERE. You can order microfilm through your local public library or Family History Library. The Orphan Trains brought many children from New York to Kansas between 1867 and 1930. If you think an ancestor could have been on one, check out this on-line history by clicking HERE.

For an except of one train's payload of children in 1886 Cawker City, click HERE.

Your first goal should be to secure what is referred to as primary documentation: birth/baptismal, death, and marriage certificates.  For the earlier years, these may not be available and you will need to search for information in censuses (both Federal and State), tax, and lands records.


There are two organizations in Mitchell County which will do research. The first is the Mitchell County Historical Society. To contact them, visit their website by clicking here. The second option is to contact the North Central Kansas Genealogical Society and use the resources that they have available. They are located upstairs in the Cawker City Public Library.  To reach them, write to:

North Central Kansas Genealogical Society

PO Box 251

Cawker City, KS  67430


They are an all-volunteer organization with considerable Mitchell County resources. Among their holdings are:
  • City Directories
  • Church Histories
  • Family Histories
  • Tax Rolls
  • Newspapers
  • Censuses
  • Cemeteries
  • Marriage Indexes
  • Probate Records
  • and many more
Some of the materials they are offering for sale include:
  • Cemetery Books
  • Mitchell County Atlas Indexes 1884 & 1902
  • Mitchell County Tax Rolls
  • History of Glen Elder
  • Kansas Keepsakes
  • Naturalization Registration Book A
  • Graduates of Cawker City High School 1888-1988
  • Graduates of Beloit High School 1883-1974


The following links are for local and Kansas-wide sites that have valuable information and resources. I have also listed sites featuring professional researchers and volunteer lookups for those who might be interested.







*PLEASE NOTE! No recommendation is made for any of the professional researchers listed here. It is the sole responsibility of the person interested in using a paid researcher to determine their experience, reliability, and credentials.

To help you in researching, clickable links for other useful sites are available HERE.
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