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Kathy Welch Heidel

DOWNS, LINGENFELTER, ADAMS, IHRIG I am looking for a DOWNS family, and LINGENFELTER was told they went to KS to live. The DOWNS i'm looking for would be Cherokee, she married a ADAMS and they moved to MO my g-grandmother was Susan E ADAMS 1/2 Cherokee found her on Indian census in Muskogee IT 1900, all of what left of my family told me her mother was a Downs before she married? guess they quite talking went the family was ran off of there farm for being an Indian! that is when William Miller IHRIG moved his family to Ok and never let my G-grandmother tell any one after the census that she was Cherokee, would love to find Susan's parents? lol 

Sethie Pitt  1-5-01  


MONTEZ-MANTEZ I am hoping you can help direct me to the right place for me to pursue trying to find my great grandmother's roots.  She was Ojibway according to a family Bible and was adopted by a couple named John and Mary Wilson in Missouri.  We believe she was only half Ojibway, but we don't know for sure if it was her mother or father who was the Native American.  My great grandmother's maiden name according to the Bible was Montez or Mantez (the writing is difficult to tell).  She was supposedly born in Toronto Mills, Missouri in 1869,  but I wonder if she may have been born in Toronto, Kansas??? Missouri doesn't seem like a likely location for an Ojibway in 1869, but I have to admit that I'm not totally familiar with Ojibway migrations.  If there is some place you know of where I might get some assistance in trying to track down her heritage, I would appreciate it.  I'm the family genealogist and am only interested in knowing from that aspect.   thank you so much  Norma McGarrey


WEBB, HUTCHISON, CLAY  I was born and raised in the S. E. corner of Cherokee county, Ks, for 17 years, then moved to Polk county , Or Right on the Ok. , Ks, Mo, lines My grandmother Lydia Ann Steely was born in the territory of Ok, in  THE AREA of Big Cabin. I have traced her families on both sides back for many generations with the exception of her mothers burial place in Ark. The ones I would like to find are in Joplin, Mo. They are Henry Webb, Ellen Webb Hutchison, Eliza Jane Clay Webb, and James Thompson, and Emma May Roark or Roak Thompson  Boyd. Eliza Jane Clay Webb was buried in a Joplin Cemetery, but not in the Fairview Cem, where my grandmother, Katie Webb Thompson Underhill is buried.  Marie Hall


DREW  I wish to find info about John Drew, Sr., who was married to Elizabeth. As I understand there was a John Drew, Jr., who helped lead the Cherokee to the West before the forced Trail of Tears. Thank you,  Coral Babb


ESSMAN  My Grandfather David H Essman went to White Cloud, Kansas and married a native American  woman, as his second wife,  this was after 1910 he took her back to St Joe, Mo. they had 5 children, one son was Charles E.  Essman. my grandfathers'  David H Essman  Granddaughter


REDPATH CRIST I have been trying to find my ancestors Indian numbers and try to determine how much indian i am and also for the rest of my family the surname i am searching for is REDPATH this would be my grandfathers mother but she married a CRIST and i cant find any thing earlier than this and have no way of knowing how to find their Indian numbers or where they come from if you can help in any way I would be grateful. thanks, Brandon Crist

Looking for information please. On my grandparents grave is the inscription: Cheyenne Tribe # 19  IMP'D O.R.M., K.C.KS Trying to find out information on this can you help me? Kath Howe 6/9/01


(Boulay) Bonneau   Hi my name is Lagena (Bonneau) Murray I live in Corpus Christi, Tx. My family came from Canada, to Ill., and then to Kansas, and from Kansas, to Oklahoma, to McAllen, Tx. So my family is Cherokee my grandmothers name was Alice M. Walden and my grandfathers name was John W. Bonneau Sr.His fathers name was Salomon Bonneau his wife name was Elizabeth (LeBlance) White Bonneau and my ggrandfather name was was Salyma-Salomon Bonneau his wife name was Marie (Boulay) Bonneau. At one time they live in Concordia,Kansas, Cloud County. 9/28/10 


 James William Owens   I am new to genealogical research.  I am searching for information on my Great-Great Grandfather James William Owens who is from Wyandotte City, Wyandotte, KS.  He was born around 1842 to 1848.  My Grandfather says he was 1/4 Cherokee.  He married Matilda Banks around 1866  I am trying to find information about both of them and their parents.  Any help or tips would be appreciated. Sincerely, Patty East 9/28/01


Mary Shelby I believe that my Grandma (Mary Shelby) was of Native American descent. I don't know which so I would appreciate any assistance.  She lived in Paola, Kansas. Derrick Shelby  OneWeb Group, Inc. COO/VP Sales & Marketing 972-392-0742 972-392-1670 FAX  www.onewebgrp.com  9/28/01

BOOKER/ LOWER: We have heard through the grapevine that we have Native American ancestors from KS, MO and/or OK.  We are not sure which branch of the family, though.  Do you know of Native American links to either of the surnames Brooker or Lower? Thank you, in advance, for checking. mailto:mlcabral@gte.net 04/17/02


Julia A. Hutchison. Hi, my name is Wendy Malik. I am trying to trace my ancestor Julia A. Hutchison. She was married in Morgan Co. IL. in 1871. The family story goes that either she or her one of her parents was adopted by a white officer. Julila was born April 9, 1855. After the death of her husband she remarried. Her third marriage was to a man named A. D. Tuller March 17, 1910. I know that at the end of 1910 they were living there because her daughter was married to my g-grandfather in Coffey Co. Ks. They were living in Leroy. Thanks again for any help you can offer in being able to trace Julia Native American ancestry. They were, according to the story Cherokee. I am still trying to get my hands on the family bible to see if there is further information in it that will help me pen down an exact location of birth and who adopted whom and where. Can you offer some advise as to how I might be able to go about back tracking information on her. Thank you for any help you can offer. Wendy Malik  mailto:WMalik2062@aol.com


Seaching for the burial place of Thomas B.(?Baines) Hayes, thought to be of the Blackfoot Tribe. Family tradition reports he died at Ottawa and was buried at Garnett, KS. No known dates. Thank you. Irma Ward mailto:IrmaEWard@aol.com


 I hope you may be able to help me find relatives. I was searching for Lawson which is my maiden name from my fathers side and when I came across this site I also found my mothers maiden name of Roney. I have found that a woman by name of Edith Pearl Roney was married to a man at the Choctaw Nation Indian Reservation. The thing that is so odd is that my grandmothers mother was part indian her first name was Gladfirery. Melissa           Fishin_boxers@hotmail.com


trying to find the parents of Josephine ( Josephette) larose. abt. 1770 in Wayne co., Detroit, Michigan. married Joseph Chamber land in 1790 same place. several books on French-Canadians in Michigan list Joseph as marrying " une
fille de savagese", trans -lated as female savage. the family tree that was handed down has her parents listed as old Indian man and woman. i have found the Larose name listed as native American in the 1890 (? looked at alot) census for Michigan. only one male name. my mother thinks she was told Pottowatomi, as her tribe. any help would be greatly appreciated. mailto:JLLMJM@aol.com



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