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Neosho County Queries January - June 2007

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For faster loading time, the queries for Neosho County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.
The queries from January - June 2007 are listed below.

To enter queries for your ancestors in Neosho County, send your query to me, with the new Neosho County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Neosho County to be posted on these Query pages.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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Kathleen Klapp (wmkm01@peoplepc.com)  24 June 2007
Looking to get a copy of marriage certificate of David KLAPP/KLOPP and Mary Dale, 12 September 1882 Neosho county, Kansas.  Osage Mission or Lincoln.

Larry Best (ldbest@persona.ca)  23 June 2007
Alice Josephine LYONS or Josephine Alice LYONS born about 1874 in Kansas; that married Oliver McLELAND 3 March 1895 in Neosho County.  According to her 1920 census she was born in Kansas yet on the same census Lola her daughter's mother is listed as being born in Missouri, so it is confusing.  The 1920 census states both her parents were born in Illinois.  She was living with Simon L DYER in Deerlodge, Montana then as a divorcee and married him that September in Idaho.  Any help in locating information on her background would be highly appreciated. I do not have access to all the Federal census records to find out for sure who her parents are. All I have is possibility in W. L. LYONS 1843 and S L LYONS that I found on 1880 census that they  were both born in Illinois.

Thomas Ebling (tgebling@msn.com)  8 June 2007
I am trying to verify that my William HAIRGROVE is buried in Bond Cemetery (born 22 July 1800, died 12 March 1872). The Bond cemetery is located on K-57 west from Saint Paul, Kansas. to the M-K-T Railroad overpass. Take first road before the crossing, turn south about 3/4 mile to the cemetery.  William HAIRGROVE and his son Asa were wounded in the "Marais des Cygnes Massacre" May 19th, 1858 (Linn County, Kansas).

Jamie Taylor (jamie9966@sbcglobal.net)  4 June 2007
Thomas Martin TAYLOR married Cynthia J. COON after his first wife died. This happened around 1872. They were still in the Census records of 1875,1880, and 1885 but we trying to locate where his first wife, Laura, was buried and if any relatives may live in the area.

Bonnie Bennefield (memrymaker41@msn.com)  25 May 2007
Looking for Birth certificate for Lillie pearl WIMSETT, about 05-20-1890

Donna Ridley (donnastreeks@msn.com)  23 May 2007
Was Charles William TRIMBLE b: 03 Mar 1881 Kansas, father Samuel TRIMBLE and Nettie Unknown, b: Abt 1886 Iowa wife of         Charles William TRIMBLE married in Neosho County Kansas, before 1905. The family lived in Osage, Allen County,  Kansas in 1905, with son Glen TRIMBLE age 2, and in 1910, Charles William TRIMBLE is shown on the Census widowed. Allen County couldn't find a marriage license, so maybe they were married in Neosho County, or somewhere else.  Any information about this family, besides the Census would be very helpful.

James McFarland (jim@mc-farland.net)  17 May 2007
I was born in Chetopa Township, Neosho County in 1934.  My father was Fred McFARLAND (also born in Neosho County - 1908, + or - a year). His father was Charles McFARLAND (passed away in the 1940's).  My immediate family left Kansas during WWII, went to West Coast (work - better life).  We never returned and lost track of McFARLAND family back in Kansas.

I would like to make contact with any member of the McFARLAND family in an attempt to confirm if I have family members and my memories as an eight year old kid when we left Kansas. 

I sent an email to Patricia Medford (the 'McFARLAND' surname contact) but it was returned as undeliverable.  I sure would appreciate any help.

Patty Howard (pattynreed@wildapache.net)  14 May 2007
Looking for information on a store ran by Clara (OSBORN) DALTON  probably in Chanute.  Time may be 1900 to 1920.  Sold groceries  and possibly other things.  Husband, Thomas is listed as a farmer in some of the census.

Kathryn West (kaw@kc.rr.com)  4 May 2007
Per the State 1905 Census, Stella BLISS, age 2 was living w/her parents in Chetopa Township, Neosho, Kansas.  Family information indicated that Stella was adopted out in Kansas, later killed in an auto accident.  Looking for adoptive family and siblings.  Was there an orphanage in Neosho?  Thank you.

txsallygoodin@hotmail.com  23 April 2007
I am looking for records of the Michael and Margaret LINIHAN family.  They moved from Illinois to Neosho County around 1870.  That was their address in the 1870 Federal Census.  They had seven children.  I believe Michael died in 1874, cause unknown.  Margaret later married a BURNS.  I am assuming they are buried someplace in Neosho County, Kansas.  I have a record that Margaret BURNS may have died in 1905 in Jasper County, MO.

Tom Roche (roche@splus.net)  14 April 2007
I am a relatively new genealogy student and am trying to find information on my father's family who is from Neosho County.  My father was born in St. Paul according to family info, but I recently ran across information that makes me believe they may have been living in "Osage Mission".  I can not find reference to that city?  Could it have changed names over the years?  I plan on a trip to Kansas in the near future and will visit Cherokee and Neosho County for family information.  The other surname of interest is DILLON, which was my Grandmother.  I have some scattered information on both.

Judy Braswell (jtbrazz@bellsouth.net)  13 April 2007
Looking for Homer Lee CARLISLE, Clifford MISENHELTER, Russel WATSON, Walter W. TAYLOR.

Bill Hansen (wvhansen@iowatelecom.net)  31 March 2007
Looking for information on William Edgar WALKER and his family. William Edgar WALKER was born 7 Jul 1876 in Guthrie County, Iowa. Was listed along with wife Susie C. or Susie G. WALKER in the 1920 and 1930 Federal Census of Neosho County near the town of Erie. He listed himself as having an Erie address when he registered for the World War I draft.  Any information would be appreciated.

rosebud4242@peoplepc.com  15 March 2007
I am looking for information on a THORNE family that adopted an uncle of mine Joseph W.(JACOBS) THORNE. Joe was one of those children who was put on a train and sent to other places for adoption. He married Nellie Faye CLAIBORNE of Chanute. He was working on her fathers farm and they met and married in 1935 in Chanute. She was born in 1916 in Chanute. She was the only child of Hogan Burt and Nellie Louise CLAIBORNE of Chanute. Joseph (JACOBS) THORNE was the natural son of Rosa C. (ADAMS) JACOBS and an unknown JACOBS father, he had a sister Emma who I know nothing about. We are trying to put the pieces together for this family. Joe also had a 1/2 brother that he knew, Elmer Smith ANDERSON who lives in Safford, AZ. He was also on the orphan train and adopted by August and Mary ANDERSON, he may have been adopted in Chanute also. However they did not know they were related and met accidentally on some kind of cattle drive or something like that. They discovered they were brothers when they both started to sing the same song with the same people in it. This story was featured in Country Magazine in Jan 1995. We would love to complete this story in a good way, if anyone knows of these folks please contact me. Elmer Smith ANDERSON is still alive and will be 96 in June, 2007, We are going there to meet him in June. I would love to have some other information to give.

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