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Montgomery County became a county in 1867, actually the papers filed in 1867 weren't complete so the official date is 1869. It was formed from parent county, Wilson County. The court house in Independence should be the repository of the following documents. The birth records are marked with an asterisk because they are not complete. If you wish to write, address the envelope to the Responsible Official listed below, Montgomery County Courthouse, Independence, Ks. 67301.
Document Type
Responsible Official
County Clerk (phone 316/330-1200) There is no charge for a copy of the information they have, unless you need a certified copy, then the charge is $3.50. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request. Include as much information as possible to help them find your ancestor.
1870 to present
District Clerk Charge: $5.00 research fee, plus $.25 for each page, usually only one page. Also include a stamped, self-addressed envelope or $.33 for postage. They will need the names of both the husband and wife, if the wife has been married before, they need the name she was currently using. They also need the month and year of the marriage. 
County Clerk See Birth above.
1870 to present
Register of Deeds
1870 to present
Probate Judge
1870 to present
Clerk of the District Court
Kansas Department of Vital Statistics - For documents not retained at the county level, the link here is to the Kansas Dept of Vital Statistics, so you can get the adddress, costs and phone numbers.
The apple seldom falls far from the tree. So many of our ancestors moved just a few miles when they moved, it's useful to know the adjacent counties. Click here to see a map of southeast Kansas . It is linked to the surrounding counties USGenWeb pages, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Just click on the map to go to the GenWeb pages for that county. Be sure and come back and visit more here. Use your back button to return.
Kansas Newspapers held by the Kansas State Historial Society - Old Newspapers available on microfilm. I believe these are available through interlibrary loan to your local library!! What a surprise. Need an obituary? Look at this list, you will not believe what is available to you. These are not just current day newspapers. The collection is listed by town where the newspaper was published. I was amazed at how many different newspapers have been published in Coffeyville over the years. The list gives the microfilm roll number and the span of dates included on each roll.
1880 Census Lookups offered
To find out what Federal and State Census data is available for Kansas, you can tour the Ks State Historical Society Census pages. Their holdings are available through interlibrary loan.
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